Fashion Tips for Women Over 60

Fashion and women are two inseparable things. No matter what age, size, or trait you belong to, you can never be apart from fashion. Generally, women over 60 lose interest in dressing up and make-up for two great reasons:

-They start caring about the society and people’s mindset, which doesn’t allow them to dress to look fashionable at an age of 60.
-They don’t find anything in the market that suits their age and personality.

The first reason is totally invalid. If you are among those who care about society, remember, the society comprises of people amongst you. If you adore yourself, society will do the same. So stop worrying about the people around and dress up the way you want. Break away from the limitations and be a fashionista.

But if your problem is quite different and is similar to the one stated in the second reason, wait. The solutions are mentioned just below.

If you are a woman in your 60s and you love styling yourself but are unable to find stuff that better defines your fashion sense, don’t fret. Read on to get an insight into the fashion for women over 60.

Style yourself

These days, the market is full of several designs of bellies and heels. However, you might be very uncomfortable in them. Don’t worry, just go for flat boots or sneakers, which are also fashionable for women over 60. Slip-on and flip-flops are some other things that you can opt for. This will give you a dynamic look without hurting your feet and knees.

Now coming to the clothes, all you should remember is fashion has no age. So ladies, don’t underestimate by evaluating yourself on an age graph. Dress up the way you want to. The only thing you need to determine is the personality that you wish to reflect. The apparel market is all yours. Get into the shop you like, choose the outfit you want, and bring it to your wardrobe. It can be anything right from a one-piece to a gown or jeans with a leather jacket. When choosing an attire for yourself, remember one thing, choose an outfit which makes you feel comfortable and reflects the inner you.

Fashion is never limited to outfits and footwear. Accessories play an important role in fashion for women over 60. So, whenever dressing up, never give up on accessories thinking you are too old for this. Get yourself a set of accessories that match your style. Whether it is a bangle or a bracelet, earring or a ring, accessorize yourself with that which complements your dress.

Make-up is also an important part of fashion for women over 60. Women generally stop looking after their skin at this age. This is the reason they don’t focus on make-up. But turning old doesn’t mean you are no more beautiful. The beauty of your face is just hiding behind few skin folds. You need to enhance your looks with a stroke of an eyeliner, a lipstick, and some foundation. So get yourself a make-up kit of your favorite brand and enhance your looks.

Five things you must own as a fashionista

-Long black blazer
-White crisp shirt
-Red knee-length skirt
-Black printed scarf
-Straight skinny jeans

These five dresses can easily be paired with all your other dresses in the wardrobe. Be it a trouser or jeans, the white shirt will look fabulous with them. Whether you are wearing a skirt or a one-piece, your black long blazer with shiny boots will surely complement your dress. Black printed scarves can be used with both jeans and jacket or skirt and blazer. A red knee-length skirt looks great with shirt and blazer.

Common mistakes in fashion for women over 60

If you are unable to find anything in the market, don’t follow the old fashion style. The times have changed and so has the fashion for women over 60. Instead of picking up anything from your old wardrobe, ask your children to help you choose the best dress for you. You can make a combo of old and new designs.

Don’t overdo your makeup. In order to hide wrinkles or skin folds, don’t paint your face with foundation, creams, or face-powder. This will distort your looks and make you look humorous.

Keep your accessories light and elegant. Don’t cover yourself with accessories. Choose one or two of them, which make you look smart and graceful.


  • How to prepare to be a theater artist?

    'The Great White Way', these four words somehow manage to create a spark in any aspiring, or rather even in an experienced artist's heart. Performing at one of the Broadway productions is not just a professional summit to scale but it's an honor, prestigious in every possible way. To land a role in a Broadway musical or a play requires a rigorous amount of practice, determination and focus. Yes a lot of hard work, but all good things are just distant not unachievable, aren't they? So what should an ambitious young individual do to finally attain this kind of accomplishment? Well there is no one fool proof formula!

    The challenge with a profession like acting is that it is not only contained within a rule book. Along with your ability to adapt, there are various training programs that can hone your skills, and prepare you for the uncertainty that is involved.

