Sears Tires and the Services and Coupons They Cover

Sears is a famous chain of departmental stores that offer a diverse range of tires from all the major tire manufacturers for cars, SUVs and pickup trucks along with a wide range of other products. Budget-friendly and reliable, Sears has been serving its customers for many decades now and is a reliable place to look for tires and auto care services. Besides, the Sears tire coupons are a great way to save money on your next purchase of tires or services offered by Sears.

Let’s take a look at some of the services and products on which you can avail Sears tires coupon. Sears Auto regularly releases coupons and promo codes that you can use to avail discounts on their products and services. Some of these, as you will see below, are even on offer right now!

Tire services at Sears

Maintaining tire health is important for your car’s or truck’s optimum performance. Sears offers a wide range of services to help maximize your tires performance and minimize its wear. They are:

Tire evaluation

Tire evaluation is important to understand if your vehicle needs a tire replacement or not. Services offered under tire evaluation are:

  • Rotation and balancing
  • Tire pressure check
  • Wheel alignment
  • Regular inspection
Tire rotation

A tire’s wear depends on a lot of factors like the driving conditions, state of suspension, and also your driving style. Tire rotation helps in the following:

  • Maximizing traction
  • Evening out treadwear
  • Extending your vehicle’s tires’ lifespan
Tire balancing

By getting your vehicle’s tires balanced on a regular basis, you can extend its lifespan and enjoy a comfortable ride throughout. It also eliminates uneven treadwear. You can opt for Lifetime Tire Balancing services at Sears.

Flat tire repair

Sears Auto experts inspect the tire to see if it can be repaired. The flat tires that these experts repair last as long as the tire lasts. Tire balancing is a complimentary service.

Tire pressure monitoring system

This is an electronic system to inspect if the tire pressure is low and unsafe. If the tire pressure monitoring system of your vehicle is not working, the experts here will find the cause and repair the system so that it works properly. Sears offers Sears tires coupon on these services from time to time. Keep checking their website and local newspapers for such coupons.

Sears Tires

Sire tire coupons are also available for the different kinds of tires sold by Sears. There are two kinds of tires that you will find here:

Winter tires

Winter tires are ideal for people who drive their vehicles on roads covered with ice, snow, and sleet. Winter or snow tires offer better traction control ensuring improved stopping and starting performance. They also offer better grip.

All-season tires

All-season tires, as the name suggests, are suitable for the dry summers, wet springs, as well as dry winters. Such tires have long tread life and offer year-round grip.

Here is one among many Sears tires coupons that you can redeem while purchasing tires:

You can get 25% off on RoadHandler or DieHard tires when you buy a set of 4. This offer is valid online only and installation of the tires is required for this offer to be valid. It expires on 4th August 2018. You can find similar offers on tires of other brands as well as Goodyear, Michelin, BFGoodrich, and Uniroyal. Many of these Sears tires coupons are refreshed every month and are only valid for a limited period, so keep visiting the promo section of the site and watch out for the offer expiry date!

Wheel alignment

Sears also offers wheel alignment services. You can opt for 6-month or 1-year wheel alignment services. It offers the following alignment services:

  • Inspection of suspension components, steering components, and tire components
  • Measurement and adjustment of angles alignment
  • Road test evaluation
  • Resetting steering angle sensor, if required

Here are some of the Sears tires coupons available for wheel alignment:

  • Avail a discount of $20 when you opt for 1-year alignment services. Offer expires on 4th August 2018.
  • Customers opting for 6-month alignment services will get a discount of $10. The expiration date is 4th August 2018.
  • Free alignment checks till 31st December 2018.

Redeem these Sears tires coupons and make great savings.


