Reasons why a business laptop is good for you

So, it’s time to buy a new laptop for the house. We’d love to wish you luck with that! But more than wishing you luck, we’d love to ask you to hold on and rethink your decision of buying a consumer-oriented laptop and get yourself a business laptop instead. Yes, you read that right—a business laptop. Here’s why:

They go a long way

Most corporates buy business laptops in bulk. And before spending such a huge amount of money, a good amount of thought goes into it. Companies only invest in the best business laptops because they know that these are built to last. So, if you don’t want to be seeing yourself buying another laptop for your home after the next three years, a business laptop is the way to go!

A better view

The one thing you notice common with most consumer laptops is their glossy display. Most brands lure customers with glossy display screens. But this is one of the last things you’d want on a good laptop. Why? This is because glossy displays make for not such great viewing angles, while matte displays are glare-free and allow for a fantastically clear view. In fact, some of the best business laptops come with a matte surface, even if that means compromising on the touch screen part of it.

Keyboard quality

Since a business laptop is used for a lot more typing, they come endowed with much better keyboards as compared to consumer-oriented laptops. The best business laptops come with strong, large, curved keys, and a better actuation force that makes them easy to locate without even a glance. Should you be doing a lot of research for your college or make a living of working from home, this feature would be very useful for you.

Think long-term

Yes, buying a business laptop would mean you would have to shell out a couple of hundred dollars more. But hey, think about it for the long run! The best business laptops are meant to last for a very long time. Thus, unlike a consumer-oriented laptop, you wouldn’t have to change a business laptop often, which means you’ll be saving a lot more bucks should you buy the latter.

Consider these factors before buying a laptop and make a wise decision.


