6 common tests to diagnose breast cancer

Breast cancer occurs when breast cells start growing out of control. These cells form a tumor and can be seen as a lump in the breast. Breast cancer occurs both in men and women, although HER2 breast cancer is common only amongst women. It can start growing in the milk ducts (ductal cancers) or in the glands that produce milk (lobular cancers).

Breast cancer is mostly detected after symptoms start to appear. Sometimes, it may happen that a woman with breast cancer has no symptoms. Different tests and procedures can be done to diagnose breast cancer. Listed below are some of the common tests used to diagnose breast cancer:

  • Breast examination: In this procedure, a doctor examines both of the breasts and lymph nodes in the armpits. This is done to check for lumps of cancerous cells.
  • Mammogram test: A mammogram test is done to take an X-ray of the breast. It is used to screen any abnormality in the breast.
  • Ultrasound: Ultrasound is done to produce deep images of the breast to find out whether the lump formed is a solid mass or a fluid-filled cyst.
  • Breast cell test: Breast cell test i.e. a biopsy is an effective way to diagnose breast cancer. Biopsy test samples are sent to the laboratory, where experts find out whether the cells are cancerous or not.
  • Breast magnetic resonance imaging: An MRI machine uses a magnet and radio waves and creates pictures of the interior of the breasts to check for the presence of lumps, abnormalities like pain, nipple discharge or thickening of the breasts near the underarms.
  • Staging breast cancer: To identify staging breast cancer, one should do tests like blood tests, mammogram, MRI of the breast, bone scan, computerized tomography (CT) scan or positron emission tomography (PET) scan.

Not all tests and procedures are necessary. It depends on how a doctor wants to treat based on a specific situation and symptoms. Breast cancer stages range from 0 to IV. 0 indicates cancer that is non-invasive and Stage IV breast cancer indicates metastatic breast cancer signs, in which case, the cancer cells would have spread to other parts of the body.


  • A quick guideline for Prosper personal loans

    Prosper is an online peer-to-peer (p2p) lending platform that offers loans to individuals at a fairly low-interest rate. Established in 2006, Prosper became the first firm to enter the p2p lending market. It provides loans to individuals with average to excellent credit score. Any individual with a minimum of 640 credit score is considered eligible for a Prosper loan.

    How Does Prosper Work?

    It must be usual for people to wonder, how Prosper manages to lend money at an interest rate far lower than the industry. The answer is simple. Unlike banks & other financial institution, Prosper doesn't have branches, operating online helps Prosper saves on the expenses other financial institutes have to bear. These savings help provide relief to their customers as low interest rates.

    When an individual applies for a loan on Prosper’s website, they request necessary information of the applicant after which Prosper makes a soft credit check of the borrower’s credit history. This soft credit inquiry doesn’t affect the credit score as it doesn’t reflect on the public credit report. This soft credit check helps Prosper determines whether the individual is eligible for a Prosper loan. Once the applicant has succeeded in the soft credit check, Prosper makes a hard credit check to confirm his eligibility for the loan. This hard credit check reflects on the credit report for the next two years. Get detailed information on hard and soft credit check here. When the applicant’s credit history seems satisfactory, he/she is provided an eligibility confirmation for a Prosper Loan.

    On completion of credit check, the applicant receives a confirmation noting the loan has been processed and that the amount will be transferred in 1-4 business days (to eligible applicants). The applicant gets the amount in their provided bank account within the said duration.

    What are the charges of Prosper?

    Please note that the amount received will not be equivalent to the loan amount applied for, as an origination fee ranging from 2.4% to 5% will be deducted from the amount borrowed. An origination fee is a fee charged by Prosper to process the loan. The origination fee rate depends on the applicant’s credit score, individuals with the excellent score being charged 2.4% while an average scorer would be charged 5%. The better the credit score one has, the lesser the origination fee he has to pay. If you are in need of a particular amount, be sure to calculate the origination fee in advance and add it to the borrowing amount to get the desired amount. For example, if you are in need of $2,000 be sure to request a loan of $2105, as 5% of $2105 is $105, which will give an amount of $2000 after the deduction of origination fee.