  • An introduction to gas leaf blowers
    A leaf blower is an equipment used in the garden that uses a nozzle to release air with an intention to drive away waste material such as dry flowers, leaves, etc. Majorly, they come in two forms; handheld units that have a sit-down structure, and backpack units that are to be worn as a bag on the back of the operator. This bag is connected to a huge wand that propels air and moves refuse items in the garden. A handheld leaf blower usually has a shorter lifespan due to the excessive wear and tear that it undergoes. A leaf blower can also work like a vacuum cleaner where an additional bag is attached to the equipment for storing picked up leaves and twigs. Apart from that, leaf blowers are backed by either electricity or gasoline. Since we stop the trees from shedding leaves all the year round, you need to take steps to keep your garden clean and not let the change of seasons impact its beauty. A gas leaf blower is more powerful than an electric one and is useful in fulfilling heavy duty requirements. These can be used during fall and spring when a huge pile of leaves gets collected. Electricity or battery powered leaf blowers have been solving the problem in summers or light winters when the demand for cleanliness is not that high. However, gasoline leaf blowers can be slightly heavy on your pocket. Whether you are a professional or a homeowner, you require durable equipment for garden and patio management. Many brands provide gas leaf blowers of various types to manage your garden landscape. Different models are available in the market to suit all spatial types, right from small plots to big land pieces. Many brands boast of a range of exclusive features such as lower fuel emissions. Moreover, the ethanol content used is not more than 10% making them more environment-friendly as well as human-friendly. To keep leaves at bay, many gas leaf blowers also work as shredders where they suck in unwanted stuff. The major problem with gasoline leaf blowers is that they raise a lot of dust while in operation thereby contributing towards air pollution and also causing allergies as well as diseases. They also create noise that may at times exceed the permissible limits. The release of toxic gases such as carbon monoxide, particulates, and hydrocarbons is a given. In many states of America, gas leaf blowers have been banned by the government for their harmful side effects on the operator as well as the people around. In some states, laws have been passed to restrict their usage. Choosing the correct gas leaf blower is a highly difficult task especially when the market is loaded with numerous options that claim to be the best. In the case of handheld blowers, the ones powered by gas are the most popular. However, before actually buying one, you should first list out your requirements and your budget. A gas leaf blower is heavy, requires a lot of maintenance and has to be fuelled at regular intervals. Once you bring a gas leaf blower home, take a few precautions to protect yourself as well as those around you. Always apply a mask and goggles while operating the equipment. Whenever you plan to run the gas leaf blower, inform everyone around to not come near the site. Try performing the leaf blowing task during a time when your neighbors won’t be affected by it; meaning that early mornings and late nights should be avoided. Be wise and use the equipment responsibly.
  • Know when to change oil in your car
    Every car owner would wonder when to change the engine oil. The best thing to be done is to consult your owner's manual. Most of them suggest for an oil change after 4000 miles and as your car gets older it's better to drop down to 3000 miles, it again depends on what car you use. Most of the recently designed cars comes up with more millage without wanting for major repairs. If your car is brand new, then make sure you give it for first service within 3 months or when you cover almost 4000 miles. They would probably provide a free service including the change of engine oil. Changing of engine oil differs accordingly to the conditions it's been used. The type of engine oil you use plays the major role. It is advisable to use a good quality oil to get longer run time. Cheaper oil gets dirty at the earliest