The Best LG refrigerators today

LG has the best range of refrigerators in all styles and sizes that is sure enough to blow away your mind. The company has included a new state of the art technology in their refrigerator section.

LG is the leader of styles. They have a variety of ranges such as door-in-door standard, door-in-door counter depth, 3 doors – 4 doors- French door, door-in-door side by side, and more. These LG refrigerator prices range from around USD 699 to about USD 9,499.

Best LG Refrigerators

LG believes in quality, and their refrigerators are the testaments of the fact that consumer’s preference comes first. Here are the best LG refrigerators that are making waves.


A 23 cubic feet capacity and InstaView door-in-door type, this refrigerator is fingerprint and smudge resistant. This door-in-door refrigerator works on SmartThinQ technology.

The latest InstaView feature gives access to the refrigerator through a glass panel, even without opening it. Just knocking twice on the glass panel, will illuminate the refrigerator giving you a quick view of the contents. This model rates number one in customer satisfaction.


How about a refrigerator that lets you get your favorite beverage and snacks without opening it? This 4-door French door model is the most favorite with families. The advantage of this Door-in-door model is that it has bonus door bins which give additional storage and better organizational feature.

The unique Custom chill drawer has four settings that can be used as a freezer space, or one can create their space for saving fresh food items. The capacity of this model is 30 cubic feet, giving ample storage room for the entire family.


Your kitchen is incomplete without the LG 4-door counter depth French door refrigerator. This 23 cubic feet capacity refrigerator will instantly win your heart! The SmartThinQ app lets you control the refrigerator features and temperature from your Smartphone. You can fill your favorite drink or load your groceries using the handy fold-away tray that automatically folds down while opening.

The swing door freezer gives you the freedom of six storage compartments and 6-door bins for added storage.


This LG model is 29 cubic feet and is a 3-door French door with door-in-door style. The best part of this model is its shelf space not just in the refrigerator, but even for the door bins.

LG refrigerators’ reviews rate this model as “Highest in customer satisfaction”. Its linear compressor comes with a 10-year warranty.


This model is super-sized and big regarding capacity. It is 30 cubic feet which mean more storage room and more shelf space. The Smart Cooling Plus technology enables proper temperature within the refrigerator to retain the maximum freshness.

Glide N access shelf gives proper access to the foodstuff located at the deep end of the shelf. Energy Star qualification saves energy and electricity bills in the long run.


This is the award-winning model from the 2017 Consumer Electronic Show. These LG refrigerators boast of a tall ice and water dispenser that makes it easier to refill tall glasses. It is Wi-Fi enabled, allowing you to control the refrigerator via an app on your smartphone.

The freezer has 3-tier organization drawers to slip in easy to find frozen food. The outer body is fingerprint and smudge-resistant proof.


