What does a bad credit history really mean to your lenders

Procuring a loan whilst having bad credit can be a nightmarish experience. To avoid the unpleasantness, it is imperative to choose a lender who is transparent about fees and rates, has flexible terms and will consider you as more than just a credit score. The things to stay clear off are predatory lenders, scams which have the potential to pull you into a vortex of debt.

One of the contributing factors to a bad credit score is having excessive debt and other bad financial habits. There are many reasons as to why one avails a loan, but one unexpected benefit is to improve your credit score (upon adhering to the repayment terms and guidelines). Traditional lenders may reject your loan application if you have a history of missed payments.

What does bad credit mean to lenders:

Banks perceive you as unable to repay the loan
As a means to diminish their risk, you might be slated for a lower amount of loan eligibility
More collateral might be expected from a borrower with bad credit to be eligible
The interest rates offered are higher than those with average and above credit
Most traditional lenders do not consider loan applications of a certain credit score and below

The qualifications required to avail a personal loan, in spite of bad credit, is quite simple. It requires that you are a legal US citizen of age 18 and above, basic information such as work and residential contact address and bank account details.

As an alternative to personal loans, unsecured online loans are designed to help you with short-term financial assistance. The lenders offering these loans do not require you to have a perfect credit score. Some features are fast approval and funding, large lender network, and the loan can be used for any purpose. Other than having a bad credit, the APR deciding factors are many the lender, which state you live in, age, income, having a valid checking account, duration of the loan, late payment penalties, loan renewal actions and various other factors. APR’s also vary based on the information provided by you on the application. APR and the finance charge are not one and the same. The latter will be disclosed later on in the loan request process.

Before agreeing to a loan, especially a bad credit personal loan, please review the information provided by the lender ( information on loan details, APR, loan term, fees, penalties). Always shop around for the loan that best fits you and your pocket.


