Website building with Square Online

Square Online provides e-commerce tools and services to help businesses set up an online store. Business owners can easily build a new website with the Square and begin selling their products. If your growing newly venture needs an e-commerce scale-up, you can create a fully functional digital store in minutes. Let’s look at what you can avail with a Square Online website.

Features you’ll get with a Square website
When you create a webpage with the Square website builder, you’ll be able to choose marketing features, interface customisation, and social media integration. The integrative features like syncing with Square POS lets you create an e-store that is set for growth, aling with the option of setting up contactless pay options for seamless transactions. Moreover, Square Online has a to-the-point dashboard that has great analytics so that you can easily map a customer’s journey on the site. The best part is that you don’t need any coding experience to set up a website with Square Online; it’s easy, quick, and efficient.

Square website building costs
If you want to simply try the platform to see if it works for your business, start by building a website for free with Square Online. There’s one condition though: you have to pay when you make a sale. Square will take 2.9% + 30¢ for every purchase made. There are other options too. like Professional, Performance, and Premium. We particularly like the Performance set up because it is economical at around $26 per month. And you get to publish customer reviews on the site and send emails to potential buyers who have abandoned their carts. The Premium option is the most expensive set-up costing around $72 per month, but you get additional cost-cutting features.

Good alternatives to Square Online
While Square Online has amazing features, it is not the only option for setting up an online store. You can also explore options like Duda and BigCommerce. Duda is a major software suite that helps you create a website for multiple screens. It is mostly used by small and medium-sized companies. BigCommerce, on the other hand, hosts businesses of varied sizes. You can use their attractive storefront themes and advanced item search features to grow a customer base.


