Tips to fly business class for cheap

Buying a business class air ticket means sometimes spending a fortune. While the amenities in this section are significantly lavish, you may have to shell out a lot of money to travel to the destination you want. However, we would all love to get the coveted seat without worrying about the business class airfare. Read on to learn how to buy a business-class ticket at an affordable price.

Booking a business-class flight can feel like you are spending your fortune. However, the reasons behind such high prices are the priority check-in facility, comfortable seats with extra legroom, access to the first-class lounge, discounts on the food ordered, and premium beverages.

Tips you can follow to book a business-class seat
Whether you are a regular flier or an occasional traveler, your eyes will skim through first- or business-class airfare. You might think that business class tickets are expensive and instead book economy-class. What if we told you you could get a business-class seat without emptying your bank account? Would you believe it? Well, it can happen. All you have to do is follow the tips mentioned below:

  • Choose a time of traveling that is less popular
    It is not unknown to anyone that airlines hike the flight price during the holiday seasons. Sometimes, weekdays can be significantly overpriced since most business travelers tend to fly during the week. You can get the best deal on business-class airfare if you are flexible with your dates.
  • Keep an eye on the airfare
    It might sound exhausting to always keep an eye on the airfare. However, you can land a good deal if you are ready to spend a few minutes scouring the airlines’ websites daily. Many airfare search engines will let you search for dates with prices mentioned on different airline websites simultaneously. This way, you can save money for yourself.
  • Opt for a last-minute upgrade
    Airfares are never cheap, and airline companies hate to have empty business-class seats. This is why they sometimes offer cheap upgrades to cover their daily losses. So before your flight, go to the ‘My Bookings’ section of the concerned airline app or website and look for any such upgrade. Alternatively, you can inquire at the airport counter if any cheap upgrades are happening while checking in. This way, you can travel business class without paying business class airfare.
  • Travel with air miles
    For the uninitiated, air miles are a specialized loyalty program for regular flyers. It is one of the cheapest ways to fly to any place you want. All you have to do is sign up for the airline loyalty program and collect the air miles every time you fly. You can use these air miles to pay the airfare for a business-class seat without shelling out much cash.
  • Signup for the airline credit card
    When you sign up for a premium airline credit card, you earn points every time you make a purchase. The benefits of having this card are mentioned below:

    • You can spend anywhere, from shopping for groceries to paying bills. The airline’s credit cards collect points on your behalf.
    • You can use all the earned points to pay for business class airfare and book a seat for your trip.
    • You can get many complimentary services and benefits while traveling.
  • Look for the airline’s pricing mistakes
    You might not believe this, but airlines sometimes make mistakes in their pricing. Sometimes, you may find ridiculously cheap airfare for business class. These are website glitches. If you notice such a glitch, you shouldn’t think twice about booking the flight. Many flight clubs and their newsletters will help you get such deals on time.
  • Volunteer to be bumped if a flight is overbooked
    Sometimes, airlines overbook their flights by selling more tickets than the number of seats available on the aircraft. It happens because they expect no-shows sometimes, and instead, they have to offer cracking deals to the flyers that opt for the next available flight. If you grab such an opportunity, you might be offered a business-class seat at no extra cost.
  • Target the airline sales
    Many airlines offer annual sales on domestic and international flights. The price at this time remains static if you purchase from their official websites. You can even visit the airport counters to purchase the ticket because you can bargain for a cheap rate on your business class airfare. If you know how to haggle, you might get the best deals. However, the timeframe for this travel tends to be specified.
  • Hire an agent to book your business-class seat
    Many airlines offer special discounts and offer to fill the expensive first- and business-class seats. They refrain from advertising this in the ads because it might upset their regular customers. The news of such discounts is only available to specialists’ preferred partners. If you let your agent handle this, you may get excessive discounts on business-class airfare.
  • Corporate travel discounts
    Your company may have tie-ups with a specific airline. You can use this contact to get a special business-class airfare offer. In this way, you can travel business class without spending extra money.
  • Try an onboard upgrade
    If the seat on the flight is toward the front of the plane, listen for the cabin door closing. If you notice any vacant business class seats, you can politely ask the flight attendants to check if the upgrade is possible. Even though free upgrades only happen at the gate, you can try this onboard upgrade option. Since this is not a conventional method, you should first build a rapport with the attendant.

