Figuring out a pregnancy in a first few weeks

Pregnancy is a wonderful time where every expecting mother goes through a number of changes in her body. Most women generally find out their pregnant status a month or so into the pregnancy once a menstrual cycle has been missed, which may prompt them to take a test and find out whether or not they are pregnant. This is especially true for those mothers who have had an unplanned pregnancy. Yet, there are a number of signs and symptoms that can help you detect pregnancy as early as a few weeks into the same. Read on to know more!

How you react to certain kinds of food will be one of the greatest indicators of early pregnancy. The start of your pregnancy will bring some amount of nausea and even food aversions. These aversions may happen due to protein or other requirements that the body may be going through, as well as hormonal changes which can trigger a number of such changes in the taste and preference. Women tend to get repulsed merely by the smell of certain items like dairy, meat and even certain types of vegetables. In this phase, it is best to drink lots of water and eat a lot of fruit.

Bloating and Tender
Bloating in the abdomen as well as pain and tenderness in the breasts and nipples is one of the first early signs of pregnancy. This usually happens because the uterus is still small, but adjusting to the changes that are about to come over the body. Also, the clothes may feel too snug and even hurt the skin. So it would be best to avoid tight fittings clothing so that you do not chaff and feel discomfort throughout the day. This kind of bloating will usually affect the waistline and make a woman feel like she is about to get her menstrual period.

Frequent Trips to the Bathroom
Frequent urination is another major problem that you will also feel because there will be some changes in the uterus and one will feel some amount of pressure in this part of the body. This is because the pregnancy will usually increase the rate at which blood flows into the kidneys, which can create pressure on the same and the urination will become a little more frequent in the bargain. This blood volume will continue to be on a rise throughout one’s pregnancy, which will only make the frequent urination more.

Mood Swings
The hormonal changes that one goes through during pregnancy can cause a variety mood swings because these hormones affect the way the neurotransmitters in the brain behave. These neurotransmitters are the chemical messages that are sent to the brain thanks to the play of hormones. So when the hormones are in an imbalance, the person may get conflicting chemical messages that can give rise to extreme emotions like happiness, dullness, sadness and even depression.

So if you have these signs for a prolonged period, you should take a pregnancy test and visit your doctor at the earliest.


