Super Bowl all access pass, the ultimate fan experience

The Super Bowl 2018 is all set to entertain fans with one of the most popular and loved sport in the country, football. The U.S. Bank stadium is the proud host of this year’s championship games with an amazing opening ceremony, pre-game and halftime ceremonies being performed by Grammy and Emmy award-winning artists. The national anthem will be sung by Pink, while Justin Timberlake takes charge of the halftime show.

Tickets for the Super Bowl are available on the official NFL website with a number of reliable ticketing partners. However, if you are an avid football fan the, NFL on location experience is the ultimate fan package you can avail of this year’s Super Bowl championship. The On Location experience is different from normal Super bowl tickets since it will include pre-game parties with private performances by award-winning artists, exclusive dinner menu created by top chefs, access to the NFL hall of fame and even direct access onto the field to celebrate with the winning team.

This is an experience of a lifetime for every football fan out there, here are the packages available for purchasing all access to location experience.

Platinum plus and Platinum all access
The platinum plus package includes benefits like post game on field entry, pre-game and in-game access in the Delta Sky360 club which features Kelly Clarkson performing at the club this year. Field level club seats are the best feature of this pass since These are some of the perks you won’t get with your regular super bowl tickets purchase, and these passes are the first ones to get sold out within a short time after booking opens.

Gold Plus
With club level seats, All inclusive pre-game party and in-game Buffalo Wild Wings club Access, the gold plus On Location package is priced at $11,499 approx. Additional charges and booking expenses may form part of the ticket package price at checkout.

This ticket package will include club level seats, all-inclusive pre-game party access at the Lumbar exchange. The titanium package also features in-game Buffalo Wild Wins Club Access. Package pricing is $8,999 approx. That also includes One stop planning that takes care of the hotel accommodations and VIP events.

For the package price of $7,499, the Silver choice selection will feature an all-inclusive pre-game party at the armory with 100/200/300 level seats reserved for the actual football game.

Bronze seats Superbowl ticket package will include only 300 level seats and an all-inclusive pre-game party at the armory.


  • Make a wise decision and buy these ETF stocks

    ETFs or exchange-traded funds have become a great source of investment for a lot of people. Although traded like stocks, you don’t buy shares of just one company. Instead, you get the flexibility to purchase a basket full of hundreds or thousands of stocks. However, picking suitable ones can be pretty challenging. So, to guide you, here are some of the best ETF stocks to buy right now. 

    SPY has always been and is likely to remain one of the best ETF stocks to buy. What makes it highly preferable is that it is extremely liquid, which is definitely one of the most important qualities you should look for. Along with trading more than 74 million shares per day, SPY, with its low expense ratio of 0.09%, actually offers you the simplest way of betting on a large business in the USA. So, whether you are an amateur or an expert, investing in SPY can help you achieve significant returns without doing much research. 

    Ark Genomic Revolution
    This is an actively managed fund, which indicates that its expense ratio is higher than those passively managed. This fund likes to invest in high-reward, high-risk and cutting-edge biotechnology and healthcare names. Its exceptional record of returning a 40.3% compounded interest over the last five years is hard to beat. Moreover, it will only cost you 0.75% annually to own its stocks. 

    Schwab U.S. Small-Cap
    If you are wondering which ETF stocks to buy, consider choosing Schwab U.S. Small-Cap. With more than 1,850 holdings and an average market capitalization of $4.6 billion, this is genuinely a well-diversified fund. This 15-billion fund offers the needed exposure to those investors who are not well-aware of the lesser-known names. 

    Vanguard FTSE All-World ex-US
    This is one fund that allows you to experience diversification in a true sense by enabling you to gain access to other economies and currencies. Its 0.08% expense ratio is quite low, especially for international ETFs that usually have higher management fees. In addition, it holds more than 3,500 stocks across all the geographies, excluding the USA. So, if you wish to switch your investment geographically, this can undoubtedly be a dependable option. 

    Regardless of whether you are new to the stock purchase or have been doing it for years, ETFs allow you to build a strong investment portfolio and enjoy high returns. To put your money in the right stocks, you can refer to the list of some of the best ETF stocks to buy mentioned above.

