AFib: Symptoms and treatment

Atrial fibrillation (AFib) is a condition where the heart rate is much faster and irregular than the normal rate. Due to this condition, one may observe counter effects like breathlessness, excess fatigue, and heart palpitations. If you do not undergo timely treatment, AFib may lead formation of blood clots, resulting in a stroke and the problems can get severe.

When the upper chambers of the heart fibrillate, then blood is not pumped in the body in the desirable way, which can automatically give you the feeling of fatigue and sensations that will be uncomfortable and heartbeats that will be irregular.

How to tackle AFib?
Considering relevant treatment, AFib patients must visit a cardiologist who will evaluate the entire condition, check all the symptoms, go through overall health factors, and diagnose the exact reasons behind AFib. Sometimes there can be an underlying cause that may have resulted into AFib. So determining the correct reason behind the occurrence of AFib is important before proceeding for its treatment. If the problem is not that serious, then the doctor can keep the patient on certain medications so that the risk of stroke can be avoided. Some specialized medicines may also be given that are specifically aimed for controlling AFib.
If the condition is a bit serious then electric shock treatment, also called cardioversion, can be adopted. However, in some cases, catheter ablation is opted for by the doctors. In some cases, a pacemaker may be required to fit in so that this condition can be treated.

AFib can be occasional, persistent, or permanent and once the doctor is able to evaluate your condition, only then can the right treatment be provided.

Symptoms indicating an AFib condition
If you are experiencing heart palpitations or you feel that the heart beat is often very irregular, or if you feel that your heart is racing most of the times, get checked for AFib. If you are facing unexplained fatigue at all times or a discomfort or pain near the chest region, then also it can be because of this condition. Apart from all of these symptoms, shortness of breath is a major symptom of AFib.
However, in many cases, it is seen that even without these symptoms, people have the AFib. So without a doctor and without completing the relevant medical tests, you cannot be sure whether you are actually suffering from AFib or not. If you are in doubt, visit a cardiologist as soon as possible.