Business-class airfare is generally expensive, but that doesn’t mean you can’t afford it. If you pay attention to the details and plan your trip months in advance, your dream of traveling in business class might come true. However, if you are a regular flier, getting a business class seat might be easy for you if you use these tips.


  • The Best Counter Depth Refrigerators In The Market

    Refrigerators are a need of every home and when it comes to buying counter depth refrigerators, a large number of options are available for customers in the country. Below listed are some of the best counter depth refrigerators which are available in the country and can be purchased either online or by visiting the nearby retail seller in your city or town.

    • Samsung RF18HFENBSR
      This is one of the best counter depth refrigerators which can be purchased for a price of around $1249 from multiple online options in the country. This refrigerator offers 18 cubic feet of space and a range of flexible options when it comes to storing food. The refrigerator also comes with a filtered ice maker and a twin cooling system which keeps food fresh for longer. The look of the kitchen also gets enhanced with the counter depth refrigerator design, the sleek built-in style also blends in with the cabinetry. Function and styling are also added to the design. This counter depth refrigerator also comes with 18 cubic feet capacity French door which can store up to 18 bags of groceries. The automatically filtered ice maker offers convenient access to ice and also provides filtered ice cubes. The LED lighting feature ensures that the refrigerator is brightly lit and all corners of the same have an equal amount of light so that the overall feel of the refrigerator remains aesthetic and even a person with low light vision is able to use the refrigerator effectively. The refrigerator is also equipped with surrounding air flow which helps in maintaining optimal temperature and ensures that air circulates evenly throughout. This refrigerator from Samsung also comes with two crisper drawers which keep your food fresh and crisp and also provide ideal storage space for the produce.
    • KitchenAid KRFC300ESS
      This refrigerator is also ranked among the best counter depth refrigerators in the country and at around $1799, this is one of the preferred counter depth refrigerators in the country. The 20 cubic foot refrigerator is much popular among the users and comes with extending fresh temperature management system which uses the sensors in a refrigerator and ensures that food remains fresh for long. This refrigerator is also equipped with interior water dispenser which provides easy access to filtered water. The crisper in this refrigerator is humidity controlled which ensures that the users not only get adjustable humidity control design but the refrigerator also provides dedicated storage option which keeps the food fresh for long. An automatic ice maker is another distinct feature of KitchenAid counter depth refrigerator which ensures that you get a constant supply of ice on hand all the time. The refrigerator comes with a LED lighting feature which makes sure that all parts of the refrigerator are amply lit. Moreover, these have been designed in such a manner that you will not need to replace these and they are also maintenance free which will make them last forever.
    • Jenn Air JFC2290REM
      This is one of the counter depth refrigerators which is available in the country and can be purchased online. This refrigerator has a sleek integrated look and comes with an internal water dispenser. Jenn Air counter depth refrigerator is also equipped with tri-sensor electronic climate control feature which is inclusive of a sensor in the fresh food and freezer compartment. It also has an external ambient air temperature sensor which provides consistent climate control. The automatic ice maker with a storage bin is also one of the features of Jenn Air refrigerator which ensures that fresh and filtered ice is always available even on a short notice. Adjustable glass shelves, automatic adaptive defrost, and max cold options are some of the other innovative features of this counter depth refrigerator which makes it much popular among the users.

    Check out the features of these counter depth refrigerators before you make your final choice and buy the best of the lot from the online store or from the nearest retail dealer.

