The art of nail art!

The first bit of makeup a girl applies is usually her mother’s nail polish. Nail polish is said to have originated as early as 3000BC and has been evolving ever since in terms of materials, finishes and what you can do with them. The most sophisticated form of nail art is probably the French Manicure. This involves painting the pink of your nail in one color and highlighting the white part with an opaque white polish. Everyone from the Chinese to the Egyptians and the Incas painted their nails and used nail art and colors to symbolize their status. Today, simple nail art designs do not have any reference to your social status but can be used to make a bold, personal style statement.

Technically, nail polish is applied with a nail paint brush. However, using different tools to apply nail color can give you some interesting effects. The tape is one of the most common tools used to create simple nail art designs. By taping off sections of your nail can help create interesting stencil designs. Designs made with tape can be as simple of as complex as you like. Diving the nail diagonally or creating a chevron effect are two common nail art designs that use tape. Other materials like mesh can also be sued to create interesting stencil designs.

Alternatively, once you have painted a base coat, you could apply a contrast color with crumpled paper, plastic or a sponge to create a textured look. You could also use Q-tips o the end of a bobby pin to give your nails a polka dot finish. Sharpies can also be used to embellish your nails. They can be used to write on your nails, draw motifs or divide the nails into different sections.

When you paint your nails with simple nail art designs, it may be a good idea to tape the area around your nail. Use a cutter to clean up the edges and only leave your nail visible. This prevents extra nail paint from being applied on your fingers and saves you the trouble of cleaning up later. It also gives your nails a neater look.

Most nail paints are available in a glossy finish. To create your own matte finish nail paint simply mix a little eye shadow color with clear nail paint. Given the wide variety of eyeshadow colors available, you can have fun mixing and matching till you find a shade you like.
With a little time and patience, anyone can create unique nail art. There is no right and wrong when it comes to nail colors and the best part is if something goes wrong all you need to do is wipe your nail with a piece of cotton wool dipped in nail polish remover and you’ll have a blank slate again.


