5 handy tips to pick the right water softener

Hard water is a common problem all around the country. It can cause skin dryness and damage appliances that use water, but you can use water softeners to overcome this problem. If you’re heading out to buy one, here are some handy tips to help you pick the right water softener in 2021.

Check the hardness levels
It’s important to check the water hardness levels before deciding whether you want a water softener. There are several ways to check the water hardness levels:

  • Check the USGS hardness map of the country and identify your area’s water hardness levels
  • Buy a Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) testing kit and check the water hardness levels yourself
  • Get in touch with a professional who provides a lab report of water hardness levels

Once you test the levels, you can know how efficient and powerful your water softener must be.

Consider your daily water usage
A softener’s grain capacity tells you how much water it can handle. The relationship between softener size and water requirement is simple. A softener with a grain capacity of 20,000+ will work if you have a small family and two bathrooms, while a softener with a grain capacity of 30,000+ is ideal for larger families. Consider this factor before you pick one of the top water softeners of 2021.

Decide whether you want a filtration system
Some may not be happy with just a water softener, especially if the water is used for cooking or drinking. In such cases, you can pick water softeners with a filtration system added.

Decide on your budget
The higher the grain capacity, the more expensive your water softener will be. Water softeners are a one-time investment, so experts suggest that you spend a little more money, if needed, and pick a high-capacity model. The cost of water softeners and installation comes up to an average of $1,500.

Take into account maintenance costs and efforts
You must care for your water softener for it to last long. You have to maintain the salt levels as they get used up and also clean the resin bed once or twice a year. You can hire a professional if you’re unsure of how to do it, but it will add to your expenses.

Remember these simple tips to help you pick the right water softener in 2021.