  • How effective is the use of Nivolumab against bladder cancer?
    Bladder cancer is considered as the most common types of cancer and is likely to affect men more than women. Recently, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the use of Nivolumab for the treatment of patients who have bladder cancer. The combination of Nivolumab and Ipilimumab was evaluated in an appearance I clinical trial. In a recent research, 41 patients were treated with a Nivolumab 1mg/kg plus Ipilimumab 3mg/kg dose, out of which doctors got few positive and good results. Nivolumab is used for the treatment of metastatic bladder cancer among patients whose disease has gotten worse. The FDA approval given to use Nivolumab for the treatment of metastatic bladder cancer was on the basis of the results of Nivolumab clinical trial, which gave positive results. Nivolumab clinical trial was done on 270 patients who were suffering from advanced or metastatic bladder cancer that had worsened over time. 19% of these patients who received Nivolumab had tumor shrinkage for a median of 10.3 months. Out of 53 patients who had tumor shrinkage, 7 patients had complete tumor shrinkage and 46 patients who had partial tumor shrinkage. Nivolumab functions by releasing a protein called Pd-1 on cancer-fighting immune cells called T cells. Once Nivolumab releases PD-1 protein, T cells can destroy the cancer cells. Implications of Nivolumab As there were few options available for treatment of metastatic bladder cancer, doctors started using Nivolumab soon after Nivolumab clinical trial results were approved by FDA. In contrast to typical short-lived responses with cancer therapy in solid metastatic tumors, many responses induced by Nivolumab appear persistent. These persistent results only increased the use of Nivolumab for people who have metastatic bladder cancer. Note of caution If a patient is or was on some prescribed drug or has used some herbal products, then he/she must tell this to the doctor before using Nivolumab. Although Nivolumab clinical trial results are positive and FDA-approved, there are many drugs and over-the-counter medicines, which can interact with Nivolumab and deteriorate the situation.
  • Should you take antibiotics for a runny nose
    A runny nose can cause discomfort Antibiotics have been hailed as one of the effective solutions for all mucus-related illnesses. If you've been relying on them too much, here's why you should reconsider. They Are Not a Runny Nose Remedy Antibiotics are not a remedy for your runny nose. Although research has shown that antibiotics are effective in relieving symptoms of cold and flu, they don't necessarily eliminate the virus from your system. They kill the bacteria but not the virus. Solution? Don't rely on them too much. They Kill Healthy Bacteria This is a genuine reason to be scared. Instead of being a runny nose remedy, an overuse of antibiotics kill off healthy bacteria in your nasal passages and can lead to the breeding of drug-resistant bacteria. This can cause more harm than good and can lead to a more prolonged bout of cold or flu. So, the question remains. When is it right to take antibiotics? Here's how you determine whether you need antibiotics as a runny nose remedy. Lab Testing Lab testing is a time-tested way of analyzing your mucus samples and determining whether you need antibiotics for a runny nose remedy. If you have been suffering from a runny nose for a long time, you might consider getting tested to determine whether it is a symptom of something more serious. Your doctor will decide whether you need antibiotics as a runny nose remedy based on the symptoms you have. More often than not, they recommend either flu shots or prescribe home remedies since bacterial infections aren't a big deal. Since the symptoms of the viral flu include fever, shivering and other related symptoms, the likelihood of antibiotics being prescribed to patients exhibiting these symptoms could be reduced. A simple and easy way to figure out if you need antibiotics is the color of the discharge, the period you've been sick, and the severity of your fever.
  • Here’s why portable fireplaces are popular
    A lot of people are talking about portable fireplaces nowadays. Fireplaces have become an unavoidable thing in several homes, especially where the winter is severe. You can find different types of fireplaces in the market, and the portable fireplaces are one of the most popular versions available. Stylish appearance and easy portability A high-quality portable fireplace has become amazingly popular because of the amazing benefits it offers. These types of small fireplaces come with a stylish and trendy appearance, and they optimize all the complications of maintaining a fireplace. You can carry them from one room to another with great ease and comfort, and they can be placed based on your exclusive personal preferences. Odor and smoke-free environment Portable fireplaces usually come with ventless features, and you do not have to worry about installation. Since they can be utilized with gel fuels, you can expect an odor free, fume free and smoke-free environment. Only a small quantity of heat is emitted from these gel fuels, and they create a warm atmosphere. There is no need to worry about allergies caused due to wood burning, and the portable versions are easy to assemble as well. Range of options and amazing features These backyard fireplaces are available in various models, and you can also come across a wide range of extra fixtures. For example; you can find hidden storage areas, optional pull screens, designer columns and shelf storage. These models are made using various types of woods with carved arches, and you can also associate hand painted logs with them. These types of devices are available in different sizes and shapes, and the companies sell them with cans of gel fuel. Each one lasts for around 2 to 3 hours. Some versions can only be used for decorative purposes, and they are not being considered as a source of heat. When it comes to these types, advance information is provided to the purchaser. If you search online, you can come across a wide range of options. For purchasing a portable patio fireplace, online stores are the best option available because they offer high-quality products at affordable rates. Each product is equipped with a vivid architecture description, and you can also find a detailed description of the add-ons. Most often, the fireplace kits are added to the quotation, and in certain cases, these kits are charges differently. The price of the product varies based on the wood quality, brand reputation, decorative options and size of the fireplace. You can count on special deals and packages because they the best discounts and amazing benefits can be expected from these types of offers. All these aspects make portable fireplaces immensely popular.
  • 6 best tumblers to slake your summer thirst
    If you are looking to purchase the trending RTIC tumbler or the newcomer Avex insulated bottle, make sure they let you enjoy all your favorite drinks at the right temperature. Here are the best trending tumblers to bag for quenching your thirst this scorching summer. Avex FreeFlow Stainless Steel Auto-Sealing Water Bottle It is an inexpensive 24oz tumbler. This insulated bottle comes with double-walled insulation and is 100% dishwasher-safe. Even though the brand is a less-popular name in the niche of insulated bottles and tumblers, the product does not compromise on the essential qualities of a great tumbler in any aspects. In addition to a sturdy built, the unit features an easy-on-the-pocket price tag, another reason to go for the double-wall insulated tumbler. RTIC 30 oz Tumbler This latest RTIC tumbler unit brings the same premium built quality the brand is famous for, in co-op with double-walled vacuum insulation to keep all your cold drinks at the right temperature for as much as six hours. The unit is labeled hand-wash only, meaning you need to avoid cleaning it with a dishwasher. Hydro Flash Vacuum Insulated 18/8 Stainless Steel Water Bottle The BPA-free water bottle comes with a stainless steel built featuring double-walled vacuum insulation. Hot liquids stored inside the tumbler stay warm for up to six hours while the stainless steel bottle prevents cold liquids from warming up for about 24 hours. The no-frills budget tumbler comes in a wide variety of colors raging from glowing yellow to raging red. Ozrak Trail Vacuum Insulated 30 Ounce Tumbler Enlisted among the cadre of best inexpensive tumblers, Ozrak 30oz features a double-walled vacuum insulation to keep all your liquids, whether steaming hot or icy cold, at the right temperature for several hours. The tumbler features a sturdy stainless steel finish with a contemporary build to make the insulated bottle look stylish all the times. Glaciio 30oz Blue Powder Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Tumbler Unlike other stainless steel tumblers, Glaciio 30oz tumbler comes in a wide variety of colors to choose from. The tumbler with its double-walled vacuum insulation is best to keep your icy cold liquids at a chilling temperature. The BPA-free tumbler is made from strong 18/8 stainless steel and features a lifetime warranty. Glaciio 30oz tumbler also supports a sweat-free design that lets you enjoy all your drinks without worrying about spoiling your desks and tables. Tumbler Cup by NIGLOO A 18/8 stainless steel built and a BPA-free plastic lid is what makes Tumbler Cup by NIGLOO a dependable tumbler for maintaining all hot and cold drinks at the right temperature. The inexpensive tumbler comes with double-walled vacuum insulation to let you enjoy your favorite drink or beverage at an enjoyable temperature. Tumbler Cup by NIGLOO keeps all your hot drinks warm for six hours and cold beverages chilled for 24 hours. Quench your thirst this summer with icy cold beverages in the best double-wall insulated tumbler trending right now. You can easily bag a budget tumbler among the various options.
  • Reasons to choose rental furniture from Aaron’s
    When it comes to furniture, you’ve probably wondered if it’s even possible to rent it instead of dropping thousands of dollars in purchasing it. Besides, is there even value in rentals, as opposed to purchase? You will find many ways to lease all kinds of furniture, and even appliances. But this is where Aaron's Furniture differs - you don’t simply lease it, you own it. Before you turn down the offer, here’s an argument for why renting your furniture is the new way to go! Common reasons for renting furniture from Aaron's Furniture Increasing accommodation What are you to do if you have guests drop in out of nowhere? Well, a great way to have space to host enough guests is to set up an extra bedroom at home with rental furniture. From beds to tables to mattresses, and even convertible recliners. Setting up temporary housing Whether you’re in between moving houses, or you’re recovering from a financial loss - renting furniture means you can get great quality furniture for a reasonable period of time. This is especially applicable to those who’re recovering from natural disasters and displacement, and want to feel the comfort of home. The right furniture can make all the difference. Big weddings/events This is the most common reason that anyone would want to turn to Aaron's Furniture. You need versatile furniture in the form of folding tables and chairs, in large numbers, in order to accommodate everyone. If you want to up the ante of the event, then lounge sofas or accents and decor for the event - all can be found at Aaron's. You won’t have to settle for a mediocre event. Delay in furniture arrival If you’ve just started to furnish your home, it can take a while for it to get done completely. The expected waiting time is twice as long if you’re getting your furniture custom made. During this time, however, it isn’t always ideal to simply live in a home with no furniture. Make sure your house warming party is still a blast with rented furniture. You get high quality furnishing, at the fraction of a cost it took you to get it made. You can also take inspiration from your rented furniture to craft your own. Renting furniture from Aaron's Furniture means easy payments, and full flexibility in duration of rent, and even mode and duration of payment. You also get free delivery services, and all set up will be done by the staff. Any maintenance, servicing, and repair that you require is always a phone call away.  
  • List Of The Best Leaf Blowers In The Market

