Benefits and drawbacks of cell phone use

These days, the cell phone has turned to be a human-like assistant and something that people cannot do without. Because of its high-end technology, it has been a great pal for people of all ages. We are in a country where the landlines have been replaced by mobile phones very easily. Till some extent, the gadget is simply the best and proves to be a boon “

it allows media to be sent at the click of a button and share it with anyone who is miles away, allows getting information within a quick span of time, etc. “ the possibilities are endless. However, it proves to be a bane too. Hence, it is a good idea to educate parents, guardians, teachers as well as children about this gadget. Listed below are the pros and cons of mobile phones.

Information: Cell phones, or smartphones these days, are indispensable to quickly fetch any location that one wants to know about or get to “ schools, shops, banks, ATMs, hospitals, and restaurants. One can plan their day by checking up on the daily weather condition.
Knowledge: Kids can fetch answers for any questions related to their school syllabus. A cell phone is a great learning gadget for children and elders alike, as one can acquire an abundance of knowledge through internet reading/eBooks. Parents can also lock certain applications or block certain websites as well.
Tracking: With the help of tracking application on smartphones, guardians and parents can track where their child or any senior person is traveling. This ensures the safety of the person.
Communication: the cell phone is the best communication instrument. If someone is separated by miles, they can experience what is happening on each side by video calls using in-built apps or apps that can be downloaded. The cell phone is one of the best ways to share information during emergency situations, as pay phones are becoming rare.
Paying bills: For those busy businessmen or working women, cell phones prove to be great for easily paying their electricity/ after and other bills online without having to visit their stores.

All smartphones are the internet compatible, and so children these days take cell phone without the concern of the school to pass over their exams. Hence, parents and teachers have to be strict with rules of usage.
Parents should understand the technology of the phone because children these days use the internet beyond the data limit and can increase the monthly usage of the internet plan. They tend to get addicted to games or sexual pictures/video. It is also important to take cell phones from them during their study time.
Adult and children these days are glued to cell phones with their mood of the game or the conversation and even end up skipping meals which later affects their health.

