Two baking techniques you must master

Our first step into the kitchen, and we all want to make something yummy, something out of the box, and most often something sweet. Baking is one thing that kids and adults both enjoy. Here are two baking techniques that could be used in any recipe. Once these methods are mastered, there isn’t anything you cannot bake.


This is one of the most basic and most important technique of baking. Ball, flat, balloon, coil or cage – there are different whisks for different types of baking. A whisk is generally used to add air and body into the wet mixture consisting of eggs, sugar and butter, used for preparing a cake batter. Flour, cocoa, baking powder/soda are sieved and then gently folded into this wet mixture in batches. The standard process requires you to alternate between the dry ingredients and any other special ingredients that you need to add to the wet mixture. The batter needs to be folded well, in a way that there aren’t any visible lumps. It needs to be smooth. Note that not every cake has a rising agent like baking soda, and hence you need to whisk it well for the cake to rise properly. Sponge cakes that have no butter and are rather light and other cakes that aren’t too fatty also need be whisked well to be baked to perfection. The best practice for preventing lumps is to move, twirl, spin and shake the bowl as you whisk all the ingredients together. You can also use the end of your whisk to break any lumps. Be a little light handed to attain a light and airy texture for your cake.


This technique forms the base for a lot of baked goodies, mainly cakes and cookies. Creaming is essentially the process of softening solid fats and turning them into a smooth consistency for blending with other baking ingredients. It isn’t the easiest technique to master and requires some practice. The process begins by beating sugar and fat (butter, shortening or others) until they are light and creamy. You can use a stand mixer with a paddle attachment at medium speed or go old school by doing it with your hand. Make sure that the butter is at room temperature and isn’t straight out of the freezer. In the bowl of your stand mixer, add the butter and sugar. Beat them together on a medium speed for a few minutes. Stop in between to scrape down the sides of the bowl as required. Stop the mixer when you notice the mixture is light, airy and creamy. You can then incorporate all the other baking ingredients to make decadent cakes or cookies.


  • Effective ways to lower high potassium level in blood
    When the potassium level is too high in blood, it causes the condition of hyperkalemia. Though there are many benefits of potassium in our bodies, too much of potassium can cause trouble. Potassium is an essential mineral that your cells, tissues and organs require. For skeletal and smooth muscle contraction, potassium is highly important. It is also an important mineral for your heart. The opposite of hyperkalemia is hypokalemia. This is the condition of low potassium level in the blood, which isn't a healthy condition either. It causes weakness and your cellular processes are affected. Right amount of potassium in blood: To keep yourself healthy, right amount of potassium is needed. The amount of potassium required by everybody is not the same. There is no RDI (reference daily intake) for potassium, but to make sure level of potassium isn't too high or low, there should be an intake of 3,500 mg per day by the means of food. Ways to bring down your high potassium level: Food is one of the major sources of potassium. If the level of potassium is too high in your body, then the first thing you can and should do is cut down on foods that are high in potassium. You can avoid foods like apples, potatoes, milk, spinach and bananas for cutting down or preventing the level of potassium in your blood that has gone high. If you reduce salt substitute in your food, your chances of high potassium will come down. Salt substitute does not only increase the level of potassium in your blood, but also causes other health problems and is in general dangerous for your body. You can replace salt substitute with herbs and spices so you get only enough salt and potassium and nothing in excess. You can use herbs to treat this condition of hyperkalemia but under the supervision of a medical professional. You can take 150 mg of licorice each day as that helps potassium levels in your blood. However, you must not take licorice if you have high blood pressure. When your kidneys fail or don't perform properly, it leads to level of potassium being too high in the blood. For this reason, you should treat your kidneys. You can take help of acupuncture and massage to stimulate your kidneys' functioning. Marshmallow and cranberry are great for killing unwanted bacteria in the kidneys and that helps with better and improved functioning of kidneys. Drink plenty of water and eat a very healthy and balanced diet with regular exercising to get your body back on track without any diseases and without having the levels of potassium too high in your body.
  • Dupuytrens disease, an overview of the condition
    Dupuytrens disease, alternatively known as Dupuytren's contracture is a condition which affects your skin. It results in abnormal thickening and tightening of the elastic tissue beneath the finger and general palm area. The elastic tissue (fascia) is made up of strands of fibers that form the chords running from the palm to the finger, controlling movement. Dupuytrens causes the cords to tighten which tenses the strands causing the finger to curl inward. This is one of the most noticeable symptoms of the Dupuytrens disease. This condition should not be taken lightly since the curling can result in a number fo hand deformities. There are no known causes of the condition; however certain man-made factors can contribute to early onset of its symptoms. These include:
    • Consumption of excessive alcohol.
