3 different types of ink cartridges

Spending money on ink cartridges can feel like a burden on one’s pocket at times. This is especially true for consumers who use printers regularly. However, there are many ways to regulate your total usage pattern and save big bucks on printer ink. Some strategies to save money include –

  • Using draft mode while printing
  • Buying a reservoir printer
  • Getting an ink subscription service

Apart from the methods mentioned above, you should also be aware of the type of ink cartridge you are ordering. Continue reading to know more.

Types of ink cartridges
At the moment, there are three types of ink cartridges available in the market, i.e., OEM, compatible, and remanufactured. Each of these types has their own set of pros and cons.

  • Original equipment manufacturer (OEM)
    These types of ink cartridges are made and distributed by printer manufacturers such as Epson, Canon, Brother, HP, and Samsung. Such ink cartridges are high in quality but are quite costly. If you rarely utilize your printer or if the quality of the print matters a lot to you, then you should stick to OEM cartridges.
  • Compatible
    Produced by third-party manufacturers, compatible cartridges offer quality similar to OEM cartridges. They can be bought as replacements to OEM ink cartridges as they are relatively less expensive. Usually, they are of decent quality, but you should read the reviews before purchasing one to be sure. Likewise, you should always purchase compatible cartridges that are a 100% fit with your printer. If you buy a replacement compatible ink cartridge that doesn’t match, it could have some communication issues with the printer.
  • Remanufactured
    Recycled or remanufactured ink cartridges are either used OEMs or serviced and refilled third-party cartridges. As compared to OEM these are quite economical. However, they usually cost more than compatible cartridges because they are suitably cleaned, replaced with some new parts, and tested for sale as well. These cartridges are an excellent option for people who are environmentally conscious.

How to save money on ink cartridges?
When you are shopping for printer ink, browse a little longer and check if there are any ink cartridges coupon codes available with the latest discounts and offers. Ordinarily, you can find ink cartridges coupon codes on the manufacturer’s website or on coupon sites. However, ensure that you redeem your ink cartridges coupon codes from reliable sites. Some of the sites that you can check out for ink cartridges coupon codes are Groupon, 123Inkjets, GoodShop, Coupons.com, and RetailMeNot.


  • iPhone 12 mini versus iPhone 11 – Here’s how they compare

    After keeping fans on the edge of their seats for weeks, Apple finally announced its latest series of iPhones in a virtual event on Tuesday. CEO Tim Cook revealed that the iPhone 12 will come in four models—the iPhone 12, iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max. But how do these models compare to the iPhone 11? Here’s a definitive guide that pits the iPhone 12 mini against the iPhone 11 in terms of three key factors. Read on:


    The iPhone 12 mini packs some serious punch here, as it comes with the all-new A14 Bionic chip that delivers stunning speed. Gaming is an absolute delight and, according to Apple, you can expect an increase in processing by up to 50 percent. The chip is also home to a 16-core Neural Engine, which seamlessly handles heavy tasks. Compare this to the A13 Bionic chip and third‑generation Neural Engine in the iPhone 11, and it’s easy to pick a winner. That said, the A13 chip isn’t a drag, and delivers considerable performance as well.

    Design and display

    Both the iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 11 sport a smart, durable design. The former, though, has a few upgrades, such as the Ceramic Shield front cover. It increases the drop protection of the device fourfold, which is something the iPhone 11 can’t replicate. As far as the display is concerned, the iPhone mini has a 5.4-inch screen. The iPhone 11, on the other hand, has a 6.1‑inch screen, although its LCD display isn’t quite comparable with the much superior OLED display of the iPhone 12 mini.


    Despite being the smallest and least expensive of all the iPhone 12 models, the iPhone 12 mini has a brilliant camera system, which is the same as that of the iPhone 12. It has a 12-MP ƒ/1.6 aperture in Wide mode and ƒ/2.4 aperture in Ultra Wide mode. Unlike the iPhone 11, the iPhone 12 mini supports Night Mode on the Ultra Wide and front cameras as well, allowing convenience in low-light photography. The computational photography mechanisms further enhance the quality of photos on all iPhone 12 models.