  • Easy appetizers that you can make in a jiffy
    If you are an office goer who has a packed schedule around the clock, you might get very less or no time to cook something extravagant on a daily basis. Cooking a complete entree on the go when you are already running low on time is not an option. To add to it, a nine-hour desk job which compels you to sit in front of a laptop or desktop makes it more challenging to prepare something which is light on the stomach and is made with minimal efforts. Even for those who manage to get some time out of their schedule might find it difficult to pull off appetizers which require lot of ingredients and pre-preparation. There are many ways that you can cook yourself delicious appetizers within a short span of time. The best way to prepare an easy on-the-go appetizer, is use leftovers from last night's dinner. For instance, if you had prepared something out of baked beans last night, you can add chopped spring onions or regular onions, tomatoes and sliced jalapenos. Mix them well with a salad dressing of your choice and there you have it! A healthy baked beans salad with a veggie twist, which can be prepared in no time. You can use the same baked beans (sans the gravy) and add them to nachos. Trans fat and cholesterol free nachos are available in stores, add those beans and finely diced bell peppers, and tomatoes to the nachos. Shred some cheese on those baked beans topped nachos and bake them in the oven until the cheese melts. A simple yet filling appetizer. A simple appetizer for bacon lovers is bacon wrapped wedges or fries. Cut potatoes in the shape of wedges or fries, drain and pat dry them. Wrap with bacon strips and flip bake them at 400 degrees in the over for under half an hour or until crisp. Sprinkle salt and herbs seasoning on top and serve hot. Bacon can also be added along with the conventional recipe of deviled eggs. Hard boil 6 eggs and cut them to half. Remove their yolk and mash mix them with mayonnaise. You can use flavored mayonnaise if you wish to add an extra and a different taste to your appetizer. Chop bacon slices finely and either add them to the mixture or stuff them separately in the eggs. Sprinkle some black or red pepper or other herbs of your choice on the bacon-added deviled eggs to give them a unique taste. Easy appetizers are definitely a go-go if you don't want to waste much time in the kitchen and yet create relishing appetizers for yourself or for the guests that have arrived unannounced.
  • 5 tips to start on a Paleo diet
    A paleo diet helps switch your body from burning carbohydrates for energy to burning fat for energy. It comes with benefits, of course, because it is a diet consisting of ‘real and fresh food’. It helps one get rid of bloating, acnes, allergies, migraines and excess weight. The diet requires you to give up on grains, dairy, legumes, processed food, packaged snacks and sugar and exchange these for meat, vegetables, fruits, eggs, seeds, nuts and fats. It is a huge lifestyle change and not always easy considering that your body has grown up on a steady stream of simple carbohydrates that include pasta, bread, cookies, chips, cheese, cereal, soda, hamburgers and beer. Here are a few tips for beginners starting a Paleo diet. 
    • The first step is usually the most important one. This would be getting rid of all the non-Paleo food items. It would help if you do it all at once and replenish the kitchen with Paleo food to save yourself from temptation. However, if going cold turkey on this does not help, take it one level at a time. Get rid of the dairy products the first week, grains the second, legumes the third, sugar the fourth and so on.
    • After that figure out what you want to accomplish with this diet: Lose weight? Manage an autoimmune condition? Lead a healthy lifestyle? This gives you the motivation to keep going when the situation is tough. Make sure that you follow the diet strictly for the first 30 days.
    • Post the first month, follow the 85/15 approach. Stick to Paleo 85 percent of the time and occasionally treat yourself with a burger, cocktail or ice cream. It lessens the pressure when setbacks happen and helps you bounce back.
    • Learn to read between the lines when going through labels or ingredients. There may be hidden details which you definitely don't want to miss.
    • Five, reintroduce changes every step of the way. When eating out, ask for two portions of vegetables instead of mashed potato with your steak. If you are craving for a dessert, have some dried mango. Use coconut oil when cooking, or even, lard.
  • The advantage of Chevrolet used cars
    If you are one of those who has decided to purchase a used car and particularly from Chevrolet, then read on. Whatever might be your reason for considering a used car, and not a new one, it is important that you buy it from a reliable source. A used car with a clean title and no history, in good driving condition, guaranteed by the company, as a certified preowned vehicle is always a safe bet. Every preowned car is checked thoroughly, and overhauled before they are sold again by Chevrolet. A pre-scheduled maintenance program, a factory backed warranty and an insurance are benefits that are added to it as an extra measure of care, safety and assurance from the brand. Hence Chevrolet used cars cost a few thousand dollars more, but they are vehicles you can trust completely. Nothing is handled carelessly and no vehicle is put at risk, for the buyer or for the company’s reputation. A certificate of fitness is given only if the cars meet high standards of quality inspection of the company. Unless a problem is properly attended to and fixed, Chevrolet used cars aren't given a certified preowned status. Apart from that, all used vehicles from Chevrolet ought to fulfill a number of fundamental preconditions. These vehicles should have done only a maximum of 750,00 miles on the road and must be 6 years old or lesser from the time their model vehicle was released for sale in the market. Also, since Chevrolet must perform a safety recall check on all its preowned vehicles, the cars that you buy from them are certainly checked for safety related defects and would comply fully with the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards. You could do an online check additionally for this. Furthermore, Chevrolet even lets you exchange the used car you buy from them, if you are displeased with it for whatever reason it may be. You could do this within the first three days of purchase or before completing 150 miles on the road in it, whichever is first. A bevy of advantages surely!
