Types of automotive lifts

Automotive lifts come in all shapes and sizes. The one that matches your requirement depends on your work, circumstances, and location. If you are running a home repair auto shop to fix cars, automotive lifts will vary on the basis of the grade of the equipment, maintenance requirements, the capacity, and the cost. Based on these factors, here are the most common types of automotive lifts you should know about:

Four-post automotive lifts
These are also known as alignment lifts, and they are most commonly used by the automotive repair companies and are mostly used for wheel balancing or alignment. Some four-post home automotive lifts require no anchorage to the floor and hence they can be moved relatively easily when needed using supplied casters.

Two-post automotive lifts
Also called “frame-engaging” lifts, they are available in two types, symmetric and asymmetric automotive lifts. They work great for small a “drive-through” garage where you drive in your vehicle, lift it, fix it, and drive out. If you are using the symmetric two-post automotive lift, ensure that your car does not bump into the posts because of the space constriction. Asymmetric posts are rotated to 30-degree angles and the front arms are shorter than the back arms for a well-balanced weight distribution.

Automotive scissor lifts
They are named as scissor lifts because they lift vehicles with an accordion-like mechanism. The automotive lifts have a metal frame of an “x” shape that is joined to raise the platform. Scissor lifts come in a variety of heights, making them suitable for both home and professional auto repair shops. They can be used for both frame and wheel engaging models.

Portable automotive lifts
These lifts are of big advantage for garages with space constraints as they can be packed and stored in the same garage when not in use. However, portable automotive lifts cannot be used for heavier vehicles such as pickup trucks.

In-ground automotive lifts
The best feature of in-ground automotive lifts is that they can be kept on a level with the ground. They are the best options for truck lifting and are generally more expensive than the conventional automotive lifts as they require stronger hydraulic systems to lift trucks.

Parking lifts
These types of lifts are beneficial for both public and private parking spaces as they give enough parking space vertically. They generally occupy two cars and are smaller than four-post automotive lifts.


