Top 4 luxury hotels in Boston that are stay-worthy

Be it for college visits, business travel, love for history and art, or the delicious food, several thousands of people visit Boston annually. Now, the good thing about Boston is that, much like most of the other aspects, the city has some of the finest range of hotels.

Of course, you can find a hotel to cater to your budget, but if luxury is what you seek, our selection of the top four luxury hotels in Boston will certainly excite you.

Four Seasons Hotel

Known for its incredible health club, phenomenal service, a beautiful park-front location, clean pool, 273 spacious and luxurious rooms, and an iconic restaurant serving lip-smacking delicacies, the Four Seasons Hotel in Boston attains a well-deserved number one spot in this list. The guest room bathrooms are also great, superior to the ones you’ll find in some other top-notch hotels of Boston. Nonetheless, the service you get is unprecedented. The hotel staff pays attention to the minutest details and is proactively helpful. Furthermore, the iconic location of the hotel, right next to the city’s Public Garden, only adds to its charm and beauty.

Mandarin Oriental

Founded in the year 2008, the beautiful Mandarin Oriental is rightfully a close second on this list. With an aim to do everything better and bigger, the hotel has fairly lived up to its own dream. From fine dining to the luxurious rooms, and the spa, everything about the hotel is much ahead of its time. Its contemporary guest rooms are by far the largest in Boston. The hotel has deep tubs, luxury fittings, 42-inch LED TVs, and marble showers. Additionally, the spa of the hotel is the most luxurious and the largest in Boston. The hotel staff is helpful, and the service that you get here is fantastic. It has two of the best dining places in the city – French L’Espalier and Asana restaurant.

XV Beacon

XV Beacon or Fifteen Beacon is a 60-room boutique hotel that is a fine amalgam of tradition and modernity. Nestled in the archaic Beaux Art Building, the hotel has preserved its ancient elegance, yet it did its very best to incorporate modern conveniences keeping in view the needs and the desires of the guests. The service you receive here is amazing. Guests are welcomed with homemade desserts or personalized business cards to make them feel special. The cozy fireplace is certainly the delightful highlight of the hotel.

Fairmont Copley Plaza

Established in the year 1912, this grand dome of the city has since done its very best to welcome guests with warmth and joy. The 21-foot high multi-hued embellished ceilings and the opulent lobby make the architecture of the hotel instantly likable. The hotel, though, has a feel of a bygone era, but is still very luxurious and elegant. Of course, the guest rooms in the hotel are a bit smaller as compared to other hotels, but they do not compromise on your comfort and luxury. The dining establishments of the hotel, like the Oak Bar and the magnificent Oak Room Steakhouse with wood panels, truly make the entire setup romantic.


