From one to diverse, journey of your flatscreen

Back in the day there used to be one flat TV screen and not many choices. This has changed a lot now. Today, there are a dozen recognizable brands of LED TVs from which you can pick the one you fancy. Then there are other, slightly newer brands, but just as good. Each of them has their unique feature. Moreover, each brand has so many different segments in itself that you could visit a showroom and could find led TVs of any possible kind you could think of. So, this journey of TVs from one object to be so diverse today has been a long one, both regarding time and development. Just like any other electronic gadget, TV screens also have a variety of options to choose from.

You have a small screen for your small apartment, or a big one to be your ideal home theatre. You could choose one with an incredible sound quality or one which operates in ways other than just your remote. The list is unlimited. Your TV watching experience has become much more easier now. The feature of using the internet to access various TV shows and movies is an added perk. You can watch your favorite shows, any time you want with the option of pause and record feature in some of the expensive TV sets. What more can be better than that? Still, customers will expect much more options in the future, a diverse variety providing even more entertainment.

Now, variety is also regarding brands available and the freedom to choose whatever you like. A decade ago there were those particular TV channels, and you would somehow try to get yourself to watch your TV show only at the time it was telecasted. Today the scenario is not at all the same. There is an option of record it and watch the show or movie at your leisure. You have an option to stream it through the many paid apps such as Netflix. You don’t have to rearrange your busy schedule to watch a TV show. Indeed, TV screens have gone through an incredible journey!


  • Why you need to boost your health
    Do you ever think of one solution that will solve all your problems, be it health, mental and financial? Today we have different solutions to different problems but none of them seem to solve all the problems we have in life. It may sound odd but it is possible to lead a life with minimum to no problem just by being health. It all comes down to how happy you are It's true. As clich as it sounds, if you are not happy and if that happiness is not constant, you will never be satisfied in your life. A healthy body means a healthy mind and no matter how successful you are in your career, if you are not healthy, your mind will never be happy. Boosting your health will eventually lead to a good mental health. Look good and feel good You need to look good to feel good and feel good to look good. For both things, you need to boost your health. You tend to feel more confident when you look and feel good. When you face and skin is clear, your will feel more confident about your appearance. When you are in the right shape because of the diet and lifestyle you follow, you don't shy away from wearing whatever you want to wear. Good mental health Exercising at least three times a week can boost your productivity along with boosting your health. Exercising releases happy chemicals in your chemicals. Most people overcome their depression without any anti-depressant medications. Exercising helps you deal with all the problems with much patients and without any anxiety. Boost your creativity A healthy mind and body will never be an obstacle to your creativity. Good mental health will help you think better and think creatively. You may have also head that creativity improves your wellbeing. Exercising helps your brain with creativity and problem-solving ability. Save money on medical costs Once you focus of boosting your health, you will stop falling sick often and remain healthy. This will help you save money on your medical bills as you will not need medical treatment anymore or more often. You will also make right financial decisions when your physical and mental health is good. You can never get enough reasons to boost your health. Living longer is not enough anymore. Healthy life is just as important as long life and that comes with you taking steps towards boosting your health.
  • 4 essential features to look for in a camera phone
    We have almost every memory stored in the form of a photograph, thanks to camera phones. While these phones started off with not such great cameras, the quality of these cameras has become better over time. So, what does it take to make a phone one of the best mobile phone cameras? Here are a few features.
    • Megapixels (MP): Megapixels are all about quality. It refers to the quality of the image. The higher the number of megapixels, the better willl be the quality of the image even when enlarged or blown up. These are known as hi-res images. Some of the best mobile phone cameras are 12MP and higher.
    • Internal Memory: This is also an important factor while selecting a good camera phone. Today most camera phones also store documents, music, videos, etc. This means that apart from hi-res images, quite a bit of storage space is taken up by these as well. Therefore, while selecting a phone with a camera, it is imperative that one also looks at the internal storage space of the phone. And in case the storage space is not very high, make sure the phone has an expandable storage option.
    • Lens: Another crucial factor while looking at best mobile phone cameras is their lens. The lens makes sure the image captured is as close as possible to what the human eye sees. Thus, selecting a camera phone that has a good lens is very important.