  • What qualities are required for a criminal justice degree
    Whether you wish to be a criminal counselor or a detective, one of the criminal justice degrees will comprehensively refine both your intellectual and physical abilities. This is because professionals working in the field of criminal justice deal with unpredictable situations all the time. While applying for criminal justice degrees, you must develop and hone certain practical skills and traits, so that you could make the most out of your college education. The following list mentions certain qualities that you must be mindful about, as these can prove to a great asset for your overall academic profile for a criminal justice program. Communication: Every human interaction is unique, and with a criminal justice degree, you will be primarily working on this very reality. Your lessons will be mainly about gauging different types of emotions. Therefore, you must have excellent interactive skills, so that you make the most out of your experiences as a criminal justice student. Apart from this, you will also be taught to read different body languages and instructed about amplifying your intuitive qualities as well. Strong communication skills will offer you an upper hand when you are dealing with distinctive convicts as well as complex cases. Integrity:  Working as a criminal justice professional can be a twisted experience, as challenging situations can alter within a millisecond. And that is why you must ensure high standards of ethics. As a young individual to get enlighten more about ethics you can take up classes. If your high school doesn’t offer this subject, then you can find a community college or an online class to learn more. Critical thinking skills: One thing that criminal justice students don’t do is take something at face value. You must have a curiosity to look, listen, observe and analyze so that you could form coherent arguments and develop an objective attitude. You can polish such logical skills by participating in debates, reading books, and even by having simple day-to-day conversations. Physical fitness: Especially for majors like law enforcement, physical fitness is of utmost importance because you will constantly be on your toes. Although, all kinds of criminal justice professionals should develop a fitness regime not just to discipline the body but also the mind. Awareness: As a criminal justice deals with the various nuances of our society, a major part of your college curriculum will revolve around national and global issues. And that is why you must be well-acquainted with recent happening. Refining your general awareness will not only keep you informed but will also aid you in strategizing better as a criminal justice professional.
  • 3 most expensive TVs in the world
    Gone are the days when the TV was just an idiot box lying in one corner of your living room. Now it’s the time of smart TVs. These TVs add to the grandeur of your living room and serve as a piece of pride and luxury. And that piece of prestige can cost a very high sum. Check out this list with some of the most expensive TVs in the world.
    • Stuart Hughes TV: The Prestige HD Supreme Rose Edition from this company was the most expensive TV in 2010, and it is still one of the most expensive ones available. Priced at USD 2.25 million, this TV is a treat to look at. Forget the screen; you will be spellbound even with the body of the TV. This TV has a solid frame weighing 28 kg. The frame is made of 18-karat rose gold. It is embellished with 1-carat round-cut diamonds. The number of diamonds is not just 5 or 10, but 72.
    • Titan Zeus TV: Priced at USD 1.6 million, this is one of the most expensive 4K TVs in the world. The TV screen is as large as a football goal, giving you an excellent cinematic viewing experience. It measures 370 inches diagonally, which means that you need a huge room to accommodate this TV. Viewing pictures on its gigantic 4K screen is an experience you will never forget. This TV is packed with some of the best features and offers you something that none of the other 4K TVs will be able to match up to.
    • Panasonic Plasma TV: The TH-152 UX1 is a plasma TV from Panasonic. It comes with a price tag of USD 5 lakh. This TV might not be the newest or most advanced technological model, but it’s worth the money you spend. It was launched in 2010. The 152-inch TV gives promising life-like images and transports you to a different world while you watch. It has a native resolution of 4K x 2K, which is one of the greatest among 4K TVs.
    Once you look at these epitomes of luxury in real life, you will surely forget all the latest 4K TVs and other technologically advanced models.
  • Complete Guide to Buying a Portable Audio and Video Device
    Portable audio and video devices have become popular because of the great features they offer. Moreover, missing favorite TV shows have become a thing of the past that people don't even have to imagine. From watching your favorite movies to listening to songs while traveling, wireless audio and video devices offer a great deal to everyone. Features If you are looking to buy the best portable audio and video devices, you should consider some aspects that can help you to get the best product. Battery capacity It is a well-established fact that if you watch a full-length movie for hours, your device can run out of juice. The user should pay attention while buying portable devices that have a long-lasting battery capacity so that it can never run out of juice at a prime moment. However, it is advisable to carry an extra unit of battery with you for having an uninterrupted service. Headphones As you are using the portable audio and video device while traveling, you will need a good pair of headphones. Headphones are known to be the game changers of the movies and music as the sound technology used in them can actually heighten the sound quality. Hence, in order to get the movie theater experience, you do not have to rush to buy tickets anymore. There are several headphones for everyone, like the bud earphones that fit well into the ear. Then there are wireless headphones that can minimize your problem of untangling the wires. Weather and environment resistant Growing environmental pollution has proven to be a threat to humankind and electronic devices are not spared from its negative side effects either. Moreover, like dust and dirt, water can do serious damage to the portable audio and video devices. If you are into outdoor activities, then the waterproof and dust-resistant features are essentially required in your devices. Reasons to buy a portable audio and video device The contribution of these portable devices is immeasurable to humankind as people have been able to get rid of the monotony of travel or awkward silence. Go wireless and save space It is seen that the televisions and other conventional video players take too much of space in a household. The use of portable devices has helped people save space and de-clutter efficiently. Handheld audio and video devices function without wires so they do not even have to run on electricity. In this way, you can save your electricity bills only purchasing one. Video streaming has become easier At some point in our lives, we have realized that space is all we need while watching television. Generally, households have one television and with several family members, watching your favorite show has always been tough. In order to get rid of this problem, you can use portable players where you can stream and watch videos anywhere across the globe. Moreover, you might have gone somewhere where getting access to television is next to impossible. During this period, the handheld devices like a CD player, DVD player or iPod Touch can serve as the only means of entertainment for you. Mobility One of the factors that have popularized the device is the portability of it. The built-in stereo speakers sure can offer you concert-like experience when you are streaming your favorite video. Additionally, the larger screen and wireless transmitting features can leave conventional televisions behind. Moreover, if you watch TV shows or movies on your tablets, you might not get access to AM/FM radio. On the contrary, there are various kinds of portable devices that offer the radio feature that help you listen to handpicked music and stay updated with the latest news.