  • Causes, symptoms and treatment of bacterial disease
    Bacteria are a form of microorganism that can be visualized only with the help of a microscope. Usually, bacteria live on the skin, genitalia as well as the intestines. All bacteria do not cause harm, some are good for us to maintain our health. Only certain types, classified as pathogenic bacteria, cause infections and diseases. Bacterial diseases occur when the pathogen enters the body and reproduces by outnumbering the good bacteria. Harmful bacteria sometimes produce a toxin, which can even damage the body. Bacterial diseases are contagious and life-threatening, can lead to bacteremia or blood poisoning, toxic shock syndrome and kidney failure. The following are some of the diseases caused by bacteria: Meningitis Ulcer and gastritis Food poisoning Gonorrhea “ a sexually transmitted disease Pneumonia, cellulitis, wound infections Ear infections and strep throat Causes of bacterial diseases Bacteria can infect several parts of the body such as the bladder, intestines, vagina or the mouth. There are many ways in which bacteria can enter the body like through consumption of contaminated food or kissing or having a sexual intimacy with an already infected person. Contamination of rashes, abrasions, bites and cuts are another way to welcome infection. Sharing needles for drug, injection or tattoo should be avoided; inhaling contaminated airborne droplets can give way to bacteria. Once the harmful bacteria enter the normally sterile areas of the body, the immune system would immediately recognize them as foreign invaders and attack them, trying to stop the infection from spreading. But it becomes extremely tough as the pathogenic bacteria continue to grow and multiply. They tend to crowd the healthy bacteria and other microorganisms by reproducing. Moreover, it emits a toxin that can damage the cells of the body, thus making the condition of the patient life-threatening. Symptoms of bacterial diseases The symptoms depend on the type of the disease. The common ailment or sign of a bacterial disease is fever, though it does not occur to everyone. The symptoms would vary based on the patient's family history, age, area of the infection and most importantly, the type of disease. Bacterial disease symptoms include the following: Irritability Diarrhea Painful, frequent and bloody urine Nausea and vomiting Stiff neck Abdominal and joint pain Rashes and lesions Flu-like symptoms and weakness Symptoms of children are a bit different. Fussiness and excessive sleepiness or crying, difficulty in feeding and also bulging of the soft spot on the top of the head are some of the signs of bacterial diseases in children. Treatment The best way to treat bacterial disease is with antibiotics. They prevent the bacteria from multiplying and spreading and kill them. Different antibiotics are required for various types of diseases. They would be prescribed for oral consumption or taken intravenously or through injections. Apart from medications, a total rest and a healthy and good nutritional diet are to be followed by the patients. If the condition is severe, one has to be hospitalized under intensive care.
  • Interning when you are in college
    The years one spends acquiring an education in one's chosen field of study at a chosen college are sure to be counted as among the most productive years of one's life. But, gone are the days when it was sufficient to finish one's college education and then look for a job that matches one's profile. Current employment trends indicate that employers across the globe give great importance to internship experience that is gained as one is studying. Many colleges offer students a chance to intern as they study. Here are a few reasons why such internships are considered vital in creating a sound profile for oneself. When you intern, you get a chance to try out first hand what it would mean to be in an actual job. This exposure can contribute greatly to your future career choices post-college. The hands-on experience gained as a rookie can surely give you great insights and learning opportunities. Also, even without realizing it, you might actually find a perfect match for an organization or individual, with whom you could later seek permanent employment if the job interests you and you prove to have an aptitude for it. Also, even if you are studying at a top ranking college or university, what you gain there is largely theoretical inputs from the best minds in academia. Pursuing internships, when you study can give you much needed practical experience, which is what most employers also look for when recruiting. Many companies also look favorably at hiring interns, as they are not bound to pay the same remuneration that they would have to pay a salaried professional with a consummate college degree. This can prove to be a win-win situation for both sides, as the company gets youngsters who are willing to work longer hours and prove themselves and the interns gain valuable experience that is always attractive to future employers or headhunters. Internships are also an excellent way of networking with professionals who would be in a position to offer you advice, mentoring and guidance in shaping your career. In many cases, these contracts prove to be invaluable both when one is studying and later as well. Keeping all this in mind, do make the effort to research all available internship options at your college and outside, especially when you are on your breaks. Even if, there may not be very high pay levels, nothing can equal the experience you will gain in the process. Stay in touch also with your college academic counselor who can update you on internship opportunities as and when they arise.
  • Popular Things to Buy at Target
