Attractive trade-ins and deals for the iPhone 12 Pro Max

Apple fans all over the country are going gaga since the “Hi, Speed” launch event yesterday (October 13). Given the global circumstances, Apple was unable to hold a live event, followed by a hands-on. Yet, Tim Cook and the rest of the iPhone crew left the digital audiences awestruck with a pre-recorded, breathtaking launch of the latest iPhone 12 Pro Max 5G.

What we saw

The event featured the new iPhone 12 series, MagSafe technology, cases to go with the smartphones, a leather wallet, and the HomePod mini. The best part of the event? Apple offers deals at some of the most attractive prices, especially with the all-new Apple A14 Bionic chip and the 5G functionality across the iPhone 12 line-up. For those of you looking to purchase the best version of the iPhones, the iPhone Pro Max can be the “Apple” of your eye.

About the iPhone 12 Pro Max

The iPhone 12 Pro Max comes with a massive 6.7 inch Super Retina XDR OLED display with systemwide color management, offering a better color and viewing experience. The Pro series of the iPhone 12 also features the all-new LiDAR Scanner that’s capable of measuring light distance and using pixel depth information of a scene. The iPhone 12 mini features a more compact screen size of 5.4-inches, while the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro feature 6.1-inch panels. There’s a design for everyone!

iPhone 12 Pro Max 5G deals

The latest iPhone 12 Pro Max will be available in three variants: 128GB, 256GB, and 512GB at $1,099.00, $1,199.00, and $1,399.00, respectively. AT&T also offers attractive monthly payment deals as low as $13.30/mo. over 30 months after trade-in and AT&T bill credits. Verizon users can get the iPhone 12 Pro Max for $27.45/mo. over 24 months after trade-in and Verizon bill credits. Note that these deals aren’t up on their websites yet, but they will be soon.

The rest of the “table-spread”

The iPhone 12 Mini is available for a starting price of $30.37/mo., the iPhone 12 for 34.54/mo., and the iPhone 12 Pro for $41.62/mo. If you’re getting a new iPhone 12, check out the cool new accessories too. Pro-tip: The pacific blue is a gorgeous color you should look out for in the iPhone 12 Pro Max.


  • How does credit card processing work?
    Are you having trouble figuring out how the charges on your credit card bills add up? Here is a simple run down of the important steps involved in the processing of your credit card which will also be useful in understanding how the system works and therefore, what kind of charges are likely to be levied on you. The major players involved in credit card processing are the card holder, the merchant or the business, the acquiring bank which is the merchant’s bank, the issuing bank which is the card holder’s bank and the Credit Card association such as Visa or American Express or Mastercard. In the very first step, you submit your credit card to the merchant or seller to be swiped. At the Point of Sale, the merchant swipes the card using the equipment and software that is given to him by his merchant bank. With the digitization of all key accounts related information and also advances in technology, it takes mere seconds for the vendor’s system to transmit the card number and other relevant information to a processor which passes on the processing request to the credit card issuing bank. If the issuing bank approves the transaction, it immediately sends back an authorization via the card network, which in turn, lands at the merchant’s terminal. Once the transaction is authorized, your interaction with the merchant finishes. However, there is a back end process that is now activated. The next phase, post authorization is the settlement, when your account with the issuing bank is debited, and the merchant’s account with the acquiring bank is credited. The issuing bank and the acquiring bank are both members of Credit Card Associations that are not banks but which act as custodians and clearing houses for the respective banks. In the settlement phase, the issuing bank pays the acquiring bank the money spent on purchases made. After this, it is the liability of the cardholder to repay the issuing bank the amount specified inclusive of processing fees as indicated in the agreement entered into between the card holder and the issuing bank.
  • Easy Retirement Calculator – How Much Money Do I Need to Retire
    The essential question is that how much of your income can be replaced by your retirement savings. It can put you into trouble and long for your pension days. But there is an easy way to calculate retirement pension in your mind. For these reasons, retirement calculation tools are beneficial. Complex Monte Carlo simulations can also be run in seconds by them. Then they present your retirement plan in charts which are extremely attractive and helpful. To start, a simple calculation of retirement pension will help you understand your retirement readiness. You only need two simple numbers. Income multiplier: The first number that you will need for easy retirement calculation is the ratio of retirement savings to income. For example, if there are a $1 million portfolio and a $100,000 annual income, it will give an income multiplier of 10x ($1 million/$100,000). Similarly, a collection of a $50,000 annual income will be double that is 20x ($1 million/$50,000). Withdrawal rate: The second number that is needed for retirement calculation is their expected withdrawal rate in retirement. 4% of it is regarded as a reliable rule of thumb, a broad range of 2-7% is also considered in some places. For planning, we should stick to 4% rule. The calculation: Once you get these two numbers, the retirement calculation will automatically become easy. Suppose for the case of a $1 million portfolio, a $100,000 annual income, and 4% withdrawal rate; you can expect a cover of 40% (10×4) of your income in the first year. If your annual salary is $50,000, then 80% of your salary can be covered.

