• Myths About Gps Systems Dismissed
    Myths about GPS systems dismissed GPS and navigation systems have been around for over three decades now. While we do rely on these systems to guide us on a daily basis, not many of us are aware of how these navigation systems are designed and function. It also doesn’t help when there is too much information being bombarded on the internet, with a number of myths that question the very functioning of these devices. Myths about GPS and navigation signals, the involvement of the government, the impact of weather on the signal strength and location accuracy among many others are creating a lot of confusion about this beneficial technology. There are facts which state otherwise and dismiss these myths. Here are common myths about GPS technology dismissed for your reference: GPS signals: A lot of people believe that GPS signals originate from independent signal stations set up along multiple routes and coverage areas to help you locate and map out your travel. However, GPS and navigation signals are transmitted through the vast network of satellites orbiting planet earth. The signal bounces off through multiple satellites to provide all the relevant data. Bottom line, these signals originate from above through satellites and not ground signal systems. The military does not control GPS signals: While many may argue that the military can monitor and control GPS and navigation signals, it is only partially true. The military has space squadrons which can monitor GPS signals, but not control them. The government still maintains all regulations of proprietary GPS systems, which is a taxpayer-funded program. The government can track your movements: This is another myth! The basic systems are just designed to receive signals and not transmit your location back accurately. Most vehicles that have proprietary GPS and navigation systems are designed to receive satellite signals to pinpoint your location and navigate. Weather can affect signals: Satellite TV can get affected due to bad weather owing to the inherent design of these signals. GPS, however, it does not get affected by bad weather. As long as the GPS systems are free of any obstruction which will block the signal strength, there is no reason to be worried about catching a signal on the go. Location accuracy also will not get affected when you are outside, regardless of the weather. GPS is accurate: This is not so much as a myth, but a technical error. While most GPS and navigation systems are accurate to the letter, this will entirely depend on your software. Updated software and apps for that matter will provide an accurate location, but this does not necessarily mean the system is flawed. Proprietary systems work well when the software is updated from time to time. Additional apps mess up the system: Traditional GPS had only one job, provide location accurately and help navigate through places. Modern-day GPS systems installed in premium automobiles have a bulk of apps installed and integrated with the system, which many people cite as the reason for GPS not working sometimes. Building identifiers, real-time traffic updates, alternative route suggestions are all just useful add-ons in your proprietary system and do not necessarily mess with the signal. Military GPS versus Civilian GPS: Unlike the myth which is being propagated to mislead people, there is no such thing as military GPS and civilian GPS. Both happen to receive the same signals from orbiting satellites, with the quality and type of equipment used being the only distinguishing factor. The bandwidth is another factor which differentiates these two signals. One of the most popular manufacturers of GPS and navigation devices is Garmin, both for civilian and military purposes.
  • Affordable New SUVs
    In recent the times, the automotive market in the country sees a considerable upswing in the entry of SUVs of every size and price range. The SUV is increasingly becoming popular owing to its large size, sturdier build, the promise of increased passenger safety and a host of other luxury add ons. However, while there are several tops of the range luxury SUVs that are available for prices that exceed hundred thousand dollars, there are equally a large number of new SUV offerings from manufacturers who are managing to combine efficiency, high performance and reliability with luxurious features at prices that are for the most part affordable. Here are some new SUVs, which are on the market with on road prices that are less than US$40,000. The Accura RD-X which has scored very highly on all performance and design tests, can seat 5 and offers fuel economy of 20 miles per gallon within the city and 28 miles per gallon on the highway. The 2018 model has scored very well on numerous crash tests and offers luxurious driving comforts at a viable price. The Land Rover is appealing to car enthusiasts who love its rugged exterior bodywork that makes it an ideal vehicle of choice for its off-roading capabilities. However, the Land Rover comes with a price tag that corresponds to its truck like capabilities, but the discovery Sport from Land Rover gives you a reliable mid-sized SUV with the option of adding third-row seating too. At a base price of US$ 32,900, the Audi Q3 is a new SUV offering from the Audi stables that is available with the high-quality interiors that Audi is reputed for. At this price and you get to buy yourself a compact SUV that comes with the greatly sought after Audi branding. Another new SUV that has received positive feedback is the Cadillac XT5. This is a midsize SUV with a moderate engine that is designed to give the user a comfortable driving experience. It has a roomy cabin and can seat five passengers very comfortably.
  • Things to know before you buy an energy-efficient electric bike
    Are you a biker with a love for low fuel? That might sound like an oxymoron, but low-energy bikes are now a reality. However, one often wonders if these bikes will really be as cheap and cost-effective in the long run as they are being portrayed. Let’s discuss the electric bike in this regard. Now, it would be a costly affair to switch to one. On top of that, you would have to pay for a massive electricity bill every time you charge it. Yes, that is going to cost a little more. However, understanding the mechanics of an electric bike will help us to identify the kind of costs we will incur. Firstly, we need to know the voltage and current rating of the electric bike battery that will be used. This information is available pretty easily on the front of the battery or somewhere in the owner's manual. The average electric bike would use a battery of 10 Amp-Hours for 36 volts. Since these bikes are made using a lithium-based battery, they will be able to run for 20 miles on one battery charge. Let us see how to calculate the Kilowatt-hours (kWh) of an electric bike. Here is the formula for that: 36 volts x 10 Amp-hours / 1000 = 0.36 kWh What did we do here? We simply multiplied the voltage and current and then divide that figure by 1000. This means that a 0.36 kW charge is required to run an electric bike for one hour. On an everyday basis, users would need to charge their electric bike for approximately 4 to 5 hours. In that sense, the total consumption for a charge cycle of such an electric bike would be: 5 x 0.36 = 1.8 kWh Calculating the Cost If we take the prices of a city like New York City, the cost per kWh would depend on the provider, user, and duration of the charge. For a biker in NY, we could safely assume that an average is $0.10 per kWh. By that standard, the electricity cost would be: $0.10 x 1.8 kWh = $0.18 This is an estimation but you can calculate your billing pattern based on this. It would give you a fair idea of what would it cost for you to own an electric bike.
  • Home loans and mortgage
    Whether you are shopping for your first house or if you are moving to something better, it is better to know all the facts about home loans before making your move. There are many kinds of loans. Mortgages are the most well-known type. A mortgage is a type of secured loan pertaining to real estate or house. The ownership of the property is with the borrower who makes repayments in installments over an accepted period of time. The borrower is required to put up a collateral (asset) to secure a mortgage. The lender is able to provide higher amounts, usually with a better interest rate, as the lender can partially or fully seize the collateral if the borrower defaults. Fixed rate mortgages are the most commonly occurring type of home loans. The benefit is, you know ahead of time the repayment amount and the term of repayment is usually stretched over a period of 10 to 50 years. There is also a provision of repaying the loan quickly by paying additional amounts. In this type of loan, loan repayment goes first towards paying interest, then to paying the principal amount. The benefit of opting for Adjustable rate mortgage (ARM) is that it usually offers a lower initial rate of interest than the fixed rate mortgage. The downside to it is the fluctuating nature, as the interest rate rises, so do your loan payments. An established credit history and a preset minimum amount of down payment are precursors to opting for the above-mentioned mortgages. FHA mortgages are government-backed loans with flexible guidelines. They usually have low down payments as well as fixed rate and ARM options. Those with limited down payment amount and having a challenging credit history can apply for FHA mortgage. This is usually offered to first time home buyers and high-risk borrowers, but the borrowers are required to take out private mortgage insurance. There are various other kinds of mortgages, VA loans for veterans, reverse mortgages and interest only mortgages. Refinancing your mortgage can potentially help you:
    • Lower your monthly payment costs
    • Shorten the term of your loan
    • Get cash out of your home
    It is good to reassess your home loan portfolio with changing trends in the market. If your home is worth more than your current outstanding loan amount, you might be able to use your home equity to fund an ongoing need or any one-time expense like a home remodel etc. This equity can also be used to consolidate your debt and get some cash out of your home.