    How to Apply for a Prosper Loan?

    Prosper loan applications are quick and easy. The entire process is done online on Prosper’s official website. Follow the below mentioned steps to apply for a Prosper Loan:

    • Log in to Prosper’s official website.
    • Prosper requests some of your personal information - name, address, date of birth, monthly housing expenses and loan requirements as a part of the loan application.
    • Once you have filled these details, you will be asked to create a password for your account with Prosper.
    • Prosper will run a soft inquiry of your credit report & provide you with a confirmation of whether or not you are considered eligible for a loan on the next screen. Here, it will display the rate of interest you will be charged for the loan. Along with the rate of interest, it will show the ARP. ARP or Annual Percentage Rate is more important than the interest rate as it is a sum of origination fee and interest rate.
    • Prosper offers you a fixed payback term of 3 or 5 years, which will be shown along with their respective interest rate. It will also display the maximum amount you can borrow from Prosper, i.e., if you want to borrow a bigger amount than what you initially applied for, you can make the changes here.
    • Once you have selected the amount and the payback term, you will be taken to the next screen, where, additional details about the applicant is requested.

    Details requested would be:

    • Personal Phone Number
    • Employment Details
    • Social Security Number

    Since sensitive information like Social Security Number is requested on their site, Prosper has secured their website with encryption to process information securely.

    • Once you have filled in the additional personal details, the next screen would display all the loan terms, i.e., ARP, Origination Fees, Loan Amount, Total Payments, etc. Make sure you read everything carefully to be well informed of the loan terms before borrowing from Prosper.
    • Once you have accepted terms of the loan, you can complete your application with Prosper by doing the following:
      • Add Bank Account Details: There are two ways to provide your bank account details to prosper, the first and the quickest way to do this, is to provide your bank account login and password to prosper so that they can verify your bank details the fastest. If you are not comfortable sharing your bank login, you could opt for the second way, i.e., provide your bank account number and routing number, which Prosper will use to verify with your bank by depositing a small amount, usually less than 10¢. This second method is a long process and might take some time for the verification to be completed.
      • Upload / Fax Additional Documents: Prosper might want you to upload few supporting documents like a bank statement or tax document in PDF format or fax it to them. These documents are used to verify your information before processing the loan.

    Once you have completed the above mentioned steps, Prosper will display a confirmation stating -

    [caption id="attachment_16661" align="aligncenter" width="623"]Prosper Loans Application Confirmation In Image: Prosper confirms application receipt. It also mentions that they are reviewing your application and will send you an email regarding your application in an hour.[/caption]
    • After this, Prosper runs a hard inquiry that will remain on your public credit report for at least two years.

    Benefits of Prosper Loans

    Prosper is not only the quickest and easiest way to apply for a loan, but also have additional benefits:

    • Individuals with a credit score as low as 640 are considered eligible for a Prosper Loan. This low score consideration is a great relief to people with a poor credit history.
    • Prosper loan is processed in as low as one day in some cases. Their quick process helps in easy access to money during emergencies.
    • Due to Prosper’s soft credit checks, there will be no effect on the credit report if you are only looking to check your interest rates.
    • Prosper loans are lent on a fixed interest rate, irrespective of market changes or payment delays, Prosper loans’ interest rate stays unchanged throughout the repayment term.
    • Prosper offers one of the lowest interest rates in the market. This low rate helps save on the extra interest you might have to pay with other personal loans.
    • No extra fees or penalty is charged in case of early closure or payment of the extra amount.