    If you're finally out of college or high school considering to pursue a fully-fledged theater career, the first the thing you might be looking at is drama schools and training programs for acting. Preparing for a craft such as theater does not only require talent and passion but also a vast technical knowledge. Enrolling in an acting class will not only help you strengthen your performing skills but will also groom your speech, body language, confidence and overall persona. It holistically molds your technique and as well your awareness levels, in terms of culture and history.

    Make sure you take part in acting productions happening at your high school or college, as these will definitely encourage you. You can also enroll in workshops, part time acting or dancing or singing classes to have an added advantage. If you can have part time job in a theater company as a backstage crew member, grab that opportunity, as it can prove to be quite useful.

    Drama schools generally have auditions before they accept students for programs. When you're auditioning, it is important to be prepared. The whole art of acting depends on how well the person practices and works on their lines, approach and expressions. So, remember improvisation has more value than impulsiveness in a drama school. Also, it is imperative that you know an answer to the question, 'Why do you want to be an actor?' Always make sure to gain clarity on what you want to accomplish as a performing artist.

    Every drama school is different, so you must ace your research. Apart from reading up articles and checking websites and reviews, you could get in touch with someone who has been to an acting school. Meeting them in person can get you some concrete information, as you don't have to limit yourself to a few questions. Find out which teachers will be training you, the duration of the course and how you can fund your dream program through grants and scholarships.

    The day of auditioning itself will tell you a lot about the school you're planning to enroll in. So take your time, and have more than one option, so that it becomes easier for you to choose. Ultimately it all depends on how the school can shape you as a professional and as a person. So meticulously observe and be open minded!

    Finally, all theater actors have thing in common, is that they always believe in the best, and their greatest power is faith. So as a young aspirant don't let any ordeals dim your excitement, keep moving ahead, and someday when you have finally pulled your act together as an actor, your Broadway Gig would just be waiting around the corner.

