Types of urine colors and what they indicate

Talking and discussing urine among people is unacceptable in most cases, but it is your urine that tells you a lot about your health and hydration levels. Urine has multiple colors, and they are defined in a ‘urine color chart.’ A urine color chart helps you identify your hydration levels from the color of your urine. Here are eight urine colors and what they mean:

No color/ transparent: This means that you’re drinking more than the required amount of water for your body to be well hydrated, you can cut down a little on the amount of water you consume.

Pale color: This color is a good sign for you; your body is well-hydrated, and you are healthy.

Dark yellow: This color usually indicates that you are there with the normality, but you must increase your intake of water

Amber: This means that you are not giving your body enough water, you need to increase your intake of water.

Brown: This indicates that you might have a liver disease or severe dehydration, you must consult a doctor if it persists.

Light Orange: This means that you might not be drinking enough water or you might be exposed to a liver disease, it could also be a case of food dye. It also means that you could be prone to issues in your liver or bile duct problems.

Orange: A darker shade of orange can be caused due to some medications like rifampin or phenazopyridine. You must consult your doctor in any case.

Blue or green: This is not a standard color for your urine, it is not generic, but it could also just happen because of some food dye. It could also happen because of certain medication or some bacteria in the urinary tract. Even if this might not be fatal, you must visit a doctor in such a case.

Foaming: This could happen because of a hydraulic effect, but it isn’t harmful if it is occasional. It usually indicates a high amount of protein in your diet or a kidney issue. You must consult a doctor if the foaming happens on a regular basis.

Red:  The red color of your urine can be seen if there is a slight involvement of blood. This could also happen due to food dye in your urine; in any case, red urine requires you to visit a doctor as soon as possible.

These types usually can tell your health from the healthiness of your urine. You could also take some medication, laxatives or drugs that can help you if you have any issues identified from your urine colors. You must consult a doctor before taking up and drugs or medication.


