Why buy when you can lease the Buick encore

Buyers prefer leasing options rather than buying any new car outright. Once you have made up your mind about leasing a car, then one also needs to consider the factors that make leasing car a breeze deal.

Lots of dealers out there approve leasing with even not-so-good credit scores. However, the deals mentioned in newspapers or billboards come with a fine print stating that the best offers go to well-qualified buyers only.

Leasing options for the Buick Encore

The Buick Encore is one such car, where a buyer can get the best deals and rebates. Buick Encore leases start from USD 149 per month for a time span for 24 months, where USD 3,729 is paid upfront at the time of signing. Though the Buick Encore costs USD 22,900, leasing is the best option to own a 2017 model of Buick and even get benefits of rebates and loyalty discounts. Though prices and discounts differ from dealers and states, a quick research and homework on the buyer’s part can help him get the better deal.

The Buick Encore excels in its exterior as well as interior features. With a mileage of 27MPG in the city and 33MPG on the highway, the Buick Encore is worth the performance. It even guarantees 10,000 miles per year. The lease amount of any car is determined by:

1) Depreciation

2) Tax

3) Interest

The capitalization cost calculates the monthly lease amount, residual value, tenure of the lease, and the money factor.

Leasing or buying?

Many leasers feel that they get good offers on Buick Encore leases rather than when buying the car. Both have their pros and cons. But leasing is still preferred as a buyer has to pay a lease for two years and then he can decide whether he wants to keep the car or return to the dealer once the lease is over. On the contrary, while buying a new Buick Encore, he may have to look for finance options that will build equity over the years and then he can sell off or use the car once the loan is repaid.

Lower interest rates have played a major role in recent years. That’s the reason why buyers prefer to lease than buy. After the lease tenure, the buyer can easily switch to a new car. Buick Encore leases can give buyers the flexibility and convenience to explore other Buick options once the lease period has ended. Getting the best deal on a lease is all about striking a correct balance between your monthly lease and your cash flow.

Shopping for Buick Encore leases can be a profitable bargain for buyers and dealers too. So it is a win-win situation for both parties. Month ends are the best time to avail the best offers and discounts.