causing damage to the internal parts. • Typical condition: According to the Ford Motor Company, drivers with typical driving habits who own 2008 and newer models should change their engine oil every 4500 miles or every 6 months, whichever comes first. • Less typical condition: Drivers with less typical conditions includes frequent off road driving or driving in dusty conditions, towing or carrying heavy loads, excessive idling or driving at low speeds for long distances should change engine oil every 3000 miles or six months for vehicles 2008 and newer, and every 1500 miles or three months for 2007 model and older. • Severe condition: The type of oil you use and how you make use of your vehicle and driving habits dedicates to how often to change oil in your car. The worst type of driving for oil life is short distances below highway speeds. Driving for 1000 miles in town for five months will spoil the oil condition making it too dirty reducing millage. • Functions of the oil: Thicker the oil gets, the tougher it gets along the parts of the vehicle forming a cover over them damaging the parts. Functioning of oil will be affected when you don't change the oil in time. Firstly, improves lubrication and the moving parts needs to be lubricated to move freely. Secondly it cools down the heat generated due to friction. The engine moves up and down producing heat and the heat is transferred to the oil to keep your car from overheating. The next thing is that it seals the combustion chamber and rotary engine of the car. All the by- products that comes out from the oil is finally filtered by the oil filter which could be replaced while changing the oil.
  • Uses of anti-fatigue kitchen mats
    There are several benefits of using anti-fatigue kitchen mats. It offers better drainage capabilities and a non-slip surfacing as well. People spend hours standing in their hard floored kitchen and this can hurt their back and legs. Anti-fatigue kitchen mats are there to help reduce the tension and improve focus on the work at hand. The mats serve their purpose in all kinds of kitchens, from residential to commercial. The thing that gives these kitchen mats their ability to offer support and comfort is the use of recycled and natural rubbers in their manufacturing process. The rubber is used to absorb any kind of shock caused due to feet thumping on the floor or objects dropping on the floor.  It also protects the subfloors from items dropped on them like cookware and utensils. The benefits of kitchen mats are consistent wherever it is used. Here's how anti-fatigue kitchen mats help people. In the kitchen A restaurant kitchen generally remains very busy. Nobody has the time to stop and think about the stress their body is going through as they work non-stop. It is only after they retire for the day, they experience the pain. In order to save people from this ordeal, anti-fatigue kitchen mats are strategically placed in the restaurant kitchen so that people can work there comfortably, and this becomes obvious in the quality service they offer. There is no denying the fact that when a person does not feel physically comfortable, he cannot give his 100%. The anti-fatigue mats ensure that efficiency and productivity do not get affected while at work. Places in a restaurant kitchen where anti-fatigue kitchen mats prove beneficial are the dishwashing stands, frying stations, host stands and cooking stations. Residential Kitchens There is no place in the world where you can get real comfort besides your own house. Thus, it is important to take every possible step to make it as much comfortable as possible. It is the kitchen where people spend most of their time standing as there is hardly any other way of cooking a good meal without standing. Thus, in order to make cooking a comfortable experience alongside being therapeutic, anti-fatigue kitchen mats are to be laid on the floor. Other Locations Garage Space: Lay down a kitchen mat in front of the workbench and get relieved from the strain and pain. Bars: Bars that tend to people in a closed space is difficult. Ease the impact on your feet by laying kitchen mats on the floor. Assembly Lines: Manufacturing several products require standing for long hours. The strain can be eased by using mats.
  • Must-have garden tools