  • A brief overview of the PlayStation 4
    In the global market for video games and game consoles, you can get a large number of brands that offer you super quality video game designs. The name Sony stands tall amidst all these different names. The PlayStation 4, known as PS4, is one of the most famous video game consoles in the world. The PS4 is the eighth generation of the game consoles offered to you by Sony Entertainment. This was preceded by PS3. The various PS3 offers and PS3 prices have now been surpassed by the launch of the PS4. The game version was launched in the year 2013 in North America. The same version was launched in Europe and Australia. Facts about PS4 The PS4 has attained a phenomenal success in the market and has turned out to be a huge hit with the users of various age groups. The reason behind this is because the makers of the game console avoided the complexity and chose simple and effective designs and models for PS4. It is one of the most powerful APU that has been built till date. The PS4 is not just used as a gaming console but can also be used for increased and improved social interaction and can be integrated with other devices for different services. The PS4 is also facilitated with features of being operated with a remote control and play in off-console mode. Console controller that was provided in PS3 has been updated and improved and then has been incorporated into the model of PS4. The new PS4 controller has better buttons and a series of analog sticks. Reception of the PS4 The initial views of the critics and the audiences for the PS4 has been very favorable. The PS4 reviews did reveal the mater's stroke of Sony in creating a game console that is simple and effective and that can be used by a large variety of players. The PS4 sale figures clearly indicated the fact that the product has a huge demand in the market because it emphasizes the aspect of independence and maximum enjoyment to the user of the game console and not a celebration of superior level technology. The company in the coming times did introduce PS4 deals, PS4 prices, and PS4 discounts that did encourage a maximum elevation of PS4 Sale. The PS4 discounts have become a boon to all those who had this game console on their mind. Additionally, with the PS4 discounts, the game console has done well in the market. This has set a different trend in the market. The PS4 reviews reveal that the product has been praised by various sources when compared with its competitors. In the year 2016 Sony has come up with two updated versions of the PS 4. The new version is smaller and slimmer as compared to its predecessor. If you're into gaming, you'll love having the latest version in your home or office. The Sony PSP 1001k is also gaining popularity and is increasingly becoming one of the best game consoles to have.
  • A list of the best mortgage lenders in the country
    2017 passed with some of the best mortgage lenders bringing in a lot of business and helping many Americans realize their dream of owning a home. With their trusted reputation and quick processes, here is a list of the best mortgage lenders of 2017: Quicken Loans Quicken Loans has surpassed the performance of all other competitors and was touted as the top choice among the best mortgage lenders of 2017. It is a Detroit-based operation and left behind about 30,000 lenders in the list. The most significant factor that worked in the advantage of Quicken Loans is that they shifted their working from a traditional office set up to an online portal, making it quite a favorite for borrowers looking for mortgages at the touch of a click. Wells Fargo By the end of the fourth quarter of 2017, Wells Fargo recovered from the losses that it suffered due to the reputation debacle in the year 2016. It reported a whopping growth of $1.7 billion as compared to the third quarter with a total revenue of $23 billion in the entire year. Even though they were overtaken by Quicken Loans which reported a revenue of $25 billion, the San Francisco-based company still managed to stay at the second position in the list of best mortgage lenders of 2017. Bank of America Revenue-wise, the third position goes to the Bank of America which reported $13 billion of earnings in the mortgage market. Being a trusted name in the traditional market as well as having a large consumer database, the leading bank is a preferred option for an array of financial services. While the statistics may vary, even names like Chase, PennyMac, US Bank, and Nationstar did a great job in providing mortgages to borrowers who were in need. Their reputation still stands for the year and if you are looking at buying a house this year, then these names should definitely top your list of consideration. The other choices in our list of the best mortgage lenders of 2017 are Loan Depot, U.S. Bank, Caliber Home Loans, Flagstar Bank, and United Wholesale Mortgage. When you are looking for a mortgage, remember these options are the best for you!
  • Obtaining and accessing free credit scores
    A credit score is a number that determines how creditworthy a person is based on their credit history. Moneylenders or other financial and banking institutions require it to judge the quality and quantity of loans to be granted to debtors. This is done to judge the debtor’s ability to repay the loan. One aspect that must be considered is that different institutions may provide different credit scores due to different scoring systems used. If the FICO score is taken into account (since it is said to be the most commonly used in the country), then any score below 640 makes the customer a subprime borrower. Any score above 700 will convince lenders to charge average interest rates and terms. Many factors are considered when a credit score is calculated, such as timely repayments in the past, the actual debt amount, credit types, and the length of the borrower’s credit history. The government has ensured that any citizen can get a free credit score check through three kinds of options, which have been given below. Seeking the assistance of a credit score service A website called freecreditscore provides customers with their FICO-standardized free credit score after they signing up without cost. No credit card information is required for this as well. It is possible that some websites earn a majority of their revenue through advertising, and so provide this service for free. Websites such as creditkarma offer more than just free credit scores. They also monitor credit reports, furnish insights and analysis into the trends of credit scores, and provide personalized suggestions on how to improve them. Counselors who don’t work for profits There are credit counselors who work on a non-profit basis in different states of the country. They are certified and can be contacted online or via telephone. A list of these can be made, which can be further verified with the office of the State Attorney General and the local consumer protection agency. They provide free credit scores and so do counselors approved by the Department of Housing and Urban Development. Credit card and loan statements Perhaps the simplest way is for a person to approach their credit card or auto loan company and request them to provide free credit scores every month in their statements. This can also be done through Internet banking.
  • How to use the Snow Joe Ultra SJ621