  • 5 tips to use safety and security signs effectively
    Safety and security signs are a simple yet effective method of warning people about a mandate, danger, or risk. They are essential parts of a safety program at a workplace, but incorrect usage can make them ineffective. So, you need to design and install them correctly to ensure that the intended message is conveyed at the very first glance. Keep these tips in mind to use safety and security signs effectively:
    • Take an overview of your setting Whether you’re getting a safety or security sign constructed for your workplace or home, account for all the potential risks and hazards. You can also consult other members or colleagues to help identify hazards that are unexpected or not obvious.
    • Place the signs at the right place Safety and security signs should be placed at the appropriate places so that they are clearly visible and easily draw attention. For instance, a sign should be kept at a safe distance from the hazard where everyone can see it. You should also ensure that the sign is not obstructed in any way and use reflective tape to ensure that it can be seen in low-light conditions.
    • Use easily recognizable graphics A safety or security sign should be represented in such a manner that it is recognizable and understood at a glance. The language and diagrams used on a sign should also be easily interpreted by everyone. Pictographs that graphically warn people of dangers should be used on these signs, and you can also take steps to ensure that all workers understand their meaning.
    • Ensure that the messages are clear A safety or security sign should put forth the intended message clearly. A sign should state the action that needs to be taken, like “Keep Clear” or “Do Not Operate.” Additionally, it should use precise language and a vivid image to communicate the message.
    • Conduct a mock drill While a well-designed and strategically placed sign is enough to communicate the message, it is advisable to assemble the workplace staff and conduct a brief mock drill to explain what each safety or security sign intends to convey. You can also guide them on what precautions they should take to avoid any hazards.
    These tips can be used as a ready reference while getting and installing safety and security signs. While these signs do not remove the risk, they help minimize it and provide advice on the steps to be taken.
  • Save money on electricity bills with smart use of appliances and refrigerators
    Using electricity smartly can help you reduce your utility bills effectively. Not just that, smart use of energy is also a great to keep the planet clean and green. Households are now laden with appliances to make life easier; saving on electricity does not mean not using these appliances at all but using them smartly to save energy. Here are some ways you can use your electronic items and save up to 40 percent on your utility bills. Smart switches Getting smart switches that have motion sensors are a great way to ensure that you don’t leave the lights on when not needed. Smart switches have motion sensors that detect movements and turn the lights on and off automatically. Getting smart switches that need to be turned on manually are a preferred choice of many as it helps avoid the chances of the lights coming on with the slightest of movements during sleep time. Energy efficient appliances Buying appliances and refrigerators that have an energy star rating is yet another way to save money on your utility bills. Appliances with energy star ratings help cut the bills by 20 to 30 percent. If you are planning on getting any new appliances and refrigerators, then make sure you look for models with an energy star rating. And if you have old appliances without an energy star rating, scrap the models instead of reselling to contribute towards keeping the environment cleaner in your way. Regular maintenance of air conditioners Air conditioners can perform well regarding energy efficiency if they are in the best condition. Service your air conditioning units to keep them performing well at all times and reduce your utility bills. You may even make sure that the maintenance affects your air conditioning system well by ensuring that their units are not placed in spots where there may be direct sunlight. Direct sunlight hampers the efficient performance of an air conditioner. Regularly cleaned dryers Your dryers cannot perform efficiently if there is any lint that may be stuck in its ducts. This results in the dryer using more energy and hence, increasing your utility bills. Try to clean the ducts as often as you can to ensure that these are lint free. There are brushes available that help you achieve this easily. Your choice of the kind of dryer will also affect your utility bills. A gas dryer is more energy efficient as compared to an electric one. Smart meters Getting smart meters help you reduce your electricity bills as these meters lets you track the amount of power the household is using. These meters also help in avoiding blackouts and overloaded grids. Smart meters allow its users to shut off the appliances in the home for fixed intervals as per the family’s convenience. Refrigerator maintenance Kitchen appliances and refrigerators contribute to a good chunk of the electricity bill. Maintaining your refrigerator and always keeping it in the best condition helps in avoiding consumption of unnecessary power that may be required to make it run efficiently. One of the ways to maintain your refrigerator to keep your utility bills low is by cleaning the coils once or twice a year. Clean coils help you to improve the refrigerator’s efficiency by as much as 50 percent. Other than that, ensuring that your refrigerator has a well-functioning door seal is also important to increase the energy efficiency of your refrigerator. Use these tips to save hundreds of dollars on your utility bills, and you can also contribute towards keeping the planet safer and cleaner.
  • Knowing which foods to have and avoid after dentures
    Affordable dentures might be easy in your pocket and look as good as your original teeth, but unfortunately, they are not always so. You cannot expect them to function as good as your teeth and hence you have to go an extra mile to take care of them. While you have these dentures on you, you need to take some precautions, and you have to take care of the food you are consuming. You cannot eat anything and everything because when you do so, you are doing injustice to your dentures. After all, these are foreign particles and needs time to adjust to your body so a little bit of care can work wonders with your new set of teeth. Here’s a list of food you can consume while you have got dentures:
    • Breakfast options: You can have scrambled eggs, bagels, smoothies or grits for breakfast. All of these are soft and quite tasty options for breakfast. Make sure you use nutritional ingredients while making them, for example, use yogurt, fruits, and veggies while preparing your smoothies.
    • Lunch options: You can have ground beef or pulled pork or non-sticky spreads peanut butter or pasta with meat balls for lunch. Beef and pork are soft meats that are easy on your affordable dentures and are nutritional as well.
    • Snack options: You can have blueberries, boiled veggies, popcorn, olive salad or muffins for snacks. These are all quite filling and nutritional.
    • Dinner options: You can have seafood or steak for dinner. These are all non-sticky meat options with high protein value.
    Foods that you have to avoid
    • Any food that is too hard may cause your affordable dentures trouble because you will face difficulty chewing it.
    • Food that is too sticky may stick to your dentures, and you will face problem cleaning it.
    • Stop having caffeine and colas when you have dentures because these foods are not good for your teeth.
    • Don’t have too many sweets as desserts are known to cause trouble to your teeth.
    Have a stress free munching habit with your dentures to keep them clean and healthy. With this eating routine, you can also ensure a long life for your affordable dentures.
  • Things you need to know about compact snow blowers
    The compact tractor snow blower is of a size that would conveniently fit into all the small places. This is especially beneficial keeping in mind the big snow blowers that you might not be able to fit in if you have limited space. The compact snow blowers can help you give as much snow clearance as much as a normal tractor would offer on a daily basis. Compact tractor snow plows may be smaller in size but they can offer an excellent performance to meet your requirements. These are snow blowers with the same power in a condensed package. It is light and easy to handle but there I no compromise on the quality. It is made of all steel body. The compact snow blower has a horsepower to drift 20 inches of snow. Some compact snow blowers can also offer the folding of the handlebars to give easy storage options. The price of these compact snow blowers starts at $799 approximately, thereby making it affordable for people who need to clear off the snow. The whole model is made up of steel; this includes the handlebars, the dash, the housing of the compact snow blowers, the chute which is multidirectional. It is important to note that even the skid shoes are made up of steel. The cast iron gear case to the machine adds to an industry level markup performance to clear the snow. These cast iron gears also have a warranty that in some cases can extend up to five years. The large 12-inch impeller is a three blade, which is all steel that throws snow far and fast. It moves up to 59 tons/hour throwing snow very fast. The compact snow blower keeps the intake area clear to efficiently pull in snow and clear the snow from the street. The 15-inch tires are large that provides good directional tires. The 15-inch tires provide mobility and agility that gives you ideal grip and prevents you from slips. There are Remote Chute and Cap Rotation on the compact snow blower. The chute is quick and is efficient in blowing direction. The handlebars are foldable which makes it even more compact. This helps them when storing while adding it in ultra-tight spaces. This compact snow blower runs off from the electricity from your home, and you also have recharging options. These compact snow blowers are perfect for places with short driveways and sidewalks. The compact snow blower features an 18-inch clearing path that offers an average single pass. The compact snow blower lets you clear intake height of 9 inches of snow but is best suited for 6 inches deep or less snow.
  • History of the classic spaghetti alla carbonara recipe

    The Italian recipe of spaghetti alla carbonara is not just famous for its delicious flavors but also for its disputed history. The only accepted part about this marvelous tasting dish is that it originated in Rome. So, what is the actual story behind this recipe? Instead of one straightforward account, the alla carbonara has multiple interesting theories.