  • Rental rates for Cadillac SUVs across top agencies
    When it comes to renting a luxury SUV, a Cadillac is the first choice for many consumers. After all, they're well-built, powerful, and ideal for everything from adventure-packed family vacations to showing off. Cadillac Escalade and Cadillac Escalade ESV are the two luxury SUVs from the American carmaker. But there are also other great mid-size SUV options available, such as XT6, XT5, and XT4. If you're looking for monthly, weekly, or daily rates for renting a Cadillac SUV, you're in the right place. Below, we've discussed rental rates across popular car rentals. Hertz Hertz is one of the largest car rental companies in the country. To find the exact daily rate for renting a Cadillac SUV from Hertz, you'll need to sign up with them and share specific details like your pick-up location and date. The company will give you a flat $25 discount if you rent a full-size or above car before 31st August 2021. The vehicle is available for pick up at top airport locations, including LAX, Miami, San Francisco, and Las Vegas. Falcon Car Rental The daily rate for renting a Cadillac SUV from Falcon Car Rental is around $325/day. But if you're renting for the long-term, you can get weekly and monthly discounts of 15 percent and 30 percent, respectively. Keep in mind that you'll have to rent the vehicle for a minimum of two days and pay a security deposit between $1,000 and $5,000. Sixt With Sixt, you can rent luxury SUVs like Escalade and Escalade ESV, and even mid-size SUVs like XT5 and XT4. To check the availability of the model you prefer, you'll need to visit their official website and enter your pick-up location. Also, make sure to enter your pick-up and return date and time to check daily rental prices and offers. Enterprise Enterprise in another famous car rental company. Their Exotic Car Collection features models from top brands, including Cadillac Escalade and Escalade ESV. However, the car you'll receive is subject to availability in your preferred location. Enterprise offers pick-ups from many places within cities and major airports, including Phoenix, Atlanta, Charlotte, Los Angeles, Boston, and Nashville. Keep in mind that the daily rate for renting a Cadillac SUV will vary from one car rental to another. It's also worth noting that the Escalade can accommodate up to seven passengers and comes with power-adjustable heated and cooled front seats, among several other features.
  • Factors affecting the price of gold