    The Snow Joe Ultra SJ621 is a must-have in every house for winters so that snow doesn't dampen the spirit of performing daily activities. The list of specifications offered by the brand can hardly be found in similar products anywhere else. The Snow Joe Ultra SJ621 works efficiently when used in an outward motion which facilitates snow cleaning in a back and forth manner. It is advisable to use a chord along with the Snow Joe Ultra SJ621 for safety purposes. A restraint clip can also be affixed which ensures that the chord does not get detached from the equipment. There are certain precautions that must be taken by users of the Snow Joe Ultra SJ621 so that snow clearing doesn't turn out to be harmful to them or for those around. The extension cord should be fastened to the equipment by tying a knot so that it doesn't hang loose and the blades are prevented from running over it. Moreover, do not run the equipment using a damaged cord and buy a new one as soon as possible. All stones, pebbles and other foreign elements should be picked up before clearing a tract of land since the Snow Joe Ultra SJ621 has the power to throw these encountered materials away with a force which can hit someone who might be around or break nearby windowpanes. The discharging part of the Snow Joe Ultra SJ621 should be kept on the alternate side of the area where there are humans or delicate objects. Safety has always been a prime concern for the brand due to which both the Snow Joe SJ621 and the Snow Joe SJ623e start operating only if the safety switch button is pressed along with pressing the handle. Once the equipment begins to function, the finger can be picked up from the button and placed on the other handle for complete control. The other version of the snow cleaner known as the Snow Joe SJ623e has an inbuilt tool that allows effortless removal of snow from a jammed chute. A word of caution here is that these snow tools should be used on hard, paved surfaces only such as driveways as well as walkways. It is always better to eliminate freshly fallen snow in the first place so as to reduce the need for professional equipment. The removal process becomes tedious only after the snow hardens and turns into ice which cannot be scraped off manually or using small tools such as spades. However, if the need arises then you can rely on the Snow Joe Ultra SJ621 and the Snow Joe Ultra SJ623e for keeping your driveway spick and span. These pieces of equipment are easy to install since most of the assembly is done by the company itself and only a few major parts have to be set up.
  • Things you should know about stage four melanoma
    Stage four melanoma refers to the advanced stage of skin cancer. In this condition, the disease spreads from the skin and affects other organs like the lungs. Diagnosis for skin melanoma The diagnosis for this kind of skin cancer includes the following tests: 1. Blood tests to determine the blood count and functioning of the liver 2. Ultrasound and imaging scans to determine the spread of cancer 3. A biopsy would be needed for examination 4. Various cancer specialists would conduct meetings to further understand the severity of the disease Symptoms of stage four skin cancer The first sign of skin cancer is a change in color of the skin or a mole. However, this sign is not universal for all the patients. Many cancer specialists first look at the primary tumor and observe whether it has spread to other organs as well. When skin cancer spreads to the lymph nodes, these may become matted or clumped. These lymph nodes appear hard when they are pressed by your doctor. Size of the tumor Typically, the size of the stage four melanoma is thicker; its size is approximately 4 millimeters. The size of the tumor may, however, vary from person to person. Research has revealed that the size of the tumor may shrink upon treatment but it may still metastasize. Tumor ulceration Stage four skin cancers may accompany skin ulceration as well. This means that portions of the skin may be broken. This rupture in the skin may begin from Stage 1 onwards. If you have a stage four melanoma, then the skin may or may not display ulcerations. Patients that have stage 4 melanoma along with having tumor ulcerations do not have high chances of survival, according to the American Cancer Society. Self-examination You can check yourself if you have skin cancer or not. The most obvious symptoms are; • Change in the colour of the mole (s) • When the shape of the mole is asymmetric • When the colour of the mole changes its shape over a period • Melanomas are usually the size of an eraser • They also have uneven borders Spreading of melanoma In stage 3, the cancer spreads to lymph nodes or the skin around the primary tumor lymph nodes. In stage 4 melanoma, the tumor spreads to areas beyond the lymph nodes like the internal organs. In this stage, the melanoma may spread to the following organs; • Liver • brain • bones • Stomach or abdomen The symptoms may vary depending upon the area where the cancer has spread. If the area where it has spread is the brain, then the patient may experience long-term headache. In case the area is the lungs then the symptoms may include cough and breathlessness. If you have been treated for stage 3 melanoma and are experiencing new pains, aches etc then you must consult a cancer specialist. Treatment of this stage of cancer includes radiotherapy, chemotherapy, surgery, immunotherapy or targeted therapy.
  • Everything you need to know about diabetes
    Diabetes, which is often called diabetes mellitus by doctors, refers to a group of metabolic ailments where a person has high blood sugar. This condition is either caused by inadequate production of insulin, or when the body does not respond properly to the produced insulin. Typically, people with high blood sugar undergo the symptoms of polydipsia, polyuria, and polyphagia. In 2013, it was estimated that over 382 million individuals all across the world undergo diabetes treatment. Needless to say, the number has increased over these years. What are the key diabetes symptoms? It is possible to suffer from diabetes with mild levels of symptoms, while there are people who have no symptoms at all. Such cases can leave them unaware of the disease, which in turn rises to severe levels. The most common indications of diabetes include: Frequent urination: When the insulin is ineffective, the kidneys are not able to filter the glucose to go back in the blood. The kidneys, therefore, take the water from the blood for diluting the glucose, which in turn fills up the bladder and leads to frequent urination. Extreme thirst: When an individual urinates more than required, it is needed to be replaced with water. As a result, it makes the concerned individual feel thirsty. Uncontrollable hunger: Since the insulin isn't working as required, the body may need more energy in the form of more food. Therefore, it is obvious to feel hungry. The other diabetes symptoms include unexplained weight loss or weight gain, blurred vision, irritability and extreme fatigue. Therefore, it is important to undergo the right diabetes treatments and take diabetes medications along with adopting lifestyle changes. How to get rid of diabetes? Diabetes Type 1 and Type 2 does not have a cure yet. But there are possible ways to control the symptoms and keep the blood sugar levels under control. Exercise: The diabetes leg pain treatment mainly constitutes diet changes and regular exercise. It is also important to undergo foot pain treatment since these two are the most common harmful effects of high blood sugar. You should first aim to bring down the blood sugar levels to prevent any further damage to the concerned nerve. Low-impact exercises such as swimming, running, and simple walking is highly effective in treating diabetes. Medications: If the foot pain is very intense, you can consider taking over-the-counter medications or those prescribed by your doctor. Make sure it is a low dose for controlling the symptoms. Antidepressants: Even though this class of medicines is mainly meant for reducing depression, it can also help in reducing foot pain in the nerve. In most cases, these medications lead to some side effects such as dry mouth, dizziness, sweating and fatigue. You should consult with your physician before using these medicines as they are detrimental to people with cardiac ailments. There are also alternative treatments for reducing the pain and swelling in the foot caused by diabetes. You can opt for meditation, hypnosis, acupuncture and biofeedback as a means of reducing the ill-effects of diabetes.