  • Amazing T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus deals
    Samsung S8 plus is the new craze these days especially due to the amazing features that are being offered and the additional offers and deals provided by the Samsung Galaxy S8 plus service provider. It has many cool specifications as shown below:
    • Processor: 2.4 GHz, Qualcomm MSM8998 Snapdragon 835
    • Storage: 64GB, 4GB RAM, MicroSD: 256.0 GB max + MicroSD 2.0 compatible
    • Display: 6.20 inches and 1440 x 2960 pixels, Super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen, 16M colors | 529 ppi | Gorilla Glass 5
    • WiFi: 802.11 b/g/n/ac
    • Bluetooth: Yes, v5.0, A2DP, LE, aptX
    • Camera: Rear- Dual 12MP, f/1.7, 26mm, phase detection autofocus, OIS, LED flash | Front: 8 MP, f/1.7, dual video call, Auto HDR
    • Network: 4G-LTE
    • Battery: Lithium Ion- 3500mAh
    • SIM size: Nano
    Deals The deals Samsung Galaxy S8 plus comes with are simply amazing. To be eligible, you’ll need to buy a pair of Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus T-Mobiles from the Shop Samsung app or Samsung’s website and activate a minimum of one on T-Mobile’s network. You can activate at the time of purchase or within 14 days of receiving your phones. If you follow the steps, Samsung will offer you a rebate to cover the cost of the less expensive of the two phones. The T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S8 plus deal offers you $32.92 per month for 24 months or $790 at full price. However, if you discontinue the service, the remaining device balances will be due. So get all the new services of the best Galaxy S8 deals and enjoy the amazing and fast 4G network. $0 down for all: As per new best Galaxy S8 deals, if you cancel the wireless service, you need to contact the service provider before canceling or remaining payment becomes due. Get a superb smartphone, for $0 upfront and as low as $7 per month with JUMP! An 18-month lease agreement is required. Also you may avail an offer of $300 off with eligible trade-in under the best Galaxy S8 Deals. So, if you have a friend who orders Samsung Galaxy s8, place your order with them; you won’t be disappointed.
  • 4 easy tweaks for better Wi-Fi speed
    If you're facing issues with your Wi-Fi connection at home, you don't necessarily have to look for a new Wi-Fi fiber network in your area. In most cases, a few tiny tweaks by yourself can resolve the problem in no time. Buying a good router is a great place to start for better internet speed and quality. But, you won't always be willing to cough up hundreds of dollars for the same. Relocate the router Wi-Fi router settings aren't the only thing that matters to get a speedy connection. Where you place the device has also got a lot riding on it. Even subtle changes in the location can strengthen the network, just like how small movements compromise it. Your house's structure and building material are just factors that interfere with a wireless signal. The more the number of concrete walls between you and the router, the weaker the signal. Reboot the router While it might not be a guaranteed fix, you can find your way out of a deadbeat Wi-Fi signal by rebooting the router. Doing so can act in your favor more often than not and provide a functional connection. That said, you need a change if you're constantly looking for "fast Wi-Fi in my area" and are just as regularly rebooting your router. Look into service providers with better track records, and in the meantime, work with firmware that allows you to set up auto-reboot timers. Update the firmware Consider updating the router's firmware as it can help improve performance and speed besides providing other benefits. You may consider using open-source firmware options that work well with most Wi-Fi routers. Most routers also come with preset settings that save you from screwing up the router and its functioning. That said, you might not necessarily be someone who wants to play safe. In exploring the device settings, you may land on a configuration that lets you make the best of the Wi-Fi router. Switch frequency channels Optimizing the router's frequency channel settings is another way to ditch the whole "good speed Wi-Fi near my area" search routine. Some applications scan the airwaves and help you look for channels that provide a better network and the least disturbance. You can also find suggestions online about the channels you could switch over to for a better surfing experience.
  • Here’s why budget gaming laptops aren’t a good choice
    Laptops and tablets have replaced the desktop computers in almost every field. The easy usage and portability of the device have made it a popular choice among the users. Depending on their preferences, some people get a laptop with basic features to support their work while others need better models with multiple add-on features. When it comes to the add-on features on laptops, gaming is the first thing that strikes your mind. Almost everyone is interested in playing some sort of the game or other in their spare time, making graphics card a must have for any laptop. However, for a better experience with games using high graphics, you need to have the best gaming laptop. Owing to the different types of preferences, you can find these laptops with multiple configurations. Therefore, when making the purchase of your gaming laptop, you need to understand your requirements thoroughly. Getting a laptop simply based on its price is never a good decision. A budget gaming laptop may not offer you the desired effects of the game, and your money can be wasted. If you are wondering why it is recommended to refrain from purchasing budget gaming laptops, checking a few factors mentioned below can be helpful. Bare minimum features- An ordinary laptop can never satisfy the requisites of a gamer, which is why the experts have specially designed gaming laptops. Often known to be a luxury item, best gaming laptop can never be availed at a low price. Therefore, if you go for a budget laptop, you will have to compromise your gaming needs with bare minimum features, and it will not be possible for you to play high-quality games in it. Neither the graphics nor the hardware of the budget laptops can offer you the actual gaming features, and it might get crashed while the game is in session. Keyboard and mouse- As it is already said that the budget gaming laptop does not offer you the hardware required for playing computer games. These are mostly meant for the entry level gamers or for people, who play once in a while. If you play regularly on these laptops, the keyboard and the mouse may start malfunctioning within a few months of purchase. Thus, you have to pay extra money to get the hardware repaired. In some cases, the keyboard or touchpad damage might be beyond salvaging. Low resolution and poor audio features- This is also one of the reasons for which it is better to avoid entry-level devices and pay for the best gaming laptop. Most of the low priced laptops have poor resolution, which means, you will not get the desired display even after updating the graphics card. Apart from that, you might not also be able to get the desired sound effect in the low priced models as they do not have the best quality speakers. The best gaming laptop is undoubtedly an expensive buy, yet it can last for years and support different types of games, irrespective of their graphic element or other features. However, just purchasing any high-end laptop will not serve the purpose. If you want to get the best value for the money, you should make sure to decide on your preferences before selecting the model. Select the size and portability features of the laptop with due care, or else it will not be possible for you to use it comfortably. Also, make sure that the screen design and keypad design are convenient for your use. Verify every detail of your gaming laptop and avoid the ones, which come with old outdated technologies that are no longer in use.
  • Factors Considered by the Retail Industry for Women Fashion over 60
    Age is just a number and women prove that often by their dressing, whether they are 16 or 60. To dress right befits every woman and many of us want to get that skill right. To keep this concept alive, there are special occasion dresses for women over 60. Clothes for older women is a category that the retail sector is quite focused on right now. However, many retail companies have special occasion dresses for women over 60 included in the fashion chain. This attracts older women to make a purchase as personalized marketing is a powerful tool. Here are some of the factors that top retail stores consider before designing special occasion dresses for women over 60.
    Classic looks
    When a company designs a dress for women over 60, they imagine a classic look. This age has been through many trends and it makes it difficult for the brands to make something out of the blue for them. In that case, they go for a simple solid color or a classy print that makes the woman look in-fashion and young. Through the classic looks, women can convey their health and status which is an important reason for dressing up.
    Dress the part
    Special occasion dresses for women over 60 also means dressing for the part you want. This means that the retailers try to understand the reason for purchase. Once that is known to them, they make tailor-made dresses. For example, the work dress for women over 60 would be a simple wrap-around dress. Understanding the reason for purchase makes it easier to design the dress. This also shows the variety in your wardrobe satisfying you with the dresses you have. Variety brings in satisfaction and having the right dresses gives you that satisfaction.
    The iconic style
    Another guide to designing special occasion dresses for women over 60 is understanding the dressing of fashion icons above 60. This will help the designer in doubt and will also bring out something nice that you would like to buy and wear. Fashion icons are highly respected in the market and their dresses give confidence to those who want to try out a new style. However, not all dresses that suit them can suit you so following them blindly will only make you look silly.
    Retro style
    One of the safest designs of special occasion dresses for women over 60 for retailers is going retro. Tailoring something that used to be worn when they were young gives them a nostalgic feeling and some confidence to put it on. Retro outfits are evergreen and to be worn by a woman of that era marks some significance. There are a few colors like black and white, styles like long pants and butterfly sleeves that define the retro period and will be accepted by almost every woman in that age and stage.
    Embracing the age
    The retailers are particular about designing the special occasion dresses for women over 60 to embrace their age. The most important factor is that women should look comfortable in what they wear and that part happens when a woman thinks that she looks her age. Nobody prefers to wear something they aren’t comfortable in. It is important for women to feel easy in the dress they wear and once that is established, they can try different colors and patterns. Special occasion dresses for women over 60 is an excellent concept of design for clothing manufacturers. They not only have to think about what they design but also have to make sure that the sentiments of these ladies are kept in mind. This concept is gaining value in the retail industry and many see this as a business opportunity. It feels great to see a woman over 60 dressing fashionably and making a style statement wherever she goes.
  • Types of bedspreads and how to choose them

