Consume Greek yogurt daily for a healthy living

Yogurt is a common product in one’s shopping cart while visiting the supermarket. It is both nutritious and healthy and often is a part of the daily meal of people who are health conscious or are trying to reduce body weight. Greek yogurts are considered the most nutritious yogurts and are appreciated by majority of consumers.

Some facts about Greek yogurt
Greek yogurt is prepared in somewhat similar pattern as a regular one. At first, the milk is heated and then cooled to the desired fermentation temperature, which is 106 to 114 degrees Fahrenheit. After fermenting, bacteria grows, producing lactic acid and gets the milk protein to produce yogurt. This is also how regular yogurt is created. To make Greek yogurt, liquid whey and lactose are strained to leave behind a thicker-textured yogurt that is the Greek yogurt.

Top Greek yogurt brands
With time, the market is getting filled with so many varieties that it would make it difficult for you to choose the best Greek yogurt. It might confuse you to know which one is lower in fat and which one is filled with additional sugar and lactose. The main ingredient to look for is live active bacterial cultures and milk. The more ingredients it contains, the less healthy it is to consume. The following are some of the top brands of Greek yogurt:

Fage: It is an authentic Greek yogurt. No additional thickeners are added to make the yogurt look thicker as compared to the regular ones. It is made from straining, which is the best possible way to get the ideal Greek yogurts. In the straining process, most of the sugar and carbs are removed. It is a snack rich in protein and ideal for low-calorie lovers.

Wallaby: Wallaby is another top brand as it is ideal for a healthy diet. It is filled with bacterial cultures, which are essential to ferment the milk to produce yogurt. Moreover, they contain probiotics, which are necessary for a healthy gut.

Chobani: It is yet another good option among fat-free and plain Greek yogurt. The brand Chobani offers many flavored yogurts, but the nutritionists and the health specialists recommend to avoid such flavored ones as they negate the benefits one can get from protein. Also flavored yogurts have a high sugar content in them. Chobani has flip-cup yogurts, which are better to consume as the yogurt is kept separate from the toppings like nuts or chocolate. If you want flavor in your Greek yogurt, add berries or honey to make it naturally flavored, instead of artificial flavors.

Stonyfield: Stonyfield Greek Yogurt contains approximately 300 million live active bacterial cultures per gram, which are very healthy and fundamental for the digestive system. Stonyfield branded yogurts are said to be rich in probiotics.

Dannon Oikos: It is the brand of Greek yogurt, which has the least quantity of added ingredients. It does not contain artificial thickeners like corn starch or carrageenan that is most commonly present in flavored yogurts.