    It can be a massive task to choose the ideal garden tools. When buying anything, several questions come to mind. From where would you buy? Which store offers the best deal? Which equipment serves your purpose? As you know, it is not only watering the plants and keeping them under the sun that will save them. They need extra care.

    Gardening tools can help not only trim the unwanted parts of the plants, but also keep them in a healthy state. However, think about the budget as is an important factor when it comes to these purchase. So, compare what's available on the net, check out the discounts and only then make your decision. Also, you should always think of the people or family members who are going to use these tools. For example, you cannot give your kids the original tools because it can be dangerous for them.

    Once you know which tool does what, it can be easier for you to classify further. Find out more about the basic, and must-have gardening tools.

    • Hoe: It is used for skimming below the soil surface and also to cut the edges of the weed. The process will destroy annual plants and weaken the permanent ones. To kill the perennial weeds permanently, however, you need to dig a little deeper.
    • Spade: The most basic equipment for gardening is the spade which is used to dig soil surface and make holes for planting.
    • Rake: A rake is of two types: one is a short tool with metal teeth, and the other one is a fan of rubber handle. The former one helps in final soil levelingand making a fine surface of the ground for sowing and planting. The latter is for raking leaves off the garden and gravel paths.
    • Fork: You need an even surface to plant your trees, but one is hardly lucky in this matter. The fork comes to help in such a condition. It is perfect for breaking down clods of soil and evens the surface, moving and spreading organic matter all over the surface.
    • Watering can: While buying a watering can keep in mind the distance of the tap to your garden, the volume of the can and a suitable handle to hold and water. A watering can also be used to apply liquid fertilizers and weed killers, but in that case, you must have a separate can.
    • Trowel: A comfortable stainless steel blade is the best with regards to planting, weeding and tinkering with small pots.
    • Secateurs: Like a rake, the secateurs are also of two types- anvil and bypass. Anvil secateurs consist of one sharp blade that cuts a flat base while the bypass secateurs consist of two sharp blades that cross each other like scissors.
  • Pest control: Its importance and the best names in the market
    For as long has humans have walked the earth, they have not been the only creatures to co-exist alongside sharing the same habitat. Humans are part of the same kingdom as many other organisms, some not even viable to the naked eye. History has given us a glimpse of codependent existence between both the worlds, but often the co-relation has failed, for there are certain tiny bugs that are harmful and unhealthy to exist beside human living. The modern-day vocabulary terms such minute organisms as pests, who derive their name from the fact that they cause harm to and around human colonies. By the meaning of the words as given in the dictionary, a pest can be any insect or animal that aims at destroying food, crop, and even livestock by feeding on them and making them unfit to consume. The past has been a witness to epidemics that have been caused by such pests, which were responsible for erasing a huge portion of the area's population. It is not all the time that crops or other edible items affected by the infestation are visible easily. When such an occurrence goes unnoticed and when the affected item is mistakenly consumed, it can cause wide spread destruction to the individual's health. Pest control bodies are formed to keep in control the growth and multiplication of such organisms, hence making the environment in which humans live safer. With the progression of science and technology, pest control organizations have been successful in expanding their horizons and any and all almost all kinds of pests that even have a remote possibility of harming human life can be taken care of, to omit any possible danger. Looking at pest control largely, one can find a wide array of companies who take care of these tiny inconveniences. These are the companies that range from stalwarts who have been in the market for as long as the term pest control has been coined and there are newer generation conglomerates who are rather new comers in the pest control market. Taking names to help us attain better examples, there is a long list of companies that can be written down in black and white. From the 85-year-old Terminix, a front runner in the termite removal services to Ecolab pest control, who provides large scale, commercial eradication of pests and vermin, the pest control business has as many companies providing the service as they have a constant flow of eager consumers seeking their service.
  • Prevention of Smelly Flatulence
    Flatulence or farts is a biological process by which the gas gets released from digestion. In some cases, farts are silent and odorless. However, there are occasions where they become loud and also smell very bad. Smelly farts are considered normal by many. There are some foods or medications that might really cause smelly farts. Furthermore, a foul smell of your farts sometimes works as an indicator of an underlying infection or digestive disorder issue. Let’s see some of the reasons for smelly farts. Knowing the reasons will help to find out how to stop smelly flatulence. High-fiber foods When you consume high-fiber foods, it takes longer for your digestive system to break down the food and that is when they become fermented over time. If you are wondering how to stop smelly flatulence, then you should avoid eating the following vegetables:
    • Bok choy
    • Asparagus
    • Cabbage
    • Broccoli
    Food intolerance If you are sensitive towards certain foods, then having them may result in you having foul-smelling farts. For instance, people suffering from lactose intolerance will not be able to break down the carbohydrate lactose. Because of that, the food will get fermented in your intestine. Medication There are some medications that cause smelly farts. Antibiotics kill pathogens that are harmful to your body and in doing so, they also kill some of the good pathogens as well. If you are wondering how to stop smelly flatulence, then you should understand that without these good pathogens, your farts will have a foul smell. Prevention of smelly farts Before knowing how to stop smelly flatulence, one thing you should know is that farts are normal and are also necessary to eliminate waste and gas out of the body. Here are some of the things you can do in order to stop smelly farts:
    • Drink more water to eliminate the waste from your body more efficiently.
    • Avoid carbonated drinks such as beer and soda as they can create gas.
    • Eat in smaller portions and at a slower pace to maintain healthy digestion and reduce gas generation.
    • Try to include probiotic foods such as yogurt as these foods bring back healthy bacteria and improve the digestive system.
    • Always avoid foods that play a key role in producing smelly gas.