    Drawbacks of Prosper Loans

    Although there don’t seem to be many drawbacks of Prosper loans, we have mentioned below a few things that might be inconvenient for some:

    • Prosper’s hard credit inquiry might have a slight impact on your credit report for about six months, lowering your score faintly.
    • If you are looking to borrow an amount that is anything lesser than $2000 or greater than $40000, Prosper might not be of great help as they have a borrowing scale of $2000-$40000.
    • If you are looking for a long payback term to lower your monthly EMIs, Prosper might not be the right choice for you, as Prosper offers a maximum payback term of 5 years.
    • If your loan goes unfunded for 14 days, you might have to reapply, which means a longer wait time.
    • Prosper’s origination fee might be of major concern for some people as it could go up to 5% of the loan amount.
    • Although a loan term of 60 months / 5 years is available with Prosper, the interest rates for five years repayment term is higher than that of 3 years. This might discourage most of the applicants from opting a 60 months term.
    • Prosper is unavailable in a few states, namely, Maine, Iowa, and North Dakota. Making it impossible for the residents of these states to borrow via Prosper.
    • If your credit score is anything below 640, you might not be able to borrow via Prosper Loans. In such cases, you might have to consider loans for poor credit score.
    • If you do not have a job or a stable income, your loan might not be approved.
    • Only individuals can apply for Prosper Loans. If you are looking to co-borrow a loan, you might have to look elsewhere as Prosper doesn't support co-borrowing.

    The best situation will be not to have to borrow money or take any loan, in case you must, Prosper Loans are a good choice with low-interest rates and easy repayment options.