  • 5 Features of a Good Smart Tv
    A smart TV is loaded with several features such as games, apps and other online content. Although the concept of smart TV is not new, it’s only now that people have begun to realize its abilities. However, irrespective of how smart your TV is, you should be smart enough to explore all its features. To get the most out of your smart TV, you need to learn some of its important features and get the most out of your TV. Keep reading to know more.
    • Receive smart suggestions Most of the latest smart TVs provide recommendations based on integrated programming information technology or user-configured preferences. At times when you are confused what to watch, your smart TV has the feature to recommend you the same. Based on these recommendations, you can search for what is trending within your network or look for something that is popular globally.
    • Access programmes on-demand A smart TV enhances your viewing experience with its Ethernet or Wi-Fi connections in such a way that you keep yourself engaged by watching TV in the traditional way. You can also watch your favorite programs via your cable operator or via Netflix (video on demand service). In addition to this, you can also check some of the latest videos on YouTube. Overall, you have a wide range of viewing possibilities on your smart TV.
    • Search for any information you wish to know Organize your apps and streamline the content with the help of the improved search functionality of your smart TV. All you need to do is enter a title, time genre or popularity rating into the search tool. Your TV will then search for the channel line-up and stream the apps such as Vudu, YouTube, Netflix, Hulu Plus, CinemaNow, etc. You can even search for a list of your favorite star’s programmes on your smart TV.
    • Switch to social media networks You can also a whole new experience via your smart TV while surfing through the social media networks instead of your usual smartphone or tablet. A smart TV allows you to post, share and like updates from your family and friends, right from the comfort of your living room home theatre.
    • No need for a remote control With advanced technology, a smart TV does not need a remote control anymore. Most smart TVs today allow you to use your tablet or smartphone to sync with iOs and Android apps and use it as a remote. Smart TVs are also equipped with DLNA or Bluetooth which allows you to use the functionality of your mobile apps to share music, movies, and photos. In some cases, you can even directly mirror your mobile device’s screen to your smart TV.
    After having understood the features that you need to explore for your smart TV, you may now want to know which TV you can buy. Here’s a list of brands that manufacture incredible smart TVs.
    • LG
    • Samsung
    • Sony
    • Phillips
    • Panasonic
    • Toshiba
    • Vizio
    • Mitsubishi
    • Sanyo
    • Hisense
    • RCA
    • Hitachi
    • JVC
    • Hyundai
    • TCL
    • Alba
    • Insignia
    • Logik
    To conclude, it can be said that a smart TV works on the principles similar to that of your smartphone. On connecting to your router, a smart TV gives you access to a plethora of apps. Even though the content may vary from different models and brands. Most TVs allow you to access social media apps such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and other web browsers. A few brands also provide motion control and face recognition along with voice. However, it is recommended that you visit your nearest electronic store and speak to the expert there. You can also easily buy a smart TV online. Do read the instructions carefully before you purchase a smart TV.
  • The versatility of silver bars
    Silver bars offer value for money, and they make an excellent investment option. Silver bars are quite versatile, and they come in many different sizes, thereby enabling the buyer to have a variety of options to choose from according to the budget that is available to ones who want to buy silver bars. Scroll down to learn more about the different sizes of silver bars before you head out to buy them. 1oz Silver Bars: This size bar rates high among investors as they are easy to sell in portions while retaining some till a better opportunity arises. This is also a great platform to help you diversify your investment portfolio. 5oz Silver Bars: This is the most common size to buy silver bars as they are still affordable, portable and easy to store. First-time investors are attracted to this bar as it falls within their budget and helps get their collection started. 10oz Silver Bars: The 10oz silver bars offer premium savings when compared to the same size rounds. Investors can expect to save at least 5 to 10 percent per ounce more than rounds. The 10oz silver bars are only available from a handful of manufacturers, and they come wrapped and sealed in plastic in sheets of five or ten, thereby making them easier to separate when the need arises. Kilo (32.151oz) Silver Bars: This size forms the middle ground option between the 10oz and 100oz bars. These bars are still easy to handle and stack, and they also offer some savings. These bars offer investors a chance to form a diversified portfolio. 100oz Silver Bars: This bar offers more savings as they help you save 10 to 20 percent per ounce versus the one-ounce silver bars and coins. The ‘mink mark’ carries a lot of weight when it comes to the 100oz silver bars. 1000z or COMEX Approved Silver Bars: This size is not recommended for most investors who want to buy silver bars unless one wants to store in a Comex depository.
  • Here’s why video game console industry is still thriving
    Long ago, there was a rumor that video game console companies will fade in popularity. That they will disappear from the gaming industry. But, to everyone's surprise, the craze for video game consoles has been increasing day by day. There has been a constant improvement in hardware and software of video game consoles. Most of the popular video game console companies have outsold their products. In spite of all the claims, an alternative replacement for video games has not yet come. There are at least five new gaming options that may replace video game consoles. They are:
    • PC gaming: It has always been a strong market. Crossovers between console players and PC gamer are available. They are both different markets.
    • Mobile games: Over the past few years, there has been a boom in the mobile gaming market. Housewives, toddlers, elderly, and youngsters prefer playing games on their mobile phones. However, hardcore gamers are still committed to playing games on video game consoles.
    • Game streaming: With better technology, you can now stream and play games online on a good display. So who needs discs anymore? The answer is simple. The online game streaming is still not very reliable when it comes to new games.
    • Set-top boxes: When big players ventured into set-top box manufacturing, people predicted that it will be the cause of doom of the video game console market. However, the forecast was proved to be false as video game consoles have a separate market for themselves and a large section of the audience still opt for them over other gaming options.
    • Steam machines: It is in the PC form, but the prices are so high that you would rather buy a PC game. Due to high prices, it is failing to attract players to switch from traditional video games consoles to steam machines. Hence, video game console companies get high demand.
    Video game console comparison can't be made with the above five new arenas of gaming. Video game console industry is unique in its own right. Video game console companies: Sony, Nintendo, Microsoft, Sega, Atari, NEC, and Panasonic are some of the companies that provide best selling gaming consoles. Currently, the eighth generation of video games is available in the market. Video games online: There are many online video game stores available now. You can buy video games from Amazon, Flipkart, G2A.com, etc. Video games online can be accessed by connecting the console to a network. Through this connection, you can play with other gamers online. Nintendo's Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection and Nintendo Network; Sony's PlayStation Network; and Microsoft's Xbox Live are a few common gaming networks that are currently available in the market. With a single login ID, users can play games using any of three brands' gaming consoles with cross-connectivity. Although there are still limitations in the services provided, the thrill and excitement of video game consoles continue in the gaming world.
  • Upgrade your living room with Bobs furniture
    Whether it is that long awaited family reunion or the cocktail party on your friend's return, living room plays a very crucial part. So, you must choose the furniture for your living room with utmost care which not only reflects your sense of style but also is comfortable. With Bob's furniture, you can get a wide variety of living room furniture that is of world-class quality. For your convenience, here are some of the best living room furniture sold by Bobs: Take relaxation to a new level Don't go for the basics when you can opt for combos. Nowadays, you can offer your guests a new degree of relaxation in the living room itself. You must be thinking how? Well, it is achievable through the wonder of a kind of furniture called the recliners. Now your guests can relax as well as recline. Several kinds of recliners are available at Bob's furniture. They are provided with a soft fabric that would enhance the comfort. A wide range of recliners starting from $299 are available in a variety of colors. Opt for storage with a touch of style A center table in your living area completes the entire look but don't go for the traditional ones with space below for newspapers. There are several other modern options with a sleek metal framework or entirely made of glass. You can also step up a level in your sense of decor by choosing tables that offer drawers for remotes and other necessary things. You will get the distressed finish as well as the stone finish at Bob's furniture.What more, the center tables start from a range of $199 only. Go for the sectional solution If the living room is the place for you where you enjoy the world cup and other matches with your friends and family, then sectionals are what you need. They are not only cozy, but the colors like gray and maroon can give a royal appearance to your living room. Your visitors will find themselves at ultimate comfort, and your room will have an entirely changed outlook with the sectionals available at Bob's furniture. These start at a range of $599. Enhance your decor with a foot-friendly furniture Ottomans have always been known as the foot-friendly furniture. When you have guests coming, ottomans make sure that they have that last touch of comfort which enables them to rest their feet. It will also serve you for storing things. At Bob's furniture, ottomans are available in various colors. Evoke elegance in your living room with the Ottomans which start at a range of $120. Whether you love traditional furniture or the modern ones, you will get everything of your choice at Bob's furniture. Apart from the furniture that is mentioned above, you will get much more in their store. From loveseats to chaise lounges, indulge in the world of comfort with Bob's furniture.Make your living room the comfort zone of your house and add the finishing touch.
  • Green spaces and garden remodeling
    A lot has been written and spoken about home remodeling and renovation options the multi-billion dollar industry provides, but there has been very little focus on the revolutionary, trendsetting garden remodeling which has recently been brought to the attention of the common public. Need for green spaces In a world where the majority of the working strata of the population lives in the concrete jungle surrounded by high-rises of steel, buildings with glass panels, huge air conditioned areas and boxes with furniture and papers around, it has been considered a great necessity to create a pocket of natural scenery midst all the artificial chaos. Regardless of the fact whether it is a minuscule apartment complex, the huge expanse of a bungalow or a densely-cramped office space, creating a garden area for space has become not only a trend but also an absolute requirement. It has become a space of social and human importance, a place where the inhabitants can sit, gather for talks and feel close to nature despite being in a not-so-green environment. The erstwhile definition of gardening was quite rustic and mundane. One needed to be dedicated and well-endowed with enough extra money to be able to create a garden space in their living quarters. However, so is no longer the case. Companies and conglomerates who undertook the role of remodeling contractors and designers had this beautiful territory to explore, something that will always be wanted by everyone and never goes out of date. Garden remodeling Going through the hardships and painstaking planning to rebuild a garden space in the most impossible of areas is time-consuming, a commodity which today's humans have in scarce quantity. The days when housewives and maids would cater to one's garden area and green spaces has become pretty much of a last-century idea. With the majority of the population earning and with the boom in the economy like never before, it has become only easy for one to hire a specialist and an expert to get the job done. Here's where garden experts come into the picture. There was a time when a gardener is a maximum extent one could think of when it came to designing and safe keeping of a garden, but now the scenery has changed. Eager nature loving minds have dedicated their energy and willing minds in learning the science and logic with which they can bring in real magic in creating a garden space. Design schools have created custom made labs for these students to learn and experiment on the vast knowledge the world of gardens has to provide. Hence, this paved the way for service providing companies to come up with the idea of remodeling living spaces to create a green area in their surroundings.
  • 4 tips to help you choose a roof replacement company

