How to prepare for the postal exam 473

Are you looking for a job in the United States Postal Service? Then firstly, you should be well acquainted with their hiring process. All postal job aspirants must take a written test known as Postal Exam 473. These are mostly to be taken for positions such as postal carriers, machine operators, mail handlers, and processors. This test is conducted to gauge the applicant’s basic skills when it comes to executing certain types of tasks, such as verifying addresses, completing forms, swiftness, coding, memory, and accuracy.

This exam could serve an opportunity for you to strengthen your application for post office jobs. Therefore, you must seriously prepare for the postal test. To get you started, here are some ways which can help while you are studying for a USPS jobs.

Preparation guide – Want a comprehensive direction for your postal exam? Then begin by using a self-study guide which comprises of essential lessons and mock practice papers. Although USPS does not endorse any particular guides, you can pick popular books like Pass the New Postal Test 473E or Postal Test 473E Speedy-Study Guide for your preparation. Remember to ensure that whichever guide you intend to purchase should be an updated print.

Mock tests – The key to achieve any goal is to practice using mock tests. You can find them in your guides and even online. These will help you develop speed, which is tremendously vital while writing postal exams. You will also be able to anticipate the potential for securing a good score. Such mock tests will also enlighten you about all the possible shortcomings which need some extra work.

Online communities – Like you, there will be several aspirants applying for postal jobs. This is why you will end up finding numerous student communities online. In such virtual spaces, you can ask various doubts and share notes as well as latest USPS job developments. So, don’t forget to stay connected.

Study groups – Need a good tutor? Then participating in a study group can be an idea that you can consider. This can be especially great if you want to resolve doubts. Although, you need the right company for a productive study session.


