Benefits and drawbacks of cell phone use

These days, the cell phone has turned to be a human-like assistant and something that people cannot do without. Because of its high-end technology, it has been a great pal for people of all ages. We are in a country where the landlines have been replaced by mobile phones very easily. Till some extent, the gadget is simply the best and proves to be a boon “

it allows media to be sent at the click of a button and share it with anyone who is miles away, allows getting information within a quick span of time, etc. “ the possibilities are endless. However, it proves to be a bane too. Hence, it is a good idea to educate parents, guardians, teachers as well as children about this gadget. Listed below are the pros and cons of mobile phones.

Information: Cell phones, or smartphones these days, are indispensable to quickly fetch any location that one wants to know about or get to “ schools, shops, banks, ATMs, hospitals, and restaurants. One can plan their day by checking up on the daily weather condition.
Knowledge: Kids can fetch answers for any questions related to their school syllabus. A cell phone is a great learning gadget for children and elders alike, as one can acquire an abundance of knowledge through internet reading/eBooks. Parents can also lock certain applications or block certain websites as well.
Tracking: With the help of tracking application on smartphones, guardians and parents can track where their child or any senior person is traveling. This ensures the safety of the person.
Communication: the cell phone is the best communication instrument. If someone is separated by miles, they can experience what is happening on each side by video calls using in-built apps or apps that can be downloaded. The cell phone is one of the best ways to share information during emergency situations, as pay phones are becoming rare.
Paying bills: For those busy businessmen or working women, cell phones prove to be great for easily paying their electricity/ after and other bills online without having to visit their stores.

All smartphones are the internet compatible, and so children these days take cell phone without the concern of the school to pass over their exams. Hence, parents and teachers have to be strict with rules of usage.
Parents should understand the technology of the phone because children these days use the internet beyond the data limit and can increase the monthly usage of the internet plan. They tend to get addicted to games or sexual pictures/video. It is also important to take cell phones from them during their study time.
Adult and children these days are glued to cell phones with their mood of the game or the conversation and even end up skipping meals which later affects their health.

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  • Apparel and Accessories for Different Occasions
    Apparel doesn’t define your character, but it defines your personality. Hence, choosing the right apparel is important as it reflects your personality. While going for an important occasion such as meeting, interview, date, or party, the first question that clings your mind is, “what to wear?” followed by, “how to accessorize it?” All you want is an outstanding look and a remarkable appearance. This is possible only if you dress up according to the occasion and your body type. Read on to know what to wear on different occasions.

    Apparel and accessories for a meeting

    Whether it is meeting, conference or an interview, never wear anything that makes you look unconfident or exaggerated. Try to look simple, confident, and professional. So, choose for formal dresses and accessories.
    For men
    Do not opt for anything other than a suit with a tie. Try avoiding casuals such as t-shirts, hoodies, track pants, and shorts. Wear a clean, body-fit suit with well-polished shoes. You can wear a formal chain or leather wrist watch. Do not wear any broach on your coat, it may look clumsy.
    For women
    Keep it simple but classy. You may wear a formal shirt with a coat and trousers or with a knee-length pencil skirt. You need not wear earrings or other jewelry, but if you want to, choose simple tops. Keep your makeup light by applying a base cream with a face powder and a light lip color. It is better if you wear a toe covering footwear either white or black in color. It must be clean and must not contain shimmer.

    Apparel and accessories for a date

    Dates are always special. It is a quality time that you spend with your loved ones. So, you always want to look stunning. However, it is also important to feel comfortable in your dress. So, always wear something that is comfortable and makes you feel good.
    For men
    Most women like a dainty look. A suit with a broach, pocket square, tie or a bow will do. If you are choosing all the three, keep your tie or bow simple but stylish. Make a combination of dark and light. If your coat is dark, your tie and pocket square must be light in color. The tie must blend with your shirt. If you are wearing jeans, pair it up with a t-shirt and sneakers. Wear light color during the day and dark one on a night date.
    For women
    If you are going on a dinner date, choose slightly shimmering clothes or accessories. If you are planning to wear a glossy dress, keep your accessories simple and elegant. Your dress must be classy, body fit, and comfortable. If you are meeting on a lunch date or anytime during the day, keep your makeup simple and natural. Your dress must be light colored may be white or peach. You may accessorize it by complementing jewelry. Do not forget to practice sitting and walking in the dress so that you do not feel uncomfortable when you are with your partner. Try to be yourself and avoid overdoing with your makeup or jewelry.