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    Many women around the world regret their decision of tying the knot and opt for its removal through a tubal removal surgery. But tubal reversal may not turn out to be successful for all. Like all other surgeries, tubal reversal surgery also has its own set of risks. Some of these risks and complications are listed below. Chances of ectopic pregnancy Tubal reversal surgeries have been long known to increase the chances of ectopic pregnancies. Do you know what an ectopic pregnancy is? Well, it is something in which the embryo develops elsewhere and not in the womb of the pregnant women. If you think you are pregnant after you have undergone your tubal reversal surgery, then you must be under close supervision of your doctor until the very end. Keep a check on the level of your HCGs. Let your obstetrician know everything about your tubal reversal surgery. A USG report and a level of HCG can help you determine whether your embryo is growing in the right place or not. Infection due to tubal reversal surgery Almost 5 percent of patients report of having an infection at the operated site after a tubal reversal surgery. Surgical site infections are not that serious, but if they are supposed to develop, then they will do so within 30 days. Now you must be wondering why these infections arise. They mostly arise due to invasion by microorganisms. Microorganisms may have come in contact with your body either through the air or may have been introduced through the surgical instruments if they were not sterilized properly. Tubal reversal surgery is not a massive one, but small infections may arise at the site of operation. The signs through which you can understand that you have an infection are A mild to high fever Pain at the site of infection, that is, at the site of operation A redness related to the infection Considerable swelling of the portion of infected area Slow healing process Added warmth around the infected area Bleeding due to tubal reversal surgery Bleeding is always involved in any surgical process. But when bleeding turns out to be excessive, then it is dangerous. It is rare to require a blood transfusion, but when bleeding exceeds a certain limit, then blood transfusion is a must. There are rare instances when a patient dies from excessive bleeding. A little bit of bleeding may occur and that is completely normal, but if you see that the rate of bleeding is even more than your menstrual flow, then you should definitely contact your doctor. Changing your tampon or pad more than once in an hour is certainly not normal and can lead to serious complications. Tubal reversal surgery doesn't require you to stay overnight and is usually an outpatient procedure, but if you have any unnatural bleeding, then your healing will be automatically delayed.
  • 5 personalized Christmas gifts that are easy to make
    Christmas is the time for exchanging gifts with your loved ones, and in most cases, we buy Christmas gifts off the rack to save us some time and thinking. But the best gift you can give in this festive season is your time and the warmth of your personal touch. Go DIY this time with your gifts and tailor-make them all by yourself. Here are five best Christmas gifts ideas that are personalized and super easy to make at home. Stylised lightings Everyone loves to light up their homes brightly during Christmas. Help them do it with your cool gifts for Christmas custom made designer lights. All you need is a string of rice light bulbs and a glass jar with open mouth. Cover the jar with fluorescent papers, put the coiled up light-string inside and leave the plug out. When turned on, the light will make the neon-covered jar glow in the dark. Jar candles One of the perfect family Christmas gifts for those dinner invitations, jar candles are super easy to make, but with caution. What you need to do is melt commercial paraffin wax of different shades in a double boiler and pour them into small and medium-sized jars with thick glass. Insert the wick while the wax is in a jelly state and let it cool. Your unique Christmas gift is ready for wrapping! Hand-knitted stuff A tradition passed down for centuries, giving hand-knitted mittens or mufflers to the younger ones to show love and warmth. You can twist the tale a bit, and instead of winter wears, you can go for some unusual and best Christmas gifts like coasters, tiny soft toys, pouches, wristbands or pillow covers. Attach the necessary buckles and straps, and your gift is good to go! Photo collage album A photo collage book album makes an awesome romantic Christmas gift. Gather the snapshots of moments you two have shared together, print them, paste them and write captions, quotes, memorable dates to fill up the album. Your effort and your own words will mean much more than the generic passage of the greeting cards. Leather purses Leather purses have always been one of the best Christmas gifts for men. But instead of buying a branded one where you need to look for the design you want and also pay a lot, go for a home-made one. Buy good quality leather in the tan of your choice, follow a YouTube video manual and cut, stitch and paste the leather to make a personalized Christmas gift for your man. Going personalized will not only reach your love to your dear ones unadulterated by commercial stuff, but it will also save you a whole lot of money. You will also have fun making them.