    Located across 1249 cities, Target is one of the most popular stores to find anything and everything. California has the highest number with 278 stores; thus, 19.03% of Target stores are there in California. Target stores remain open for extra hours during the holiday season to accommodate the last minute shoppers. Target stores stock products from nearly every brand including Wild Fable, Heyday, Original Use, A New Day, Prologue, Universal Thread, Who What Wear, Xhilaration, C9 Champion, Ava and Viv, Knox Rose, Cloud Island, Pillowfort, Smith and Hawken, Room Essential, Threshold, Archer Farms, Market Pantry, and, Sutton and Dodge. Here are some of the popular categories of products available at TargetClothes, shoes, and accessories: This includes the latest trends in clothes and accessories for everyone of all ages and genders. • Baby and kids: This includes baby clothes and shoes, girls clothes and shoes, and boy’s clothes and shoes. • Home and patio: This includes furniture, patio and garden furniture, home decor, bedding, lamps and lighting, rugs, luggage, storage and organization items, home appliances, and home improvement. • Electronics and office: This category includes TV and home theatre, cell phones, headphones, cameras and camcorders, drones, Wi-Fi and networking, and STEM items. • Toys and video games: This includes toys, video games, and books. • Sports fitness and outdoor: This includes bikes, exercise and fitness, camping and outdoors, and sports and outdoors items. • Grocery, household, and pets: This category includes grocery items, pet food and essential, and household items. • Beauty and health: This includes makeup, haircare, men and women’s grooming products, first aid, and nutrition and weight loss products. Among these categories, some are more popular than others among customers at Target. Here are 5 popular things to buy at a Target store.
    • Toys: Target stores are the best choice to buy toys as they provide best offers on these. Target offers coupon codes which gives one of the best discounts on branded products. Target provides the best deals or offers during the holiday season in the months of November and December.
    • Groceries: These are the second most popular thing to buy at Target stores. Target stock every grocery item across various brands. One of the well-known offers is $10 off on a $50 purchase. Buying groceries at Target is quite a money-saving experience.
    • Home Decor: You can get the best home decor and furniture in a Target store; they offer sale codes for home decor and furniture. You will often get $5 off coupons for $50 purchases.
    • Video Games and Bluray: These are the best deal products at Target; you get many good deals and offers such as Buy Two Get One Free on many products.
    • Household Essentials: Target store is the best option to buy household essentials. The store offers $5 and $10 gift cards for buying certain items. They also offer free shipping.
  • Top 4 credit cards for reward points
    If you have an impeccable credit record, you can get your hands on some of the best credit cards that offer reward points for every transaction. That said, some of the popular value-for-money credit cards offer more than just reward points—think huge savings on shopping, dining, traveling, and much more. Here’s a list of our top five picks of the best reward points credit cards. Citi Custom Cash Card You can earn 5% cashback on purchases in the top eligible spend category, up to the first $500 each billing cycle, and 1% cashback thereafter with this credit card. You can earn unlimited 1% cashback in all the other categories. Another benefit of the Citi Custom Cash Card is that there is no annual fee, and you get an introductory 0% APR on balance transfers and purchases for 15 months. Chase Sapphire Preferred® credit card The Chase Sapphire Preferred® credit card is a perfect choice if you travel often. You can earn 2X points on travel, dining out, or takeout and one point per dollar spent on other purchases. Plus, you earn 100,000 points if you spend $4,000 in the first 3 months of account opening. And the points are worth 25% more if you redeem them for travel. That’s a lot of value, but the card has a $95 annual fee. American Express® Gold Card This is one of the best credit cards if you want to collect points. You can earn a welcome bonus of 60,000 Membership Rewards® points if you spend $4,000 in the first 6 months. Plus, it offers 4X reward points on takeout and delivery. There’s also a $120 annual dining credit at select outlets, and you can get Uber cash of up to another $120 annually on Uber rides or Uber Eats orders. Some might find the $250 annual fee steep, but the Amex Gold Card does pack a punch. CapitalOne SavorOne Rewards Card This CapitalOne credit card makes for an excellent choice for beginners as it offers rewards on all popular spending categories, like entertainment, food, and shopping. Plus, it has a 0% introductory APR for 15 months. You can earn unlimited 3% cashback on dining, entertainment, streaming services, and at grocery stores, and you also get 1% cashback on all other categories. And all this comes with no annual fee. This is one of the best credit cards for collecting reward points if you spend a lot on these categories.
  • The 5 Best Smartphone Deals in The Market
    We live in an age where the world is full of smartphones. While we always want to purchase the best, we also want to save big in terms of money. Is there a solution for such a problem? For starters, we could help you out by finding the best smartphone deals that are present in the market. There is nothing wrong with wanting to own the best-in-class. What you always need to keep in mind is, to know where your priorities lie. Think of it in this manner, what are the few features that you cannot do without on your smartphone?