    Apparel and accessories for a party

    Party is the time to enjoy and have fun. So, your dress must be classy, comfortable, and according to the mood of the party. If it is a theme party, do not spoil it by dressing up differently. If it is a wedding party, opt for bright colors like red, blue or any other dark color. If you are preparing for a club party, choose a hot dress with shimmers. If it is a casual party, opt for a casual apparel.
    For men
    You must dress according to the mood of the party. You may try something formal or ethnic when going to a marriage party. Maybe a suit or tuxedo will look good. But if you are on a casual party, choose a casual t-shirt, jacket and a pair of ragged jeans. You can also add some accessories like chains, cap, and rings if you want.
    For women
    You can wear a gown or a knee-length dress for a wedding. Colors like blue, red or peach may look good for a wedding. Add on accessories such as earrings, finger rings, neck piece to your dress if required. You may wear heels if comfortable. If you are going to a casual party, wear a casual dress like jeans and jacket with a stylish top and some casual jewelry like a bracelet, necklace, and earring. If the party is in a club, wear a shimmering dress. Keep your jewelry plain and simple if your dress is heavy.
  • What to look for in jeep lease deals?
    While it is very convenient to take a jeep for lease on a great deal, it is important to keep in mind certain factors that can significantly affect the experience. While every jeep comes with its own set of features, there are also the associated service maintenance costs involved. These are extremely important to maintain the upkeep of the vehicle and ensure that it runs smoothly. Also, it is important to note that the price for a new Jeep Wrangler can run from between $21,000 to $32,000. Therefore, one must choose wisely and ask around to get eh best price for the jeep lease deal. Certain dealers, when faced with stiff competition, may offer additional services like free repair for a month, free parts exchange or the benefit of other features along with follow up services. Even a minor price cut can be helpful since the money saved is money earned. Apart from the price, it is important to check the engine. Look out for rusted parts or loose fittings. Exposed cables can be potentially dangerous. When it comes to the engine oil, a thick, black is indicative of old oil that hasn’t been changed in a long time. For used vehicles, the oil should be brown and clear, with no sludge floating on the top or the sides. Another thing to check is to review the service records of the jeep being offered on lease. It is important that the service records accompany the vehicle. In case the seller or lease dealer has no service records, a price adjustment is to help carry forward any costs you may end up with due to the lack of proper service. There is also the CarFax report that has detailed information about the owner as well as the information regarding the insurance claims that reflect the auto accidents and other repairs. In case a jeep is being considered for an off roading excursion, the axle housing also needs to be checked. All these factors should be cleared for doubts before taking on a jeep on a great sounding lease deal.
  • Starting your career in medical billing and coding

    Have you considered a career in medical billing and coding but are unsure how to get ahead? One of the best options is to pursue an online medical billing and coding course that can fit right into your hectic schedule. Here’s an overview at what you need to study and how you can start your career after completing an online medical billing and coding education.

    What will you study?
    First, let’s understand what a medical billing and coding job entails. As part of this job, you would have to delegate codes to each diagnosis and procedures. This is done through a thorough study of each patient’s case and the use of special programs on the computer. After this, you need to file a claim as required with insurance firms.

    As part of your online medical billing coding course, you will study the following:

    • Physiology and anatomy
    • Insurance law
    • Medical terminology
    • Medical office administration
    • International classification of diseases

    An online medical billing and coding course will prepare you through various means including live chat, audio and video lessons, and online study material. Your exams may be given online or even at a local center located near you. Students will be allowed to contact instructors to clarify their doubts.

    Where you can study?
    Drexel University, Philadelphia, has a complete online medical billing and coding course that has been created by Drexel’s College of Nursing and Health Professions. This course is designed for people who already have medical experience and for those completely new to the field. Once students complete the course, they can appear for the Certified Professional Coder (CPC) exam, Certified Medical Reimbursement Specialist (CRMS) exam, and the Certified Coding Associate (CCA) exam.

    Another great option to pursue an online medical billing and coding course is at DeVry University, Illinois. This prepares you for a host of exams including the Certified Coding Associate (CCA) and Certified Professional Coder (CPC).

    Getting a job
    You can search for a job through the American Association of Professional Coders (AAPC), which lets you do an apprentice program after you clear its exam. Even if you do not have a certification yet, you can still appear for interviews. Let your prospective employer know how you are interested in the field and how you wish to complete your certification soon enough. It’s best to do some research before heading for the interview to know what you are getting into.