  • How to Treat Laryngitis Effectively
    When you talk too much or shout at the top of your voice, you will experience an irritation or inflammation in your voice box. This could be because of any hidden infection or irritation in your larynx. Inside your larynx, there are vocal chords which form the sound through its movement and vibration. But, when you have laryngitis, these vocal chords get inflamed and irritated. Because of this inflammation or irritation, your sound becomes worse. In certain cases, the voice completely goes away. However, the voice becomes normal after a week or so. Laryngitis is quite simple to treat. Here are a few ways common treatments for laryngitis. Diagnosis In the case of chronic laryngitis, a doctor will examine the vocal chords. A doctor might even ask to consult an ear or nose specialist. The two techniques that are primarily used to treat laryngitis are laryngoscopy (the doctor will examine the vocal chord with tiny mirror and light to look into the back of the throat) and biopsy (in case the doctor finds signs of serious damage around the throat). Treatment for laryngitis Laryngitis often gets better within a week or so. If necessary self-care measures are taken then it can help in controlling laryngitis. Some of the medications that are used in the treatment for laryngitis are:
    • Antibiotics: In most of the cases, laryngitis is caused by a viral infection. In such cases, antibiotics will not work. However, if there is a bacterial infection then a doctor might prescribe antibiotics.
    • Corticosteroids: If it is required to treat laryngitis as soon as possible then this is perhaps the best medication one can get. Corticosteroids reduce vocal chords inflammation in no time.
    However, one must not self-administer these medications. Only a doctor can prescribe the accurate dosage as per the diagnosis. Home Remedies and lifestyle changes Changing certain lifestyle habits can also be a preventive treatment for laryngitis. Here is what you can do.
    • Breathe moist air
    • Give the throat ample rest
    • Increase fluid intake
    • Keep the throat moist as it will prevent any irritation
    • Whispering or shouting puts a strain on the voice and so it is better to avoid both and speak in natural volume.
  • Why do we need free antivirus
    Antivirus is important if you want to be aloof from any malicious activities on the internet. A range of antivirus software is available which can be tried for free and are considered among best free antivirus programs. Before dwelling on searching for different antivirus, it is important to consider as to why we need a free antivirus. The industry of antivirus software is expanding rapidly, and it is, therefore, a good time to try some of the best free antivirus programs available online. Considered good for the pocket At times, a person is not in a position to pay for the antivirus and yet they need a comprehensive protection from the best free antivirus programs. It is in these times that free antivirus plays their role since these are free and offer basic protection to the internet user. The downside, however, is that some toolbars might also have to be installed as these protect the user from viewing unwanted advertisements, which follow along with the free version of antivirus. The key benefit is that the money saved on the installation of a paid antivirus can be put to some other use. Several products can be tested It is not as if a person is installing a free version of antivirus then they will never upgrade to the paid version. With the best free antivirus programs in place, a range of testing can be done before installing the final product. As these entire antiviruses come for free, it is not unusual for the users to uninstall any one antivirus product if they find it not useful for their present need. This luxury cannot be availed in case of paid versions since the users have paid for the antivirus and uninstalling the same will mean a loss of precious money. Even if you are thinking of having a paid version of antivirus in the later stage, having a basic-free version, in the beginning, will help you know about the long trial. Basic protection for free Who does not like freebies and this is true in case of free antivirus. When you choose from among best free antivirus programs, basic protection in the form of safety from the virus is in the offering. A normal user who uses the personal computer for basic internet services can suffice well through the use of a free version of antivirus and will thus be able to carry out the minimal tasks online safely. Comprehensive free trial period If as a commercial user, you intend to upgrade to the paid version after a while, all the antivirus service providers have their free trial version. By availing the facility of free antivirus, you will get ample time to test and try the usage of these antiviruses and will be able to check the numerous features for yourself. Most of the antivirus companies offer one month trial period, and an avid internet user can try a range of antivirus products before they make their mind to buy a paid version of the same. Works in the background Essentially there is no difference between free and paid version of the antivirus except that paid version offers more protection depending upon the cost of the antivirus. The free antivirus works in the background, and this means that the user can carry out the tasks they might be doing, even when the antivirus is scanning the system.