  • Reasons to buy the power-packed Dodge Challenger
    The Dodge Challenger is a masculine car that gives you oodles of energy when you step on the pedal. This is an SUV that looks good, feels good to drive, and provides ample space in the interiors. If you love the brand and would love yourself some Dodge power, you can think about leasing an SUV using Dodge lease special offers. The company is giving out some really nice discounts and offers to its lease customers. Coming back to the 2018 Dodge Challenger, following are the specifications that you need to know and will help you make a purchasing/leasing decision.
    • Engine specifications The base engine of this SUV is 305-horsepower V6, which is very powerful and provides an impressively quick acceleration. This engine is followed by more powerful V8s that make driving a Challenger an adrenaline-filled experience. The V8 goes from 375 horsepower to a whopping 840 horsepower in the supercharged Hemi.
    • Mileage specifications These powerful engines give out an average mileage, which does not go down well with the critics. Challenger manages to give a fuel economy of 19 in the city limits and a good 30 mpg on the highways. If you will ask the experts, they will tell you this kind of a fuel economy is not good for an SUV with such powerful engines. It's a small price to pay for huge engine power.
    • Interior specifications Almost all of the Challenger models have a sitting arrangement for five people. The rows of seats both in the front and back are spacious and adults of all sizes can fit within this SUV comfortably. The interiors of the Challenger are plain as compared to other cars in the league but it is definitely spacious and comfortable. The cargo space is huge and the infotainment is classy with standard options like a touchscreen, Bluetooth, USB ports and Apple CarPlay.
    Challenger is a great SUV when it comes to power but most SUV experts do not like it for its rawness and a less than impressive road grip. This SUV comes in two terrain drivesall-wheel drive and rear wheel drive. Both the options are good if you do not compare it with other SUVs that offer better road grip and handling. Buy a Challenger for its engine power and if you love some serious offroading. The 2018 model is loaded with more amenities and offers better engine performance than its predecessors. If buying is not on your mind, you may think about leasing this SUV using some of the great Dodge lease special offers. Dodge has introduced some great prices and Dodge lease special offers to help its fans own a Dodge and enjoy its 840-horsepower engines.
  • Top signs of toe nail fungus
    Toe nail fungus is usually caused when the feet are stuck in closed shoes and they sweat a lot without proper airing. This also happens when one does not maintain good hygiene of the feet and the shoes. Treatment of toe nail fungus is a matter of recognizing the primary cause and taking care of the feet with cleanliness, change of shoes, keeping the feet dry, and a host of other such measures. But before jumping into the remedies for toe nail fungus, it would be worthwhile to understand the symptoms so that one can recognize the same promptly before the infection spreads. Here are the top signs of toe nail fungus, which will help in carrying out effective cure of the same. Changes in the Appearance of the Nail: The toe nails will undergo some changes in appearance depending on the type of fungus or infection. There are two types of fungal infection. While one causes yellow patches on the toe nails, the other causes white specks, and spots. You should recognize the kind of infection before you choose the treatment method for toe nail fungus. Skin and Nail Fragment Build Up: Before you embark on toe nail fungus treatment, you should study the area around the nails. If there is a deposit of fragments of skin and nails, then there is infection lurking below the same. The nail surface may also become brittle and powdery as the infection increases. This calls for urgent treatment of toe nail fungus. Discoloration of the Nail: Apart from the changes in appearance, the nail itself will undergo discoloration. One may suddenly find that the nail is turning grey or yellow, depending on the kind of infection that one may be suffering from. It would be a good idea to examine the same to decide on the treatment for toe nail fungus. Any changes in the nails or the skin around the same should not be ignored. You would do well to go to the doctor to report such changes along with any pain in the toes and feet, so that treatment for toe nail fungus may start immediately.
  • Top resume samples and tips
    We all focus on the resume more first before we go give an interview. You might be the best candidate for a job but if your resume doesn't support who you are, then there is a good chance you will not even make the initial screening. The talent acquisition team of any company first screens a resume and only then it gets passed on until you get an interview call. The resume is the only thing they see of you before they actually meet you in person. That is what makes your resume so important to be perfect. Let's talk about some tips and take examples from top 10 resume samples to understand what makes a good resume great. It gets difficult to figure out where to start the resume from. If you are making a resume for the first time, our suggestion would be that you first make a resume using the samples you find on the internet and put everything up there which you feel is essential. Once done, you can check the top tips below: Be as relevant as possible You might be a fresher and open to many fields or even an experienced person but want to change the field and want to try out new possibilities. For this reason, you might feel confused as to what skill you should show up and end up putting in everything that you know, done and accomplished. Well, you don't have to. Make a generic resume and then as per the job you are applying for, tweak the information accordingly. For example, your photo-shop certification is irrelevant for your content writing job. Highlight your best work, skills, accomplishments If it makes sense for the new job, then keep the best work, skill, interest, and accomplishments on the top or the initial part of the resume where they can see it clearly and not miss out of any of those best things. Don't go mainstream with objective Every resume that you read will have a 'career objective/objective' section on the top with the most clichd line that has been used by a lot of people. You can totally go ahead and ditch this section as many hiring teams do not even bother to read that. However, if you do have a serious objective you really believe in, then mention it but make sure you do not sound mainstream and it looks original and genuine. There is a lot more to tips on resumes than these three pointers, which you can apply on your resume. You can research and take as many references you like to come up with a resume that speaks for itself and sells itself.
