Nine Great Features To Look For In A Fitness Tracker

Fitness trackers are undoubtedly one of the most popular types of wearable technology. They have massively evolved over the last few years and have incorporated intelligent features which make monitoring health a lot easier. However, the models vary according to every consumer’s needs. If you are on a lookout for such wearable technology but don’t know where to start from, then begin by shortlisting the kind of features you’d fancy. The following are some of the most sought-after features that can be found in current fitness tracker variants, which will help you pick the best.

  • Pedometer – This is the most basic feature any fitness tracker possesses, i.e., it measures the number of steps taken throughout the day. These basically act as a reminder and can motivate you to increase your physical movement on a daily basis. Currently, many fitness tracker models also house useful data like the amount of distance covered and calories burnt.
  • Calorie count – Based on the data from the pedometer, the calorie count feature can inform you about the estimated calories you have lost. You can also monitor your calorie intake through the day with the help of the smartphone app. You just have to key in what you’ve had for meals. The results can assist you in making some necessary alterations in your diet for weight management purposes.
  • Sleep tracker – Wearable technology today wants to assess all the health factors comprehensively. So, many brands have introduced a sleep tracker which evaluates your quality of sleep. With the help of the sensors, it not only determines how much sleep time did you cover but also gives information about how many times you woke up through the night. If you notice any issues in your slumber period, then you can readjust your routine to rest better.
  • Pulse monitor – Certain fitness tracker models also have sensors that record the heart rate. This can be an excellent feature for athletes or people with health problems. By realizing how hard your heart has to work, you can customize your exercise regime to perform better.
  • Alarms – If you happen to be someone who despises the shrill sound of alarms, then you should get a fitness tracker that has a silent alarm feature. It’s simple, you just wear it while sleeping and it will gently buzz to wake you up.
  • Goal dashboard – Almost all fitness trackers have their own smartphone apps. These apps contain vital statistics about your health. You can also set daily or weekly targets. On the completion of your fitness goals, you receive a congratulatory message which you can share with family and friends. If you wish, you can also pursue collective goals with fellow users.
  • Smartphone notifications – You can easily miss some of the important calls through the day. A fitness tracker prevents this situation by projecting notifications if you get a call, email, or text. This can be especially useful while you are traveling or working.
  • Battery life – A fitness tracker doesn’t need recharging on a daily basis. Some fitness trackers have a battery life up to five days. But this can differ according to every consumer’s usage patterns.
  • Waterproof – There are wearable technology brands which specifically manufacture a waterproof design for swimmers. Moreover, if you are looking for something simpler, then you can also find water-resistant models in the market.

All the wearable technology brands may not offer the features mentioned above, so determine the best combination that works for you. For instance, if you need a something that keeps you active through the day, then a simple fitness tracker with a pedometer and smartphone connectivity will do. Moreover, if you are an athlete, then you will need an advanced model which will keep an overall track of your fitness regime.