  • Home remedies for a cough
    Persistent coughing can be debilitating for you. Constant coughing can cause aches in your chest muscles and impede your normal life. Read on to know about the various forms of cough treatment which are simple to administer. Staying hydrated: Do you know that drinking lots of water and other fluids can help you overcome continuous bouts of coughing? When there is an upper respiratory tract infection like cold or flu, it causes excess secretion of postnasal fluids. These drips or fluids cause irritation at the back of your throat and cause coughing. When you drink lots of water and other fluids, it helps in thinning out the mucus in the postnasal fluids. Having adequate water and other fluids also moisturizes the mucous membrane which helps in keeping cough under control. Hot Drinks and Lozenges: Another line of treatment is having hot drinks and lozenges. Lozenges numb the back of the throat thus suppressing coughs. Having hot coffee or tea also soothes the throat. The effect is magnified if some honey is added to your hot tea or coffee. Taking a steamy shower: Many doctors advise their patients about taking a steamy shower to treat cough and cold. Doing so releases the secretions from the nose and this, in turn, helps ease cough from not only colds but also allergies. Using humidifiers: The dry air inside your house may cause your nasal secretions to go dry. In such a case, use a humidifier that adds moisture to the air inside. This can help your cough but do not over humidify your air. Doctors advise that regular cleaning of the humidifier keeps viruses and bacteria away from your nose. Get rid of irritants from the air: Do you know that perfume and spray particles can also cause cough? These substances cause extra mucus secretion that triggers coughing. This can be prevented by avoiding the use of perfumes and sprays in your bathroom or in the rest of the house. Cough is also caused by smoking. Avoiding smoking not only protects you from many respiratory diseases but also keeps lung cancer at bay. If the above treatments don't help you, then it is time to take the following medications. Decongestants: These relieve your cough by shrinking the nasal tissue and reducing mucus production. Decongestants also remove the mucus from the lungs and clear up the airway passages. Don't use these for more than 3-4 days else, they may cause rebound congestion. Expectorants: If your cough is giving you a bad night then use expectorants. This medicine thins out the mucus which can easily be coughed out. Expectorants work best during nights. Doctors advise against administering this remedy to children below 4 years. If you are having cough for more than a week, you must see a doctor.
  • An insight into waterproof cameras
    When the various brands around the world came up with the concept of waterproof cameras and camcorders, Tech geeks and photographers waited in anticipation . What was once a pipe-dream, was about to come true for photography enthusiasts. Whatever they had envisioned of exploring further limits of the environment for photography was now going to come true with waterproof cameras. Not only photographers, but other people could go off to explore the deeper ends of the ocean,lakes,examine, and study marine life and its habitat. Types of waterproof cameras There are different types of cameras, such as water resistant cameras and waterproof cameras, both of which are two different concepts. Simply put, with a waterproof camera, one can capture cool underwater shots, whereas water resistant cameras allow one to get shots in the rain. Again, the difference in the various types of waterproof cameras is in the limitations such as how deep a camera can survive the water pressure. One can compare the two different types of cameras to discover which will be the best option for you. A camera should be waterproof and it should be able to go underwater in a difficult environment without compromising on the quality of the shot or equipment. A professional cameraman may have to go into deep waters for a shoot or maybe a camera such has to go through a splash of water through the assignment. Today, the idea has evolved into different types of waterproof cameras, keeping in mind the cost, skill and the consumer market. In order to suffice everybody's need, there are different levels of technology used for making waterproof cameras. There are also external ways of waterproofing a camera and some involve sealing the frame of a camera to prevent water entering it. There are plenty of options for external covering of a cameras such as separate skin, silicon cover, seal off cover etc. Best waterproof cameras of 2017 Waterproof, freeze-proof, crush-proof you name it, these cameras have it. Some of the best waterproof cameras of 2017 are the Fujifilm FinePix XP80 (waterproof up to 15m), the Fujifilm FinePix XP90 (15m), the Canon PowerShot D30 (25m), the Nikon 1 AW1 (15m), the Panasonic Lumix DMC-FT5 (13 m), the Panasonic Lumix DMC-FT5 (13 m), the Nikon Coolpix AW130 (an impressive 30m waterproof depth), the Olympus Tough TG-860 (15m).
  • Tips on finding an ideal assisted living community for a loved one
    Assisted living facilities are suitable for those who desire an independent lifestyle and assistance for their individual needs altogether. While residing in these communities, seniors feel independent and experience peace of mind, as their daily needs, such as personal mobility, bathing, meals, dressing, and transportation, are met adequately. If you are planning to choose assisted living for any of your elderly family members, it is imperative that you make an ideal choice. Here are some tips that can help you choose a suitable assisted living facility for your loved one. Consider the care needs For choosing an ideal assisted living community, you require taking the specific care needs of your elderly member into consideration. Figure out what type of emotional, physical, and mental care they require on a daily or weekly basis. Doing this would help you zero in on a community that is equipped for providing the required care. Inspect the accommodation Check the accommodation for ensuring that your loved one stays happily and comfortably at the assisted living community. Check whether the rooms are properly ventilated and lighted, whether they provide a private bathroom, whether there is enough storage and closet space, with easy-to-reach cabinets, and whether the facility provides home-like atmosphere to its members. Enquire about the staff and residents Find out about the staff offering services at the assisted living facility. Check whether they are specially trained and skilled enough to offer genuine care to the elderly residents. Additionally, you should check with the existing residents. Try to find out whether they are happy and satisfied living there. Consider the safety measures For ensuring the safety of your loved one, you must inspect the facility for its safety features. For instance, check for the grab bars in the bathrooms, handrails in the hallways, smoke detectors, and sprinklers in rooms. In addition to this, the accommodation should have well-lit grounds, hallways wide enough for walkers and wheelchairs, emergency call systems, and secure entryways. Consider the activity schedule All the assisted living communities offer a wide range of events and activities to keep residents busy and happy. To make sure that the activities suit your loved one's interests, you need to check the activity schedule of the community that you are planning to send them to. Check the location and accessibility The location of the assisted living facility is an important factor that you must consider while choosing one for your relative. You require considering its accessibility, as it should be close enough for you to visit often. You should choose a location where your elderly family member would feel comfortable. For example, you should not choose a location so far away that they start feeling detached from the place they have spent a great deal of their life at.
