What is an h pylori infection

Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori) are bacteria that flourish in the digestive system and can cause infection in the stomach. H. pylori symptoms may not manifest in some people.


It is still unknown how an H. pylori infection occurs. But it can pass through an infected person to another in several ways. These include:

  • Through an infected person’s saliva
  • Through contact with infected vomit
  • Through contact with infected fecal matter


Not everyone with an H. pylori infection shows symptoms. But there are still some common signs that may manifest after the infection.

Some common H. pylori symptoms are:

  • Severe stomach pain
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Excessive burping
  • Bad breath
  • Sudden weight loss
  • Bloating
  • Appetite loss


h.Pylori can cause several serious problems.

  • Ulcers: H. pylori can cause ulcers in the stomach as it damages the protective lining of the organ.
  • Inflammation: The infection can irritate the stomach and cause gastritis.
  • Cancer: In some cases, H. pylori infection can increase your chances of getting stomach cancer.


Even when H. pylori symptoms do not show up, the presence of peptic ulcers is a clear indication of an infection. The treatment may include antibiotics and another medicine to heal the stomach lining.

  • The antibiotics course may include two different drugs. This is done so that the bacteria do not become resistant to any particular antibiotic. Use of two drugs can prevent any delays in the treatment.
  • The different drugs to heal the stomach may include medicines that inhibit acid production in the stomach, block substances that produce acid or protect the ulcers from the acid.
  • After the treatment, the doctor may conduct a fresh round of tests to see if it was successful or not. This is usually done four weeks after the completion of the treatment. If further treatment is required, the doctor may change the antibiotics.

If the H. pylori infection has not caused other problems, the initial treatment for the infection is usually effective. Timely treatment as soon as the H. pylori symptoms occur may be helpful.