  • Choose your products wisely if you have sensitive skin
    Does your skin get irritated, dry or reddened easily? If so you are one more among those many people across the globes that have sensitive skin. This means that you need to understand the fact that continuous exposure to harmful ingredients can result in premature ageing, breakouts and wrinkles. Given below is a list of commendable products that are considered to be suitable for sensitive skin, Exfoliator: One of the most essential and routine skin care steps that needs to be done if you want to have a clear complexion. However, one needs to choose an exfoliator that is gentle at the same time removes all the grime and dirt that accumulates onto the skin along with moisturizing the skin too. Pre-shave: Do you experience razor burns frequently? One of the ideal options is getting your skin prepared with a mild pre-shave lotion or cream that will help to soften up the facial hair and make it easy for the blade to slide over. So, ensure you select shaving products for men that are meant for sensitive skin. After Shave: After you finish with the daily routine if pre-shaving, lathering and shaving, the next step that should not be left out is an after-shave lotion. Go for a good after shave lotion that is gentle and smooth on your facial skin. Moisturizer: Dryness and sensitivity always go together and so it is essential to ensure that your skin remains moisturized at all times. Choose a good moisturizer that traps the moisture in forming a protective barrier that can ward off all kinds of irritations. Mild Cleanser: A face wash is extremely important as far as skin care routine is concerned. This is beyond doubt the first step of cleansing your skin and this makes it important that you choose your face wash wisely. Masks: Applying a face mask once or twice a week to rejuvenate your skin and remove your dead cells is always necessary. However, ensure that the mask that you plan to purchase is free from any kind of irritants that can harm your sensitive skin. Whatever be the products you finally choose, go in for well-known brands that prepare their products with organic and natural ingredients that will not only be beneficial for your skin but also improve the skin tone and complexion of your skin.
  • How is financial aid calculated?
    Once you’ve filled your FAFSA and received your student aid report, a particular amount under the name of financial aid will be allocated to you, given that you meet all the basic eligibility criteria. You would need to apply for this financial aid for every year that you spend in college and each year this financial aid will vary on the basis of various changing conditions. Since every single unit counts, it is important for one to know how the financial aid is calculated, where it could be increased or where it has decreased and how one will manage with the changes in the aid. On the basis of various factors, the financial aid office at your college will make a decision on the financial aid that should be allocated to you. Their first step of action would be determining the cost of attendance of the particular school. Given that you attend at least half-time, the cost of attendance includes tuition, room and board cost, the cost of books and supplies, costs related to disability (if any) including some other expenses. Your expected family contribution is then taken into consideration. Expected Family Contribution (EFC) is a measure of the capability of you and your family to pay for college through the family income and assets. So, the amount that the college has to look at would be the difference between your cost of attendance and expected family contribution which is nothing but your financial need. On the basis of this financial need, a need based aid will be generated. In order to calculate your non-need based aid, the college would subtract the financial aid you’ve already been rewarded (from other sources such as school or scholarships) from your cost of attendance. The financial aid that does not depend on the expected family contribution is known as non-need based aid. For instance, if your cost of attendance is $18,000 and $6,000 has been covered through need based aid, scholarships and other sources, the remaining $12,000 could be covered in your non-need based aid. One can also compare different financial aid to get a better understanding of the college aid and also look for free grant applications.
  • Tips for Buying Maytag Washer-Dryer Bundles
    Washing and drying clothes are the most tedious tasks that every homeowner needs to undertake. The task becomes even more difficult for working couples who have no time to take care of household chores. If piled up clothes give you a nightmare over the weekends, it is ideal for you to buy a Maytag washer-dryer bundle for your home. Maytag is one of the most reliable names in the country, and you can opt for their home appliances without any worry. However, to select the best washer and dryer for your home, you can consider a few factors before a purchase. Design Though you are looking for a device to wash and dry your clothes, you just cannot make the selection based only on the functionalities. You also need to take care of its design as well as color. Select something that matches with the theme of your house and also fits into the place dedicated for it. Special care should be given to the dimensions of the device if you are placing the order online. Top load washers with PowerWash® cycles are one of the best selling washers of Maytag and you can buy it for your home as well. This washer has a standard size of 6.2 cu. ft, making it an ideal for domestic use. Type of washer Whether you are looking for a Maytag washer and dryer bundle or you are just purchasing a Maytag washer, your decision should not be based on the dimensions of the appliance alone. You should also give importance to the type of device. Depending on your ease of use as well as the availability of space, you need to decide whether you want a top load machine or a front load machine. Both front load and top load washers of Maytag offer the latest technology so that you can get the job done easily. Top load and front load systems are available for dryers too. You just need to decide the type you need and then buy the best Maytag washer-dryer bundle. Energy efficiency This is another important factor to be taken into account when you are considering the tips to purchase a Maytag washer and dryer bundle. Just getting a washer with a PowerSpray feature or a dryer with steam drying feature is not enough. You should also give importance to the energy efficiency of the appliance or else you might have to spend a lot of money because of excess power consumption. Devices with optimum power consumption are not just recommended for saving money, but it is also advised for saving the nature. Every dryer and washer bundle manufactured by Maytag comes with an energy guide so that buyers can check the details before making a purchase. Budget When you are looking for a Maytag washer-dryer bundle, you should decide on your budget first. Maytag has designed different types of washers and dryers to suit the budget of every buyer. You just need to select the one that you can afford. If you are looking for high end models at a cheaper price, you may have to wait for the clearance sales or the special discounts offered from time to time. You can also browse through the e-commerce websites to get hold of some attractive deals on Maytag appliances. There is no hard and fast rule for buying a dryer and washer from the same company. You can always get it from two different manufacturers. However, people who have once opted for any Maytag appliances seldom prefer to choose another brand. Therefore, clubbing any other dryer with Maytag washer may make you repent your choice later. Getting washer and dryer together can also help you save space. Whatever be the appliance that you purchase, make sure to check its warranty. Also be careful with the usage and maintenance of the device, but you can rest a little easy as Maytag appliances are known for their longevity.
  • Big Lots furniture is the ideal choice for your home setup