  • The pros and cons of online dating
    Online dating is a level playing field that not everyone is fond of. Some people have had an excellent experience while others have struggled to find a satisfying relationship on these matchmaking sites. There are as many as 30 million citizens across the country who use online dating sites and apps. Similar to the original concept of dating, meeting someone through the world wide web is also a tricky situation with its own set of social etiquettes and behavior patterns. Take a look at the pros and cons of online dating based on different aspects before deciding if it is for you or not: Pros-
    • Online dating sites offer a convenient and safe interaction space with potential partners without having to worry about the time commitment, thereby making it easy for busy professionals.
    • Almost every online dating platform offers different types of personality tests which can recommend individuals to like-minded people thereby increasing their chances of compatibility.
    • Individuals can connect with a huge number of potential partners through online dating sites which can be an advantage for people who are interested in partners of a particular orientation, lifestyle, or interest.
    • Online dating websites can be a boon for people who are hesitant in traditional social situations and find it more comfortable to express themselves in the virtual world through photos and video messages before actually meeting a potential partner in person.
    • Texting can be a disadvantage as communication through the computer is prone to greater chances of miscommunication thereby making it harder to evaluate a potential partner. There is also an impersonal air about communicating through online platforms that is not everyone's cup of tea.
    • A match through these compatibility-based personality tests is not always accurate. This is because people may present themselves in a certain way in order to make a better impression and be quite different in real life.
    • Often when talking to multiple people at the same time, it can be very easy to get carried away, or not give a budding relationship the time it deserves. Choose whom to converse with carefully and set a few ground rules during the initial stages itself, helping you and the other person have a clear idea of where things are going.
    • Some users on online dating sites have deceitful intentions as they attempt to lure people into a scam and extort money from them in exchange for keeping your personal information private.
    In conclusion, it is important to remember that while online dating can be used as a resource to interact with interesting and like-minded individuals, it also has its pitfalls. You need to consider all aspects of your virtual interaction carefully before divulging your personal information to the person on the other side and meeting them in real life.
  • Early signs and symptoms of Hepatitis C
    Hepatitis C is one of those diseases that are quite hard to detect. It affects the liver and the immune system. The symptoms occur sporadically over a prolonged period. Also, most of the symptoms tend to overlap with other diseases such as flu, jaundice or diarrhea. This makes the diagnosis of Hepatitis C difficult for doctors. Also, patients confuse the symptoms with those of common sicknesses and tend to neglect the early signs of infection. Only later, after a lot of time has passed, they are in for a rude shock when their liver starts malfunctioning. Hence, this disease is also known as a silent killer. Sometimes, the symptoms might go away and sometimes they persist. So, a person may suffer from acute Hepatitis C infection or from persistent or chronic Hepatitis C infection. Acute Hepatitis C: The initial six months of the infection is referred to as acute Hepatitis C. The common symptoms include body aches, fatigue, pain in the upper abdomen, nausea accompanied with vomiting, occasional fever and poor appetite. The symptoms occur within the first three months of infection. They usually last for about two to twelve weeks. Severe symptoms include jaundice, dark urine, and light stool. The person might suffer from diarrhea as well. Persistent Hepatitis C: In many instances, the Hepatitis C infection is not eliminated from the body within six months. This occurs in 75 to 85 percent of people who are infected with the virus. This condition is known as persistent Hepatitis C. This is a chronic state and requires treatment to flush out the virus from the body. If not diagnosed, Hepatitis C can be present in the body for 20 to 30 years. If untreated, it will lead to severe damage of the liver. The extreme damage leads to cirrhosis. In worst case scenario, the patient might require a liver transplant. It is not easy to detect Hepatitis C through symptoms. If a doctor suspects a person has been infected, a blood test is the only way to ascertain whether Hepatitis C virus is present in the body. It is also recommended that persons born between 1945 and 1965 should undergo a one-time Hepatitis C screening. This is because it has been observed that the presence of Hepatitis C is prevalent among people in this. Consult your doctor or local health department if you notice the above symptoms in yourself or someone close to you.
  • Treatment options and medications for managing rheumatoid arthritis

    Treatment options and medications for managing rheumatoid arthritis

    A long-term, progressive and, disabling autoimmune disease, rheumatoid arthritis causes inflammation, swelling, and pain in and around the joints and other body organs. It occurs when a person’s immune system mistakenly assumes the body’s healthy tissues as foreign invaders and, as a response, inflammation occurs in the target tissue or the organ. While this condition can occur in any joints, it usually affects the hands and feet in the initial stage.

    Treatment approaches for rheumatoid arthritis patients
    Unfortunately, currently there is no cure to treat rheumatoid arthritis, but there are treatment options that can help reduce inflammation in the joints, relieve the pain, and slow down the damage caused to the joints.

    • Physical therapy
      The goal is to keep you moving, this therapy uses exercise and other methods that stimulate muscles, bones, and joints. Instead of planning your own personal exercise chart, it’s advisable to consult a professional therapist who is aware of the challenges occurring with rheumatoid arthritis patients and how to work around it to keep the patients fit.
    • Occupational therapy
      Since rheumatoid arthritis can make daily tasks difficult to accomplish due to pain and swelling, this therapy comes as a rescue. The professional will determine the problems and provide solutions such as assistive devices or products that make activities like dressing, cooking, bathing easy.
    • Surgery
      This is the last resort. If none of the alternative treatment approaches help you, a doctor will advise surgery to repair damaged joints, correct deformities and reduce pain.

    The following medications have proven to be quite effective against rheumatoid arthritis.