    • Diabetes, although not exactly a man-made factor since diabetes can be a hereditary condition.
    • People suffering from epilepsy often get seizures which also increases the chances of Dupuytrens.
    • Smoking is not just bad for your lungs, but can also lead to the factors that contribute to Dupuytrens.
    Dupuytrens itself is a hereditary condition and is passed down through the family gene. The chances are even more increased as you get older, particularly affecting people over the age of forty. Noticeable symptoms of Dupuytrens include:
    • Formation of lumps under the skin, which are also known as nodules, which are tender and can feel very sore at first.
    • Bands of inflexible tissues are formed which causes the fingers to curl inward. The curling condition is worsened over time which forces the fingers to stay curled.
    • Normal day to day activities will get affected since people who are beginning to experience the first effects of Dupuytrens cannot even perform simple tasks like picking up objects or putting your hands inside pockets properly.
    There are a few tests you can do on your own to understand the severity of any developing symptoms. Check and feel your palm for nodules developed, these will be tender lumps which feel sore when touched. Check how well you can grasp anything with your hands, pinch certain items, check the feeling in your thumbs and fingers, in general, determine the movement of your fingers. There is no known cure for the Dupuytrens disease, and the condition can be persistent for many years, causing discomfort. General treatment includes surgery and medication to heal the nodules developed, mostly corticosteroids injection recommended by medical professionals.
  • Here’s why Nintendo Wii U is an excellent game console
    With the holidays around the corner, you would like to buy a good game console. Selection of game console is a challenging job! You are bound to get confused with several options available in the market. Features that you should look for while buying consoles: Good pricing, excellent software, flexibility, use old as well as newer games in your library. The answer to all your questions is Nintendo Wii U. Nintendo Wii U has amazing features. Wii U reviews by users are also welcoming. Salient features of Wii U
    • Gamepad controller knocks out the traditional barriers between your games and your television. With the second window into the console. It includes two analog sticks, traditional button controls, and 6.2-inch LCD touch screen with aspect ratio of 16:9.
    • It comes with motion control. Nintendo was the first to include motion control in the consoles.
    • A microphone with stereo speakers.
    • A front-facing camera.
    • It is lightweight with lithium-ion rechargeable battery.
    • Stylus, sensor bar, and rumble features.
    • Built-in amiibo reader.
    • HD Graphics.
    Different methods to play Wii U
    • By using Wii U gamepad.
    • View on both gamepad and your TV.
    • Use of stylus to control the gamepad.
    • Use of gamepad for different "perspective on gameplay."
    • Up to 5 players can play with the use of the gamepad and Wii U remote controller.
    • Use of touchscreen on the TV to play.
    You can switch between different Nintendo consoles by using amiibo. Nintendo Switch to Nintendo Wii U or Nintendo Wii platforms. Nintendo Wii U software
    • Mii characters will greet you when you turn on your console. Customize your Mii characters from Miiverse, Nintendo's digital community.
    • You can play your Nintendo Wii games on Wii U too.
    • Up to 12 users can save their game data.
    • Different controls for different users.
    • Log-in activity record.
    • Online games.
    • Video chat with other players.
    • Parental control allows you to personalize your settings.
    With Christmas around, look out for Wii U discounts. Next generation of Nintendo, i.e., Switch will be out for Wii U deals. So, expecting Wii U sale to double up in the coming days. Your console treasure should have Wii U. Before buying look for the games offered by them. Nintendo Switch comes without the disc drive, so it will not have backward compatibility. Wii U prices are reasonable from reputed online stores. However, browse through the Wii U reviews before making a purchase. Wii U prices have the edge over other game consoles with the added feature of backward compatibility. Compared to its other counterparts, Wii U reviews are positive due to its pricing. Compatibility with Nintendo platforms is incredible. Controller compatibility is there for both Wii and Wii U. If you have owned a Wii, you can use your game collection on Wii U too. You can transfer your Wii downloaded games to Wii U without any hassle. Enjoy all your favorite games on Wii U console.