    The easiest formula for retirement pension calculation is:

    Income Coverage = Income Multiplier X Withdrawal Rate

    Having this simple retirement calculation formula in mind, you can make some adjustments quickly in your mind to your income. Taxes: We should take a moment to have a look at the taxes. You should not focus on your salary before taxes. You should find most of your retirement with pre-tax retirement accounts. If you work with pre-tax numbers, it will make sense then.
  • All You Need to Know about a Hassle-Free Dishwasher
    We always strive to keep our kitchen clean and hygienic. Food is something which, if not taken care of properly, might cause serious harm to your body. Hence, keeping the cutlery and silverware clean is not only needed but necessary. With the best-rated dishwashers, it not only gets easier but also the consistency of quality is also ensured. Best-rated dishwashers make your work easier by helping you clean dishes more efficiently and with a better promise of cleanliness. The manual labor required during manual dishwashing is difficult, and automated cleaning makes things easier. Moreover, it is convenient to arrange everything more properly during the process.

    How does it work?

    Any manual process requires a lot of work, and when it comes to dishwashing, it becomes too much to clean off some of the dishes which has strong soiling on them. With the help of the best-rated dishwashers, the process completely goes mechanical and hence, uniformity is maintained and a particular process is followed to ensure hygiene. The best-rated dishwashers have rotating spray arms which enable most of the cleaning process. Once the dishes are inside the machine, the spray arms containing a mixture of water and dishwasher cleanser is blasted on the dishes which cleans them efficiently. Following that, hot water temperature ranging in between 110-170°F is sprayed on the dishes to clean it for a final round.

    How do the dishes dry?

    While the cleaning process ensures that there is no soil, bacteria, and viruses on the plates after the food intake is over, the process isn’t finished just yet. After the best-rated dishwashers wash the dishes clean, the next procedure is to rinse and dry them. Hot water is poured over the dishes after the cleaning is done with the electro-mechanical solenoid system. To ensure that the machine and the dishes remain dry, the machine next drains all water outside and prepares to rinse the dishes. The rinsing process would differ because there are many. Also, as the best-rated dishwashers work to perfection, hence, to ensure that there are no water spots on the dishes, a chemical is used on the dishes.

    How to choose the best dishwasher for your home or workplace?