  • 10 Best low-carb snacks for a healthy meal
    If you want to start with the best low-carb diet plan, you will notice that it is easier to plan the full meals, where veggies and meat are great options. However, it is the middle meal or the snack that poses a problem. You should avoid fried and junk snack options, but at the same time, you should have a small meal at regular intervals, including three low-carb meals. Here are 10 best low-carb snacks that you can include in your diet plan from across the internet. Avocado crisps - Mix avocado with some salt, cheese, and seasonings. Make small balls of this mixture and then flat them out. Bake this batch until desired. And there goes a perfect, healthy snack for you to have between meals. Cheesy Jalapeno mushroom bites - In case you are fond of hot and spicy flavors, this recipe is for you. The mushrooms and jalapenos are filled with a mix of cheese and seasonings and then baked. In case you want to make it a full meal, toss in bite-sized pieces of chicken or turkey. Crispy parmesan tomato chips - If you are a tomato fan, this recipe is for you. First, you'll need to cut thick slices of big tomatoes. Add a drizzle of some extra virgin olive oil on the slices. Sprinkle finely grated parmesan cheese and your preferred Italian seasonings. Slow bake this batch of sliced tomatoes until a crisp texture is obtained, which can take more than half an hour. The final result is a tray full of healthy and low-carb snack. Pizza bites “ Make a pizza base with a mixture of coconut flour and almond. Top it up with your favorite veggies. Swapping the pepperoni with turkey would be a good option. Layer it with a few crumbled pieces of cheese and bake for a few minutes. Flourless Pumpkin bread “ Make a mix of pumpkin mixed with cinnamon, nutmeg, and walnuts. The sugar can be replaced with granulated sweetener, or even better, maple syrup. Bake it and enjoy! Boiled or water poached eggs “ This is the healthiest and simplest low-carb snack that you can have anytime, anywhere. Add a few veggies on it and a few seasonings to make it more appealing. Olives “ Olives can be added as a topping item in your salad and Mediterranean dishes. You can also have a few pieces in the night as a healthy low-carb snack. Nuts “ Have a handful of dry fruits such as almonds, walnuts, macadamia nuts, etc. You can roast a few nuts or add them for a crunchy texture in dishes like salads, desserts, etc. Veggies & Dips - Vegetable sticks like carrot, cucumber, and celery when had with cream cheese dips can be ideal as a quick snack item. It's healthy and easy to prepare. Fruits & Cream - Berries and cream to satisfy the sweet tooth. You can also add a teaspoon of sugar, and substitute berried with other fruits.
  • 3 different kinds of pool solar covers
    Conservation of water is essential, especially in homes where there are swimming pools.  An effective method of exercising this type of saving is through pool covers. They not only minimize the evaporation levels but also increase the heat, causing pool owners to save up on utility expenses. Listed below are different kinds of pool solar covers:
    • Bubble pool solar cover These pool solar covers comprise thermal bubbles which trap heat. The requirement of refilling the pool is moderated due to these covers. They significantly warm up the pool, thereby allowing people to swim during colder seasons. They are available for both, inground and above-ground pools. These bubble covers are shielded from UV rays to maximize their potential.
    • Sun rings pool solar cover This type of pool cover is light and minimizes pool evaporation. The best part is its ring shape that lets the customer buy the precise sizes for their pool. Evaporation is highly reduced with the help of these pool covers, and are suitable for all kinds of pools. Joined with magnets and having a dual vinyl layer, these pool covers can be stored easily and used effortlessly. 
    • Liquid pool solar cover A pool solar cover of the liquid kind is incredibly unique because it cannot be seen when used in the pool. Evaporation is diminished to almost 40%. Using this liquid pool solar cover gives you an unparalleled convenience as the trouble of having to adjust the pool solar cover vanishes completely. Another factor that works in favor of these is that they can be used for pools of all sorts. 
    With pool solar covers you can make judicious use of your swimming pool while enjoying the sunny days.
  • 3 popular online resources to look for jobs for physicians
    The conventional way of searching for a new job has always been through referrals or by looking at the classifieds section of newspapers and journals. This has been true especially for those in the medical field looking for physician job openings. There has been no dearth of opportunities for physicians. Doctors have always been in demand. The projected growth of job for physicians is faster compared to other professions. Along with the conventional sources used to search for jobs, aspiring, as well as experienced physicians, can now make use online resources to make a move in their job prospects. Some websites specially cater to the medical fraternity. Here five popular online resources used by physicians to look for jobs and career opportunities. 1.NEJM: The New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) has an online career center that posts physician jobs from the classified section of the journal as well as from direct job postings by recruiters and employers. Physicians have to make a profile where they can create their own cover letter and can upload their resumes. The portal sends job alerts to its members and allows to search for jobs based on specialty and geography. 2.PracticeLink: PracticeLink is a job bank that has approximately 5,000 medical groups, private practices, hospitals and health systems posting about jobs for physicians. This physician recruitment website lets physicians search for jobs according to their specialty and location. It is a platform that connects physicians with prospective employers. This site also provides resources that help in the job search process. 3. Career MD: One of the largest open-access databases that contain data on physician jobs from all over the country, CareerMD has job opportunities from large hospitals and healthcare organizations as well as from government agencies, academic organizations, industry employers and small clinics. This is a completely free online platform for physicians to look for jobs.
  • The best compact car deals that you can get your hands on!
