• Types of protective equipment and selecting the right one
    Some professions, such as working as a construction worker or fire-fighter, involve a high risk to an individual’s life. So, it is essential to be careful while being in such dangerous occupations. You need to take precautions and ensure utmost safety. One way to avoid an unfortunate incident is by wearing protective equipment related to your profession. Here, we have listed various protective equipment. Forms of protective equipment Hand protection This category includes different equipment which can safeguard hands. You can choose from a variety of protective tools. Some of them include welding gloves, heat-protective gloves, electrical gloves, string knit, cold weather gloves, driver’s gloves, disposable gloves, cut-resistant gloves, and coated gloves. You may choose equipment according to your preference and requirement and shop for them online. Head to face protection Products from this type of protective equipment shield the body’s upper portion. A few products available in this category include welding headwear, liners and accessories, face shields and headgear, and hard hats. You can get these products at competitive rates when you buy through digital portals. Safety harness equipment A safety harness is one of the most important pieces of equipment that you will require while working at height. With this equipment, you can attach yourself to a secure and fixed object through a lanyard. This ensures that you restrict the severity and consequences of a fall. Apart from providing you with safety while working at height, safety harnesses help you work more securely and efficiently with your hands-free. Such equipment prevents you from falling from a height. When you wear a harness or belt, there is a lower risk of injury from a fall. As the harness aids you to attach yourself to a stationary object, there is assurance that you will not hit the ground in case of a fall. All these offerings make this equipment vital, particularly if you are working in the construction sector. You can buy this life-saving equipment from safety harness stores in the country. Factors to consider while choosing a safety harness Here are a few aspects that you can consider while buying protective equipment from a safety harness store. Frequency of use Before buying a product, you need to determine how regularly you are going to use it. Accordingly, the cost and brand may differ. Weight and size Every harness is not the same and does not come in higher than XZ size unless it is mentioned that the weight is over 300 lbs of total capacity. So, if you and the aggregate weight of your tool surpass 300 lbs, you need to buy a heavy-weight harness.
  • Best brand to buy a daybed bedding set
    Homes with space constraints find daybed as the perfect solution for their problems. When laid out with the right kind of daybed bedding sets, these can be fully functional pieces of furniture that fill in for both a couch and an extra bed. For anyone who is on the lookout to transform the daybed into a stylish piece of furniture that is suitable for both day and night time usage and wondering which daybed bedding sets are the best, we have got you covered! Read ahead to know more: Daybed bedding sets typically consist of a daybed cover, daybed skirts with fabric on three sides and pillow sets. The set also contains large square pillows that look well placed against the wall in place of average-sized couch cushions. Some daybed bedding sets include accent pillows that help in aesthetic decorating. They are sturdier than your usual bed covers and can be used as a quilt or comforter at night-time. Laura Ashley, a brand renowned for its quality merchandise, offers a wide variety of daybed bedding sets for consumers to choose from. The wide collection that the brand offers allows its customers to add some personality and style to their daybeds by choosing bedding options that best express their individuality and taste in terms of design aesthetics. The company firmly believes that the right kind of daybed sets can completely transform a daybed from an ordinary piece of furniture and convert it to the center of attention of the room. Daybed covers can also take the decor of the space a notch up. Laura Ashley Daybed covers are available in a variety of fabrics like cotton, linen, fine blend, and silk. Prints like florals, geometric, motifs and sometimes monochrome fill up the covers and go beautifully with the ambience of your abode. The company is very stern about its quality concerns and takes pride in serving its customers with nothing, but the best. The brand also runs seasonal promotions and clearance sales often for its loyal customer base.