  • Must-have fire alarm systems for your home or office
    Safety is one of the key components of setting up a home or office. The safety protection in conversation here is that of a fire alarm system. You can afford to compromise a little on the furniture or fittings at your property, but you must make sure that you have the best safety systems in place. A fire alarm system is especially important for offices as the people will not be aware of a fire in any corner of the office without such a system before it's too late. Here is a list of some of the best-rated fire alarm systems available today. Honeywell Life Safety Honeywell Life Safety is one of the global leaders when it comes to fire systems, smoke and gas detectors, remote healthcare monitoring, and personal protective equipment. The innovated products by the company are known to make life simpler for households and businesses. Their goal is to make every day safer, comfortable, secure, and productive for all their customers. They have a control over 40 different product families in the security and alarm systems. Nest Protect This brand is known for transforming the fire alarm systems with its innovation and is rated highly by most of the review websites. The system is the smartest in the market, as the app sends alerts directly to your phone, so you can turn off false alarms and call for help from wherever you are. The brand has created their own system of sensors and photoelectric and hybrid LED to enhance smoke detection. Edwards Signaling When installing a safety or security system in your home or office, it is best to go with a brand that has been trusted over the years. Edwards Signaling is a well-known brand all over the world for fire and safety alarms. They also have a great track record of innovation and development in their product line. Their fire alarm systems are packed with the latest features. They have simple horns and bells as well as automation signaling. Siemens Fire Alarm This brand thrives on their untouchable accuracy and the simplicity of their products. Their fire alarm systems are designed to reduce the costs and provide an impeccable level of security. Time- and money-saving installation is one of the primary features of this brand. They also have fire alarm systems that are compatible with a wide range of buildings.
  • Tips to choose the right exercise bike for your needs
    When it comes to buying exercise bikes, you need to consider many factors before your purchase. Here are some aspects that can help you center your purchase in order to avoid nasty shocks later on so that you choose the right exercise bike, based on your requirements. Design Design refers to both the appearance of the bike as well as the industrial conception. What material is the bike made of? Exercise bikes use both metal and plastic bodies, with the former being a more durable option. The appearance of the bike also matters here, as you will probably place the bike in your room and get to see it every day. So choose a design that appeals to you so that it encourages you to use the bike more often. User-weight supported It is important to consider the maximum weight supported by the exercise bike you prefer. The cheapest bike models may be easy in your pocket, but they can only carry up to 100 kg weight. On the other hand, superior bikes that cost a bit more will be able to support up to 150 kg with ease. Seat and handlebars You will want to choose an exercise bike that comes with an adjustable seat and handlebar. This allows you to adjust the seat as well as the handlebar vertically according to your height for optimal position while exercising. This, in turn, prevents issues like back and joint pain caused by sitting in an improper position on the bike. Power The power, also known as watts, of an exercise bike, is a measure of the maximum power it can handle while indicating your pedaling power. Standard exercise bikes used for high-intensity training usually come with a power range of 500 watts and above. Some models meant for light exercises have a power range of 200 to 400 watts. Hence, the exercise bike you choose needs to provide the maximum power to support your usage and training needs. Flywheel weight The weight of the bike's flywheel determines the comfort experienced by the rider while cycling. A heavier flywheel will make cycling more comfortable and fluid while a lighter flywheel will make you experience jolts while pedaling. While professional riders can use a flywheel weight of 15 kg and above, a flywheel weight of 9 to 14 kg can make your workouts effective. Beginners, on the other hand, can opt for a flywheel weight of 7 to 9 kg to ease the strain on their bodies while cycling. Budget Lastly, the exercise bike you choose will also depend on your budget to some extent. Here the point of consideration is the cost and quality that are directly proportional. Lower the cost of the bike, lesser may be the quality of the same. It is wise to invest in a higher quality exercise bike, which will be robust and durable and will offer maximum comfort and fluidity while riding.
  • Top 5 contact lenses brands to go for
    Contact lenses are very much in demand these days because of their easy-to-carry nature and the personality enhancement they provide to the person wearing them. To augment your looks and to serve the purpose it is necessary to choose the right pair of contact lenses. Here is a quick wrap-up on the top five contact lenses brand that you can trust with your eyes. Cooper Biofinity XR With various kinds of lenses available, Cooper Biofinity is the clear winner when it comes to high emmetropes. These lenses have a power range of negative (-) 20.00 to positive (+) 15.00. Patients with high emmetropes and astigmatism greater than 2.25D can trust and use this product. ACUVUE OASYS This is a brand of contact lenses which has gained enormous popularity for its extended-wear lenses as well as multi-focal lenses. These lenses can be used on a daily basis without difficulty. They block almost 80%-95% of the UV rays which makes it a comfortable wear during the day time. It also provides 88% of oxygen available when the eyes are open which helps the eyes to breathe and stay healthy. Bausch & Lomb A reputed brand across the globe for contact lenses and other eye products, Bausch & Lomb ULTRA lenses has a broad range offering lenses from negative (-) 12.00 to Positive (+) 6. This is one of the best lenses to wear on an occasional basis, and the lenses have excellent moisture block technique to protect your eyes from drying out. AIR OPTIX AQUA The multifocal lenses of this brand can be worn for six nights on a regular basis. These lenses come with a broad range of parameters with three powers (LO, MED, HIGH) and boast of clear and comfortable vision. Dailies from Alcon Alcon, a division of Novartis, caters everything that a contact lens wearer would wish for. The only water gradient model, the contact lens has silicone core sandwiched between the outer and inner layer. They are extremely breathable with 80% water content. Eyes are very delicate and thus choosing the right lenses for your eyes becomes highly important.