  • 4 TV repair service specialists that you need to know
    There is nothing more unpleasant than the TV breaking down while you are watching your favorite show. It is then of utmost importance to get the TV repaired and fixed so that you can continue watching your movies and shows seamlessly. Listed below are some of the best TV repair firms in the market:
    • Aka's TV & Electronics is a reputed TV repair firm. Their specialists are known for quality repairs. They have been serving their clients with quality repairs at affordable rates since 1981. One of their finest features is that they pay a visit to wherever you are based, whether it is the home or the office, and do a thorough check on the problems in the TV. Based on that, they fix it immediately or carry the device to their workplace for further detailed repairs. It is just a matter of calling up and fixing an appointment.
    • Coughlin's TV is yet another authorized TV repair service center. They have a nationwide network of electronics technician teams who are involved in attending to all sorts of levels of TV repairs. In the 40 years of their experience, they have a database of about 225,000 repairs. They offer expert service at reasonable rates.
    • Geek Squad service agents can repair almost any brand of television, regardless of the retailer. The service can be scheduled online or through one’s BestBuy account. Unlike others, the agent fixes the issue during the visit in order to investigate the program and replaces the product if any part is damaged. Those who do not have a Geek Squad Protection plan have to pay $99.99 during their first visit and an additional charge may also reflect if any parts have to be changed. The customers can also get a store discount coupon depending upon certain terms and conditions.
    • WEF Electronics and TV Repair service is a team of professionals who work in-store and provide home repair services for all electronic devices throughout Fort Worth, TX. They are a part of the National Electronics Service Dealers Association and member of the NW Metroport Chamber of Commerce and Local Texas Electronic Association. They have been in service for the past five decades. Not many repair services in town repair both cutting-edge flat screen televisions as well as other old models, but they do. WEF Electronics and TV Repair have unparalleled expertise in TV repair.
  • Here’s how to get a no fee prepaid debit card
    What's a prepaid debit card? You've heard of debit cards and credit cards, but this is different. This card can help you stick to a budget and limit your spending. Prepaid Debit Card A credit card offers you access to credit that you can pay back later. A regular debit card gives you access to all the money in your checking account. A prepaid debit card is funded by money you load onto the card through a variety of means. You can only spend the amount that is loaded on the card. A prepaid debit card is not linked to a bank account. Prepaid Debit Cards and Fees Prepaid debit cards can involve different fees. There's an activation fee, monthly fee, card loading fee, cash withdrawal fee, and fee for withdrawal at out of network ATMs. Look for cards with a minimal number of fees, a large network of ATMs, and cash loading centers. Most cards don't charge for purchases. But there are some that do. No Fee Prepaid Card? If you get a prepaid card that doesn't charge a regular fee, it might end up costing you more in charges for cash withdrawals or when you load cash to the card. There is generally an activation fee on most cards. Look for cards with monthly fees that help you avoid transaction fees for cash loading, purchase, or cash withdrawal. With a lot of cards, monthly fees can be waived if you load cash through direct debit. The fee may also be waived if you load at least $750 or more. Check the terms and choose according to your usage. Most of these cards are from issuers who have a large network of ATMs and partner shops. These are places where you can load cash for free. But there's always the option to load cash through direct debit. Some prepaid debit cards have a savings facility. You can set aside some money that you load into the card in a savings section. This can't be accessed when you're trying to withdraw or make a purchase. The bonus of this is that you can earn interest on the money that you're locking in. But there are only a few cards that have this facility. Many prepaid debit cards come with usage tracking facilities. Expenses can be separated into different categories and you can track how the money is spent. There's also a Cash Back prepaid debit card, the only one of its kind, the American Express Serve Cash Back. This card gives you 1% cashback on all purchases. It also comes with purchase protection. Why Use Prepaid Debit Cards? If you don't have a good financial record and thus, can't get a credit card, you can use prepaid debit cards for cash-free transactions. There is no credit check for these cards. You can learn to budget your expenses. You can create savings without having to create a bank account. Look for cards that pay an interest on the amount in the savings section. Go to card comparison websites and find reviews of the best prepaid debit cards. Choose the card that's the best fit for you.
  • DIY wall decor for stunning interiors
    Decorating a plain wall with stuff bought from IKEA is fun, but you know what is better? DIYs! DIYs or do-it-yourself's are creative projects that allows you to make or build things and actually use them. As they are home-made they give a cozy feel to your blank-walls! So ladies and gentleman, put on your creative gloves, because we are creating some DIYs for your walls. These wall decorating ideas would go easy on your wallet and yet, would give your home a majestic feel. Tinted flowers The first wall decorating idea is quite simple yet beautiful. You will need some plain white coffee filters, blue dye, water, a bowl, yellow card stock paper and a large circular hole puncher. First, you have to mix the water and dye in the bowl and then slowly dip the edges of one coffee filter into it. Take it out and let it dry. While they dry, punch out some yellow holes with the hole puncher and card stock. When the coffee filters are dry, stick the yellow dots at the center. Repeat this until they form the shape of a flower. Once stuck, arrange the coffee filters in a design on the wall and stick it down with double-sided tape. Bam! From filters to tinted flowers. Paint your heart out ! The next idea is simple-painting canvases! Several simple designs can be found online and all you have to do is replicate it. You just have to paint, tape or sprinkle glitter, and voila, your wall is ten times brighter. Some chevron or checker patterns with bright colors puts the decor in decorate. Stack it up with Popsicle Are you on a budget and can't afford new shelves? Or did you not find anything that matches your aesthetic senses? Well, that can easily be fixed. Using Popsicle sticks and a hot glue gun, you can glue them and make a shelf! Guaranteed it may not have a long shelf-life' or hold heavy items, but they fill up your wall and you can keep tiny collectibles on them. They are easy to make and cute. Just glue the ends of the Popsicle together in the shape of your choice and done! Scribble Art This last wall decorating idea is cute yet very unique-scrabble wall art! Want to know how? Well, cut wood squares (9.5" x 9.5"s). Print out a high-res picture of any letter in approximately the same size as the wood square. Scribble with pencil on the back of your printed letter. It turns the print into homemade carbon transfer paper. Put your printed tile on top of your wood square. Trace the edges of the scrabbled letter with a light grey tracing till you end up with a light grey tracing. Paint the letter in with black paint. Wait for the paint to dry, then flip the wood over. Mark a point, hammer your nail in and hang it up!