  • Here’s why maintaining normal creatinine levels is imperative
    There are various parameters set by our body which is to be met, and this serves as an indication of whether all our organs are in their optimum form. Our blood pressure, our blood sugar levels, creatinine levels, etc. are supposed to be within the accepted range which is an indicator that we are healthy. People are familiar with the concepts of blood pressure and blood sugar levels. However, people remain a little less-informed on the need to maintain normal creatinine levels. So, in order to up your knowledge about creatinine and why it is imperative to maintain normal creatinine levels, keep reading. What is creatinine? In simple words, creatinine is the chemical waste molecule that is a result of muscle metabolism. However, the mere presence of creatinine doesn't indicate that the body is functioning abnormally. Every individual has creatinine in the body since it is a by-product of the wear and tear of the muscles. This creatinine is flushed out of the body by our kidneys, and thus normal creatinine levels are maintained in the body. Why is it necessary to maintain normal creatinine levels? Even creatinine levels function the same way blood sugar and blood pressure levels function. Unless normal creatinine levels are maintained, one cannot say that they are in perfect health. As mentioned earlier, creatinine is a waste product, and like every other waste material, it has to exit the body. The kidneys are assigned the role of cleansing the body of creatinine. However, after a blood check or a urine check, if the reports show high creatinine levels, this indicates that there's something wrong with the kidneys. Unless measures are taken to reduce creatinine levels, higher creatinine levels can result in kidney failure or some degenerative kidney disorder. Diabetes, high blood pressure, and certain drugs are known to increase the creatinine levels in the body. Unless measures are taken to maintain normal creatinine levels, the person is at risk of renal failure. What are the normal creatinine levels? Since the production of creatinine is a result of muscle metabolism, men have higher creatinine levels owing to greater muscle tissues. The level of creatinine can be determined by a blood check and a urine test. The normal creatinine levels for men, women, and children are as follows. Normal blood creatinine levels are-
    • For men- 0.6 TO 1.2mg/dL ; 53 to 106 mcmol/L
    • For women- 0.5 to 1.1mg/dL ;44 to 97mcmol/L
    • For teenagers- 0.5 to 1.0mg/dL
    • For children- 0.3 to 0.7mg/dL
    Normal urine creatinine levels-
    • For men- 107 to 139mL/min; 1.8 to 2.3 mL/sec
    • For women- 87 to 107mL/min; 1.5 to 1.8 mL/sec
    Once the creatinine level exceeds the normal level, it is imperative that steps are taken to reduce creatinine levels.
  • Essential Components of a Makeup Kit, free mascara samples, huda beauty desert dusk eyeshadow palette, good liquid foundation for oily skin
    If you are looking for a makeup kit, you must purchase one that has all the essential components which you need in your daily routine. Whether you have to head to work or prepare for a party, these makeup kit essentials are your basic requirement. Read on to know about the basic makeup kit components. Foundation The foundation is the basic component of the beauty regime. It comes in various forms like powder form, cream based, stick and, most commonly used liquid form. For the selection of the correct foundation form, you must know your skin type. When you have dry skin, you can use any type of foundation like cream based, stick and liquid one. For the skin type of both oily and dry, the powder base foundation is the best option. You should go for a powder base or liquid for the oily skin. The most important step is to choose the right undertone according to your skin color. Concealer Concealer is the important component of a makeup kit for those who have dark circles, acne or any other type of skin discoloration. For acne or any other discoloration of the skin, choose the concealer similar to your foundation color. But for dark circles, it’s better to opt for peach or pink colored concealer. Eyeshadow For eyeshadow, the base should be the neutral colored one and choose the glittery one for the festive or party look. Make sure your eyeshadow matches your eye color. Eyeliner Eyeliner is the essential beauty component for the eyes as the eyes contribute an important part in presenting your makeup impressively. There are various types of eyeliners you can choose from, such as pencil eyeliner, liquid eyeliner or kohl products. Mascara Mascara is another basic requirement for enhancing the beauty of the eyes. When you have long eyelashes, and you want them to look curly, you will need mascara. To increase the length of short eyelashes, mascara is required. You can find a variety of shades for the mascara. Lip color For the lip color, there are various options in the market. You can use lip gloss for an instant enhancement of your lips. You can use lipstick for a better finish and great looks. Lipsticks are found in many forms like satin, glossy, or matte finish. There are a large number of brands that provide different makeup kits which have all these essentials. Some examples are Sephora Favorites, Maybelline New York, Milk Makeup and Bare Minerals Box.
  • 5 cheap LG phones that you shouldn’t miss out on
    LG always tries to offer the best to its customers at the lowest prices. If you are looking for an Android phone equipped with all the basic features and that is also budget-friendly at the same time, then LG has a lot of options. Here are some of its cheapest android phones:
    • LG Optimus Dynamic
    This is one of the cheapest LG Android phones, priced at just around USD 35. It is equipped with all the basic features you need. It operates on Android 2.3 Gingerbread. Its battery gives a talk time of up to 6 hours. The phone has a 3.2-inch touchscreen. It also has a 3MP camera and video recorder.
    • LG L35G
    If you want something that is stylish and light, then LG L35G is the best option. The phone has a 3.2-inch touchscreen display. It has a 3MP camera. The phone allows you to store data externally up to 32GB using a microSD card. This LG Android mobile’s price is around USD 35 only.
    • LG Optimus Zone 2
    LG Optimus is a power-packed phone that runs on a Dual-Core processor. It has a sleek, stylish, and compact design. It sports a 3.2-inch vivid display. The phone has a smart LED to notify important things to you. With its guest mode, you will be able to share photos with your friends without any worry. This LG Android mobile’s price is around USD 40.
    • LG Optimus
    LG Optimus operates on Android 2.3. It has a virtual QWERTY keypad and a 4-inch touchscreen display. The phone supports 3G and Wi-Fi connections. It has a 5MP rear camera and a 2MP front camera. This LG Android mobile’s price is around USD 43.
    • LG Xpression 2
    This mini phone is perfect for basic use. It has a slide-out QWERTY keyboard that makes typing quick and simple. It has a 3-inch display and a 2MP camera. The phone also supports multiple languages and enhances convenience. This LG Android mobile’s price is around USD 45. With so many affordable and good options available in the market, it is best to choose an LG model.
  • Everything you need to know about freeze dryers