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  • The best hairstyles for short hair
    If you've cut your hair short, then you're probably confused about which hairstyle would suit you best. Here is a list of short hairstyles that are perfect for your bob, pixie or other short haircuts you may have chosen. Short layered hair If you are blessed with thick hair, then this style would suit you the most. Thick short hair can often turn into a nightmare when it comes to styling. These short layers go with short to medium length hair,and are never out of fashion. For this type of hairstyle, you don't need to reduce your volume. It only needs a little prepping up and an appealing shape. Deep side-parted cut The deep side-parted cut gives you a sort of classic look. This goes well with both thick and thin hair. Hair cuts that reach just below your chin add a chic look to your face too. This can be made more appealing by slightly straightening the ends. People with curly hair can go with the side-part too. Braided faux hawk If you are not a big fan of letting your hair loose, then this short hairstyle is the one for you. The braided section which runs down the back of your head will give you a stylish look. Inverted french twist This is one hairstyle that is comfortable and casual as well as classy. This loose modified french twist gives you a slightly messy hair air-dried look. It is twisted from top to bottom, unlike the original French twist. Hairline braids Are you irritated with your bangs falling on your face all the time, but still don't want to get rid of them? Then this short hairstyle solves your problem. This hairstyle goes with every occasion. Easy to pull off and stylish, hairline braids are a common choice for short hair styles. Short stacked bob This is an easy style to maintain. It is suitable for straight hair and you need to style it to make it look elegant. It may not go well with round faces and full cheeks though, and it looks best when you color your hair. Make sure you leave a little length in the front. That gives you a lot of options for styling. Smooth bob This hairstyle for short hair looks best if you have straight hair. Add a few layers or side bangs in the front. This will give you a more stylish look. Also, you can avoid those regular bangs and give your bob a different look. Sleek bob with side bangs This short hairstyle is perfect for people with high cheekbones and a sharp jaw line. The side bangs give a special attraction to this look. They enhance the look of your jawline and soften your features.
  • Seven Common Causes of Eye Pain
    One of the worst feelings that people can experience is a pain in the eyes. At times, the pain might be mild, while at other times, it might feel like a dagger through your eye socket. When you are suffering from eye pain, neither can you think straight, nor can you rest peacefully. Sleeping may help you get temporary relief from the pain, but that is short-lived too. If you have been experiencing a consistent pain in the eye, then you must visit a doctor as soon as possible. Most of the times, the underlying cause os such a pain may be trivial, but treatment is essential to prevent further complications. Knowing the underlying cause will help doctors determine which medication is right for you. Here are some leading causes of eye pain that you should know.
    • Blepharitis: This condition arises from an infection caused by an inflammation of the eyelid. Usually, it is not painful.
    • Conjunctivitis: The inflammation of the conjunctiva by bacteria, viruses, or allergies cause this disease. While it does cause pain in the eye, it can be treated easily.
    • Corneal infections: One of the primary causes of corneal infections are dirty glasses. Also, sleeping with your contact lenses may lead to such infections.
    • Foreign bodies: Foreign bodies in the eyes can cause a lot of pain and discomfort. Rinse these foreign objects out with water or remove it with your fingers.
    • Iritis: Problems in the immune system cause this disease. It leads to pain, vision impairment, and reddening of the eyes.
    • Sinusitis: An infection of one of the sinuses can cause this disease. It builds up pressure behind the eyes which leads to a lot of pain and discomfort.
    • Sty: A sty is a bump on the edge of your eyelid. It results from oil glands or hair follicles getting infected.
    Do not hesitate in seeking medical attention if you are suffering from eye pain due to any of these causes. At times, you may confuse eye pain with headaches, toothaches, sinus pain, or a migraine. It is vital to know the actual cause for this pain before getting treated. If you do not get it treated on time, you may experience blindness, double vision, extreme light sensitivity, or halos in the long run.
  • Let your babies go mobile with baby strollers
    While traveling, to keep your baby safe and comfortable, you need a stroller. For buying a stroller you do not have to shell lot of money. You can find the best baby strollers at a decent price. Strollers come in various price range and offer different features. As new parents, you may be confused to make the right choice. Don't get anxious. Our guide will help you to choose the right one for your child. Always buy a stroller that is certified by the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA). For newborns: You need a special baby stroller when you are travelling with your newborn. Until the baby is 6 months old, you need a carriage that can fully recline to support the infant. Travel system: Most of the first time parents prefer to go for a travel system that comes with a car seat and can snap into the stroller. Once the baby starts to sit up, the stroller can be used to move the baby around. Jogging stroller: For the new mothers who want to get back into shape immediately after delivery, jogging strollers are an excellent option. They have a sporty look and come with three wheels, making it easy to push while jogging. Do not buy this until you are very serious about jogging. Umbrella stroller: If your baby is older than 6 months, go for an umbrella stroller. It is very light weight and is perfect to carry while handling a toddler. How to buy the right baby stroller Before shopping for your first stroller, set a budget. It will make it easy for you to narrow down your choices. You can go for a super deluxe stroller from popular brands between the price ranges of $100 to $300 range. Things you need to test before making a purchase include the