    A treat for the rich who expect luxury in small packages. In the market for the latest compact cars are models from Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Lexus, Cadillac, Volvo and many many more high-end auto companies. Come, check out the selection with us. Confirming the tastes of luxury car owners, the Audi A3 has been a colossal hit after its relentless attempt in offering its customers a luxurious cabin along with premium leather seats and attractive hi-tech amenities like its three-spoke multifunction steering wheel that essentially enables the driver to be in control at all times. Also, its driver assistance system and virtual digital information cluster are a huge attraction. The BMW 4 series is a performance on wheels. Distinct solid styling with powerful engines, available as a coupe, sedan or convertible, this easy rider has good space for a small car and is an elegant option for buyers. The classic Mercedes-Benz C-Class Coupe is nothing but elegant. LED head and tail lamps, panoramic roof, frameless door glass, standard 18 inch or optional 19-inch wheels, and the best part - zooming to 60mph in just 5.9 seconds without wasting any time, complements performance with efficiency, on slippery or dry roads. The Lexus RC F is a powerful, sporty and bold compact coupe that boasts 467 horsepower delivered by a 5.0L V8 engine. It is highly reliable because it is fitted with advanced safety features. This Certified Ultra-Low Emission Vehicle is fun to parade around as an exhilarating and passionate performer. The fair priced Volvo S60 is the ultimate choice for a safe ride in a compact car. Ranked in the top of safety tests, this peppy Swedish car delivers an impressive mileage and perpetually invites to a tempestuous ride. The charming Mini Cooper that has been an icon for many decades now still entices with its alluring yet practical options in style, performance, and customizable additions. Instantly noticeable wherever it is driven, this is one compact car that is available to suit varied tastes and budgets. And finally, get familiar with the Infiniti Q30 that powers on 400 horsepower with a twin-turbo V6 engine and is available in ten different models. Direct adaptive steering - a digital steering system, intelligent all-wheel drive, its aerodynamic design that helps increase the vehicle's stability at high speeds, all make this an electrifying head turner. Convenient size, excellent mileage, and affordable prices help the luxury compact segment multiply. Swanky wheels from top auto companies are bombarding the scene. Stand out among the clutter. Leave an impression.
  • An overview on the popular quilts available online
    The marketplace has a variety of quilt and quilt covers for your needs. There are floral quilts, bold geometries and they give your sleeping space a makeover. If you are looking for designer quilts or quilt covers then visit online e-stores and you get your requirements at affordable prices. Popular quilts available online The following are some of the best quilts for which you need to purchase the quilt covers.
    • The Quilted Bed Spread: This quilt has bold patterns, subtle texture, polyester padding inside cotton weave. The quilt is comfortable and affordable.
    • Navy Line Quilt: This quilt is a fuss-free bed-spread, its cotton finish adds style and comfort to the bed.
    • Creature Hideaway Quilt: This cotton quilt has hand-dyed images if flora or fauna. The attractive designs on the quilt make it attractive to the buyers.
    • Paulista Quilted Bedspread: This quilt gives a cool contemporary style to your bedroom.
    • Hay Quilt: Available in different colors, these quilts are designed by graphic designers and they bring new tones to the bedroom.
    • Aravalli Quilt-Harlequin: This type of quilt has a beautiful mix of colors and pattern and it is more like traditional cotton quilts, the collection of quilts have different pattern combinations.
    • Normann Copenhagen Sprinkle Blush Bedspread: This quilt has a beautiful design, has an abstract pattern on the bed, it is like a piece of modern art on the bed.
    • Kendra Quilted Throwover: It has Persian floral patterns and is available warm tones of blue, brown and beige. The quilt gives a contemporary and traditional look to your bed.
    • Spring Bloom Bedspread: This quilt has bright yellow dotted splashes and it has floral design, help in keeping the bed fresh during the winters.
    Check e-stores to buy quilt and quilt covers If you are keen to buy quilt or quilt-covers for your bedroom then visit online, check e-stores like Amazon where quilts, quilt sets, quilt-covers are categorized for the common buyers. The different products are displayed online along with images, product prices. As a buyer of quilts or quilt covers, you require checking the product reviews, visit more than one e-store selling such products, compare the product prices and all this helps you to get the best deal for money. Benefits of online shopping There are many businesses, online, selling high-quality quilts, quilt covers and bed sheets to prospective customers. There is a fierce competition in the market and the quilt sellers promise to offer their customers best quilts at cost-effective prices. Online purchasing of quilts is increasingly becoming popular.There are many benefits of buying quilt or quilt covers online. If you engage in online purchase of quilts then you can choose the best quilt from a range of products from different websites. Online shopping helps you to choose high quality products at the best prices and helps you to buy the latest products from the comfort zone.
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    The SUV is very quickly emerging as a popular choice in the family cars segment with a large number of American and international SUV manufacturers vying for a share in this segment. While the Honda CR-V remains a top pick closely followed by Ford, BMW, and Toyota, there are several manufacturers of small sized compact SUVs who are also recording significant volumes of sales. Here are some of the most popular small sized SUVs available in the American market. The Lexus NX from the Toyota stable offers a car-like feel but with greater height. It also features flexible cargo space, making it popular among buyers of smaller SUVs. When you plan on driving off-road especially on uneven terrain, the Jeep Renegade is a good option. Its closest competitors in the same segment are the Honda HR-V and the Chevy Trax. Priced in the range of  $24,000 the Fiat 500 X offers a sleek outer body with ease of handling and turning. It runs on both a six-speed manual transmission and a nine speed automatic and is available at an affordable price for someone looking for a subcompact SUV. In the luxury subcompact SUV segment, the Mercedes Benz GLA is a sure winner both from the point of its sleek exteriors as well the quality of engineering, promising a smooth ride. A close competitor in the subcompact luxury SUV segment is Audi’s Q3 which has an upscale design. The Kia Sportage which features an athletic looking exterior and comes with a turbocharged engine is yet another popular pick in the small sized SUV segment. The Escape, from Ford, offers a good amount of sitting space and with its turbocharged engines and sleek design remains popular on most best SUV lists. Providing excellent fuel economy and mileage, the Nissan Rogue adopts user-friendly technology that promises ease of driving and passenger comfort. Volvo’s XC50 is a top notch pick in the luxury SUV segment and is famous both for its high degree of compliance with motoring safety standards and also for its ease of driving, sufficient leg room, and cargo space.