    Roof replacement is extremely important, and needless to say, it calls for the best contractor. Most people prefer to get a roof replacement only once in a lifetime, so it’s important to choose the best company for the job. But how can you choose the most suitable option from among several roof replacement companies? Here are 4 things to keep in mind before choosing a roof replacement company:

    • Look for a local contractor
      This does not mean you limit yourself to companies operating locally, but the company should have a reputation in the local community. The top roof replacement companies offer a 5-year warranty period for their services. Although it is easy to provide a warranty on services, it is only as good as the longevity and reputation of a company.
    • Ensure workers' insurance
      The best roof replacement companies ensure that workers are insured with liability insurance, and you check the certificates and even call the insurance provider to confirm its validity. This ensures that part of the cost of the roofing and the services being provided is protected with insurance coverage.
    • Don’t make a choice solely on the price
      Since roofing is usually a one-time installation, it's best to get it done from highly skilled laborers, which can cost more at times. If price is your sole criteria, you may end up spending more money to fix issues later due to unprofessional and unskilled installation. Having said that, the top roofing companies have these issues covered under a workmanship guarantee.
    • Avoid storm chasers
      Roofing is a highly professional job that earns its name through years of experience and reputation, so steer clear of door-to-door services. Research well and choose a company referred by your friend or a neighbor so that you can visually inspect their work before deciding.
      Another thing to keep in mind is that a majority of door-to-door roofers will insist that you have storm damage and ask you to sign a letter of intent, but you should avoid getting pressurized into such tactics. Take your time to review the contract before deciding to opt for the services of a roof replacement company.