    What is the preferred OS?

    Firstly, you need to decide if you are comfortable with the Apple’s iOS or the Android OS. If neither of the two, then would you prefer a different kind? Like the MIUI or LG’s new UI? Different OS have different capabilities and drawbacks. You need to pick one that can serve you efficiently.

    Which feature is more important?

    You will also need to decide which aspects are important for you. Would you prefer a phone with a long-lasting battery and an average camera or the other way round? Most people prefer a strong processor and the latest version of the OS. But then again, the question that arises is, how can you get it within your budget? Smartphones today are just as powerful as laptops and computers, if not more. Sometimes, they can even cost just as much. Here, we have a few smartphones that we can vouch for. They not only offer great performance but also are the best smartphone deals in the market.
    Samsung Galaxy S7
    The Samsung Galaxy S7 is a crowd-pleaser among all the available smartphones. The good news is, you can now purchase this smartphone at around $339 from Amazon and enjoy a 43% saving. How is that for a smartphone deal to relish?
    Moto Z Play
    Are you a Moto fan? If yes, then you must love the features that pack the Moto Z Play! You can avail an exciting smartphone deal on this phone by purchasing it through your mobile carrier. Most mobile carriers are offering smartphone deals close to $300. For example, when you place an order through B&H, you end up saving close to $150!
    Google Pixel XL
    If you are someone who would not mind purchasing a refurbished product, then this smartphone deal is sure to excite you. Amazon is the official refurbished product seller when it comes to the new Google Pixel XL. You can purchase the product in black and silver color for just around $389.95! This is one of the best smartphone deals out there as Pixel is the first product in the market where Google has put together not just software, but strong and very capable hardware as well. Nevertheless, this is one smartphone deal that you should not miss.
    Essential Phone
    Have you heard of the new and exciting Essential phone? It boasts of great sophistication and a sleek design with a vibrant HD display. The hardware under the hood is of topmost quality, as said in the reviews. This new smartphone can be yours for just around $435 through Amazon! You can end up saving $264 by availing these smartphone deals.
    LG G5
    You don’t have to be an LG fan to love the G5. Unless you really want the latest software, the LG G5 is a great choice for you. The hardware is up to the mark and does not disappoint in any way. The brand new, unlocked version of the smartphone can be yours for just around $229.99 through some amazing smartphone deals! But by getting it through B&H, you end up saving more than you spend i.e. $300. What more can you ask for?
  • Tips to bring up a Morkie puppy
    Morkshire Terrier or Morkie, initially called as Yorktese, is a designer breed of dog which is a cross between a purebred Yorkshire Terrier and a purebred Maltese. Morkie puppies were originally bred in the United States. Being a crossbreed, its appearance varies widely. Some look like the Yorkies, having pointed ears while some have floppy ears like the Maltese. Morkie coats can be black, brown, tan or white and mainly range between 4-12 pounds in weight. Morkie puppies require a lot of attention, care, and training. Here is a list of things you need to keep in mind while bringing up a morkie puppy. Essential supplies Collar, leash, ID tags having the dog's name and owner's name with contact details, puppy food recommended by the vet, water bowl, food bowl, exercise pen, baby gate or dog fence for making indoor pen and puppy toys. Food Morkie puppies are susceptible to low blood sugar. To keep the puppy away from this, you should feed the puppy four to five times a day. Human food should be avoided. If the puppy is already suffering from low blood sugar, energy giving food supplements should be given with the vet's permission. Grooming Morkie puppies need a lot of grooming attention. To prevent their long fur from being tangled and matted, they need regular brushing and trimming. Morkie puppies should be groomed once in every three to six weeks in accordance with the season. To cut down the expense of grooming trips, you may clip the fur around the eyes at home, as it's the most sensitive area and is prone to overgrowth. The long fur in this area causes irritation in their eyes. They need a number of baths as their fur tends to build up oil frequently. Housebreaking and training Small puppies are much difficult to housebreak, though it is not impossible. A little hard work and dedication will allow the puppies to learn to housebreak. Indoor potty pads are required for this. You need to appreciate your puppy every time he/she uses it correctly. After two weeks or so, you should try moving the pad closer to the main door. This way they will gradually prefer to go outside. Vaccinations and healthcare It's extremely important to consult a local vet, skilled with hybrid and small-breed dogs. Vaccinations should be registered properly and according to schedule. You should keep the puppy indoors for the first few weeks to be immune. Warning Never let the young puppy go outside in extreme heat or cold. They are very sensitive to temperature and may fall sick easily.