  • The pros and cons of electric wheelchairs
    Wheelchairs are one the most commonly used mobility aid by disabled individuals. Not only disable, but a huge population of senior adults is able to live an independent life due to wheelchairs. If you use a wheelchair or know of somebody who does, you will understand the difference it makes to easy mobility. While traditional manual wheelchairs have been the rage for the longest time, electric wheelchairs are now becoming the preferred option. Electric wheelchairs do not require manual effort in order move. These employ an electric motor and battery, thus, easily driven at the touch of a button. Several people who are unable to walk find it extremely exhausting to make use of their hands while operating a manual wheelchair. Moreover, manual wheelchairs may also require assistance when out and about. Electric wheelchairs are much more stable built and can help in traveling long distances as well. In most cases, electric wheelchairs are foldable and can thus, be easily tucked inside a closet or car trunk. Like every other thing, electric wheelchairs come with their own set of pros and cons. The pros are as follows: Joystick control - Electric wheelchairs make movement an easy ride. All electric wheelchairs come with a joystick control that is attached to arm rest. A press of a button and the wheelchair moves as per your convenience. It also comes with direction control letting you move to the left or right direction as and when you like. Lightweight design - Electric wheelchairs are a designed in a more lightweight body. The element and materials used are more compact. However, this also depends on the type of style and size that you choose. Long travel distance - For people who travel outdoor on a daily basis, electric wheelchairs are a real boon. Manual wheelchairs move at a slower pace and require more effort to move. Electric wheelchairs, on the other hand, need almost no effort to move. Also, they can be driven at higher speeds depending on preference. Can handle tough terrain - The sturdy built of electric wheelchairs make them perfect for travel on rough terrain. One does not have to be afraid of the wheelchair not being able to move or toppling. The uneven ground base or mushy soft grass land, these wheelchairs can handle it all. The cons that come with electric wheelchairs include: Battery charge - Electric wheelchairs work on battery and electric motors which mean that it has to be charged after a while. Moreover, the battery may have to be changed after every few months. Regular maintenance - It is important to maintain and care for electric wheelchairs or they may become unsafe to use.
  • Cafepress coupon codes for customized fun
    Cafepress is a well-known American brand that is headquartered in California. This company originally came up in Kentucky with a simple premise - it customizes various products for gifts that are personalized and quirky. This brand has a number of coupon codes that can be accessed online and offline as well. With the help of Cafepress coupon codes, you can open up a world of fun at heavily discounted prices. So come and find out what all you can customize and the best occasions for using such products. Mugs: This is an evergreen product that suits a number of people and ages. This is a neutral and everyday use gift that you can present to family, friends and even colleagues. You can use the Cafepress coupon codes to get these mugs personalized with details like pictures, names and even monograms. So, take a good number of selfies and pictures of your friends and create collages, which can be printed onto the same for bulk gifts to be given out on graduation day or any other such occasion. Store memories on a mug that can be seen at all times on the desk. Bags: At Cafepress and other such brands, you can get bags personalized with specific messages that define who you are. This is a major statement that you can carry around with you. So, it would be best to give this kind of a bag to your friends and family for various occasions. You can choose to have such personalized gifts created as baby shower favors or even for a bachelorette party so that all the ladies go back home with a bag bearing a quirky name for them. Another idea is to get these bags created for fun summer time activities for children so that you can recognize the group going for a trip together. Key rings: Key chains and key rings can also be personalized by Cafepress using the coupon codes. You can gift them to anyone anytime. All you have to do is choose a message or a word as well as a picture that best defines that person and put into the shape of your choice. This simple gift is one of the most effective ones when you are in a hurry and need something on the run! Choose and coupon it: When you go to Cafepress, you will be presented with various options for customization so that you can pick the product that will best suit you or the person whom you want to gift the product to. You can also take your own clothing and bags to get the same personalized, provided the material is something that the brand and its employees will be able to work with. Then, you will need to choose your design with imagery, font and words. This will be applied to the product like clothing, jewelry, bags, key chains, caps, crockery and more.
  • 3 tattoo ink sets to invest in
    Today, tattoos are flaunted with style and they make heads turn. They are quite popular among the newer generations who do not shy from experimenting. As the tattoo industry is booming, many are learning the art of tattoo creation and becoming successful tattoo artists. If you are one of them and are looking for products related to ink tattoo supplies, then we have compiled a list for you. Read on: Victor Chil 12 Color Set These ink tattoo supplies are vegan and cruelty-free, which means they have not been tested on animals. Additionally, they are tested according to the present regulations. They contain a proprietary mix of all-natural ingredients. These items are hyper-concentrated pigments for optimal color saturation. You can buy this set on Solid Ink for $138. The different colors included in this set range from green and yellow to golden and blue. Upon purchasing this set, you even get a free Victor Chil x Solid Ink t-shirt. Millennium Mom’s 14 Bottle Set Popularly known as Moms’ Ink, this set from Millennium Mom’s is quite famous among buyers worldwide. Its nuclear UV inks have found a huge following. These ink tattoo supplies are vegan-friendly. This set contains 14 half-ounce bottles, with colors ranging from white and ice blue to brown and magenta. The manufacturer pays special attention to quality control. They diligently check every ink for flow rate, color consistency, and pigment life, making sure that each bottle clears these parameters with high standards before being available for sale. The products in this set are created with a high pigment concentration, giving your tattoos a rich, vibrant appearance. Moreover, this set offers value for money if you are looking to purchase in bulk and restock your inventory. This set is available on Amazon for $62.99. Intenze 19 Color Tattoo Ink Set Intenze produces inks that are 100 percent vegan. Their inks are known to be extremely safe. Their set of 19 half-ounce bottles offers great value for money. All of their inks are manufactured in a certified facility, are sterilized for safety, and go through a thorough quality control process. Some of the colors included in this set are black, orange, light magenta, and red. You can buy the set for $107 on the brand’s official website.
  • 7 Things To Consider Before Buying A Refrigerator
    A refrigerator has become a bare necessity, just like most of the other appliances we are surrounded by. A refrigerator is essential in today’s times as most of our food is packed in tins or bags and needs to be stored at a low temperature to maintain its freshness. Some people are used to eating food that has been stored overnight for breakfast, with all that is needed to be done is heating it in the microwave. Upgrading your fridge with your requirements is important as you need different sections to store different types of food. Let us look at some tips on choosing the right refrigerator:
    • Size - When buying a new fridge or upgrading to a better one, you need to keep the dimensions of the space for the refrigerator in mind. Look for a fridge that is of the ideal size, so that you can maintain the aesthetics of your kitchen.