  • Few basic guidelines while buying cheap truck tires
    The invention of the wheel has been one of the most phenomenal developments in the history of mankind. The use of tires, “a ring shaped component that surrounds a wheel's rim…” has further improved transportation of goods and people from ancient times. And this has enabled people to tread with ease and set up camp in remote corners of the world. Based on the type of vehicle they are fitted on, tires are made in numerous ways, with specific raw materials. This is why tire manufacturers usually specialize in particular types of tires and are clearly classified into many groups. Let us focus on cheap truck tires here. Trucks can be either light, medium or heavy, or specialized very heavy trucks and transporters like heavy haulers and off-road heavy haul trucks. To keep them running in good condition across various types of roads, in almost all weather conditions, it is important to have good quality tires for trucks, but not necessarily the most expensive ones. You should be able to examine each tire independently and find out when they need to be repaired or replaced. Research must also be done on how to economize and save money while buying tires for trucks. It is not always necessary to spend money on new truck tires. There are local stores in almost every state that sell branded truck tires for a cheaper price and, on top of that, there is a very large selection of quality used tires in the market that are much cheaper. Like their expensive mates, cheap truck tires also can be used in almost all conditions including snow, mud, and in tricky winter roads. And if they are used truck tires, they must be checked regularly for tire problems. Like for example, for uneven wear and tear and scalloping, for air pressure to make sure there are no leaks, and when required, tire patches must be fixed too. Make sure you get the safest and best cheap tires for your truck, it can be new or used. Have a safe ride.
  • Potential issues of using a safety harness kit
    When you hand over a few things, such as safety glasses or a pair of boots, they can use them properly. However, your fall protection harness safety kit is certainly not one of those things. To an amateur or an untrained eye, the harness safety kit may seem like a jumble of buckles and straps without any semblance of reason. This makes the harness ineffective and may injure or hurt the wearer.  Here are some instances wherein a harness safety kit can cause hurt or injury: Improper fit When the safety harness kit is not adjusted for a snug fit, its efficiency is null. It is almost equivalent to wearing no harness at all. A snug fit is vital on both the upper and the lower sections. If you slip loose from the harness while working at an elevation, you may find yourself in a dangerous situation, which may demand an immediate rescue. Organ damage, traumatic injury, or a neurological injury might occur in only a few minutes of prolonged suspension in some cases. Weight limits vary from one model to another, but the typical range is between 130-310 pounds. The weight includes the worker's clothing, the harness itself, and any tools the worker will use while working with the harness. For obvious reasons, you must not exceed the weight limits, and the body harnesses must never be used for lifting equipment or materials.  Wrong D-ring position The harnesses were not thrown together haphazardly using some straps lying loose on a manufacturing floor. These have been carefully engineered by certified professionals who ensure that the body's force in the event of the fall is distributed across the body to ensure that the fall is safely arrested. If you do not wear the harness right, it will not provide equal force distribution. As a result, you will even up hurting yourself. So, if the D-ring is wrongly positioned, it is a clear sign that you are not wearing your harness correctly. Hence, anytime you wear the harness safety kit, make your partner examine it to ensure that the D-ring is situated precisely halfway between the shoulder blades. It does not mean that it can land up just anywhere on the back; rather, it should be on the back's center at the shoulder blade height. Overuse Although the harness safety kit does not come with an expiration date, you can tell when it needs to be replaced. If the harness has been used for more than five years and starts showing wear-and-tear signs, you need to replace it. When a harness has exceeded its life, it may lead to equipment failure.  
  • Top airlines that offer discounted rates for senior citizens
    Getting old may have its disadvantages; however, it does have its perks in the form of discounted prices for flights, hotels, trains, theater bookings, and so on. For senior citizens who are planning on traveling anytime in the near future, here are some of the best airlines that offer discounts airfares.
    • American Airlines American Airlines offers discounts for passengers who are 65 years and above. These discounts can be availed on their partner airline American Eagle as well. The discounts, however, are limited to domestic routes and markets.
    • Delta Airlines Delta Airlines is another airline that offers discounted airfare for senior citizens. Although these discounts will not be found on the Delta Airlines website, one can make a call to the reservations line to check if the desired flight is has discounted tickets.
    • Southwest Airlines If you are looking for an airline that offers discounts for seniors on airfares, make sure to look up Southwest Airlines as they are known for its extensive senior citizen program. It allows the booking of discounted fares for senior citizens via phone or through the company’s website. The discounted prices apply to both domestic and international destinations. Other perks offered by the airline include early check-in and quicker service through the airport.
    • United Airlines United Airlines offers reduced airfares for senior citizens on select routes and destinations. The discount for seniors on airfares can be viewed online when selecting the “seniors category” while booking the ticket. Other special features offered by the United Airlines for senior citizens include extended boarding time and wheelchair access.
    • British Airways While senior citizen discounted airfare on British Airways, they can log into their AARP member account and reduce their flight travel costs by around $200. Some of the discounts that can be availed in this regard include the World Traveler Plus (premium economy) discount of around $130, the World Traveler (economy) discount of around $65, and the First Class and the Club World (Business Class) discounts of up to $200. These discounts are available only for residents of and flying from the country.
    While some of these discounts can be availed online directly on the respective company website, others will be available upon request while booking the ticket via the reservations line or counter. If you are traveling with a senior citizen, make use of discounts offered by these airlines and reduce travel costs to a great extent.