  • Lease deals on second generation Chevy
    General Motors on January 9, 2017, revealed the second generation Chevy Traverse model at the 2017 North American International Auto Show that was held in Detroit. To go on sale in the summer of 2017, the second generation Chevy Traverse model was introduced as a 2018 model. Finding Chevy Traverse lease deals for this model would be tough, since it is a newly added model and the costs can run high. Moreover, not many people would be willing to lease or sell a brand new car that is new to the market. Made available initially only in North America, the model is to go on sale in the summer of 2017, with plans to expand the Chevy Traverse to selected South American countries and also the Middle East. Expectations of Chevy Traverse lease deals is slightly higher in these regions. Moving away from its egg shaped design, the updated Chevy Traverse comes with a new concept that is very similar to the Tahoe. Chevrolet is also calling and marketing it as a Midsize SUV since it is significantly closer to the Tahoe in design than it is to a CUV. There are also some cues taken in from the now-mid-sized Acadia. There is the standard Chevrolet front grille design same as the Equinox, and the rear lights have been redesigned. The dimensions are very similar to the first generation models, with an additional 2.0 inches of wheelbase and 0.7 inches more in the overall length. The second generation models are also lighter by 111 pounds and weigh overall 4362 lbs. It has held on to its status as an 8-seat or a 7-seat optional passenger vehicle. The second generation traverse comes with five trim levels – High Country, Premier, L, LS, and LT, all of which are available in either the All-Wheel Drive (AWD) or the Front Wheel Drive (FWD) type configuration except the L trim level that is available exclusively in FWD. Appearance packages are also to be made available for the second generation models - Redline Edition available on the Premier trim and the RS available on the LT trim.
  • Here’s a List of Low Carb Snack Foods That You Can Enjoy
    Irrespective of whether you are trying to lose weight or are working hard to manage your health, just know that enjoying healthy low carb snacks is not a crime. In fact, most dieticians advice that many small meals are better for the body than gorging on three solid meals a day. Here is a list of tasty low carb snacks that you can choose to buy from the grocery store shelves or make at home and enjoy anytime.
    • Pickled okra, Jalapeno, cucumbers or bell peppers
    • Dry roasted nuts: chickpeas, cashew nuts, almonds, macadamia, peanuts, walnuts, pecan nuts, brazil nuts, pistachios
    • Dry roasted seeds: flax seeds, chia seeds, pumpkin or sunflower seeds
    • Dry roasted edamame beans
    • Pimiento-stuffed olives
    • Moon cheese
    • Frozen berries: blueberries, strawberries, golden raspberry, black raspberry, dewberry, gooseberry, huckleberry, elderberry, lingonberry, cloudberry
    • Hard-boiled eggs with crushed rock salt and a dash of freshly crushed black pepper
    • Healthy guacamole or hummus dip with fresh crisp baby carrots
    • Fresh green celery sticks with almond butter
    • Fresh Kale, lettuce or cabbage leaves stuffed with Cheddar cheese and a sprinkle of sea salt
    • Any raw or parboiled vegetable like tomato, broccoli, cucumber, cabbage, lettuce, cauliflower, zucchini, or bell pepper with a Greek yogurt dip or cream cheese
    • Salad of cherry tomatoes with fresh mozzarella cheese cubes, basil leaves and a dash of olive oil with sea salt and black pepper
    • Fresh avocado fruit
    • Quest protein chips
    • Baked kale chips, plain or seasoned with spices
    • String cheese with mixed Italian seasoning
    • Dark chocolate
    • Homemade popcorn with a hint of garlic butter or grated cheddar cheese
    • Grated coconut and dry jaggery powder mixed together with a hint of freshly powdered green cardamom powder
    • Red or purple grapes with Ricotta cheese
    • Crisp whole wheat bread sticks with guacamole
    • Cottage cheese lightly roasted in melted butter with a hint of Indian chat masala
    • Protein bars made with crushed mixed nuts and layered with dark chocolate
    • Oven roasted zucchini chips
    • Garlic butter roasted mushrooms
    • Tomato, avocado, cucumber and bell peppers cut into fine bits and drizzled with olive oil and sea salt
    • Toasted seaweed in a variety of flavors
    • Oven roasted broccoli coated with fresh pesto sauce
    • Green or red apple slices with slivered almonds
    Make sure you have at least a few of these low card food on hand readily available whether at home or at work, so you can quickly satiate your hunger cravings and stay healthy at the same time.
  • Signs of pulmonary fibrosis, treatment and more