    A freeze dryer lowers the temperature of food to minus 30 to minus 50 degrees Fahrenheit. It then creates a vacuum in the food chamber, allowing easy preservation. What is freeze drying? Freeze drying, otherwise known as Lyophilisation is the process of removing ice or frozen solvents from perishable items through desorption. Freeze drying involves three main stages: Freezing stage Freezing is done on a shelf in a freeze dryer where the material is cooled below its triple point. This ensures sublimation rather than melting to help preserve its physical form. Primary drying (sublimation) stage In this stage, the material is exposed to low pressure and heat in order for the water to sublimate. The vacuum created in the freeze dryer speeds up the process of sublimation. Primary drying can be a slow process, as excessive heat can alter the structure of the material. However, it removes 95% of water from the material. Secondary drying (absorption) stage This stage involves removing the ionically-bound water molecules by raising the temperature higher than that in the Primary Drying stage. The material is then sealed and retains only about 1-5% moisture. What makes up a freeze dryer? Refrigeration system This system works towards cooling the condenser that is in the freeze dryer. It is also used for cooling the product shelves inside the chamber for the product. Vacuum system This system has a vacuum pump that is separate and is connected to a condenser which is airtight. It is attached to a product chamber and helps to reduce the water molecules. Control system Control systems help in maintaining temperature and allow monitoring the freeze drying process. Product chamber or manifold These chambers are one of two types - a manifold with flasks attached to it and the second - a chamber with shelves where the product is placed. Condenser Attracting the vapors that are sublimed from the product is the purpose of the condenser. The collapse temperature and freezing point and of the product prescribe the condenser temperature. What are the different types of freeze dryers? Freeze dryers are divided into the following based on the type of product chamber. Manifold dryers These dryers are used when the product or material is pre-frozen and is in flasks. Shelf dryers Shelf dryers are used when the material or product is directly placed on the shelf or tray of the freeze dryer. Combination units Combination units have both options - manifold as well as shelf drying.
  • 4 great reasons to get a Coach swagger handbag
    What better way to express ourselves than with shoulder handbags which are practical and sexy? The Coach Swagger handbag is one such bag which is a small, fancy, stylish, and caters to just about anyone's needs. Shoulder strap bags boast of both form and function. Getting one with the right number of compartments and spiced up features brings handbag lovers true joy. The bonus is the shoulder strap these handbags offer. This ensures flexibility, which means that you can swing them over your shoulders and have your hands free to carry out other activities. The small size doesn't interfere with daily activities, making them the ideal choice for carrying everyday essentials. Shoulder strap handbags come with compartments and zippers which means you can carry your valuables. However, since they are compact, you'll only be carrying the minimum needed. Additionally , they are fun, quirky, funky, and come in tones of warm and cool colors. There are bright colored handbags and more bulky-looking dark handbags. Here's why the Coach Swagger handbag, which is also available on QVC, is awesome. Structure The shape and structure can make handbags look and feel practical. Most handbags offer shapes which look stylish but fall apart structure wise. This can make them pretty uncomfortable or unreliable in certain occasions. The Coach Swagger handbag has got a nice, roomy structure for its interiors. Its shape is tiny and it strikes a delicate balance in all its features. Detail Good handbags come with metallic hardware and other great details. But this tiny munchkin unbeatable packs a punch with its unparalleled detailing. The riveting, tiny details making up the hardware. These aren't too flashy and add a layer of intricacy, giving the bag an edge. Great for eye candy and shiny enough to attract even the most common of handbag buyers. Compartments The Coach Swagger handbag comes with two interior pockets inbuilt into the bag. There is a pocket with a zip so that users can store items that need extra protection. The zip pocket makes it perfect for carrying and protecting valuable essentials. An outer flap pocket is provided for convenience. Size The Coach Swagger handbag hailing from QVC's collection does not take up much space. It is small, functional, and packs a punch in the aesthetics department. The handbag also comes with a shoulder strap. The overall overall dimensions of the bag is 9 ¾ x 6 ¼ x 11 ½. If you want to buy this handbag, you can either buy it from Coach's retail outlets or from QVC, which is an online platform that promotes various designer brands and handbag labels.
  • Upkeep of Metal Patio Furniture
    Metal patio furniture, like any other garden or outdoor furniture, demands proper care and maintenance. Although most metal patio furniture come with a protective finish, upkeep is however critical. Metal patio furniture doesn't demand too much time and can be easily cleaned using a cloth and washing liquid detergent. Coating on the metal patio wears off making it look wary. Depending on the condition of your furniture, it is advised to perform routine cleaning and wiping, especially if there are any bird droppings. At the start and end of every season, check on the condition of the lacquer paint of the  furniture carefully. If you can see that the coating has developed bubbles or the furniture is showing signs of rust, it is time to get your cleaning kit out. It is best advised to clean the furniture carefully every summer and season change in order to restore the look as well as to enhance the durability of the metal. Here are some important things that you should keep in mind before starting the cleaning process:
    • Remove all cushions and decorative items before you start cleaning the metal frames of your outdoor furniture.
    • Remove all the imperfection using a metal polishing paste. You can also use a DIY mixture by combing water and white vinegar in equal proportions.
    • Avoid cleaning your metal patio furniture with hard chemicals like ammonia and trisodium phosphate since they are alkaline in nature and cause oxidation.
    • Wash aluminum metal patio furniture regularly to preserve its natural luster.
    • In order to remove scuff marks, use a soft cloth dampened with a nonabrasive product like Soft Scrub.
    • Apply a coat of automotive max to protect your metal patio furniture after the cleaning has been done.
    • One of the simplest way to ensure that your furniture remains clean is to cover it when not in use.Vinyl furniture covers are easily available at the local hardware or home goods store and can be ordered directly from the company if in case you need customization.
    • Wipe off any spills immediately. Spills are main reason for rust and hence should be cleaned immediately.
    • When not using it or in harsh weather conditions, although metal patio furniture are quite durable that ways, it is still best to store them in a garage or a shed.
    • Give your metal patio furniture a good spray coating of car wax in order to ensure that the water doesn't bead and soak into the metal frames.
    Routine cleaning plays a pivotal role in keeping garden furniture in perfect condition. For best results, you should clean outdoor furniture four times a year: Once at the beginning of summer, once at the end of summer, and a couple of times in between.