    • H.P. Acthar®
      A trade name for corticotropin, this medication is a hormone that is used to treat rheumatoid arthritis. Although corticotropin can only reduce the symptoms and is not a cure for this condition.
      It is used to treat severe rheumatoid arthritis when other alternate medicines do not treat it. Since this medication is quite strong, it is not approved to treat juvenile rheumatoid arthritis.
      This medication is used to reduce the effect of the substance that causes inflammation in the body. It is often used when other medications have not been effective to treat the condition. Its generic name is infliximab.
    • HUMIRA®
      Known to be a tumor necrosis factor blocker, this medication reduces the effects of the substance responsible for causing inflammation. It is important to note though that this medication affects the immune system, so you may be at risk of infections. You can also recognize it by its generic name adalimumab.
    • Enbrel®
      Like Humira, it works to decrease tumor necrosis factor protein which attacks the healthy cells in the body. This medication is also used to treat plaque psoriasis in adults and children who are at least the age of 4 years. The generic name for this medicine is etanercept.
    • SIMPONI®
      It’s a tradename for golimumab and is also sometimes used with another medicine called methotrexate. This medication reduces the effects of the substance that causes inflammation in the body. It is important to know that this medication weakens the immune system, and hence makes the patient prone to serious or fatal infections.

    There are some home remedies too that you can try to manage your condition, but it is important to know personal triggers before trying any home cures. As for treatment, always consult your doctor to prescribe the right treatment for you, do not rely on personal diagnosis. While curing this condition is not possible, managing it is something every individual can do. Take care!

  • Top Home Alarm Security System Options to Buy

    The safety of your home is of great importance. It lets you sleep peacefully at night or travel with ease of mind knowing your belongings are safe. One of the best ways to ensure the safety of your home is by the use of a home alarm security system.

    If you are planning to install a home alarm security system, here are some of the top options to consider.

    • Frontpoint
      Frontpoint is a leader when it comes to home security systems. To begin with, the installation is super simple, something that you can take care of on your own. Next, even the basic package offers alerts for smoke and carbon monoxide detection, which adds value to the basic package. Frontpoint is also known to work with Google Home and Alexa. Plus, they also have a mobile app to access their system.

      The best part is that Frontpoint does not require customers to take sign a contract. This means that you are not stuck with them in case you decide to move on. The company is known for its excellent customer support; plus, you can use the trial period for 30-days, post which you get your money back if you are not happy.
    • ADT
      ADT is a leading name when it comes to home alarm security system options. If you opt for ADT, you get the best in video surveillance along with control of lighting and thermostat settings through the system. You can also remotely turn the security system on or off. One of the biggest advantages of ADT is that it has more home monitoring offices than other security companies. It also has other really fabulous features like Theft Protection Guarantee, which means that you can reimburse up to USD 500 if you get robbed with your ADT system working.

      ADT does work with Alexa and Google Assistant. It also is known for its excellent customer support.
    • Ring Alarm
      If your budget is tight, then Ring Alarm is the perfect choice for you. This security system can work on a basic level and sense motion. If a door or window is pulled open, an alarm is sounded to alert the home occupants. The installation is pretty simple and you can upgrade your systems if you want help from the monitoring center.