    • Style - The main aspect that changes the look of your refrigerator is the freezer. You can choose from the bottom freezer and top freezer according to your preferences. The bottom freezer is a part of the newer design for refrigerators and if you are looking for an upgrade, you must definitely consider the bottom freezer instead of the top freezer.
    • Budget - Set a budget for your refrigerator before you go to the stores. It is highly likely that you might get attracted to a fancier fridge and splurge more than you need to, if you do not have a set budget. With the newer design of a bottom freezer, the prices have also gone up for them. If you are looking to buy a fridge with a bottom freezer, you must be ready to spend about $700; add French doors to that, and you would be looking at spending almost $1200. The one with top freezers and good on features as well as specifications can be available to you at about $500.
    • Performance - This is a feature that you might have to take a bet on. You will not be able to determine the performance ability of a refrigerator in a store. A high performance refrigerator will be able to maintain the low temperature inside, even if the temperature outside is high. Another defining feature is the maintenance of different levels of temperature in different sections of the fridge.
    • Capacity - The capacity of a fridge mentioned in the dimensions of the product on the website, product brochure, or on the box would be about the complete fridge. But what you need to know is the usable space. The fridge must have a capacity to hold all the different varieties of things you have, and if there are different compartments, then it works best for you. You must know your requirement of capacity before you go to the store.
    • Noise: If your refrigerator makes a loud noise, then it does not belong in your kitchen. Do not buy a fridge that is loud. When it comes to the noise, you can look for a better option. Usually cheap refrigerators are mainly the ones that make noise. And while you’re at it, you must also check for the lights inside the fridge for electric efficiency.
    • Ice and water: An ice and water dispenser is important for your refrigerator as they can be handy and take away the hassle of opening the refrigerator multiple times only for water and ice. Refrigerators with ice and water dispensers are more likely to be repaired as compared to the regular ones.
    These tips should come in handy the next time you are looking to buy a refrigerator and help you in making an informed decision.
  • Everything you need to know about diabetes
    Diabetes, which is often called diabetes mellitus by doctors, refers to a group of metabolic ailments where a person has high blood sugar. This condition is either caused by inadequate production of insulin, or when the body does not respond properly to the produced insulin. Typically, people with high blood sugar undergo the symptoms of polydipsia, polyuria, and polyphagia. In 2013, it was estimated that over 382 million individuals all across the world undergo diabetes treatment. Needless to say, the number has increased over these years. What are the key diabetes symptoms? It is possible to suffer from diabetes with mild levels of symptoms, while there are people who have no symptoms at all. Such cases can leave them unaware of the disease, which in turn rises to severe levels. The most common indications of diabetes include: Frequent urination: When the insulin is ineffective, the kidneys are not able to filter the glucose to go back in the blood. The kidneys, therefore, take the water from the blood for diluting the glucose, which in turn fills up the bladder and leads to frequent urination. Extreme thirst: When an individual urinates more than required, it is needed to be replaced with water. As a result, it makes the concerned individual feel thirsty. Uncontrollable hunger: Since the insulin isn't working as required, the body may need more energy in the form of more food. Therefore, it is obvious to feel hungry. The other diabetes symptoms include unexplained weight loss or weight gain, blurred vision, irritability and extreme fatigue. Therefore, it is important to undergo the right diabetes treatments and take diabetes medications along with adopting lifestyle changes. How to get rid of diabetes? Diabetes Type 1 and Type 2 does not have a cure yet. But there are possible ways to control the symptoms and keep the blood sugar levels under control. Exercise: The diabetes leg pain treatment mainly constitutes diet changes and regular exercise. It is also important to undergo foot pain treatment since these two are the most common harmful effects of high blood sugar. You should first aim to bring down the blood sugar levels to prevent any further damage to the concerned nerve. Low-impact exercises such as swimming, running, and simple walking is highly effective in treating diabetes. Medications: If the foot pain is very intense, you can consider taking over-the-counter medications or those prescribed by your doctor. Make sure it is a low dose for controlling the symptoms. Antidepressants: Even though this class of medicines is mainly meant for reducing depression, it can also help in reducing foot pain in the nerve. In most cases, these medications lead to some side effects such as dry mouth, dizziness, sweating and fatigue. You should consult with your physician before using these medicines as they are detrimental to people with cardiac ailments. There are also alternative treatments for reducing the pain and swelling in the foot caused by diabetes. You can opt for meditation, hypnosis, acupuncture and biofeedback as a means of reducing the ill-effects of diabetes.
  • 4 Reasons to buy VoIP hardware
    VoIP services are becoming a handy tool for businesses, general public, and professionals. If you've wondered what the point of buying VoIP hardware and integrating it with your phone line is, then you are not alone. You can take advantage of making calls over your IP by unifying your phone line with a VoIP service system. The privacy offered applies to both homes and business. By using VoIP services, you can make your very own private network for calling, chatting, sharing, and more. Here are four good reasons why you should consider buying and using VoIP hardware. You can call over the internet Flexibility is the primary feature of integrating a VoIP service. You won't be restricted to coverage areas and can call other computers. You can make unlimited number of calls by paying a fraction of the price you would normally pay for full-blown calls. Bandwidths are assigned to you only when you speak. Pauses in a conversation are free. This means effective usage of bandwidth. VoIPs come with conferencing software and cool GUIs which help you keep track of others online. The definition of calling over the internet goes a notch further when you realize you can make video calls online through VoIP systems. You can spend less on calls You can literally save a lot of money from the comfort of your home or work by using VoIP hardware. Some services offer domestic calls for which you'd normally pay for free over the internet. VoIP hardware offers you privacy by giving you the ability to create conference groups or your very own calling networks. You get your very own caller ID assigned to you for free. You also get a vast range of additional features unlike your traditional phone services. You can use it anywhere Although this point doesn't stick to standalone hardware, these days you get VoIP USB sticks which you can plug into any device and use instantly. Be it android phones, tablets, laptops, or so on, you can extend your use of VoIP beyond your phone network and onto other digital media devices. This flexibility lets you use VoIP on the go or while traveling. You can talk to multiple people at the same time Unlike normal phone networks that allow one-on-one calls, VoIP services lets you make conference calls. You can talk to multiple users at the same time. It's like video conferencing except this applies to phone conferencing (without the video) as well. Some VoIP services let you use video conferencing features like Skype which means they've got all your bases covered. Enlist the services of a VoIP provider for a cheaper alternative to traditional phone calls. These only only offer regular phone calls, but also integrate a host of other features.