  • Tips to find the ideal shower bases
    Planning to renovate your old bathroom? You want to give a complete makeover to the bathroom and are looking for the latest amenities? Whether you are decorating the bathroom of your new house or getting the old one renovated, you cannot afford any mistake in this process. Every accessory that you select for the bathroom has to be worthy and increase functionality. Whether it is the tap or the shower, sink or the faucet, shower curtain or the shower curtain rods, each and everything needs to be picked with due care. When you are decorating a bathroom, you need to be quite cautious about the selection of shower bases. Finding the right shower base can be easy if you follow some simple tips. Size of your bathroom- Space saving is the main idea behind the installation of shower bases. However, that does not mean, only bathrooms with small area need these bases. You can also use it in spacious bathrooms as well. You need to measure the area carefully. The base that you select should be in sync with the area of the bathroom as well as the area that covers the top shower. An excessively large size base will not only waste the space but also it will dampen the look of your bathroom. Full resistance- Nowadays, you can find different types of shower bases for bathrooms. However, that does not mean, picking just any of them will be a good choice. Be it an acrylic base or a tiles base or ceramic one, you should ensure that the user will not trip and fall while bathing. Particular care should be given if children or elderly will use the base. Scratch resistance- The shower base that you install for your bathroom can turn ugly with multiple scratches on it and may seek a frequent replacement. If you do not want to waste your money in frequently replacing the shower bases, you should go for the scratchresistance models as these will retain their newness for a prolonged period. Budget and preference- Last but not the least, when purchasing shower bases or shower curtain rods you should also give due importance to the money that you spend for the purpose. Though these are important, it does not mean, you will compromise with the other necessities. Therefore, before browsing through the types of shower bases, make sure to determine your budget. Also, give importance to your personal preference and purchase the one that you find the best. Nowadays, shower bases and other accessories such as shower curtains and shower curtain rods are available online. You can purchase any of them and get the best piece without leaving the comfort of your home. Yes, make sure to place the order carefully.
  • Here’s all you need to know about Nissan Altima
    Nissan Altima has been on the market for over 20 years now, and everyone loves this sedan. It started with a family size, and now, it is fully flourished to accommodate the whole family. It has witnessed five generations till now. In the 3rd generation, we saw how there were major changes in the specifications as well as dimensions. The main thing about the car is that it’s “Fun to drive.” Yes, this has been proved in many road tests since years. So wouldn’t you like to get hold of good Nissan Altima deals? Its finesse, frugality, and evolutions have always been a point of discussion. The Nissan Altima’s current version comes in 2 engines. One is the standard 2.5-liter engine that has four cylinders while the 2nd has a 3.5-liter engine again with 4-cylinders. They come in SR as well V6 powered models. You can choose from 7 trim levels. In the 2.5 model, you get features like keyless entry, full power accessories, and Bluetooth. On the other hand, the 2.5 S model offers cruise control, rearview camera and upgraded stereo. Talking about the sport themed one, it has creature comforts. The one that tops the list is 2.5 SL, as it has leather upholstery. The 3.5 SL and 3.5 SR models are much better than the 2.5-liter counterparts. Some options include heated seats, navigation, advanced safety equipment, automatic emergency braking and cruise control. Some of these features are available for high trim levels only. When we talk about Nissan Altima reviews, they are mixed. The engine offers an impressive performance and is known for its fuel economy and power. Overall, the interior of Altima is superb. The design is unique, and the seats offer utmost comfort. However, these reasons aren’t enough for bringing it on the top of the list. The focus of the current model is in the upscale feel and look and also in fuel economy. Moreover, it has upgraded steering and suspension systems, which make it a preferred choice. So before you make a decision, you need to read the reviews carefully and get good Nissan Altima deals.
  • History of Wearable Technology
    The development of wearable computers and the popularity and ubiquity of computing and mobile networking are directly related to and affect wearable technology. Technology that can be worn on the human body for any purpose mostly pervades into the users daily life to enable a much greater level of monitoring regarding health or security. Throughout its history, researchers have tried to extend or enhance the functionality of wearable technology in the form of useful gadgets, technical clothing and other wearables in the form of accessories that offer personal surveillance gadgets that help record, monitor and analyze the activity of a user using portable or wearable personal technologies. The art of quantified self-movement is inclusive of tracking information like steps taken, heart rate and overall movement. One of the earliest examples of wearable technology was seen in the form of the very popular, widely accepted calculator watch that was introduced in the 1980s. Even before that, hearing aids had already come into the picture. In the year 2004 at the Cyber Art Festival in Bilbao, Spain, the fashion design label Cute Circuit revealed a Bluetooth connected electronic called the HugShirt, which managed to win the Grand Prize at the festival. The Hug Shirt was designed to transmit the sensation of touch across distance. It was very different from the earlier examples of wearable technology like the helmet designs of wearable computing and watches of the 1900s since it was the first time that wearable technology had taken the shape of a garment of wearable clothing. It was further connected to internet and BlueTooth. The Hug Shirt was also mentioned under the ‘Best Inventions of the Year’ in the special edition of the Time magazine. Other forms of wearable technology also surfaced, an interesting example is one of Ilya Fridman who managed to incorporate a Bluetooth microphone hidden into a pair of earrings in the year 2008. A stylish Spy Tie also appeared around the same time which featured a hidden color camera. A now defunct ZED phones were headphones stitched into headbands and beanies in the year 2009.