  • An overview of home-based gardening business
    If you do not want to work in a corporate environment anymore and you've thought of starting a home-based business, then you can consider taking up gardening from home. As a home-based gardener, you can spend time outside as well as earn a good amount. With little or absolutely no experience, the home-based gardening business can be taken up as a full-time job as there is a lot of demand for the same. Advantages of home-based gardening business Apart from being a good medium of earnings, home-based gardening helps you in daily exercise and keeps you fit. If you are someone who wants to earn a handful sum of money just by doing what you like, then gardening can be the perfect option for you. With many freelance and home-based job seekers, the inadequacy of workflow can be a problem. But with gardening, you'll always be in demand. On top of that, if you've good networks, then you can build up a good business of gardening with a list of regular clients and some of the occasional ones as well. But before you head start your home-based gardening business, you should know what are the basic requirements to launch the new business. Read on to find out: You need to be a healthy and fit In order to carry on a gardening business on a full-fledged basis, you need to be in excellent shape to handle the load of the work. You can prep up for the work by engaging in some fitness regime such as cardiovascular activities, and some strength training. Engage in marketing activities Once you decide to own a home-based gardening business, you need to work out a way for marketing the same as well. In order to grab maximum target audience or clients, you can also market through digital mediums such as social media sites or a website. Be equipped with garden equipment As a gardener, you'll be needing a few garden equipment to carry out the job effectively. You can have your own tools such as a rake, shovel, lawn mower, trowel, to name a few. It should be noted here that a commercial mower can cost up to $1000 to $2,000. You can always start with the smaller ones to add to the profits of the business. Be prepared with an insurance Every state has its own licensing laws and insurance requirements. If you're owning a small business such as home-based gardening, you should check with your state's laws to get a clear idea.
  • Five tips to protect your hot tub cover
    We all agree that not taking proper care of our hot tub cover implies letting a significant amount of money go down the drain. With only a little effort, you can increase the life of your hot tub cover, saving you a lot of time and energy in the long run. Here are some expert tips to protect your hot tub covers.
    • Avert chemical damages Chemical damage can be labeled as one of the most common reasons that cause hot tub covers to break down. Often, water laced with acid and disinfectants such as chlorine and bromine causes these damages. However, the good news is that these instances are preventable. Regular checking of chemical levels in water not only ensures a clean bath but also saves the cover from spoiling.
    • Keep all weight off the cover No matter how tempting the cover of a hot tub looks, it's no place to sit. Additionally, you need to ensure that you don't store or rest anything on top of the cover. Any unwanted weight on a hot tub cover can result in sagging or breaking of the foam. With cracked foam, no cover will work efficiently.
    • Remove the cover with care Careless removal of hot tub covers can leave you with a torn or broken one. Make sure you use proper handles on the sides of the cover. Avoid dragging, pulling, kicking, or grabbing the cover by the security straps.
    • Allow it to dry Let your hot tub cover be as dry as possible. Make sure you shove the snow off the top in the months of winter and wipe off unwanted water after a heavy rainfall. A waterlogged cover is equal to a damaged one and will need to be replaced.
    • Clean it often It's important to keep all dirt and debris off your hot tub covers. Use of warm water and mild soap is recommended for cleaning the tub cover.
    We hope that these tips to protect your hot tub cover will be useful in ensuring the health of your pool.
  • Benefits of SpeeDee Oil Change Coupons
    Car maintenance is crucial. It ensures smooth functioning of your vehicle and improves the ease of driving. What’s more, regular checks and proper maintenance mean that you don’t end up with a major fault. Else, you might end up spending a fortune on repairs that might have been easily averted. Regular oil change is important for several reasons. It keeps the engine in top condition and this, in turn, affects the overall functioning of the car. The process involves changing the oil filter, draining old oil, and then adding new engine oil. The process seems fairly simple, but the benefits are many.

    Why do you need an oil change?

    Changing the oil lubricates the engine and keeps it clean. Regular oil change also extends the life of the car engine, lowers exhaust fumes, and helps in giving better mileage. Using SpeeDee Oil Change coupons can get you considerable savings on the oil-change job. Also, they offer a wide range of services, including inspection of several key areas pertaining to the ease of driving and safety. The 17-Point SpeeDee Oil Change coupons offer just that. Their offer is not just about changing oil, it is also about having a professional inspection done on a number of crucial aspects that keep your car running in top condition. Different offers apply to the 150 stores that are spread across the country. Choose the store locator on the company website to find coupons for the SpeeDee store in your area. Since starting in 1980, SpeeDee Oil Change & Auto Service has been serving many car owners. A great thing about getting your car serviced at the local SpeeDee garage is that most franchises are owned by local families. The owners have a strong bond with their community and this commitment also reflects the quality of service they provide to car owners. Another plus point is that SpeeDee appoints only ASE-certified technicians to work on your car. SpeeDee Oil Change coupons are an excellent way to save money and get professional service at the same time. Need more reasons to print that SpeeDee coupon and get your car serviced? Well, hear this out! SpeeDee gives a free top-off for 3 months or 3,000 miles, after the oil change or tune-up service. The company’s motto is to offer great service at an affordable price.