    If you are planning to change your bedroom furniture, Big Lots bedroom furniture range is the best deal for you. Whether your home style is traditional or contemporary, restore the essence with the Big Lots furniture department. With a plethora of options to choose from, Big lots furniture range helps you blend styles to create the desired look with a mix of classic and modern furniture along with traditional furniture and home accessories for all quarters of your home. Browse living room furniture from loveseats, couches, and sectionals, from TV stands to fireplaces. At Big Lots you will also get great deals on accent sections like side tables, futons and ottomans to complete your living or family room. If you are planning to redesign your dining room, you can buy big lot furniture range of pub set or dining room table with bench and matching chairs. They also have an exclusive range of kitchen carts that help you add extra countertop storage space in your kitchen and dining space. Moving on to the bedroom, it is the most personal space you own in the house. At Big lots furniture, browse through a wide range of modern as well as classic bedroom styles, from a customary metal bed frame to a wooden bedroom set complete with a footboard, headboard, and matching dressers. You can also buy vintage end tables to give that classic yet contemporary look. Add class to your bedroom with Big Lots furniture range of bookcases, a chest, or a night stands to achieve that cohesive look fit for your palace. A bed is never complete without a soft, comfortable mattress on which you can relax after a tiring day of hard work. Don’t let an old bed or an uncomfortable mattress disturb your good night’s sleep. An inferior quality mattress will not only have a negative impact on your body but also harm your posture. At Big Lots, you can revive your bedroom furniture with an all exclusive mattress sets from Serta, Sealy, and Zeopedic in all possible sizes. Don’t stop at the makeover of your own bedroom, Big Lots has an entire range of furniture for kids too. Create a relaxing space for your guests with daybeds and trundles. You can also add additional sleeping space for kids with affordable bunk beds available at Big Lots store. Daybeds can also serve as a cozy place where you can sit and read your favorite book or take a quick nap before the kids come back from school. At night, the trundle bed can be pulled out to make extra sleeping space for one or two. Big lots furniture allows you to design a beautiful courtyard oasis. It has a weather-resistant patio that can be used along with rugs and accents to create that cozy feel. Call your friends over for high tea and let them enjoy the comfy cushioned patio chairs. To complement your taste, order for outdoor dining sets, picture-perfect for a nice evening meal. Big lots also has an amazing collection of adorable decor and solar lights. You will possibly find all the outdoor essentials that you need to transform your outdoor living experience. To complete that look, shop for additional storage furniture like storage cubbies, accent tables, desks, recliners, ottomans, futons, and chairs. No matter what room you want to redesign, Big Lots furniture range has beautiful budget-friendly home furniture options for everyone. All you need to do is to go to the nearest Big Lots furniture store and pick up your favorite piece. Also, you can benefit from their furniture delivery options available in most stores.
  • Patagonia Jackets New Fall Collection
    If you are into running, trekking, traveling, camping, mountain climbing or any other extreme sport, then you need appropriate apparel to go with it. With the new winter collection of Patagonia Jackets, fight those extreme winds with the best of the jackets. Check out these new selections of Patagonia jackets and see which one is meant for you. Patagonia Women's Better Sweater Fleece Jacket This warm polyester fleece is made as your favorite style sweater with a full-zip jacket dyed with a low-impact process.
    • This easy-care Better Sweater Jacket has a soft fleece interior,  a wool-knit face, and even after numerous washes, retains its shape and natural good looks.
    • The front zipper has a wind flap and kissing-welt closure to keep the strong cold winds out.
    • Raglan sleeves, princess seams on the back and forward seams on front for contoured shape and fit, accentuate your shape and hugs to your waist.
    • Interior drop-in pockets help to keep the things in your pocket safe and zippered hand warmer to keep your hands warm.
    • The price set on this apparel is $139.00.
    Patagonia Men's Torrentshell Jacket Simple and functional, the Torrentshell Jacket is created with 100% recycled nylon face fabric and is a great pick for environmentally-conscious consumers. It is waterproof and breathable, thanks to the H2No Performance Standard protection, which offers complete protection even on a rainy day. Some of the features of this jacket are:
    • Consists of a two-way-adjustable hood and a laminated visor that rolls down and can be put back with a simple cord-and-hook design.
    • The Microfleece-lined neck protects against water and breathable barrier provides comfort.
    • There are minimal-welt exterior and interior storm flaps along the center-front zipper that create a zipper-garage chin guard.
    • The jacket is provided with two zippered hand-warmer pockets, which also acts as venting pit zips. Both of which are with welted exterior storm flaps and durable water repellent treated zippers.
    Patagonia Baby Furry Friends Hoody If you're searching for a warm and comfy hoodie for your kid, then this Patagonia jacket is a smart pick because:
    • the Baby Furry Friends Hoody acts as a warm, protective hoody jacket which is 100% polyester (30% recycled) high-pile, double-faced fleece.
    • this bear cub-style hoodie consists of a three-panel hood with added ears.
    • the same fabric patch is used on the pockets as a hand-warmer.
    • the zipper garage is added to the center-front zipper to cheat winds.
    • the soft cotton twill tape is added on the inside of the neck and a zipper pull to keep the baby comfortable.
  • Popular NFL Jerseys to Choose From
    The NFL or the National Football League, comprising of 32 teams, is a professional American Football League. The online NFL store - is where you can find your favorite jerseys Jerseys, apparels, NFL Gears, hats, and other merchandise. To get the authentic, popular, and officially-licensed jerseys, you can always head to the and make your favorite pick. At the official online store, one can shop for Nike Jerseys, Mitchell & Ness retro and throwback jerseys, Proline jerseys with extended size and many more types of jerseys for women, men, and kids. You can also choose to go for the customized NFL jerseys also at Here are some of the popular NFL Jerseys that you can choose from-
    • Men's Kansas City Chiefs Red Vapor Untouchable Custom Elite Jersey by Nike Show off your fandom for the Kansas City Chiefs with this NFL jersey. This officially licensed jersey has an athletic cut that fits well. The material is 12% Spandex and the rest 88% Nylon and is extremely breathable and is a 4-way stretch woven fabric. It has a tagless collar and sleeve cuffs are flexible. It has the NFL shield with Metallic-effect stitched on its collar.
    • Men's Cleveland Browns Baker Mayfield from Nike Game Jersey stocks If you're looking for this NFL jersey, you can get two color variants with numerous size options. It is the newest addition for the fans of the Cleveland Browns. It is a perfect fit, so if you want a looser fit, they recommend you to buy one or two sizes plus. The material is extra breathable and made up of 100% recycled polyester. It has a screen print name, logos, and numbers, and the NFL shield can be seen on the collar.
    • Women's New York Giants Saquon Barkley, a Nike Game Jersey This one is the latest addition for the fans of the New York Giants. It fits perfectly and offers an athletic-cut. The 100% recycled polyester makes it breathable and the jersey is tailored designed for easy movement. The collar has an NFL shield along with mesh side panels that help it to be comfortable.
    • Youth Chicago Bears Khalil Mack, a Nike Game Jersey This jersey is made using 100% polyester. If you're looking for a comfy fit, the company recommends you to go for at least one size up. The bold graphic on the jersey is eye-catching and easily attracts the fans of the player.
    You can also find many other NFL jerseys to choose from. Look at the material, make, price, etc. to carefully pick your favorite! Moreover, you can always look for NFL jerseys for cheap price at other popular online stores.