following: Make sure the stroller you are buying fits into the trunk or the back seat of your car. Ensure opening and closing of the stroller is easy. It should be convenient for you to lift and carry the stroller when it is open or folded. There should be enough storage room to fit the baby gear in the stroller. Check for cup holders and a snack tray. Ensure that you can adjust the backrest easily. Fastening and unfastening the harness should be simple. It must come with easy-to-use brakes and swivel lock mechanisms? The handle height and the grip should be comfortable for you. Warranty and return policy: The warranty offered by most manufacturers cover flaws and poor workmanship. It does not cover the malfunctions. If you happen to buy a defective baby stroller, you can get it replaced at the store where you bought it from. Buy a stroller from a store that offers long-term return policy and keep the packaging safe until you are completely satisfied with your purchase.
  • Treating the early symptoms of scleroderma
    Scleroderma is a type of chronic disease that affects the skin. This means it is a condition that does not go away. There are however measures and treatments that can control and manage the early symptoms of scleroderma. The biggest disadvantage of getting affected with scleroderma is that it is an auto immune disease. This means that the immune system prepares a mechanism and fights back one's own body, thus making it difficult to treat the condition. In case of scleroderma, the immune system prepares a mechanism by producing too much of protein, which makes the skin thick and hard. This is one of the early symptoms of scleroderma. Almost everyone who experiences scleroderma experiences hardening and tightening patches of the skin. The patches may be oval in shape, straight lined and cover a wide area of trunks and limbs. One of the earliest symptoms of scleroderma is numbness in fingers due to cold temperatures and or emotional distress. In addition to this, due to acid reflux, it damages the section of esophagus. People suffering from scleroderma experience problem in absorbing nutrients. This happens because the intestinal muscles are not moving food properly through the intestines. Treating the symptoms of scleroderma In many cases, the early symptoms of scleroderma fade away on their own in three to five years. Although, until the symptoms are present, they worsen the condition of internal organs. Following are the symptoms that can be treated with medication, therapy and surgery:
    • Dilating blood vessels Being one of the symptoms where the blood vessels get thinned, there are medications that can be prescribed by the doctor to dilate the blood vessels that will prevent further damage to the lungs, kidneys and may also help treat Raynaud's disease.
    • Suppressing the immune system There are prescription drugs available that can suppress an immune system and help control the symptoms of scleroderma, the same way they do in the case of organ transplant.
    • Reducing stomach disorders Since scleroderma affects esophagus and other tracts of digestive system by hardening the tissues and cause acid reflux, medications such as omeprazole can help relieve symptoms of the same.
    • Preventing infections to protect the tips of the fingers from the cold and prevent them from getting infected due to Raynaud's disease, antibiotic ointments should be applied. Influenza and pneumonia vaccinations can be used to protect lungs damaged due to scleroderma.
    • Physical therapy Occupational physical therapies can help with managing pain, improve strength and mobility of the overall body, and maintain independence with daily tasks.
    If you are experiencing early signs and symptoms of scleroderma, visit a doctor who will diagnose your symptoms, confirm, and provide you with treatment and medications for the same.
  • Getting an overview on causes and signs of high blood pressure
    The rate of blood flow through the veins is known as blood pressure. High blood pressure or hypertension is a state when the blood pressure has increased to abnormal levels. When arteries become narrow, it creates a resistance against the flow of blood, and as a result, there is a tendency of high blood pressure. In such cases, you must keep high blood pressure charts handy to maintain a track of your pressure level against the normal pressure levels. Causes of high blood pressure There is no specific reason for high blood pressure. After the age of 40, you must keep a check on yourself to ensure you maintain normal pressure levels according to high blood pressure charts. There are a number of reasons of high blood pressure. • Inherited from your parents • Organ malfunction in the body. For example, if your kidney does not work properly, the normal balance of salt and fluid in your body will be disturbed. As a result, your blood pressure will become high. • Thyroid problems • Intake of illegal drugs or excess consumption of alcohol • Problems in adrenaline hormone secretion • Prolonged unhealthy lifestyle, leading to weight problems and obesity Symptoms of high blood pressure There many signs that indicate abnormalities in blood pressure levels, some of which are mentioned below: • Headache • Sudden change in vision • Shortness of breath, especially during physical exertion • Sudden bleeding of nose • Dizziness and chest pain • Blood in the urine Apart from the symptoms that are mentioned here, sometimes you will see that even when you have an increase in your blood pressure level, you won't face any significant symptoms. So it is necessary that you go through and understand high blood pressure charts to try and keep your pressure levels within the normal range. If the blood pressure shows an abnormal reading for a long time, you should take the doctor’s advice and opt for timely high blood pressure treatment, before it becomes problematic.
  • Revamp Your House with Wayfair Furniture
    If you are moving to a new house, you need basic furniture. A new house needs a lot of furniture for the living room, drawing room, bedroom, patio etc. If you entrust the local carpenter for each of these furniture pieces separately, it is going to cost a lot of money. Why not order readymade furniture from a reliable furniture store like Wayfair. If you have not yet bought a piece from Wayfair, you can go through the Wayfair furniture reviews. By doing so, you would get quality furniture at affordable prices. Have a look at the furniture options available online. 