  • Top 5 washing equipment by LG
    A washing machine is one of the home appliances that you do not change quite often. It needs to run for years before you think of making an upgrade. Before selecting a washing machine you need to keep a few things in mind:
    • You need an inch of space on either side of your washer and dryer for the circulation of air.
    • You need 6 inches of space in depth for the dryer vents and hookups and also for the door clearance.
    • If you are buying a top loading washing machine, you need 20 inches of space for door clearance.
    There are many types of washer and dryer combos available in the market but LG washer and dryer has stood out as one of the premium brands to date. LG washer and dryer comes with innovative premium features that suit a modern lifestyle and are budget-friendly at the same time. The LG washer reviews given by most of the consumers say that the appliance works on cutting-edge technology and is energy efficient and highly functional. Some of the top-rated LG washer dryer combo models are: LG WM8100HVA 29 inches Front Load Steam Washing Machine: The high-pressure nozzles clean the dirtiest clothes in 30 minutes and the steam clean technology cleans the clothes gently and also smoothes out the wrinkles. LG WT1501CW 4.5Cubic Feet High-Efficiency Top Load Washer: The machine comes with a rust free drum that can handle large loads of clothes in one cycle. The LoDecible operation keeps the noise at a low level. LG Energy Star 4.5 Cubic Foot Ultra Large Capacity Front Load Washer with Steam Comes with hand wash cycle and options like sanitize, steam infusion and odor removal. LG 4.5 Cubic Feet Front Load Washer with Turbo wash – Graphite steel Turbo wash can handle huge loads of clothes in one cycle with 6 motion revolutionary clean technology. LG 5.2 Cubic Feet Mega Capacity Front Load Washer with Steam & Turbo Wash The machine comes with twin wash compatibility that can handle both small and large loads of clothes at the same time. With so many options available, you can be sure to find the LG washer and dryer that suits your functional needs and aesthetic taste.
  • Where did iced coffee come from?
    Who does not love the idea of sipping a quick iced coffee? Well, the mention of the name itself is sure to make one salivate. For many, coffee acts as the kick-start energizer in the morning and beginning the day without a coffee break is unimaginable. While most elders prefer hot coffee, kids and youngsters can't get enough of the iced variant. Just not refreshing, an iced coffee is also amazingly yummy. Be it winter or spring, it is always iced coffee season. But where did this deliciously tasty and chilled drink come from? Let's take you through the evolution of this godly drink, while you sip on your yummy iced coffee. There is no dearth of myths that are connected to the origins of iced coffee. While being mysterious, they are super fun too. Coffee has been around for centuries but the evolution of iced coffee can be traced to the 1600's in Japan. Since the Japanese have been known to be the first people to brew cold tea, it only stands as good reason that they may have been the first to experiment with iced-coffee aswell. It is speculated that Japanese may have picked this up from the Dutch who made coffee concentrate for easy transportation. So how has this iced coffee trend expanded so widely in the US? People have always loved coffee for obvious reasons and having it in an iced form only makes it more irresistible. Moreover, several cafes can produce this coffee faster as brewing is quick and requires minimum labor. Iced Coffee is now also a part of popular culture and is now coming to be seen as an art-form. Brewers are coming up with creative ideas to serve this drink. Different countries in the world have different variations and quick iced coffee ideas that are popular in that state. In a Japan, iced coffee stay very true to its name and freshly brewed coffee is merely poured over cubes of ice. This accentuates the flavor of the coffee and brings out the roasted flavor with every sip. On the other hand, an iced coffee is more like a sugary and creamy mix with a dash of crushed ice and coffee. This kind of quick iced coffee idea is becoming highly popular and loved for its quick way of preparation. It is no surprise, that iced coffee is concentrated with way more caffeine and if you want to stay up through the night, iced coffee is the way to go. Don't stop slurping!
  • Reasons to choose ABC Warehouse appliances
    If you’re looking for a one-stop solution to all your retail appliance and electronics needs, then the ABC Warehouse is the place for you. Though the company is based in Michigan, they have opened stores in both Ohio and Indiana. They have everything from kitchen appliances to home decor at affordable rates. As their motto goes; the closest thing to wholesale. So, read on to know why you need to opt for ABC Warehouse appliances. Best possible prices If you’ve wanted the right mix of both online and offline shopping, then ABC Warehouse is the one for you. At the website, you can find deals that would beat any discount offers you’ve seen- both instore and online. But it’s less so much the pricing, and more so much how many ways you can make the payment in. Moreover, ABC Warehouse appliances can be bought with the ABC Warehouse credit card. ABC Warehouse credit card The ABC Warehouse credit card comes with a number of benefits; you have multiple payment options, you can also make easy EMI payments. However, the highlight is that there is no interest charged for EMI payments cleared within six months of purchase. And you have a number of card-holders’ exclusive offers that can save you a lot on your wallet. Another thing that makes this card so user-friendly is that anyone can apply for it regardless of their credit score on any previous credit cards. You can also pay by phone and mail, using your ABC Warehouse credit card. Multiple store locations You can apply for the credit card online and in store. As for their brick and mortar stores, there are 42 outlets scattered throughout Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana. There is a store locator on the website you can use to find the store nearest to you. Rebates and offers On the ABC Warehouse website, you will find an entire page dedicated to just the rebates and promotions being run on different brands and appliances. Most of these have an expiry date and come with added features such as free home delivery. If you’re conscious about the specific brands you pick, then this page is a great way to get the brand you want at a steal price. ABC Warehouse appliances are all authentic and tested, and with the easy payment, selection, and returns or exchange features, there’s no reason to look anywhere else.