  • Saatva Mattress, Purple, and Sleep Number – Which One to Choose
    Technology has been able to offer fruitful results in every domain of human lives and in recent time, it has reached out to provide the utmost level of comfort through mattresses as well. Various mattress brands have been emerging in the country's markets to offer the ultimate level of comfort, coziness, and firmness to people who suffer from sleepless nights due to insomnia. Moreover, in order to know which brand can cater to your sleeping requirements, you should compare various brands to get the real picture. Sleep Number® Sleep Number® has received much recognition due to its air beds that can be adjusted as per your needs. You can change the support and firmness of the bed that you can offer you ultimate comfort only through a remote control.
    • The 360® smart beds and classic series have gained much popularity due to the advanced technology used in them. By using the 360® Smart Beds, you are offered FlexFit™ base which can be adjusted. Moreover, the SleepIQ® technology lets you track your night's sleep with the score.
    • The beds with dual air chambers are ideal for the couples as every user can make bed adjustments as per their preference.
    • Each section of the bed comes with a different price range and the basic model starts at around $899. However, the smart beds can cost up to $4,999 because of the cutting-edge technology used in them.
    • The company offers you a free trial where you can get uninterrupted 100 nights of sleep.
    Saatva Mattress The key features of this brand make the products stand out from the crowd as sleepers are provided with luxury firm, plush soft, and firm mattress.
    • People who prefer to feel enveloped in linens and bed, plush soft mattress just can be the right thing for them.
    • Saatva's luxury firm is for the people who switch positions too often while sleeping. Additionally, getting a hotel-like luxurious mattress is now available in your bedroom.
    • Sleepers who tend to sleep on their stomach or back can consider using the firm mattress from Saatva Mattress. Mostly, healthcare professionals recommend sleeping on firm mattresses to avoid the risk of back pain or other physical conditions.
    Purple The hyper-elastic Polymer™ technology used in the mattress makes sure that the mattress has a free air flow feature. Additionally, the Sleep Cool option can relax and calm your mind so that you can naturally get 8 hours of sleep. Durability, non-toxic, and allergen-resistant are other features that offer you an impeccable experience through the products of Purple.
    • The unique components such as a Hyper-Elastic Polymer™ or top-layer of the mattress offer pressure relief and bounciness.
    • The other layer is made of polyester-lycra, viscose, and polyester that make the mattress breathable.
    • The mattresses are similar to latex mattress which has the feature of cool sleeping along with springing back in a jiffy.
    Bottom Line Saatva Mattress, Sleep Number®, and Purple may serve the same purpose but different technology is used in them. If you like to adjust every bed setting, then Sleep Number® can be the ideal option for you. In addition to the context, for pressure-relief and relaxation, Purple has the premium quality mattress to offer. On the contrary, the firm mattresses of Saatva have a thicker comfort layer than Purple.
    • The construction of each mattress is different and this leads to various kinds of level of touch and feel.
    • Saatva can be the ideal choice if you prefer a traditional and firm mattress over the modern ones. The large mattress has an unbelievable comfort layer.
    • The 100 nights free trial offer is available for Sleep Number® and Purple which can enable the buyers to understand how the pressure relief or comfort layer work against their bodies.
    • If you have an irregular sleeping pattern, then SleepIQ® technology used in the 360® Smart Beds of Sleep Number® can offer to track your deep sleep pattern. Additionally, the scoring method can help you understand whether your sleeping pattern has improved.
  • Types of protective equipment and selecting the right one
    Some professions, such as working as a construction worker or fire-fighter, involve a high risk to an individual’s life. So, it is essential to be careful while being in such dangerous occupations. You need to take precautions and ensure utmost safety. One way to avoid an unfortunate incident is by wearing protective equipment related to your profession. Here, we have listed various protective equipment. Forms of protective equipment Hand protection This category includes different equipment which can safeguard hands. You can choose from a variety of protective tools. Some of them include welding gloves, heat-protective gloves, electrical gloves, string knit, cold weather gloves, driver’s gloves, disposable gloves, cut-resistant gloves, and coated gloves. You may choose equipment according to your preference and requirement and shop for them online. Head to face protection Products from this type of protective equipment shield the body’s upper portion. A few products available in this category include welding headwear, liners and accessories, face shields and headgear, and hard hats. You can get these products at competitive rates when you buy through digital portals. Safety harness equipment A safety harness is one of the most important pieces of equipment that you will require while working at height. With this equipment, you can attach yourself to a secure and fixed object through a lanyard. This ensures that you restrict the severity and consequences of a fall. Apart from providing you with safety while working at height, safety harnesses help you work more securely and efficiently with your hands-free. Such equipment prevents you from falling from a height. When you wear a harness or belt, there is a lower risk of injury from a fall. As the harness aids you to attach yourself to a stationary object, there is assurance that you will not hit the ground in case of a fall. All these offerings make this equipment vital, particularly if you are working in the construction sector. You can buy this life-saving equipment from safety harness stores in the country. Factors to consider while choosing a safety harness Here are a few aspects that you can consider while buying protective equipment from a safety harness store. Frequency of use Before buying a product, you need to determine how regularly you are going to use it. Accordingly, the cost and brand may differ. Weight and size Every harness is not the same and does not come in higher than XZ size unless it is mentioned that the weight is over 300 lbs of total capacity. So, if you and the aggregate weight of your tool surpass 300 lbs, you need to buy a heavy-weight harness.