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    Tax season is not very far away, and it is indubitable for taxpayers to be caught amid confusion and paperwork.Tax filing involves a lot of planning and preparation to make yourself ready for Tax Day. Moreover, the constant new development on the tax front can end up adding to the work. However, if you are thinking of how you can [perform_href default_href="" name="file taxes online" ] for free, then you are covered. There are several top companies that are generous enough, without hidden small print, to enable [perform_href default_href="" name="free tax filing" ]. Without further ado, read on to know the top 4 companies whose service you can avail: [perform_href default_href="" name="TurboTax" ] For the very first time,[perform_href default_href="" name="TurboTax" ] is putting on offer a free tax filing option this year. This is for taxpayers filing a 1040EZ or 1040A. This company allows you to file State, Federal, and E-file tax done for no fees. However, the free service is rendered only for a limited period. What sets [perform_href default_href="" name="TurboTax" ]apart from other companies includes its impressive user interface with navigations that guide the user through confusing sections. Thus, you can rest assured smooth user experience. [prf_ads_between_content] Credit Karma Tax Credit Karma Tax is one of the few companies to have taken a new leap into the world of taxing services. They are a resource that promises free tax filing online and is aimed to make you feel confident through the tax season. An amazing add-on to their service includes chat support and a tax dashboard that help you make better decisions. The service also allows for convenient importing from the previous year. TaxAct TaxAct, just like TurboTax, lets taxpayers file a 1040EZ or 1040A. You resource also lets you avail service for both, State and Federal returns. However, unlike with Credit Karma Tax, you cannot automatically import the information from last year, posing a minor issue. Moreover, the version does not include phone support, and you will have to pay an amount for added services. has come out to be one of the most preferred companies offering tax services. The best part about this company is that you do not have to fulfill any criteria to avail the service. It may be a little hard to file tax online and figure out the options initially; however, its free tax filing solution makes it worth it.
  • Benefits of Online Payment Services
    With technology replacing manual processes, most organizations have made a shift from using cash for their business to transacting online. In an online payment service, you accept electronic payments through different payment methods. There is no exchange of cash or checks. The payment is made and received online. For an online payment system, a payment gateway service is established which will receive the online payment request from the buyer’s website and will direct it to the processor. The processor will validate the card details of the purchaser and check if there is enough fund in his or her account. In case of sufficient funds, the transaction will be authorized and the funds will be transferred to the account of the seller. The status of the transaction will be transmitted to both the parties. Benefits of online payment services Online payments have a number of advantages to help streamline your business needs. Here are some of the primary benefits of transacting online. Convenient The biggest benefit of online payment services is the convenience with which you may make the payment. When customers visit a website, all they want to do is make the purchase and check out quickly. An online payment makes it easier for them to complete the transaction. This way, you may free yourself from any apprehensions of a check bounce or the availability of liquid funds. Time-saving Online payments are much quicker than manual payments and you do not have to wait for the cash to be delivered or the check to arrive at your doorstep. It is an instant method of payment where the amount is transferred within minutes. The entire process of payment takes only a few seconds. Saves efforts With an online payment service, you no longer have to go to a bank, stand in the queue, fill up forms, and wait for the check to be cleared. You may save your efforts and time by simply making an online transfer. Once the online payment channel has been set up, payments may be easily processed. Considering the ease of use and the benefits of transacting online, it is time to get rid of the traditional cash-and-check payment methods and adopt the latest technology, which enables quick transfer of funds in a secure manner. This will make business processes easier, increase a business’ overall productivity, and delight your customers as they will be able to enjoy making a quick and hassle-free payment.
  • How to identify Lupus
    Lupus is an autoimmune disease. When the immune system becomes hyperactive the immune system starts attacking body parts itself causing inflammation and destruction of tissue. Autoimmune diseases are characterised by periodic flare ups and remissions. What is usually called lupus is medically known as Systemic Lupus Erythematosus. As the name indicates it can affect any of the body systems and organs in them and it is the most virulent of all. Lupus affects each person in a unique way. Luckily all symptoms are not manifested by every patient; while some gets certain symptoms, the others end up getting the rest. Lupus starts innocuously, in the age group of 18 to 30 years, and looks like a myriad of common diseases. It is important to identify it at the earliest as it is easy to manage and control it. The prognosis improves vastly and one can expect to live an active life to the full span. An important and early feature is spells of fatigue which flares up and remits periodically. If one experiences, frequently, such spells of fatigue one should contact his doctor and the appropriate treatment sought. It has a low-grade fever of 98.5 to 101 degree F which frequently comes and goes with no discernible cause. During this stage, it throws up a characteristic butterfly shaped non-itching skin eruption across the ridge of the nose spreading over both the cheeks. Such eruptions appear on other parts of the body also. Generally, patients are photosensitive to both sun and artificial. Such eruptions generally appear prior to flare ups. As the disease progresses, the hair becomes thin, rough, brittle, breaks and falls off. Hair all over the body can get affected. The hair acquires a unique appearance and is called lupus hair. Hair regrows as treatment progresses except in places where lesions have formed. As the disease progresses it could also attack the vital organs like lung, digestive system, kidneys, bones etc. Inflammation of the lungs causes destruction of the lung tissue as well as the blood vessels. The lungs start to reduce in size. The diaphragm moves up into the thoracic cavity and the body gradually suffers oxygen deficiency. This is called vanishing lung syndrome. All these makes breathing very painful. These pains are referred to pleuritic pains. As the disease progresses more rigorous treatments are resorted to all of which has side effects of varying seriousness. A risk benefit analysis done in selecting the treatment.
  • Best deodorants for body odor
    When you work out or move around in the hot sun you tend to sweat. Sweating is one way your body balances temperature. Sweating is both a good and bad sign. It flushes off impurities and fat from your body. While body odor does not smell, it gives off bad odor when the bacteria on the out surface of your skin gets is contact with the sweat. Consuming a lot of onion in food may cause perspiration give off bad smell too. There are quite lot of deodorants which could give you instant results in odor control by eliminating the built-up bacteria. Read about them below: Degree Men Dry Protection Antiperspirant Deodorant: Degree Men deodorant provides 24 hours' body odor and wetness protection that wont let you down. It dries quickly on the skin without sticking on to your clothes. It contains invisible solids that become clear. It works well for people who stay outdoor often and engage in sports and workouts. Jack Black Pit Boss Antiperspirant and Deodorant: It is dermatologist-tested deodorant, which is free from paraben and alcohol that darkens the skin. Jack Black Pit Boss contains aluminum zirconium tirchlorohydreax glycol an advanced antiperspirant ingredient which helps reduce underarm wetness and controls sweat. Vitamin E helps to nourish and condition skin and also provides clean, natural fragrance. It is best for the sensitive skin. Jason Soothing Aloe Vera Deodorant stick: This is an organic product which does not last long but its aluminum, parabens, and propylene glycol free formula works really well. Jason Soothing Aloe Vera is cooling and soothing on the skin. The gel texture is easy to apply and does not stick and offers great protection all day. Its antimicrobial properties help fight odor-causing bacteria. Fresh Sugar Roll On Deodorant: As its name suggests, it is really mild and gives a fresh smell. Fresh sugar deodorant helps keep your underarm dry and clean. To have it on feels light and not overpowering it dries quick and lasts long without causing irritation on sensitive skin. Secret Clinical Strength Antiperspirant Deodorant: Secret clinical strength deodorant is probably the best for people greatly suffering from sweat and odor. It comes in wide range of strengths, scents, including clinical strength light and fresh. Dove Go Sleeveless Beauty Finish Antiperspirant Deodorant: It contains vitamin E and F, as well as ¼th moisturizing cream which is what makes go sleeveless as an incredible formula, keeping your skin soft. For those of you who have sensitive underarms, this is the right product for you. It clams down the burning sensation after shave and continue to improvise your skin and guards from skin darkness.
  • Foods to avoid for better eye health

    The foods we eat play a significant role, and that dictates how our organs function. The eyes are vascular, and it is necessary to eat nutritious foods to keep the blood vessels in good health. Eating unhealthy foods may block the veins that provide the eyes with the essential nutrients and oxygen. Such restrictions may affect one's vision. Keeping this in mind, here are five foods that can worsen eye health.