    The types of coupons and its benefits

    After you have used your SpeeDee Oil Change coupon, you will be impressed with the professional job they have done, and you will want to get back to them for your next service. Sometimes, keeping a tab on the time-frame between services becomes a tad confusing. Here, SpeeDee comes to your rescue. The company maintains detailed records of the work and services your car has gone through. So, you don’t need to bother about remembering all that stuff for your next car repair. SpeeDee keeps an eye on this for you. There is a $10 off SpeeDee Oil Change coupon which includes oil change service with conventional oil, installation of a new oil filter, check and top off of transmission and differential fluid, radiator coolant, power steering fluid, and windshield washer fluid. They also offer additional services like cleaning of windshields, vacuuming of the front and rear floorboards, etc. Another SpeeDee Oil Change coupon offers 29. 99$ off on a wide range of services including oil change up to 5 quarts with conventional oil. The package includes installing a new oil filter, refill chassis lubrication, check and top off of transmission and differential fluid, radiator coolant, power-steering fluid, inspection of battery fluid, check and top off of windshield washer fluid, inspection of air filter, cabin air filter, etc. Inspection of wiper blades, belts and hoses, checking and setting tire pressure, windshield cleaning is also offered. Check the coupon for additional details.
  • 4 Popular Vacuum Cleaners to Choose From
    Cleaning your house is a never-ending task and vacuum cleaners make the job far easier. They help get rid of any dust and debris that may be hiding under your couch, behind cupboards, and under carpets. The vacuum is also used on rugs, cushions, and carpets to keep your house clean. If you have not bought a vacuum cleaner in a while and are thinking of replacing the old one, newer models have great features like vacuums for suction, mop, and others that are handheld and can collapse easily for storage. Let us check out the best vacuum cleaners in different categories. Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional Upright vacuums are the best for getting a deep clean and work well on carpets. Their motorized brushes are used to get the dirt out of tiny nooks and corners as well. The Shark Navigator vacuum cleaner is one of the best-reviewed pieces. Upright vacuums are cheaper than canister cleaners and the "Lift-Away Professional" vacuum cleaner comes with an add-on for hardwood floors. Dyson Ball Multi Floor Canister Vacuum Canister vacuums are great for cleaning all kinds of surfaces. They are not meant for carpets but you can use them on floors, blinds, drapes, and other surfaces. While canister vacuums might be difficult to store, the Dyson is lighter and has a self-righting platform, so you do not have to bend. The suction is also great in this product and can be used outside to clean your car as well. Bissell CleanView Bagless Vacuum with OnePass This bagless wonder from Bissell makes it easier to clean in those hard to reach spots with a 25-foot cord that is attached. The vacuum cleaner makes use of "OnePass technology," so it is supposed to clean with one swipe. The suction is superior and bagless vacuum cleaners do not have the hassle of buying, emptying, and recycling bags. The easy-to-clean dustbin is another great feature and while it may be slightly heavier than others, its features and price of $79.99 make it a great buy. Black+Decker SmartTech Hand Vacuum Hand vacuum cleaners are the best for storage and some light suction. They are not as powerful due to their compact size. This vacuum cleaner from Black + Decker features a vacuum with two settings. The lower setting can be used for delicate linens while the higher setting for other surfaces. It also allows you to see the battery life and has an easy to wash dust bowl.


  • Tips for Choosing the Right Wireless Phone Service Provider
    The scope of wireless connectivity has increased by leaps and bounds in recent times. There is a huge multitude of brands offering a wide range of wireless phone connectivity. Choosing the right wireless phone service may seem to be a difficult task, given the wide range of options that are available today. There are also wireless services, such as Assurance Wireless new phone service, which provides lifeline assistance as a part of a governmental benefit scheme. There are several factors that you need to keep in mind while opting for a wireless phone service. This article gives you an insight into how to choose a wireless phone service, which is suited to your needs and budget.
    Prepaid vs. postpaid
    An important question that needs to be addressed while opting for a wireless phone connection is “prepaid or postpaid?” Your budget plays an important role in deciding the nature of service that you should opt for. A prepaid service is suitable if your phone usage is pretty controlled. It also helps you regulate your phone usage and is economical. A postpaid service is better if your budget is a little higher. If your phone usage is more or if the phone is for your entire family, then opting for a postpaid service is a wise decision. Among prepaid and postpaid services too, there are a variety of options for you to choose from. Check out the huge range of plans, make a comparison and choose the plan that suits your budget and needs the best.