    Gold has always been known as "the barometer of fear." When people are uncertain about the economy, they turn to gold and bid the daily gold price up. It is common to all that inflation and deflation are the two major factors affecting the gold prices; however, there are other fundamental as well as psychological factors that also move the daily gold price to a great extent. 

    Read on to know some of the factors that affect the daily gold price value.

    Monetary policy
    The monetary policy is exclusively controlled by the Federal Reserve, and in fact, has the greatest influence on the gold price. The opportunity cost is a crucial factor because of which interest rates influence gold prices. Opportunity loss is when you give up a near-guaranteed gain in an investment for a greater gain in another. This leads to the loss of money, which makes gold an attractive opportunity for investments.

    Economic data
    The monetary decisions by the Federal Reserve are based on economic data like job reports, wage data, manufacturing data, and GDP growth, which can, in turn, affect the daily gold price. Since the country's economy is quite robust, low employment rate, job growth, and manufacturing expansion are some factors that push gold prices lower.

    Demand and supply
    Demand and supply are two significant factors that can influence the daily gold prices. An increase in demand for gold will increase its price and vice versa. Moreover, a low supply of gold will lead to a hike in gold prices and vice versa.

    The rising price of goods, which is also termed as inflation can impact the daily gold price. The higher the rate of inflation, the higher will be the gold price, whereas the lower the rate of inflation, the lower will be the gold price.

    Currency movements
    The price of gold is dominated by dollar, and therefore, the movement of the US dollar is another strong factor influencing the daily gold price. The price of gold increases when the US dollar rate falls. This is due to the rise in the currency rates all over the world.


  • Advantages of convertible laptops
    A 2-in-1 laptop is popularly known as a convertible and hybrid device much before the term 2-in-1 originated. It was named as 2-in-1 because it shared the characteristics of both tablet and laptop. The term convertible means that it can be rotated or slid in any direction and can serve dual purposes. It has all the features of a laptop be it the large screen, software compatibility, etc. But it gives the feel of a tablet to the user. It also has features like a large display, keyboard, and a good processor and inbuilt storage. So if you want to ditch the traditional laptops and experience something new then invest in 2-in-1 laptops. Think Pad Yoga tablets are designed especially for that purpose and can be used both as laptop and tablet. Devices like the ThinkPad Yoga are designed as tablets that can be used as laptops. The best part about it that it could be folded away and the user can also interact with the device's touchscreen interface. It also gives additional features like a physical keyboard and a mouse giving the user a desktop experience. Benefits of a 2-in-1 laptop One of the greatest benefits of a 2-in-1 laptop is its portability and the ability to use it as desired. It gives the advantage of being a single device while serving two purposes. It could be easily rotated and flipped to be converted into a tablet. It can also be carried easily in handbags and other travel bags. It has the latest processor; it also comes with a detachable keyboard and mostly with a touchpad. A tablet usually comes with a touchscreen which enables a user to work in depth and for longer hours. It also helps in data inputs and word processing. It also has a word dictionary that saves the user from the hassle of typing. The greatest benefit provided by a 2-in-1 laptop is that it can be converted into a tablet and can also serve as a proper laptop with its robust core processor. It serves as a powerful device and is not just confined to be a tablet. It is user-friendly and not very delectable. It can be handled easily with a little care. It can be easily carried in a purse or can be set up as a laptop while traveling. They are light weighted and provides the same ease and comfort of a tablet. Making the right choice Since every individual has different choices and opinions about these laptops, it is best to go through all the details before buying. No two similar 2-in-1 laptops offer the same features. They may vary a bit in storage, memory, quality, etc. If you don't want to go for traditional laptops and are looking for some innovation in tablets, then 2-in-1 laptops may be the right choice for you. These laptops are incredibly powerful, stylish, and easy to use.
  • 4 top universities that have the best cyber security courses

    In the world of higher education, cybersecurity courses are fairly new. Yet these courses are quite in demand across the world. The growth of computer systems and networks has seen a rapid rise in the need for individuals with degrees in this specialized field. Companies look for “ethical hackers” who can help correct digital security flaws before hackers can invade their networks. So, if this is a profession that seems to interest you, the possibilities are limitless.