    The first theory comes from the name itself, i.e. 'carbonara', which suggests that it was invented by charcoal workers in the Apennine Mountains near the city of Rome. As these men spent most of their time camping in the countryside, they bought all the essential ingredients of the recipe, that could be easily carried and stored, and then they cooked it on fire. Another story, which similarly transpired from the name, tells that it came from the kitchen of a restaurant named La Carbonara in 1912. The incorporation of black pepper in the dish, is also considered one of reasons why it is named as alla carbonara.

    One of widespread stories revolving around this recipe is that the American soldiers bought a ration of powdered eggs and bacon to Italy during World War 2 in 1944. The locals then put together these ingredients with pasta and cheese, which led to the birth of this classic dish. Although the Italians have argued that they have enjoyed this dish way before the arrival of American soldiers, and that 'bacon and eggs' was added to it much later. Its initial version had pancetta or guanciale instead of bacon.

    Being confused is easier when it comes to the origins of the alla carbonara recipe. Although if you try to make this recipe at home, you'll mostly forget about the chaos surrounding this dish. Here's how you can cook this popularly talked and debated recipe.

    The recipe
    Spaghetti alla carbonara requires bacon (you can use pancetta or guanciale), dry pasta, eggs, cheese (Pecorino or Parmigiano Reggiano), garlic, olive oil, ground black pepper and some fresh herbs if you would like some to garnish. Boil the spaghetti pasta in salted water until it is al dente. Whisk the egg yolks with cheese and black pepper. In the pan, heat some olive add some crushed garlic, then gradually fry the bacon until it is golden crisp around the edges and add it in the whipped egg mixture. Once the pasta is cooked immediately transfer it to the egg and bacon mixture. Then blend it properly. Serve it with grated cheese and black pepper according to you liking.

  • Popular Laser Printers and Scanners
    Printers and scanners are the most widely used devices to print and make copies. There are various printers such as inkjet printers, laser printers, and thermal printers. These are some of the laser printers. HP LaserJet Pro M477fdw Wireless Color Laser Printer is a multifunctional device which functions as a printer, scanner, copier, and fax machine. This printer helps in creating professional-quality color documents and delivers faster two side printing. This printer consumes lesser energy and can easily access and share resources with other devices in Ethernet and wireless networking. This printer can be connected to the internet through USB 2.0 port or through built-in Wi-Fi.  This printer can print the black as well as color copies at an amazing speed of 28 pages. This printer prints at a resolution of 600x600 dpi for both black and color copies. This printer saves the energy by printing on the two sides of the paper automatically. This printer acts as a flatbed scanner which can scan an area of 8.5"x11.7" with 48-bit color with a resolution of 1200x1200 dpi. This printer/scanner has the ability to reproduce the exact colors and large documents. This printer can fax up to 400 pages with the help of fax memory which is very much useful in offices and corporate companies. This printer can copy up to 28 ppm in black and 28 ppm in color. This printer/scanner can copy at a resolution of 600x600 dpi in color and black. This printer comes with a 50 sheet multi-purpose tray and automatic document feeder which helps in copying, scanning, faxing multiple pages with great ease and comfort. This printer comes with 4.3" intuitive touchscreen color graphics display and  256 MB built-in memory for incredible printing, scanning, copying and  256MB built-in memory Another laser printer is the Brother MFC-L5850DW Monochrome Laser All-In-One Printer/Copier/Scanner/Fax machine. This monochrome laser printer is multi-functional and can be used at the office or small work areas.  This printer comes with 3.7" color touchscreen display which helps in faster printing and copying. this printer can print/copy at a speed of 42 pages per minute both in black and white at a resolution of 1200x600 dpi. This printer can print at the rate of 50,000 pages per month which is really incredible.  This printer can color scan at a 70-page capacity and the auto document feeder helps in two-sided color scanning. This printer takes less time to refill the paper which saves a lot of time. This printer comes with a 300 sheet capacity which can be expanded to1,340 sheets. This printer/scanner can print from a mobile device using the AirPrint, Google Cloud Print, Brother iPrint&scan or Wi-fi direct. This printer has advanced features such as network user authentication which protects against unauthorized access. The wireless networking helps in printing and scanning from mobile devices in a wireless network. Another printer is the Brother Business Wireless Color Laser All-in-One Printer/Scanner/Copier/Fax machine MFC-L8900CDW. This printer is multi-functional which has many facilities like the automatic duplex printing, single-pass copy, scan, and fax capabilities. This printer can deliver high-quality output at a lower cost. This printer can print up to 33 pages per minute and can print 6,500 pages for one cartridge toner. This printer can scan at a capacity of 70-pages and comes with a 5-inch color touchscreen display which helps in easy menu navigation. This printer comes with a 250 sheet paper tray for letter/legal paper handles. This printer can be expanded to a capacity of 1300 sheets. This printer can be connected through built-in gigabit Ethernet or through wireless networking. This printer can print comes with large document glass for scanning/copying documents to print legal size and other bound material. This printer comes with advanced security features which can protect sensitive documents and helps in restricting the use of the printer per user or per group basis. These printers are available in retail stores or online websites such as at lower prices than the original cost which makes them value for money products.