    One has to always ensure that the dishwasher you have chosen is the perfect one both for you and the environment that you have chosen. These best-rated dishwashers come in various designs and sizes, colors and functions, hence to you will have to choose the best one that fits into the kitchen space and meets your requirements. Have a look at the different types of dishwashers.
    Traditional built-in dishwasher
    For this one, one would need space in their kitchen, but this is the most convenient and hassle-free among the others. Since it has inbuilt functions, this dishwasher is accessible and user-friendly.
    Drawer dishwasher
    As the name suggests, it looks like a drawer and gives you both space and comfort. This one also needs the permanent plumbing work that a traditional dishwasher needs. This is a rather easy and comfortable way of arranging your kitchen, but it comes with a mighty price tag.
    Portable dishwasher
    This one is best for people who keep moving around and change homes quite often. It does not require any permanent plumbing and installation but is rather an independent unit which can be moved around for the water connection and draining procedure.
    Unlike the traditional one, this is placed exactly above the counter. It is the most pocket-friendly option than the pricey ones and has an increasing precedence in most houses. With the help of the above best-rated dishwashers, one can rest assured of having an hassle-free dishwashing experience.
  • Top features and tips of purchasing handmade quilts Online
    In many countries across the world, beautiful and comfortable quilts are handmade by skilled artisans. Vintage handmade quilts and bed sheets, bed covers are sold online in select e-stores like E-bay or Amazon. Different categories of handmade quilts are available online. Customers can purchase the items by size, color, price, material, designs. The e-stores offer free shipment of the products. Custom handmade quilts are displayed in e-stores along with product reviews, product features, and prices. Many retailers offer attractive discounts on the sale of these quilts. If you need the quilt, quilt sets, quilt covers, then the best way to get them is to shop online. Online shopping gives you access to quilts having trendy designs. Online shopping is easy, and it guarantees you the best product, saves time and effort and gives you the best deal for the money. Handmade quilts are available in different colors, they are two-layered light-weight material, manufactured using 100% cotton and they are hand stitched and block printed. Important features of handmade quilts Some of the features of the handmade quilt are as follows:-
    • They are made up of 100% cotton.
    • The pattern is hand block print.
    • The quilts are very much handmade.
    • They are available in more than one attractive colors like the indigo, white and blue.
    Tips on purchasing quilts online There are some things that you need considering when buying the quilts and they are as follows:-
    • Find out your requirements or priorities to get the quilt of your choice. Understand the type of quilt that enhances your bedroom space regarding color, designs. Try to search and shop for the item online.
    • The correct choice of quilts adds to the home dcor.
    • There are quilts for the summer and winter season. The summer quilts are less of wool and more of cotton. There are businesses which have attractive summer quilts to offer. The winter quilts are woolly; they are warm and comfortable. Online shopping for the quilts depends on the type of items that you choose to buy, whether for the summer season or the winter season.
    Get attractive woolen or cotton quilts for personal use Many prefer to make DIY quilts for personal use. Making these summer or winter essentials is not that difficult if you have a notion of stitching, handcrafting. The right selection of the fabric is important. Woollen or cotton fabrics are the ones you need to look for. The hand-woven wilts require patience, skills in stitching. You can craft out attractive designs on the fabric making your creation superior. There are block printed handmade wilts, quilt kits available online. The next time you shop for quilts, visit the appropriate e-stores or business selling the items, if you get the quality products at the best prices, then you make a good deal of the money.
  • Things you should know about irritable bowel syndrome
    Irritable bowel syndrome affects the large intestine (colon). It is a common disorder which causes constipation, diarrhea, gas, bloating, abdominal pain and cramping amongst other symptoms. It is very difficult to lead a routine life if you are battling IBS symptoms regularly, so here are a few essential things you must know about IBS. Do not take the symptoms lightly at any given point in time. These are red flags and indicators that something is not right with your digestive system and there is cause for alarm. You should immediately take action and consult a general physical or you family doctor to start treatment at early stages. Most people will dismiss these symptoms as mild discomforts, which only leads to complications down the road. Medical action should be prompt and thorough. There is a good chance that your prescription will suggest medicines for treating the symptoms, but the cause may be overlooked in the process. Diagnosis is relevant to understand the cause and treat it with due diligence unless you are planning to take medication for the symptoms for the foreseeable future. Stress has been attributed as one of the major symptoms of IBS, which may sound a bit weird. But research shows that stress levels tend to reduce the amount of stomach acid which is essential for digestion. This, in turn, leaves undigested food particles in your gut on which bacteria starts feeding and releasing a gas product which causes bloating, flatulence and a number of uneasy symptoms. All which are mild indicators of the initial stages of IBS. Sometimes it may seem like you are suffering from IBS but might just turn out to be SIBO. SIBO is small intestine bacterial growth, a disorder in which there is too much of the wrong type of bacteria in your intestine. The symptoms are severe when compared to IBS and are all intestine and gut related problems. There is a big chance that you might just get tested positive for SIBO, while actually thinking you are suffering from IBS. Diet plays a key role in maintaining your overall body health and digestive systems for that matter. Too much of something good or too little of something good is not a balanced diet. This specifically applies to people who think that by reduced consumption of fermentable carbs, the gas, in turn, will be reduced. A well-balanced diet which includes carbohydrates, nutrient dense foods which are all essential for aiding in the healing process. Whether it is IBS or SIBO, immediate and proper medical care should be taken avoid future complication and damage in the long run.
  • Top 3 video editing software for filmmakers
    Video editing suites these days come packed with the latest cutting-edge technology. From multi-cam editing, audio mixing, animation, and titling features, a good video editing suite will give you the best of all worlds. Most importantly, it makes your job easier. Picking the right video editing suite can also provide better render quality, more formats, and the ability to import and edit various file types. You can also work with audio, pictures, textures, and much more. Here are the top three video editing software for filmmakers and video editors, for hobbyists and professionals alike. Adobe Premiere Pro CS6: Adobe has been the leading pioneer in video editing technology. Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 is considered the industry standard software suite for video editors, and filmmakers. Its interface is built for non-linear video editing and comes with 360 VR support. It supports a wide range of file formats, has 4K and HDR video support, and even comes with the Lumetri color tool. It is great for collaborative projects and comes equipped with the right tools for it. Additionally, Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 project files can be imported and used with other Adobe creative applications like Adobe After Effects CS6. Apple Final Cut Pro X: Arguably one of the best video editing programs for Mac Users and one of the best Apple has to offer. The Apple Final Cut Pro X comes with MultiCam editing support, magnetic trackless timeline, and various organizational tools to help video editors make videos seamlessly. Its organizational tools include libraries, ratings, tagging, auto analysis of faces and much more. The user interface is simpler and lots more powerful compared to its previous generations. It has been hailed as the ideal video editing suite for video editors. Sony Vegas Pro 14: Sony Vegas Pro 14 is ideal for both hobbyist and professional video editors. If you have ever needed a complete video editing suite packed with all the features a video editor could ever dream of, the Sony Vegas Pro 14 is the one. It comes with Titler Pro inbuilt which lets you create custom titles. It offers various presets for its transitions and video effects. Render times are usually much lower in the Vegas editing suites when compared to other video editing programs. Newblue FX comes bundled with the suite. You can create a wide range of cool video effects for your videos such as solar flares, lens flares, special glows, blurry transitions, zoom effects and much more. It offers high frame rate support, can stabilize shaky footage, offers MultiCam editing support and a lot more. It's the ultimate creative and customizable package for video editors and filmmakers.
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