  • Buying a new TV using attractive offers
    Everyone wants to have a high-quality TV to experience the advantages of modern technologies. Brand, budget, prices, types, and features are some factors you should always consider before buying a TV. Nowadays, Smart TVs are becoming a huge hit in the markets than normal TVs because they come with the latest features. Although there are several stores provide the best TV offers, it is advisable to compare them online. There are TVs under 300 and TVs under 500 available at different TV stores and TV shops. To shop TVs online, you will give ways for saving both time and money. Also, you get information about the latest TV offers as soon as possible. You can shop TVs or buy TVs online and get the best TV deals today. Look for the latest TV offers. The following models are available online, and you can order them with the TV offers to save money.
    • TCL 32S305 32-Inch 720p Roku Smart LED TV This 32-inch 2017 model comes with outstanding features such as Direct-lit LED, smart functionality, 60Hz refresh rate, and six outputs. It allows the users to watch high-quality pictures in over 4000 channels. The current price of the model is $200, and Amazon offers same at $1700 with 15 % discount.
    • Sony KDL40R510C 40 inch Smart LED TV The Sony KDL40R510C has a great screen size, enabling people to reduce picture noise problems effectively. Other features include remote, table stand, 2 HDMI, 2 USB, smart functionality, and 60Hz refresh rate. However, the model does not support any music apps, and the prices may vary. One can check for latest TV offers before ordering the product.
    • Insignia 4K ultra smart Roku HD TV Insignia 50-inch TV is an ideal choice for those who want to watch their favorite programs with 4K resolutions. Some other features include 2160p resolution, DTS TruSurround, 1 USB port, Built-in Roku Platform, and so on. Currently, best buy offers Black Friday deals on the product to save money, and the current price is $349 (the original cost is $439).
    • Sharp LED smart HDTV ROKU TV It delivers high-quality pictures with the latest features. Some of them include 720p resolution, wireless connectivity, 3 HDMI inputs for better home theatre connection, 32", 1 USB, and access to multiple angles. The current price of the model is $200, and the Best buy offers 50% discount and now available at $150.
    • LG Smart 4K Ultra HD TV The webOS 3.5 platform in the model allows a person to access their favorite streamlining apps with 2160p resolution. It comes with some other features such as IPS technology, true color accuracy, advanced sound, and TruMotion 120. Best buy provides 30% discount on the product to save money. Current price is $280, and the original cost is $430.
    People can also explore online TV sale for ordering a product with high discounts.
  • Essential things to know before you start packing for your vacation
    Essential things to know before you start packing for your vacation Planning a vacation is the most critical part of holidays. It takes a lot of research and discussions to finally plan a vacation. It also takes many days for doing the right research and talk to as many people as possible to get the best advice for your vacation. But once you have planned your vacation, national or international, the next big thing is packing. Luggage and travel gear is essential to plan well along with your travel itinerary. If you have never planned an international trip before or never had to pack your own luggage and travel gear, then here are the things you can include in your travel gear to make sure that you are fully equipped with all your travel essentials.
    • For pre-departure essentials Your passport, Visa and photo IDs should be in place if you are going on an international trip. Depending on the country you are going to, you might also need to check your health and vaccination documents. Keep all your medical insurance information in place and emergency contact information in case you get into some kind of trouble while travelling. Currency exchange also needs to be in place before you depart to save your time and effort while travelling.
    • Checklist for home If it is a long travel, then you should think of your home checklist apart from your luggage and travel gear essentials. Stop the newspaper and other deliveries if your home is going to be empty behind you. Make sure you have checked all areas in your house for potential fire hazards and unplug all appliances.
    • Personal items For the right luggage and travel gear, you need to check your personal items, and toiletries should be in place. If you are going to a place that doesn’t require you to carry your toiletries as you can easily find them there, you can skip packing them as that will help you pack faster and travel light. However, if you have to exclusively use some personal items that you cannot find in other countries or places, you must carry them.
    • Electronics While packing your electronics, try and pack them in your carry-on luggage instead of check-in as that will help you keep them safe and away from any damage while your check-in luggage is being moved from one section to another in the airport. To avoid any hazards, carry your power banks and chargers in your carry-on luggage as it isn’t safe to pack them in your check-in luggage.
    • Clothing No matter the length your trip, the lighter you pack the better. Most of us overpack under the pretext the we might need all the things we are packing. That makes our luggage and travel gear unnecessarily heavy, which becomes troublesome when you have multiple stops. You will then have to unpack and pack many things at every stop. It also troublesome when you shop from different places as you fall short of space to carry what you have shopped for. Most of us tend to overpack clothes. Depending on the place(s) you are going to, carry only as much as you will wear throughout the trip. Try to carry less night wear if you don’t want to compromise on your day outfits.
    • Medication Unless there are some essential and prescribed medicines that you have to carry, avoid carrying the ones that can easily be found in other places. Most places you will go to will have all the essential medicines that tourists would require. However, if you are not sure about the place you are going to, packing little extra will do no harm.