    Consider the coverage
    Besides the budget, it is very important to keep in mind the ideal quality of the service that you are looking for. It is always wiser to opt for reputed networks to avoid glitches and optimize convenience. Consider the size and space of your home within which you are going to use the phone. Check out the coverage specifications of various wireless phone services and make a comparison. A bigger coverage might be a little more expensive but provides more convenience. Hence, you need to assess your and your family's coverage needs and opt for a wireless phone service accordingly.
    Additional benefits
    There are wireless phone services which provide government benefits. One of such services is the Assurance Wireless new phone service. Eligible individuals can avail benefits of the lifeline assistance scheme and government benefits through Assurance Wireless new phone services. Check out the terms and conditions of the Assurance Wireless new phone service in order to know the eligibility criteria. The enrollment to such wireless phone services is provided to eligible individuals based on the state-specific or federal requirements. If you are on some assistance programs for the public, such as the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program or Medicaid, you may qualify for the Assurance Wireless new phone service. Your domestic income may also be taken into account. In order to get enrolled for such wireless phone services, you need to submit proofs of your eligibility. Check out the criteria and the document requirements on the companies' official websites and opt for the plan that best suits your needs. Read consumer reviews and the information on the websites carefully, to make a better-informed decision.
    Compare different prepaid and postpaid plans
    While taking a wireless phone connection, you should make a comparison between the different plans that are available in your area. Assess the coverage properly and read users' feedback on online forums to know more about the right service for your area. Check out the latest plans and schemes and compare the benefits of different prepaid and postpaid plans. Do not go by advertisements alone as the network of a particular brand might not be of the same quality in all areas. Check out the latest offers, deals, and discounts on online blogs and phone service websites. While buying a service at a discounted price, ensure that you do not compromise on the quality.
  • A How-To Guide On Picking The Right Rubberbands
    Rubber bands are one of the essential office and school supplies. Do you want rubber bands that won't snap when you use them? We all need rubber bands that don't take the strength of a bodybuilder to pull and apply. Using rubber bands without aggravating your latex allergy is a dream that we all hope comes true. To choose the best rubber bands, it being one of the essential office and school supplies, it is necessary to select bands that suit your comfort. Also, your budget depends on three key factors:
    • Rubber content
    • Cut width
    • Flat length
    The rubber band content and width determines the rubber band strength and elasticity. Despite the name saying rubber band, not all rubber bands are made of rubber. Band elasticity, tensile strength, and weight are affected by the content of the rubber band as so may contain filler materials. The content of the rubber band determines that:
    • How many times a rubber band can be used before it breaks.
    • How hard it is to stretch and apply rubber band.
    • The number of rubber bands you get in a package.
    • How tightly the rubber band binds.
    The more rubber a rubber band has, the more you can use it, and it is easier to apply and remove. However, this does not mean rubber bands with lower rubber content are worthless. Lower rubber content is ideal for sturdy binding items as they provide the tightest hold. Some rubber bands don't contain natural rubber at all, they are known as latex-free rubber bands. The non-latex brands are made from synthetic rubber and are recommended for office and school supplies, home, government and medical facilities. These rubber bands offer the same strength and elasticity as bands with high and mid-range rubber content. The higher the rubber content, the thinner the rubber band will be and vice versa. Higher rubber content bands are best for plastic packaging goods and best for fast application and repeat use. The mid-range content bands are used as everyday office and school supplies and also, suitable for sturdy binding items, and the lower rubber content bands are used for single applications and secure holds. Being one of the most commonly used office and school supplies, picking the right rubber band for your project is extremely important and has got more to do than just the rubber content, even the cut width or the width of the band perpendicular to the length also matters. The thinner the rubberband is, it is softer to hold and more comfortable to apply. Also, the more extended the rubber band is, it is harder to apply, and the hold is tighter. Hence, if you have two rubber bands of different widths and same length, the more extended the rubber band will be, it will be tougher to apply and remove, but will provide a tighter hold. Rubber band length is measured by placing the band flat and measuring the distance from end to end. The circumference of the article(s) you are tying should be more than half of the level length. A rubber band won't provide any holding power if it is too long. If you are unsure of the size, you can also use a string to measure the circumference of your bundle. After picking the right rubber content for you, cut width and flat width for your project, and also make sure you choose the right size. The sizes of rubber bands are universal, example a #64 from one brand would be of the same width and length as any other brand of the rubber band #64. So, next time you when you are buying office and school supplies, you know how to purchase the rubber bands.