  • Online marketplaces to buy authentic Belk handbags
    One of the top cult brands that make women sway with elegance in the fashion world is Belk. When you think of buying a high-quality handbag, then you should definitely consider investing in a Belk handbag to flaunt your fashionista statement. Belk has established its reputation across a wide range of products from watches to the most covetable Sutton bag. And buying one of these is not cheap per se. There is so much demand for Belk’s fashion statement, that the black market itself is competitive with the array of street replicas. However, we do not really value a cheap replica as even being close to the original Belk handbags, and therefore its all the more the reason for you to pick up an authentic Belk bag at a cheap discount price from one of these online marketplaces. House of Fraser This high-street department store is not just any shop on the market but one of the best places to get the latest of the Belk handbag collection at a cheap price. If you are looking for your best Belk statement piece, then all you have to do is get a coupon on the internet.  When you look for coupons online, you can get your favorite bag at a discounted price with free delivery as well. Amazon We buy almost anything on Amazon today, and this is indeed one of the best places to get your Belk handbag for a discounted rate as well. All you have to do is search and find a Belk handbag that you like, and if the price is not already discounted to something you can afford right away, then you can always add it to your wish-list and wait for one of Amazon’s big sale days. You can sometimes find discounts close to 50% off, and what better way to get the best Belk bag at an authentic marketplace. Some of the other online marketplaces that can help you score your Belk handbag at a really good price are THE OUTNET, Shopbop, and SECRETSALES. If you look for offers during the general seasons or during the online marketplaces’ exclusive sale days, you can definitely get a good Belk handbag at a good deal price. Also, you get more options online than at a physical store.
  • An ideal diet for a patient with gout arthritis
    Gout is one of the severe forms of arthritis that occurs when there are high levels of uric acid accumulation in the joints. The accumulation can mold into crystals engulfing the joints and can cause the same discomfort and agony as an arthritic condition. Uric acid is formed naturally in the body when it breaks a compound called purine. Purine is also found in certain food and a high intake of these items can result in the excess production of uric acid, thus increasing the symptoms of gout. Your body removes the excess uric acid through the urinary tract. But sometimes excess production of uric acid cannot be properly discharged, leading to its accrual and symptoms. Though there are many medications, the best treatment for gouty arthritis involves the reduction in the intake of foods associated with purine. Let us take a look at some of the ways through which gout symptoms can be reduced and the diet that you might have to follow. Gout diet A typical gout arthritis diet should include the food items that contain purine and at the same time avoid its over indulgence. Doctors would advise that certain food products can be avoided, but not all as these have to be included in your diet to control the levels of uric acid. A gout arthritis diet should include a balanced chart that deals with weight loss and cuts back on fat quotient. The diet should also focus on eating more fruits and vegetables and reduce the intake of meat, especially red meat. Also, necessary protein intake should be ensured from low-fat and fat-free dairy products rather than from seafood. Alcohol must be curbed at all levels. Increase the intake of vitamin C. According to a few researchers, consumption of coffee can also reduce the risk of gout. Apart from your diet, you might need to keep your body weight under control. Excess weight directly increases the chances of gout. Also, keep your body hydrated at all times with plenty of fluid intake. Following a gout diet can limit uric acid production in your body, and along with a good exercise can improve your overall health. The results of such diet treatment may vary from person to person. While for some, following this simple diet plan can keep the attacks under control, for the others, medications and drugs may also be recommended to keep the conditions under control. Take the advice of your physician and discuss in detail regarding your medical condition.
  • What are the different types of resumes
    Your resume may not be the first impression for the recruiter, but it certainly is a crucial part of an image you intend to build. Therefore, it is imperative that you carefully design your resume so that your profile stands out. Before you begin working on your job applications, you must be aware of the three main styles of resumes, i.e., chronological, functional, and combination. Each of these types are meant for a specific purpose so ensure you have a clear goal in your mind. Here’s a brief explanation of the three main styles of resume, which you could possibly use for your own job prospects. Chronological resume – Such kind of a resume allows the recruiter to view your job experience first. You focus on your professional milestones, i.e., the latest job position held and then on your past work experiences in a reverse sequence. Although, an extremely common type of resume, you should only consider using the chronological format if you have a strong work experience to back you up. Moreover, if you are a fresher, then you must focus more on your educational qualifications and practical skills. Functional resume – Unlike a chronological resume, a functional resume solely focuses on your practical skills rather than the work history. It directs the recruiter towards your strengths which might be considered for the applied job. This an ideal form of resume if you happen to be a recent graduate or someone who is getting back to work after a long break. It could also work if you are switching your professional sphere. Combination resume – Like the name suggests, this resume is a blend of chronological and functional formats. The resume presents your professional skills, accomplishments, and work history in a chronological manner. A combination resume is a great choice to make if you want to highlight your overall profile in the briefest way possible. You craft such resume if you are applying for a niche job designation which entails a definite skill set and relevant work experience. Now that you are properly aware of the various resume formats, you can use any of the above-mentioned styles which perfectly fit within your professional goals and expectations.