    Bedspreads are a decorative covering for the bed that are generally lightweight. These coverings can either be used by itself in warm weather or with a comforter in cold weather.

    Bedspreads are a great addition to beddings and can aesthetically raise the style quotient of your bedroom. Bought and used correctly, bedspreads can make a big difference to your quality of sleep.

    Bedspreads may look bulky and feel dense but are easy to wash and are pretty light. It can be sufficiently warm in a mild winter's night and cool and comfortable on a warm night.

    Densely woven, the fabric of a bedspread is not easy to tear and the thick batting doesn't allow it to get crumpled and ball up easily. These materials are very durable and can keep their shape for many years. Most bedspreads are machine-washable, but you'll need to be mindful of the care instructions included in the packaging.

    A bedspread is very different from a coverlet in terms of its coverage. While a bedspread covers up the entire bed pillows included and reaches down till the floor, a coverlet is smaller and goes barely past the boxsprings.

    Bedspreads can come in many styles and varieties like rustic, candlewick, Indian, quilted, Scandinavian, beachstyle, Asian, Southwestern, Victorian, tropical and so on. The fill can be either cotton or polyester and come in sizes like California King, Full and Double, King, Queen and Ultra King.
    Some bedspreads also are reversible.

    Bedspreads should also not be confused with comforters. Comforters are more insulated and provide a warmer covering. A bedspread may offer some warmth but is not ideal on a cold night. It makes good sense to own both if you live in an area with varied seasons. A bedspread also offers a neater and better look to your bed because it drapes well better than a comforter which gives a billowy look to it.

    Buying a bedspread is not the easiest thing to do especially if you want to give your bedroom a completely different look. With varied designs, styles and materials available from many retailers and online stores and at different prices, it can be confusing and overwhelming. But don't just head out to the nearest store or site to make this important purchase. Do it in January or August. Yes, you read that right. There is a best time to buy linens and that is in these two months. The White Sale Season in January sees heavy discounts in retails stores on towels and bedding. This is the best time to stock up on these essentials and get them at a very good price.