    Living room furniture

    You can get an ensemble of every possible piece of furniture that can spruce up the beauty of the living room and also make for a perfect and comfortable living arrangement. For sitting, you can get exquisite sofas and sectionals, living room sets with center table, chairs etc. For the perfect power nap, you can have recliner pieces, lounge chairs, futons, sleepers, and sleepovers. Wayfair furniture reviews will give you some idea about the quality of these pieces.
    Other living room furniture
    Among other living room furniture you can have: - Stands for TV and other entertainment ensembles - Consoles, sofa tables, coffee tables, end tables, and side tables - Ottomans and Poufs - Furniture for storage of media and accessories - Fireplace furniture etc.

    Bedroom Furniture

    Bedroom furniture needs to be an ensemble of bed and storage pieces arranged neatly. The room needs to radiate the vibe of a cozy place that is apt for retiring at the end of a hard day of work. At Wayfair, you can get a variety of beds. You can select according to your choice, need and compatibility with the dimensions and feel of the room. You can also get dressers, headboards, custom headboards, nightstands, armoires, wardrobes, daybeds, mattresses, closet systems, bedroom and makeup vanities, bedroom benches, bed frames, folding beds, etc. There are many Wayfair furniture reviews which speak eloquently of such furniture.

    Kitchen and dining furniture

    Smart kitchen and dining furniture are a must for a new house. In fact, the most important place after the living room is the kitchen and dining room. Kitchen and dining furniture speaks volumes about the owner and his or her tastes. Wayfair boasts of a wide range of kitchen and dining furniture. You can certainly get one that best suits the design, dimensions, and color of your kitchen and dining room. - Here you can get kitchen and dining room sets. - You can select specific kitchen furniture as well as dining chairs and tables separately. - You can also get bar stools, buffets, sideboards, kitchen islands, and carts. -  Among other things you can get display cabinets, dining hutches, pub tables, and bistro sets, wine racks, bar carts, bakers racks, kitchen and dining benches, breakfast nooks, food pantries etc. If you want to get some idea about the quality of these furniture products, you can go through the Wayfair furniture reviews available online for more details.

    Baby and kid's furniture

    If you have a bedroom and a playroom for the kids, you would require furniture that would cater to their needs. You can get various kids room furniture at Wayfair. Go through the Wayfair furniture reviews for more information.

    Kids playroom furniture

    You can get a lot of sturdy furniture for kids playroom such as kids table & chair sets, kids seating arrangements, play kitchen sets, play tents, cubbies, indoor playhouse, toy boxes, playmats, bean bag chairs, game tables, dollhouses, cubes, and bins. You can also get rocking chairs. Kids bedroom furniture must be sturdy enough to withstand the adventurous ways of kids. At Wayfair, you can get robust kids beds, bunk beds, loft beds, bedroom sets, dressers with chests, toddler beds, seating arrangements, gaming chairs, bookcases, nightstands, desks, armoires, headboards, step stools etc.