  • Best websites to find vacation rentals by owners
    Are you planning for your stay for an upcoming vacation? Hotels are not the only choice for you to opt for at a travel spot. You can go for vacation rentals or VR to get a homely feel at economical rates at almost every travel destination these days. And when you think about vacation rentals by owners, there is no dearth of options. In fact, Airbnb is just one of the many options to find such rentals. Here is a compiled list of websites where you can find vacations rentals’ owners. HomeAway HomeAway has become one of the top vacation rental platforms for many years now. Travelers can find all the basic information about the places listed on this website. These include minimum stay requirements, images, descriptions of bedrooms and bathrooms, amenities, and availability for a particular period. Vacation Rental by Owner Vacation Rental by Owner (VRBO) works similar to Airbnb. It offers a listing of accommodation options listed down by the owners themselves. Users can get a complete picture of the property from the detailed descriptions. The cancelation and payment policies can differ depending on the property owner. Started in 1995, VRBO has become one of the top online platforms for vacation rentals by owner. Flipkey Flipkey calls itself a ‘vacation rental marketplace’. Every property listed in the platform comes with a detailed description, but the cancelation policy may vary with each property. Flipkey enables users to easily browse through the listed property using different filters such as low-cost, luxury, family-friendly, adventure-friendly etc. It lists properties from more than 150 countries. Tripping.com Next comes tripping.com, a search engine for vacation rentals by owners with a huge listing of eight million properties across the globe. It offers a variety of unique accommodation options for travelers, especially when they look for a prolonged stay. Users get access to a lengthy list of amenities and features of each of the rental space listed on this platform. Luxury Retreats If you are looking for a luxurious option at your travel destination, this is your best bet. Founded in 1999, Luxury Retreats focuses on the listing of villas and ensures you have some extravagant experiences at the travel spot. Personal concierge assistance and full-service guest support are available for travelers booking through this online platform. This is ideal for corporate bookings as well as for group travelers.
  • Choose the best toothpaste for your family with a toothpaste sample
    Most people who walk down the dental aisle of the departmental store, get completely overwhelmed with the countless choices of toothpaste available in the market. With such a wide variety of option, it can be very tricky to choose the one which would protect your health and bring about a lovely white shine in your teeth. So, when you want to try out a new brand, buy a toothpaste sample, which has a quantity sufficient for 45 uses.Some of the other important tips, which can help you select the best toothpaste brand, are listed below. Go for toothpastes with Fluoride: Fluoride is the most effective ingredient for fighting cavities, and it is known for shielding the enamel, which makes the teeth stronger. Fluoride can protect the teeth from the damage caused by acids in the diet and reverse the formation of cavities by remineralizing them. If you can brush your teeth twice daily with a good quality fluoride toothpaste, it will reap a lot of benefits in protecting your teeth in the long run. Toothpaste with baking soda is gentle yet effective: Toothpastes with baking soda have a lower abrasive quality than other variants. But it can work wonders in removing the stubborn stains in your teeth. If you have sensitivity issues in your gum, then this type of toothpaste could be the best option for you. They give you that desired refreshing feeling without causing any roughness on your teeth surface. Baking soda has properties, which can absorb odors in the mouth and neutralize the acids. It is also used for the purpose of deodorizing and cleaning the mouth. If you are still unsure of using one, try a toothpaste sample that has baking soda in it and then take a call. Read about each ingredient on the toothpaste label: There are tons of ingredients found in the toothpastes, which can be very confusing to learn about. The most common ingredients comprise the flavoring and sweetening agents, which make them taste and smell better. Calcium carbonates along with silicates are known to have abrasive properties, which are useful if you want to remove stains from your teeth. Gums and gooey molecules add thickness to the toothpaste, which is often found in seaweed. Last but not the least, detergents such as lauryl sulfate produces the suds and paste foams when you brush your teeth. Stay away from whitening toothpaste if your teeth are sensitive: Often a toothpaste which claims to have whitening properties comprise powerful ingredients, which may irritate and inflame the gums. Though they are generally considered safe, these ingredients may be abrasive and damage the teeth of those suffering from sensitivity. Check for the approval of the American Dental Association: The American Dental Association has crafted strict guidelines with which they determine the brands that can showcase the seal of approval. But it is crucial to note that participation is voluntary and therefore, some good brands may not even carry the seal. So, it is an important point of consideration even though you must not always use the ADA seal as the sole criteria for choosing the right toothpaste.