    Margarine is considered a healthy alternative to butter, as it is made from vegetable oils. However, it still contains trans fats. These fats may increase a person's cholesterol levels and put them at risk of heart diseases and eye problems.

    Red meat
    Red meat contains preservatives like salt, cholesterol, and fat, making them tasty and increasing their shelf life. However, these chemicals may harm one's health and lead to high blood pressure. Such pressure spikes can lead to Choroidopathy, a fluid buildup below the retina.

    Several fish are rich in omega-3 fatty acids and may offer health benefits. However, fish also contain hints of mercury. People who eat lots of fish may be at risk of eye damage because of the chemical element.

    Coffee contains caffeine, an energy-boosting component that helps people stay active. But studies link caffeine to a slew of health problems, including those related to the eyes. Caffeine may increase the pressure inside the eye, especially in people with ocular hypertension (OHT) or glaucoma. The increase in pressure may result in loss of vision and even blindness.

    Sweetened beverages
    Sweetened beverages like energy drinks, sodas, and lemonade contain an abundant amount of sugar. Each drink might contain about seven to ten teaspoons of added sugar. Such sugars may increase the risk of type-2 diabetes and heart diseases. These diseases may also lead to conditions like age-related macular degeneration (AMD) and diabetic retinopathy.

    Sunglasses for better eye health
    Apart from foods, ultraviolet rays from the sun may also affect one's eye health. The UV rays can damage the macula, a region at the back of the eye that transmits images to the brain. To avoid such damage, we recommend wearing sunglasses. Brands like Ray-Ban, Oakley, Persol, and American Optical offer premium sunglasses that may protect an individual's eyes from UVA and UVB light.

    One can also use certain therapies to maintain optimal eye health. Such treatment options are beneficial for people with eye issues like presbyopia. Doctors recommend VUITY eye drops to manage age-related blurry vision. One can use LUMIFY to treat chronic dryness and redness of the eyes. CEQUA™ is a treatment option to help patients increase their tear production and manage dry eyes. Verkazia® eye drops are recommended for younger people with vernal keratoconjunctivitis (VKC). Its formulation ensures the eyes get sufficient cyclosporine so that the symptoms of VKC can be treated.

  • 5 external causes of high blood pressure
    The stress of living in the 21st century and the pressure to meet the set standard of living has driven mankind to the verge of emotional and physical fatigue. Our constant urge to own the best of everything has dragged us into a never-ending race for material possessions. What impact does it have on us? Well, the answer to this query lies within ourselves. It wouldn't come as a surprise that at a young age of 30, one suffers from high blood pressure. People usually think of stress be the cause of high blood pressure. And, if they take a vacation from their busy life, their blood pressure would be back to normal. This is where we are grossly mistaken. There's a dire need to educate yourself about the causes of high blood pressure in order to take effective measures to control it. One must pay attention to the fact that high blood pressure is caused by a variety of factors, some of them are hereditary, whereas others are caused due to external agents, Here's a list of external causes of high blood pressure, keep reading. Smoking- Smoking is the root cause of a variety of ailments including high blood pressure. Regular smoking causes the blood vessels to narrow, thereby raising the pressure of the flowing blood. Also, smoking depletes the oxygen content in the blood, thus, forcing the heart to pump blood faster. This results in high blood pressure levels. Alcohol consumption- Alcohol wreaks havoc in your entire system. It damages the liver, kidneys, and increases your risks of a stroke. Alcohol causes a higher systolic blood pressure in frequent drinkers. Unhealthy diet- A high fat diet or regular consumption of junk food puts you at a risk of high blood pressure. The high fat content is detrimental to your body. Instead of opting for junk food, you can include fish, avocado, nuts, olive oil, etc. to your diet which are the source of mono-saturated fats, which are healthy fats. Obesity- If you are overweight or obese, chances are high that you are prone to high blood pressure. It causes resistance in the blood vessels, which in turn results in high blood pressure. Sedentary lifestyle- A sedentary lifestyle, where you just sit at your desk and work and your lack of exercise is one of the major causes of high blood pressure. The fast pace of our lives leaves us with a very limited time to get our lives in order. But, one can certainly make some practical choices and alter their lifestyle to avoid being bed-ridden for the rest of their lives.