  • 4 reasons why you should get a tablet
    Tablets has steadily revolutionized the tech sector. They are the best ultra-portable, lightweight tech devices in the market. Tablets, these days, have even replaced computers and offer the same features you would expect from a desktop PC. Tablets can integrate with various environments and are easy to use. Even children are using them all the time! So, what are the benefits of a tablet or are there any specific advantages to buying them? Here are four awesome reasons why you should buy a tablet.
    • Portability: Who says you need a desktop when you can have a tablet? Tablets can run various high-end games and are built with the specs to do so. They are lightweight and weigh a fraction of the weight of a traditional desktop computer. They won't strain your arms and you can carry them for long hours. More importantly, you can pack them in your bag and take them to your classes. Gone are the days where you had to lug around a heavy laptop to take notes. They can be used everywhere and can be carried easily. They also don't take up much space.
    • Quicker boot time: A normal desktop PC can take anywhere between 10 to 30 seconds to start up. Tablets have a distinct advantage in this aspect. They start up at a fraction of the speed needed by traditional PCs. Boot times are between 2 to 10 seconds and are good to go from the sleep mode in a fraction of a second. That is blazingly fast startup time and frankly, if you don't like waiting for the welcome screen to pop up, get a tablet.
    • Educational purpose: Be it schools or colleges, tablets are used for a multitude of educational purposes. If you're a student, this can be an extremely good news for you. You can listen to music while studying by plugging in your earphones or you can watch MIT lectures in class through your digital screen. There is a wireless file sharing feature available. Tablets make the classroom engagement a lot more fun with digital learning.
    • Fun: Surprise! You can use a tablet for literally everything these days. You can play solitaire, online games, use Wi-Fi for browsing the internet, or even Skype your best friend. Tablets can be used for file sharing, video conferencing, playing minigames and MMORPGs and a lot more. Most importantly, the touch screen makes them an intuitive device.
    Some tablets come with a detachable keyboard too making them easier to use. They can replace a desktop for the most part since they come with word processing features and are perfect for a student or traveler always on the go.
  • Storage ideas for the kitchen
    If yours is a home with regular home-cooked meals, then the kitchen is perhaps one of those high-traffic zones, with lots of storage requirements, and easily prone to clutter. Not surprisingly, therefore, kitchen often pose the biggest challenge to decor and design. Today's modular kitchens do provide you with wall-to-wall, ceiling-high cabinets with tons of storage, but this might still not suit everyone's taste. For example, you might want more light and movement in your kitchen. You might find the cabinets too opaque or boxy, making your kitchen look boring and bland. The stiff challenge is when you want all the storage space, but without the boring look of most modular kitchens. Consider some of these ideas, and see what might work in your kitchen. Open shelves We are not suggesting that you do away with cabinets altogether, but you would do well to consider a nice balance between covered cabinets and open shelves. Perhaps just a few, to display some pretty cookware, or to place frequently used ones for easy reach. Open shelves also make the kitchen look more open and bright. Glass panes for cabinets Replace opaque doors with glass doors on your cabinets. The interior could be painted a bright, contrasting color to make it interesting. A few cabinets could even have pot lights installed inside, making them both practical and pretty. Very small kitchens will also do well to have mirror-finish doors on the cabinets for a roomier appearance. Sideboards If space allows it, sideboards are great addition to your dining area, even if this is only a corner in your kitchen. Get a classic, retro sideboard for your crockery, add a touch of class to your kitchen while finding more storage space. Sideboards change the entire look of your kitchen and can change the boring kitchen into a While planning the cabinets below the counter-top, ensure corners don't go waste corner cabinets are a must if you want to do justice to the space afforded by your kitchen. Also, some of your pots and pans don't really need to be hidden in shelves. Consider creating a hanging-display over the island or the counter-top. Especially if you have old-style copper cookware, this arrangement can lend a charming look to your kitchen, while opening up tons of shelf space for other items. Whatever you do, remember that the countertop is not storage space. However constrained you are for space in the kitchen, you will do well to remember that classy, well-kept kitchen have clean, bare countertops. Nothing screams clutter like appliances lined up on the countertop.
  • Prevention of meningitis with vaccines
    Acute meningitis is life-threatening and presents with increased morbidity and mortality. A distinguishing characteristic exists between bacterial meningitis and the more common viral meningitis. With the increased use of the said conjugate vaccines, the annual occurrences of bacterial meningitis in the US decreased from the earlier 1.9 down to1.5 cases per 100,000 persons between the years 1998 and 2003, with a total mortality rate of 15.6%. The frequency rates in developing countries, however, continue to hover around the higher numbers. In the year 2009, around 88,000-odd cases of meningococcal disease (assumed) were reported in the countries in the “meningitis belt,” which resulted in close to 5,000-5,500 deaths. The worst hit regions and countries were Niger and Nigeria where the combined fatalities and cases were close to 3,000 deaths and 69,500 cases. Between the year 2003 and 2007, 10% of the epidemic cases were due to W135 and 87.8% were due to serogroup A. Prevention with meningitis vaccines Conjugate vaccines administered in early childhood