  • Cruises that offer the all-inclusive luxury cruising experience
    If you have always wanted to go on a cruise then you must make plans for a cruise that can offer you everything that is exciting and thrilling on water. All-inclusive luxury cruises booked through travel agents come with the best cruise packages as there are professional and knowledgeable cruise agents guiding you at every step. These are time-saving and are ideal for people looking to make things work within a considerable budget. A luxury cruise helps you relax completely and offers you a plethora of facilities to ensure you feel like a special guest. There are many all-inclusive luxury cruises available, which implies that you have a wide variety to select from. Expert agents will help you in making the right choice. Some of the best cruises that will leave you with a memorable experience have been discussed below: Regent Seven Seas Cruise Considered as one of the most highly rated cruise lines, the Regent Seven Seas liner is the apex of the luxury cruise market. It boasts of just three ships with the capacity of holding not more than 700 passengers. However, the experience that you will have on board will be lavish with gourmet food and personal service being the top priorities. An educational experience for the cruisers is one of the most important parts of these luxury travels. The cruisers not only get to enjoy extravagant excursions but also participate in demonstrations and lectures on less-traveled destinations. As such, these are huge trip enrichment opportunities for the cruisers. Crystal Cruises When it comes to choosing all-inclusive luxury cruises, there is one name that should not go out of your list - Crystal Cruises. Their Crystal Symphony and Crystal Serenity ships provide the best cruise packages to guests. These luxury cruises include several all-inclusive facilities and amenities like dining in the ship’s restaurant, round-trip airfare, non-alcoholic beverages, gratuities for dining, housekeeping staff and complimentary spirits and wines. There are various special perks included in the packages like golf lessons and fitness classes. Seabourn Cruise Line This is one of the finest cruise lines in the world, featuring small yet high-end ships catering to cultured and experienced travelers. The cruise line offers all-suite cabins and trips featuring airfare, drinks, onboard enrichment lectures, and gourmet meals, all included in the package. All-inclusive luxury cruises are the ones that offer elegantly appointed spa treatments, sites, and wonderful international cuisine.
  • How to plan your college savings well ahead of time
    We live in a time when so much emphasis is given to the acquisition of a sound college education, preferably in a top league college or university. For many, only such higher education can open the portals to a successful and lucrative career in one's chosen line of interest. However, while some do have the capability of affording the best college education for their children, for many, it is still a struggle to plan and put aside money month on month for years together in anticipation of their children's educational requirements. This is where the 529 investment plans offer a ray of hope, provided one is careful in choosing an appropriate plan. The 529 plan is a long-term financial investment plan, offered exclusively to citizens of the USA. Typically, when evaluating the options available for investing in a 529 plan, do consider the following: Is the plan sold directly to the investor or via an agent? Usually, the former carries lesser fund management fees and commission charges Is it an age-based savings plan? This is important to provide a cushion for any sudden market slump. Who is offering the fund? This is important to know because there are a large number of 529 plans offered by a range of financial investment companies and not all are beneficial to the investor What are the amounts to be invested? It is better to opt for a plan that offers some degree of flexibility with regard to monthly investments, in the event of any unanticipated expenses in a given month. What are the tax benefits offered as part of the investment plan? Again, this is important to consider. Sometimes, other states may offer better tax breaks than your own. So, do your research carefully. Based on the above-mentioned criteria, there are some 529 plans that have consistently performed well and have received a high ranking by leading financial consulting companies. Some of these college savings plans include the following companies. The Vanguard Group is known for offering low-cost funds, therefore lowering the expenses ratio to the investor. Other sound college savings plans are the College Advantage 529 offered by the Ohio Tuition Trust and the Utah Educational Savings Fund offered by Utah Educational. Interestingly, all these top ranked savings plan come under the directly sold to the investor category. These are but some of the top college savings plans available in the Country. As an investor, it is important to start early and invest wisely after doing a thorough research of all available plans.