    Below is a list of the four best universities offering cybersecurity courses.

    Purdue University

    Offering a master’s degree in computer science with specializations in cyber forensics and information security, this internationally acclaimed institute is known for its cybersecurity program. However, you will need a bachelor’s degree in a computer science major to be able to qualify for this degree. Purdue University provides you with on-the-job experience to become an experienced information security specialist with substantial interdisciplinary tactics.

    Georgia Institute of Technology

    Offering a master’s degree in cybersecurity with specializations in energy systems, information security, and public policy, this program puts special emphasis on practical skills needed to excel in your career. Working closely with the engineering college to integrate applicable coursework, the program offers you the chance to conduct research for the country’s military, government, and private industries. Truly, this university’s wide-reaching connections in this field will be a boon to any prospective student.

    Rochester Institute of Technology

    The new center for cybersecurity at this university promises to shape you into a cybersecurity expert. The programs offered here include a minor in computing science, a bachelor’s degree in computing security, a master’s degree in computing security, and a combined BS/MS in computing security. Moreover, if you are up for it, you can even choose the Ph.D. program. You will gain access to the Eaton Security Assessment and Forensic Examination Lab, where you can work on current issues in the industry.

    University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

    Funded by the CyberCorps®: Scholarship for Service, this university offers varied programs like a bachelor’s degree in electrical and computer engineering, a bachelor’s degree in computer science, a master’s degree or Ph.D. with a concentration in cybersecurity, and a JD with a concentration in cybersecurity. You can even opt for the 15-credit UG certificate in the global security course or the 12-credit graduate certificate in the security course.