for the following – H. influenzae types S and B pneumonia have effectively decreased the occurrence of bacterial meningitis in both children and adults. While, the overall occurrences of pneumococcal meningitis have reduced with the administration of the said conjugate vaccine, the fraction of cases of meningitis caused due to the nonvaccine serotypes has gone up. Also, the number of isolates that were insusceptible to cefotaxime and penicillin has also gone up. The newer form of conjugate vaccine against Neisseria meningitides is suggested to be administered to all persons with complement component deficiencies, travelers to meningococcal disease endemic regions, and children between the ages of 11 and 18 years. This vaccine is active against serogroups A, C, W135, and Y, but not serogroup B. Patients with asplenia (anatomic or functional) should be vaccinated against H. influenzae, pneumococcal and meningitis vaccine. Patients who are in the hospital suffering from meningitis of an uncertain etiology or with the N. meningitides infection will need droplet precautions for the first one day of the treatment, or until the latter can be eliminated. Currently available meningitis vaccines Meningococcal bacteria can cause meningitis and septicemia (meningococcal disease). Vaccines are now available for all the five groups - A, B, C, W, and Y, which are the common disease causing agents. These include Men B, Men C, Men ACWY, Hib, Pneumococcal conjugate vaccine (PCV), Pneumococcal polysaccharide vaccine (PPV), MMR, BCG and MenACWY for travel. It is always beneficial to consult the doctor before you take any vaccinations.
  • 7 reasons why you should buy an Apple iPad
    Apple has one of the best electronic products in the market. Their touch technology has truly revolutionized the way we communicate for work as well as for play. Apart from iPhone, Apple's iPad is one of it most popular products. Here are some reasons why you should consider investing in the user-friendly iPad. Security Apple's devices are best known for security. The exclusive technology used in Apple products ensures that it isn't affected by risky malware programs and hackers. Unlike other brands, Apple runs tests on all the apps that are released on iPad App Store. This means that you are saved from downloading malware apps. Hardware and operating system Apple holds strong control over its hardware, operating system and app store. Though this may seem like a disadvantage, but it isn't. Apple's niche approach helps it to create a minimalistic but an attractive interface, which is one of its kind. It also makes iPad faster, easier to use with minimum or no bugs. Where most of its contemporaries incorporate similar design and software, Apple's unique design and system has been its reason for success. Accessories You get a whole list of accessories that are exclusively only available with an iPad. There are accessories such as Apple pencil, micro helicopter spy camera and many more that can be used only with the help of iPads. Siri Siri is one of the most loved feature of the Apple products. It doesn't just find answers for you on the internet, it is also linked to all your documents, calendars and emails. You can access all these with a simple command. Siri can also answer queries that are linked directly to Google search. Full-screen usage Most of the Apps found on tablets are just the magnified versions of android phone's apps. But with Apple's bigger screens, apps have to be designed specifically for iPads. Exclusive apps and updates Many app makers usually release their apps only on iStore as they don't have to face piracy issues. One might also notice how most of the app updates are initially rolled out on the Apple products and later on other software devices. FaceTime and iMessage FaceTime helps you make video calls to other iOS users while iMessage offers a similar service but just in the form of text messages. The best part about these exclusive Apple services is that they are free of cost for the users.
  • Ingrown toenail while hiking/trekking prevention
    Hiking and trekking are the ultimate adventures you can do on your own feet. People do it for many reasons but the main reason is to stay fit and be happy. Hiking and trekking are for nature lovers who want to be as close to nature as possible. One thing hikers and trekkers are highly exposed to is many foot problems including ingrown toenails. That makes it important for every hiker to know how to prevent them. An overall care for your feet will give you a rest from potential ingrown toenails and other problems such as blisters and related injuries. Your feet are your only means of transport when you are hiking. And hiking involves lot of walking on the route you normally do not walk on. In such case, it becomes essential for you to take good care of your feet. To make sure your feet are well protected while you hike, you need to take care of few things, including your shoes. Shoes while hiking have to be perfect in their fit. If your boots are too tight, it will give you pain in the foot while walking down. Something loose with just not let you hike properly at all. The best way to get the right shoes is to go to the nearby outlet and get help from the people in the store. Avoid buying these shows online where you cannot put them on before buying. Clip the toenails the right way before you head for hiking or trekking. Cut the toe nails straight and not curvy. Angling of sides of the nail will give way for toenails to grow in the direction of the skin. Keep your feet healthy by using creams and powders on them. Before you head for hiking or trekking, carry a foot cream that you have been using for a while or that you find is right for your skin. Avoid fully cotton socks. Because cotton absorbs all the sweat but dries it slowly. Wet cotton socks stay we for long and give foot problems. Also, carry extra socks with yourself in those trips. If you notice an ingrown toenail while you are already out there, then insert a small cotton ball under the grown portion of your nail. You do not have to invest a lot of time preventing ingrown toenails, but little preparation will help stay away from a lot of discomfort.
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