    A leaf blower is quite essential for a house-proud homeowner or a gardener. However, it can get a bit tricky to choose the best leaf blower since this item is available in different sizes, shapes, specifications and price points. The variety includes leaf blowers, garden vacuums, combined leaf blowers and garden vacs. The choice is unlimited. Thus, in order to make the selection easier for you, here is a list of the best leaf blowers available on the market today:

    This item is battery powered. So, it does not need to be connected with an outlet and there is no requirement of gas as well to operate it. This leaf blower can last for 30 minutes on a full charge. It weighs only 5.4 pounds making it quite light in this category. Thus it can be used for the entire 30 minutes till the battery lasts without you being exhausted of carrying it around the garden or yard. The blower is 37 inches long, which makes it easier to get closer to the ground and effectively blow everything that comes its way. The BLACK + DECKER LSWV36 can blow air up to 120 mph and drive debris and leaves more than 17 feet. It produces only 86.2 dB of sound. You can get it around $121.80 on Amazon.

    Its plastic impeller may be easier to handle but is susceptible to get damaged as compared to metal. The airspeed of 120 mph is not so impressive. The battery lasts only for 30 minutes on a single charge.

    Toro 51621
    The Toro 51621 is compact but is able to reach the ground really close maximum blowing power since it is 41 inches in length. It runs on electricity and hence needs an extension cord to operate it. It could be an issue if you have a big yard. However, you are not at risk of running out of battery power or gas in the middle of using the device. With the ability to blow air at a speed of 250 mph, you can use Toro 51621 to move debris and leaves up to 16.8 feet away. You can also use this device as a leaf shredder and vacuum. Its metal impeller shreds debris and leaves into small pieces making it easier to gather and haul them away. You can get this for $103.25 approximately on Amazon.

    There is no anti-vibration technology in this blower. The cushioned handle is missing as well. You get 2 years warranty on this item.

    Hitachi RB24EAP
    The best thing about this product is its extensive warranty period. The Hitachi RB24EAP comes with a seven-year warranty. Weighing 8.6 pounds, this gas-powered leaf blower can blow air up to 170 mph. It can move lawn debris and leaves up to 18 feet. It is made up of plastic which makes it an easy to handle the item. This is one of the best leaf blowers and is up for sale on Amazon at $122.97 approximately.

    You need to mix gasoline and oil to a precise measurement for it to function properly. It produces 96.6 dB of sound making it a loud land mower. It does not have cushioned handle. Anti-vibration technology is not used in this product and it cannot be used as a vacuum.

    Choosing a leaf blower is not easy as there are so many options available today. One must make the decision based on several factors like power, performance, the convenience of use, warranty, support, noise level, comfortable handle, and price range. People also choose based on whether it is gas, electric or battery operated. Hopefully, now you would be able to decide the best leaf blower for your garden or yard. Ideally, you must opt for the most versatile and the best leaf blower, which is long lasting as well within your budget range.