    Pulmonary fibrosis is a condition which affects the lungs, causing breathing and respiratory problems. The tissue on the air sacs and pouches of the lungs which are responsible for absorbing oxygen tend to harden and scar causing trouble in normal breathing. Pulmonary fibrosis is a result of exposure to harmful toxins in the air, which cause the tissue to wear out and scar the air sacs and pouches.

    There are causes of pulmonary fibrosis which can be identified, but at times there are no known causes of the disease and hence such cases are termed as idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis. The severity of the symptoms can vary from person to person and no two cases are ever the same, with the causes being a challenge to identify.

    However, the common symptoms of pulmonary fibrosis include shortness of breath, dry cough, fatigue, unexplained weight loss, aching muscle and joints, widening of the tips of the fingers, amongst more. Although there have been cases where people ride out the symptoms without any trouble or too much discomfort, leading a healthy and stable life, some cases have reported rapid deterioration in their health. Symptoms have known to worsen over time and patients have been placed on mechanical ventilators to help breath normally.

    Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis is hard to diagnose and treat for that matter since there are no known causes. But there are a few ways in which the symptoms can be identified based on your medical history. Your general medical history will include your age, any history of smoking which might aggravated the fibrosis, airborne content which can irritate your lungs causing scarring, general hobbies, any history of drug use, other medical conditions that have been known to aggravate the already severe condition, family medical history to see if the problem has been persistent along the gene pool, and most importantly how long you have had the symptoms.

    Doctors may recommend a number of tests to identify the symptoms of idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis, since there is no one test which can identify the symptoms. Common tests include Chest X Ray, high resolution computed tomography, lung function tests, pulse oximetry, arterial blood gas tests, skin test for tuberculosis, exercise testing, ling biopsy, video assisted thorascopy, bronchoscopy, bronchoalveolar lavage, thoracotomy, amongst many others.

  • Tips to choose a good men’s deodorant
    It is not an unknown fact that the deodorant manufacturing industry is a multi-billion-dollar industry with consumers spending $18 billion on it per year as it has become an essential part of our lives. There are so many brands offering a vast variety of deodorants, and it is quite difficult to choose a good deodorant that works well for you. While a few choices may be a hit, a few can be disastrous. So, before taking the plunge here is a quick account to help you choose the best men deodorant. Deodorant or antiperspirant? Most consumers cannot find a good fragrance that works for them simply because they do not know the difference between a deodorant and antiperspirant. A deodorant keeps body odor in check by eliminating bacteria found in sweat. On the other hand, an antiperspirant keeps odor in check by slowing down the sweating process, by stopping the sweat glands and keeping sweat from reaching the skin. So, before you head towards purchasing the best men antiperspirant or deodorant, find out which one actually works for you. If you are not someone who perspires profusely and sweating is not really an issue for you, then you should avoid using an antiperspirant. Your aim should be to choose the best men deodorant. On the contrary, some people sweat profusely to a point that their shirt in the underarm region is drenched in sweat. This not only leads to bad body odor but also is also quite embarrassing. In such a case the best option is to use the best antiperspirants for men. Best of both worlds? The majority of deodorants manufactured today come in combo offers. This means that you have a product which is partially a deodorant and partially an antiperspirant. You might want to stay away from such products if you are looking for just a deodorant. This is because antiperspirants have certain drawbacks. The aluminum content in antiperspirants leave yellow stains on your clothes, and they also lead to excess sweating since the blocking of sweat glands can cause the glands to open up when the product is not in use. Consider a deo spray If you are looking for the best men deodorants, then consider the bottled sprays. Sprays dry up quickly, and their effect lasts much longer. Also, due to the stiff competition between brands, deodorants are no longer as expensive as they once used to be. Cheaper variants are available today without a compromise on quality. Check the ingredients While looking for the best men deodorant search for deodorants that are not too strong in fragrance. Just like other products such as detergents, soaps, shampoos and perfumes even deodorants have fragrance. This fragrance irritates the skin, even more so if you happen to shave your armpits. The stronger the fragrance in deodorant, the more irritating it shall be to the skin. A good sign to look out for in your quest for the best men deodorant is low alcohol content. Most deodorants have a high alcohol content to serve as a propellant and antimicrobial agent. This can really dry out and irritate the skin of those men who already have very dry or sensitive skin. Go natural There is a huge trend of going natural these days, and the sale of natural products seems to be on a steady rise. It is a good idea to search for good natural deodorants since these contain natural elements and herbs. They are very mild and can be good for the skin texture while eliminating odor effectively. Since natural products do not work for everyone, you will have to try a few out and see for yourself if natural deodorants work for you. You cannot deny that deodorants are an important aspect of men’s grooming. Choosing the one that suits you does make a huge difference. So, go for the one that is apt for you.
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