    • Flash: Most camera phones come with a dual LED flash. Although this is decent enough, it doesn’t provide enough light to take pictures in motion, especially in the dark. Some of the best mobile phone cameras come with a Xenon flash that is about 10,000 times more powerful than a LED flash. However, phones with the Xenon flash run out of battery pretty soon. So you’ll have to pick and choose wisely.
    So, now that you have a fair idea of what makes a good camera phone, we hope you make the best choice while selecting one.
  • Pneumonia – Risk factors and classification
    Before the advent of antibiotics, pneumonia claimed many lives. Antibiotics have, at least, tamed and subdued it; however, there are segments of the population who are vulnerable to and people do die of pneumonia. There are quite a few recognizable pneumonia symptoms and risk factors. A few of them have been discussed as follows. Risk factors Infants under 2 years and adults above 65 years are vulnerable. People who have their immune system compromised such as those undergoing chemotherapy, organ recipients, and others who are on medications and those are suffering from immune suppressing diseases like HIV/ AIDS. These people are more prone to experience pneumonia symptoms. Classification Pneumonia classification is on two bases. One is based on the causative agents and the other on the basis of wherefrom one got the infection. Both bacteria and viruses can cause it and the former is called bacterial pneumonia and the latter viral pneumonia. The other classification is based on the group or the locality from where the infection was acquired. This is the most common type and is bacterial, viral, or fungal. Community-acquired pneumonia is so called as the infection is picked from outside hospitals or other health centers. Hospital-acquired pneumonia is when the infection is picked up during hospitalization for other reasons. These are more dangerous as the causative agents are more antibiotic resistant. Patients on ventilators are at higher risk. Health care acquired are similar and is more drug resistant. These happen in long term health care units and outpatient departments and dialysis centers. Aspiration pneumonia is when food, drink, or saliva into the lungs. This is common in people who have disturbed gag reflux like brain injury, swallowing problem, or alcohol or drug abuse. Pneumonia symptoms can be very deceptive. Mild forms present symptoms like cold and flu but are longer lasting.  Chest pain on breathing and coughing, cough with phlegm, fatigue, fever and chills with body temperatures below normal, etc., are some of the common symptoms. Diagnosis is done by the auscultation of the chest, chest X-rays, and laboratory tests. Treatment is generally based on the cause. Pneumonia is no more as dangerous as it used to be. It can, however, be serious in certain groups of patients with compromised immunity and cardiac disorders.
  • 5 tablets you can buy for under USD 200
    The Oxford Dictionary defines a tablet as “a flat slab of stone, clay, or wood, used especially for an inscription.” Going by this definition, modern day technology designed an electronic tablet that has all the functions and features of a computer, the only difference being that it is portable. Tablets made their entry into the tech world in the early 2000s, and the demand for these has grown ever since. While there are a lot of pricey tablets on the market, today we are here to take you through some cheap tablets deals.
    • Amazon Fire 7: As low as just USD 50 for an 8GB tablet, the Amazon Fire 7 is the best among cheap tablets deals in the American market. You may also get the 16GB version for a mere USD 70. This amazing tablet offers you access to all Amazon features like its Underground app store and Prime content and is available in a range of colors, namely dark blue, yellow, red, and black. This one is a total value of money.
    • Amazon Fire HD 8: This one is another steal deal that offers you an entire 16GB memory space for barely USD 80 and that too in high definition. It also has an impressive battery life of about 11 long hours.
    • Lenovo Tab 2 A10: Loaded with a 5MP camera, a battery that can run for a whole 12 hours and an impressively bright display, the Lenovo Tab 2 A10 comes at a price of about USD 180.
    • Asus ZenPad 8.0: Fuelled by Intel Atom, the Asus ZenPad 8.0 is available at a price of about USD 160. This one’s got a sleek design, a great camera, and a display with an impressively high resolution.
    • Lenovo Tab 4 10: With a price tag of USD 150, the Lenovo Tab 4 10 comes with powerful Dolby speakers and a 10-inch screen, which makes it ideal for watching videos. This tablet also has an inbuilt fingerprint sensor, and its body is built with premium quality metal and glass. This one is among the top cheap tablets deals.
    Choose one of these cheap tablets deals and enjoy an amazing experience at a great price.