  • 5 ways to support a person with disability
    For a person with a disability, it’s important to carry out the daily chores with ease. This helps them stay happy in life, and won't bring their spirits down. The Americans with Disability Act is in place to provide the necessary support in the form of health care facilities, employment benefits, etc. It is crucial that the people with disabilities also live life normally. Here are a few tips to help them better.
    • Look out for a counselor People with disabilities may often get depressed and need an expert to solve their day-to-day queries. A counselor will guide the person with a disability with sessions that aim to teach techniques to combat everyday struggle.
    • Refer to basic guidelines As a US citizen, one must primarily go through the basic guidelines stated as per the Disability Act. The division of civil right of US department of justice has provisions for almost every service to provide proper help for the disabled people.
    • Independent living services In almost all states, Center for Independent Living (CIL), works with various organizations to make the lives of the disabled convenient with its services. For help, one can look out at a directory of CILs in their residential locality or nearby area.
    • Opt for ALS Assisted Living Services (ALS) can also be considered as an aid that will provide a disabled individual with the basic living amenities. On the whole, assisted living services ensure the health, safety, and well-being of the inmates.
    • Don’t forget SSDI Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) is a social security program that pays monthly benefits to people who become disabled before retirement age and are not able to work due to their disabilities. Apart from these, the US government allows numerous disability grants and benefits for education, medications, counseling, equipment, and so on for the disabled.
    Disability can be of any type, but what matters is that one must never lose hope. There are various provisions that allow a disabled person to lead a life with dignity.
  • How to maintain fiberglass pools
    Fiberglass pools are a trending choice because of their various benefits. Even though fiberglass pools are long-lasting and durable, they do require some maintenance. Maintaining and taking care of a pool would benefit you in the long term. Taking care of the pool will help prolong its usage and protect it from any damage. Follow the tips mentioned below on a regular basis for an easy fiberglass pool maintenance Chlorine level: Chlorine does the function of sanitizing the pool water. High levels of chlorine can affect the pool adversely. It can also cause skin and eye irritation. Hence it is necessary to maintain a chlorine level of 3.0 parts per million and use chlorine specifically meant for fiberglass pools. Cleaning: While cleaning fiberglass pools it is always preferable to use the cleanser prescribed by the manufacturer. Do not use any brushes or scrubbers as these can cause scratches on the surface of the pool. Use a skimmer to remove the debris and a vacuum for cleaning the bottom. Stains: Fiberglass pools are very elegant hence any stain can spoil their look. Stains rarely occur in fiberglass pools. But the main reason for stains sometimes appearing on the pool is a high level of dissolved metals present in the water. Using the metal cleansing agent recommended by the manufacturer would help to reduce these stains. Pool cover: Buying a pool cover will help you maintain the correct temperature of the pool. It will also prevent the accumulation of dirt, debris and any waste on the surface of the water. Vacuuming the pool: Vacuuming the pool can be a little time consuming but it is necessary to do it at least once every two weeks. This will remove the debris and also help to maintain the chemical levels in the pool. Fiberglass pools require very little maintenance but if you are aware of the correct procedure and have the required tools the job will be done quickly and easily.
  • Popular Shoes by Skechers
    Skechers is a recognized name in the footwear industry. This brand was established in 1992. The headquarters of Skechers is in California. Skechers offers a variety of products like shoes of different kinds, boots, and other branded products. Customers love this brand's shoes because they are very comfortable, lightweight, and durable. Here are some trendy shoes that Skechers offers: BOBS Plush Posh Pup These unique shoes from Skechers have a print of cute puppy faces all over the shoe's body. The upper portion of these shoes uses smooth woven textile fabric. The printed part is multicolored, which gives a gorgeous look to these shoes. The puppies on the shoes are of different breeds and colors. It has a tucked toe design at the front. The brand has also added a diagonal stitching detail on the front of the shoe. It has a short heel as well. The footwear has the brand's logo on a bone-shaped metal piece on the heel. It has a soft fabric interior lining. The outsole is made with flexible rubber to provide proper traction. Flex Appeal 2.0 High Energy These sports shoes from Skechers are a favorite among people who enjoy training as well as sports. The upper portion of the exteriors uses soft flat knit fabric. This laced shoe has an interwoven, sporty pattern. The side panels have different colored stitching stripes, and on one side, you can see the Skechers logo. It also has a padded collar and padded tongue. This shoe has a soft fabric interior lining. The insole is made up of memory foam which provides an air-cooled cushion for better comfort. The midsole's design makes it shock absorbing and lightweight. Twinkle Toes Twinkle Brights These shoes are the perfect gift for your little girl. She will love these colorful and glittering pair of shoes. The upper side has a smooth, soft, and satin-like fabric. The heel and tongue of these shoes have glittery lights that enhance the charm of this product. The soft fabric lining makes sure that your little one is always comfortable. The cushioned insole, too, provides comfort to your girl. Along with these products, there are several other products that users like such as Boys’ S Lights Luminators, Men’s Delson, Women’s Double Up - Shiny Dancer, and Women's BOBS Plush - Catnip Fever among several others.