  • Top 10 best self-cleaning litter boxes for your cat
    Are you troubled with litter cleaning of your pet cat? Then you should know that there are plenty of self-cleaning litter boxes out in the market. They will save your time and labor and will clean themselves automatically. Following are some self-cleaning litter boxes which will serve great for your kitty: Litter Robot III This automatic litter box starts working seven minutes after your cat leaves. It is specially designed to reduce odor and it's very easy to use and clean. This is absolutely perfect for multiple cats as well. It has a big opening and a light to be used in night time. You will get 18 months warranty too. Litter Robot LRII This litter box has a weight-activated sensor which can detect when your cat enters it. It also starts working after seven minutes. It has a globe that rotates separating the clumps from the litter. The waste is deposited in a large capacity drawer which saves you from clogging problems. It also comes with 18 months warranty. ScoopFree It has a disposable tray with crystals in it to absorb the liquid portion of the litter and the odor. It dehydrates the solid waste and covers it in an odor controlling waste trap. It does not stick to the cat's paws. CatGenie This is the only litter box which has self-washing and self-flushing system. It washes, sanitizes and dries itself automatically. It is absolutely germ, odor and dust free. It has washable granules perfect for your pet to dig and cover. But this cannot be used for more than three cats. It needs electricity and cold water. Pet Zone Smart Scoop It is the most cost effective self-cleaning litter. Carbon zeolite is used which helps to absorb the odor. It is much quiet than other litter boxes. It has a high raised deflector which prevents the litter from falling on the floor. This comes with No Touch plastic bags which last for a month. It comes with a one year warranty. Litter Maid This litter box can hold 50% more litter than other boxes and is great to use for many cats. You can clean it very easily by pushing two buttons only. Carbon filters used in it locks the odor. It has high walls and safety bars to prevent blockage. PetSafe Simply Clean It is uniquely designed to remove wastes automatically and continuously. It does not need any special bags and runs quietly on low voltage AC power adapter. It is very easy to use and clean and it comes with one year warranty.
  • Tips to pull off looks using affordable jackets
    Good jackets come at a price. Whether it's a leather jacket or a cotton jacket, finding something affordable yet classy is a challenge. Here are some tips to buy affordable and cheap jackets, especially leather ones, and look great in them. When you buy a jacket, ensure that you pay attention to the following details.
    • Choose a monochromatic color, preferably black as it will work with most other colors.
    • When choosing a fabric, pick leather. Leather works well with most other outfits.
    • To make it classier with the outfits you pair it with, keep it simple. Avoid embellishments of any sorts including frills, studs, buckles, quilting, many zippers, hoods, or colorful linings.
    • Make sure there's enough room and that the jacket is not too tight a fit so that you can add layers underneath when necessary.
    • Avoid cropped jackets or jackets that are too long. They do not work well with the vast majority of outfits.
    • If you are the kind who likes to push her sleeves up to look trendy, buy a jacket that has sleeves fitting enough to stay up when pushed.
    With the right outfit, a cheap jacket can be versatile enough to work on most occasions. For instance, if you have to run an errand, go to the movies, or just step out for a cup of coffee, you can pair your jacket with a cotton dress when the weather is warm or with jeans and a hoodie when it is cold. This is, of course, one reason why you should avoid buying a hooded jacket in the first place as two hoods never look great. If you work in an environment that is a bit relaxed about what you wear, you can team your work outfit with a jacket to avoid looking like a working person in a professional outfit. However, this only if you want to break the mold. If you are going for a night out at your local bar and desire to look great but not overdressed, pair the jacket with a pretty dress and heels, with the sleeves of the jacket pushed back for a cool, yet pretty look. As you can see, it's fairly easy to get your cheap jacket looking great on you. You can also try it with simple white dresses, maxi dresses, or ripped jeans plaid skirts. When you're on a tight budget, all you need is confidence and a clever buy.
  • Benefits of shopping for handbags online
    When it comes to women's accessories, the choice is varied. A handbag is the most versatile accessory and the right handbag can complement your apparel and looks to a great extent. Now, whether you want to sport a designer label or not, it is always best to choose one that matches your personality and body type. There is a handbag for every occasion: an evening bag, the satchel, the clutch, the baguette bag, and the chic hobo bag. The best way to compare handbags from various design houses based on features and price by online shopping. With e-commerce trending, many design houses have opened up to online sales. If you want to buy a Coach handbag, you can buy from Coach's online store, which offers you a wide selection plus good discounts, along with an easy return policy. Following are the benefits of shopping for handbags online Multitude Of Options When you shop online, what you get to view is an exhaustible list of handbags. So diverse is the collection, that you'll be spoiled for choices. You can navigate specific store websites like coach.com and select from the bag list or choose any online platform like Amazon or eBay and filter your search based on your choice of brands. Suppose you want to buy a clutch bag. Online shopping helps you compare clutch bags across brands. This makes it easy for you to select your bag according to your needs. Fabulous Discounts High end designer bags are quite expensive. You will have to think twice before you decide to splurge. The best part about shopping for handbags online is that you can garner fabulous discounts. There is always an offer that is active and you can indulge in a designer handbag at affordable prices. Online stores do not incur taxes and commissions. So, the price is lower compared to the brick and mortar stores. This gives you good savings plus you get discounts as well. Ease Of Exchange And Refund You have extensively searched online and made your purchase. But, after you take delivery, you find that there is some defect like a non functional zipper or you don't like the color shade. You can always exchange online. The refund process is also quick. Just fill out the return form and put the package through UPS. In a few days, the refund will be credited to you without any issues. Plus you save a lot of time and fuel by shopping online. You can avoid the parking woes as well the long queues at checkout. Online shopping is the in-thing of today. With businesses going the e-commerce way to reach out to customers, you can enjoy the luxury of hassle-free shopping.