  • Pros and cons of stackable washers and dryers
    Owing to the fast-paced lives we lead, we rarely get the finish our household chores, and our favorite book lies forgotten on the nightstand. However, one of the perks of living in the 21st century is that we have an array of home appliances that can make our lives easier. A stackable washer and dryer is one such appliance which ensures that there's no dirty laundry piling up. However, one important choice you need to make while shopping for a washer and dryer is between stackable units, side by side washers and dryers, and combo units. Before opting for either of these units, it is important to understand the pros and cons of them all. Make sure you compare the availability of features and specs that suit your needs the best so that you can choose a washer and dryer unit that eases your laundry chores. Here are some pros of the stackable washers and dryers.
    • One of the main advantages of stackable washer and dryer units is their space saving feature. Since the washer and dryer of a stackable unit are placed one on top of the other, you save a lot of space in your laundry area. This saved vertical space can help make the laundry area look roomy or can be used to place extra items in the area.
    • Stackable washers and dryers are great time savers as well since both the machines in the unit can be used simultaneously. This can help the user take care of washing and drying the laundry at the same time, hence saving time spent on laundry chores.
    Here are some cons of the stackable washers and dryers.
    • Stackable washers and dryers do not allow the users to have any overhead cabinet as it may be an issue when placing the units. A cabinet higher than the stackable unit may be too high and inconvenient to access.
    • Since stackable washers and dryers are only available in front-loading options, it can be a bit problematic if you want to add items to the cycles midway. This is not a problem with top loading machines as opening the door after pausing the cycle will not make the water spill out, unlike the front loading ones where this may be likely. If you miss adding an item to the load before starting the cycle, you will either have to stop the cycle midway and start it again or wait for the cycle to get over. You end up using up more water, energy, and time in either of the cases.
    • Stackable washers and dryers are mostly electric but sometimes the dryer may be in a gas variant which requires a gas vent. This may be a problem if you live in a condo or apartment where installing an external vent may not be possible.
    • The dryers in the stackable washer and dryer units are placed on the top. This may be inconvenient to those who are not tall enough when loading and unloading clothes. You may need to use a step stool in such a case. If you are someone not comfortable standing on such stools and have a problem reaching to the dryer, the height of these units may pose a problem.
    Make sure that you compare the prices for stackable washers and dryers in different stores and across different websites to ensure that you are getting the best deal. Irrespective of whether you are getting a stackable unit or a side by side unit, or even a washer and dryer combo, try to get models that are power efficient. This not only helps in keeping your utility bills from shooting high, you also do the most responsible thing a human can do by taking care of the earth.
  • Home remedies to cure dry eye
    Itchy and painful sensation coupled with blurred vision, redness, and mucus around or in one's eyes are some of the most commonly observed dry eye symptoms. Having any of these symptoms may mean that one is suffering from the dry eye syndrome. However, treating this painful eye condition is quite possible, both by taking prescribed medications and home remedies, which are extremely easy-to-find and effective. Here you can find some of the most helpful home remedies that can be tried to eliminate dry eye symptoms: Cucumber Cucumber is well known for its soothing effect. A slice of cucumber placed on the each eye for 15-20 minutes is an effective cure to the common dry eye problem. Along with offering relief to the tired muscles of the eyes, it revitalizes and rejuvenates the circulatory system’s functioning, making the feeling of dryness go away. Flaxseed oil Being rich in Omega-3 fatty acid, regular intake of flaxseed oil can prove to be of great help in dealing with the annoying dry eye symptoms. However, women who are lactating or pregnant need to consult with the doctors first before consuming flaxseed oil as it may have some side effects on the baby’s health. Chamomile tea It is an herb known for its cooling and anti-inflammatory properties. By placing cotton balls, dipped in the chilled chamomile tea, on the eyelids, can do wonders in rejuvenating the eyes instantly. The ingredients present in the chamomile tea help in restoring the lost moisture of the eyes. Castor oil Castor oil helps in reducing various dry eyes symptoms, when used around and on the eyelids. Retaining the natural moisture levels of the eyes, it works excellently in relieving irritation, itching, pain and burning sensation, associated with this particular eye disease. Aloe Vera Aloe Vera is also known for its anti-inflammatory, soothing and antiseptic properties, which makes it an ideal remedy for treating dry eye symptoms. Applying a layer of pure aloe vera gel daily on the eye lids can help the itching sensation fade away. However, one should avoid direct eye contact with the gel. An imbalance in the composition of tears can lead to dry eye syndrome with the bothersome dry eye symptoms along with it. With these effective home remedies, you can avail quick relief if the symptoms are mild, but in the case of higher severity, it is advisable to seek medical help.
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