      Ring Alarm is also known for its features such as cameras and security lights that come at an added cost.
  • Bebe – The fashion for the modern woman
    Today's woman is sophisticated, modern, stylish, and chic. The clothes that she wear, reflect her personality. Bebe is one of the world's top fashion retailers. It offers clothing, footwear and accessories for women under one roof. You can choose to shop at their stores which have knowledgeable stylists, happy to help you pick the right style. Or, you can choose to shop online at the official website, which was launched in 1998, and delivers both domestically and internationally. Fashion is a form of self expression and adornment. It is also a form of communication, letting others know who you are and what is important to you. Today's woman is confident, sophisticated, and outspoken. Let your clothing choice reflect your strength. About Bebe Bebe is among the top fashion retailers, selling its merchandise through own stores, licensee outlets and online. The first store was opened in San Francisco in 1976, and since then, growth has been phenomenal. This can be attributed to their penchant for chic and contemporary fashion. This is designed to meet the ever changing needs of the modern woman. Once you enter the shop or the website, what you experience is a boutique environment, with top notch service. The brand sells through its 200 retail stores, 100+ international licensee operated stores, and through Shopping online has its share of advantages. Being a global brand, Bebe enjoys worldwide acclaim. Online shopping allows you to have Bebe clothing, footwear, amd accessories delivered to your home. With shipping both within and outside the US, Bebe is truly a global brand. Take your pick The biggest advantage of modern women's fashion is the wide choice. From dresses, to jumpsuits, tops to blazers, you're spoiled for choice. Plus you can also complement your choice of clothing with accessories and footwear. Bebe offers a diverse choice of dresses. Cocktail and evening dresses, gowns, day dresses, dresses for special occasions, mini dresses, maxi dress, and bodycon dresses. If you're confused by the wide choice, stylists are available in-store to recommend the best for you. There is no dearth of choices when it comes to jumpsuits either. Whether, you want long sleeved or short sleeved, or even a sleeveless jumpsuit, you'll find one to suit. To pair up with your skirts, shorts, pants, or denims, you can choose from an eclectic mix of tops, blouses and shirts. Make a style statement in winter, adding leather jackets, coats, blazers, and trenches to your wardrobe. You're done with your clothes shopping. What next? Shop for footwear and jewelry that complements that special occasion dress that you chose. With such a diverse selection at your fingertips, Bebe can be your ultimate fashion shopping destination.
  • Top 5 car insurance companies that offer the best car insurance quotes
    Buying an auto insurance policy from one of the best car insurance companies is essential if you want to give your car the best protection available. Buying a quality policy from a provider that is reputed and trustworthy ensures that you have the best of both worlds, your peace of mind as well protection from potential financial losses. There are plenty of insurance companies and all claim to offer the best car insurance quotes which makes it hard to choose one. It is essential to compare the rates offered by various insurance companies to find the best car insurance quotes. Below are the five best car insurance companies that offer the best car insurance quotes. Progressive Progressive Insurance is a famous company which has a large base of customers along with a great set of reviews. It offers the best car insurance quotes as the company is extremely competitive when it comes to pricing. Some of the key features why one must consider Progressive is the plenty of discounts that are available, highly competitive pricing, roadside assistance, great presence in the online market, and the company has strong financial ratings as well. Also, the company offers an easy loan or lease payoff programs. It offers some of the best car insurance quotes with an array of discounts for homeowners, students, and safe drivers. State Farm State Farm Insurance has been known for its financial stability and customer service satisfaction for years. State Farm offers some of the best car insurance quotes with physical offices and agents spread throughout the country. One of the key features of State Farm insurance is offering individual service and it has no match by the online forms that other companies provide. There are various discounts that are offered by its stores, agents, as well as on its mobile app. State Farm also makes it easy and hassle-free to get the best insurance quotes online and not having to visit a local office if you have time constraints. Esurance One of the biggest features that make Esurance stand out from the rest of the insurance companies is that allows you to have the control and flexibility to build a policy that fits your needs. It is also one of the first companies that started directly selling insurance to the customers instead of through the agents. They have also made it incredibly simple to customize a plan, get a quote and then get approved for protection. However, all the customization and convenience comes with a price to pay. In this digital era, Esurance assures that you get the best car insurance quotes without having to spend hours on it with everything being done online. Liberty Mutual Insurance Liberty Mutual Insurance is known to have an amazing customer service rating along with providing insurance to more than 1.5 million vehicles. It has a great standard coverage but also an option to add on like accident forgiveness, better car replacement, deductible fund, and new car replacement. It also has a 24-hour service available. However, If you are purchasing a single policy, the policies can be a bit expensive. Allstate Allstate is an insurance company that not only offers high-quality insurance policy but also great opportunities for discounts. Customers have always reported a positive rental car experience and have a fairly high rating overall in the car insurance market. Customers have the option to get an in-person help or even access the information available online at any point in time. It has both offices and agents all over the country as well as a user-friendly website to deliver its service. Also, it offers multiple opportunities for discounts for anti-theft devices, passive restraint, and even bundling. However, you should preferably opt for the bundle policies as it can be expensive if you don’t do so.