  • All you need to know about online payment services
    Remember the last time you shopped at eBay right from the comfort of your home? Thanks to technological advancements and facilities for making online payments possible, e-shopping has been widely accepted by people across the globe. There is nothing more comfortable and convenient than making payments and receiving money without going to the bank. Online payments are faster than manual payments and do not require you to wait for the check to clear. The entire process of online payment is quick, convenient, and hassle-free. It reduces the time and efforts required in making or receiving a payment. Online payment services immediately inform you if the person who is making an online payment has enough funds to cover the transaction or not. It also saves you the trouble of visiting a bank to deposit your check and recording the same manually. After you have set up the online payment accounts for your business, they will be easily processed. You will not be required to provide any credit card information or update any business information. Online payment services are available at a fee for every transaction you make. There are monthly fees as well as fees per transaction. Hence, it is best to compare the fees before registering for such services. How does online payment work? There are a number of third-parties which form a part of the transaction. These include the service provider and the bank. There are various financial agencies apart from banks which provide services for the payment. There are different types of payment services available in the market. For instance, PayPal is an online payment service provider which offers a range of payment services. The entire process of making a payment is extremely quick and transparent. If you are a business owner, you need to set up your web page and connect it to the online payment service. If you have noticed, every website has a “Pay” button which directs you to the payment options. This will allow the visitors to make the necessary payments from wherever they are. There is a payment gateway which receives the online payment from your website and directs it to the payment processor. The credit card details will then be validated and if there are sufficient funds in your account, the transaction will be authorized and the funds will be transferred to the other account. The entire process does not take more than a few minutes.
  • Here’s how you can find the best life insurance company
    Taking out a life insurance policy is one of the fundamental, even essential aspects of long term financial planning. Life insurance cover offers you protection against risks posed by unforeseen accidents and even death so that one’s family or dependents are not suddenly deprived of a source of income. In choosing the life insurance policy that works best for your specific needs, you would have to take life insurance quotes from many insurance agents. It is now also possible to obtain online life insurance quotes. Here are a few tips to identify the best life insurance policy and company for your specific requirement. While it would be hard to identify any one particular life insurance firm as the best, there are factors that you must weigh to arrive at your decision. Take into account the exact life insurance product that the company is offering, whether this product matched your current health status and long term needs, what are the financials involved in you taking out the life insurance policy. Health rate categories depend on an individual, his/her lifestyle, and health status. Life insurance policies come under two heads – mutual insurance and stock insurance. The former is owned by the policy holders while the stock holders own the latter. It is possible to apply online to get life insurance with no medical exam. However, you are likely to receive the quote only if you fulfill all the necessary qualifying criteria. Look at the financial standing of the insurance company based on credit rating issued by well-known credit rating agencies such as AM Best, Fitch and Moody’s, Standard and Poor’s, and so on. Do not select an insurance company with a financial rating below a ‘B.’ Based on these criteria, some of the well known American insurance companies include AIG, Assure, Banner, MetLife, Prudential, Protective and Transamerica. These have a consistently high credit rating, and level of security is high.
  • Here’s what aspiring dermatologists should know
    Dermatology deals with the study and cure of diseases related to skin, hair, and nails. There are many types of dermatology such as adult dermatology, pediatric dermatology for kids, medical dermatology for chronic disorders, and oncology dermatology for conditions like skin cancer and metastatic disease. The expert who cures the problems related to skin, hair, and nails is a dermatologist. If you are aspiring to have a career in the field of dermatology as a dermatologist, you must first and foremost have an education by graduating from a medical school. Medical schools can be opted by all education backgrounds but prefer candidates who have a background in science, biology, and chemistry. There is a medical test applicant must take that can improve their chances by scoring high in those tests. Applicants can also improve their chance by working or volunteering in the medical field. Medical school programs last for four years. These medical programs are competitive so you may have to end up moving to another city to complete your medical studies. Initial years of the medical schools are spent in theory knowledge and the latter in practical. Know that medical is not for the faint of heart. Medical demands hard work You might even have to give up on your sleep and leisure time to be a professional. Medical is a serious field as people's life is in your hands and you have to make sure you do justice to your profession. Though the problems related to dermatology are not life threatening, you need to be excellent in what you learn and do. Spend you summer breaks in internship instead of having a vacation. Volunteer in medical programs. There are volunteering in third world countries which you can opt for. Basically, make good use of your free time without wasting any of it in leisure. Formal dermatology training will begin once you have completed your graduation in medical. Upon completing your internship post your medical school, you may start your three-year dermatology residency. Your school must be accredited by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) or the American Osteopathic Association (AOA). You may pursue a fellowship after passing your dermatology training. This fellowship will help you establish your specialty. You have many options to choose from for the specialty. Practice makes a man perfect. To become an excellent dermatologist, you need to practice and gain experience over the years to prove yourself and become the best.
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