  • Steps to successfully getting a refinance mortgage loan
    The most crucial part of getting a successful refinance mortgage loan is first getting a good lender. Many home owners wonder if switching to a new mortgage rate will to save them some money. A few others are hesitant to do so as one can never be sure of the mortgage rates and refinance mortgage loans can be a tricky thing to get into. Here are a few steps to getting a successful refinancing mortgage loan:
    • Check out and weigh the pros and cons: Taking out a new loan can help you repay your loan at a lower interest rate thereby reducing the overall amount that you will have to pay your lender. The best home refinances mortgage loan lets you enjoy a do-over if your mortgage process didn’t go right the first time. Although it sounds simple – refinance and save, it does not always work that way if you are not careful when you apply for a refinance loan. Make sure that the new loan has a lower interest rate than the old mortgage loan that you are trying to pay off. Also, make sure that the transfer fee charged by the lender is not an exuberant amount.
    • Make sure to gather the right and important documents: Lenders are much more careful nowadays, and the borrower undergoes a lot more scrutiny before being approved for a refinance mortgage loan. You are required to provide your bank statements, credit score, etc. to your lender. People with stellar credit scores will get the best rates.
    • Take a look at several lenders: Make sure you do the leg work before you settle down with a particular lender. This is very important as it can help you save money by getting the best refinance home mortgage loan.
    • Enquire about all the fees: When taking out a refinance mortgage you incur a lot of small fees known as closing fees; hence you need to get a complete breakdown of all these fees from your lender.
  • Types Of Rugged Laptops and subsequent Degree Of Protection Offered
    Usually, computers, laptops, tablets and even handheld smartphones need to be kept away from dust, water, higher temperatures, strong vibrations and some other harsh working conditions to retain their performance and finish as well. However, in some places, it would not be possible to avoid these things. Places such as process industries, buildings near busy roads, control cabins of large boilers and so on; would not have ideal working conditions that suit usual computers and laptops. For such harsh atmosphere, the rugged laptop would be designed. These rugged laptops are classified as semi-rugged laptops, fully-rugged laptops and ultra-rugged laptops depending upon their design to sustain adverse and harsh working conditions.
    • Semi-rugged laptops are usually known as business-rugged laptops as they would be designed to suit the working conditions in a typical business environment. The hardware devices deployed on these laptops would be similar to usual laptops. However, these components would be protected in a better way through the sturdy body build and some other features. For instance, usually a semi-rugged laptop would have a thicker case to sustain vibrations and falls, gel mounted hard disk drive and a spill-proof keyboard for optimum performance sustaining various harsh working conditions.
    • Fully-rugged laptops would be designed completely to work in harsh conditions. They would be designed to sustain the extreme temperatures, designed not to be damaged due to drops, designed to be resistant to shocks and vibrations. So, fully-rugged laptops would have solid state hard drive without any moving parts that would run cool and would not require a fan for cooling.
    • Ultra-rugged laptops would be designed to meet the rigorous quality standards that are especially used for military applications. These laptops would be made to handle the harshest working conditions. The users can leave these laptops in sandstorms, these can be frozen under the snow, and these can also be installed in highly vibrating rockets that travel to space. Thus these laptops would be the best for too harsh conditions as well.
    To determine the degree of ruggedization, there are some standards that the users can use to check the compatibility for the exact application. Ingress Protection Code (IP Code) classifies the degree of protection provided by the enclosures of different electric devices and systems. Similarly, MIL-STD 810 would provide the testing guidelines that are derived by the US Department of Defense for military applications. In usual practice, most of the laptops used especially for harsh conditions would be semi-rugged. Some of the harsh working conditions would require fully-rugged laptops. We can select the various available options depending upon the standard of protection we require for our laptops. We can select the optimum configuration and physical features of laptops to sustain the adverse conditions and keep on delivering effective results.
  • Microwaves – Essentials things you should know
    Gone are the days when indigenous methods were used in the kitchen. Today, technology has made life so simple that you press a few buttons and things get done in an instant. One such innovation brought into the world of the appliance is the microwave. A microwave oven is designed in such a manner that it exposes food to electromagnetic waves, thereby heating and cooking it. The invention of the microwave oven has taken convenience to a different level. Microwaves can cook food fast and that too with the use of less energy since they do not require preheating. Moreover, the food is placed on a plate which revolves slowly, ensuring even distribution of heat and radiation.The covering of the appliance is made of strong metal to prevent the electromagnetic waves from escaping. Direct exposure to these waves can be hazardous because they are very powerful. Most of the time, you have to leave the food in the microwave for a specific duration even after the timer has beeped. This allows the internal parts of the food to get cooked through the process of conduction. There is a minimum of loss of energy within microwaves making them a highly efficient method of cooking. However, the use of excess electricity to run the appliance is a major drawback. It is very important to note that all utensils cannot be used inside microwaves for cooking. Only specific containers labeled as ‘microwave safe’ should be utilized after careful perusal of the instructions mentioned. A dish is said to be microwave safe if it does not absorb the heat itself, rather successfully passes it on to the food item in an even manner such as in the case of round ceramic dishes. Aluminum foils and other metallic containers are strictly prohibited. You may use a microwave cart in the kitchen if you want to indulge in modern style cooking but lack the necessary space on the counter. On the other hand, wall ovens give a contemporary feel to the kitchen, though, they are expensive. Most newly built houses having modular kitchens are equipped with wall ovens and microwave carts.
  • Great ideas to accommodate swing sets in homes
    Whenever you think of your childhood, swings are one of the things you would distinctly remember and the exhilarating feeling of being high up in the air. Every kid feels the same, and that’s one of the reasons it is one of the favorite things to play accessories. Not just the kids, even a grown up enjoy it equally. Don’t you agree? And even though if you have limited backyard space, you must have your very own swing set. Why have swing sets at home?
    • The kids can play at home, and you will not need to drive them to neighborhood parks. They can play anytime of the day and can access them all by themselves.
    • Swing sets can elevate the aesthetics of your home, giving it a homely feel.
    • Additionally, it could be a good prop to have when you throw a party at home. You can organize games around it or let the kids be engaged while the adults socialize.
    Which swing sets to choose? Here’s some information on the various types of swing sets available that could help you make a definitive choice.
    • DIY swing sets: Have a sturdy branch in your backyard, then get some rope and suspend a wooden, metallic or a plastic seat to create a swingset. An easiest DIY option, this budget-friendly gives a pleasantly rustic appearance to your backyard. Just ensure you use robust materials to build it. Similarly, you can make a rope swing, which just needs a strong rope tied to a stable tree branch. This is easier and can be more exciting for the kids and grown-ups alike.
    • Porch swing sets: Conventionally made of wood, the seat is bigger and more like a bench. Primarily for adults, the swing’s chain is permanently mounted to the porch ceiling. The bench is wide with a minimum seating capacity for three people and could have an armrest on either side. This is an excellent replacement for rocking chairs or gliders outdoors.
    There are numerous variants of swing sets, but these are the popular ones best suitable for a home.