4 best international conference call service providers

A good international conference call service provider helps you connect to people whenever you want. Regardless of whether you wish to host a meeting with your team, organize a webinar comprising 100 members, with the right platform, you can connect with the desired people from any corner of the world. So, which are the best international conference call service providers in 2021? Let us find out. 

Zoom is one of the most reliable international conference call service providers in 2021. It is a user-friendly, cloud-based platform that is affordable. Zoom comes with an array of both free and paid options. The platform caters to the needs of individuals and businesses, regardless of their size. Consequently, Zoom is a perfect pick for enterprise teams. With a price tag of just 19.99 USD per month, you can add three hundred participants to one call. It is certainly more than what’s provided by the other call providers. Zoom is also known for its supreme audio and video performance. 

Skype is popular for the right reasons and maintains its spot on this list of the best international conference call service providers in 2021. It is ideally suited for freelancers and large businesses. Typically, Skype is free to use, but it also has a pay-as-you-go option and a monthly subscription plan. For calling on landlines and mobiles through Skype, you will have to bear a cost of 2.99 USD per month. It is replete with features and offers various services such as video calls, online calls, messaging, and international mobile calling. You also get advanced features such as meeting scheduling with Outlook and meeting recording for businesses. 

Vast Conference
Another one of the best-suited platforms for spontaneous conference calls is Vast. It lets you start a call anytime, anywhere, sans any pre-schedule. More so, with Vast Conference, every user gets their own unique number. Starting a meeting with Vast Conference is effortless. You just have to dial the number and provide the access code. It also allows operator-assisted calls. In addition, the platform offers an array of collaboration tools such as file transfers, document sharing, conference recording, and screen sharing. Vast’s call quality is excellent, and the platform supports international calls from over seventy countries.

Uber Conference
Uber Conference has both free and paid plans. The paid plans will cost 120 USD per user per year or 15 USD per user per month. It provides you with a rich and intuitive interface for free conference calls. You also get added functionalities, such as free call recording, document sharing, international calling, and analytics. 


  • The best 4G smartphones in the market
    With the advent of 4G smartphones in the market, the tech world has evolved to a new level. The market is full of innovative new 4G phones which an avid smartphone user should definitely consider buying. Below are listed some of these smartphones which are increasingly becoming popular among the users. Oppo F3 Lite: This smartphone is considered to be among best 4G smartphones and was launched in October 2017. Oppo F3 Lite has a 5.20-inch touchscreen display and is powered by 1.4 GHz octa-core Snapdragon processor. This product which can be considered among new 4G smartphones has a 3 GB of RAM. It has 32 GB of internal storage which can be extended to 256 GB through a micro SD card. Oppo F3 Lite has a 13-megapixel camera in the rear and 16 megapixels for Selfie lovers. This smartphone runs on Android 6.0 and is powered by 2900 mAh of non-removable battery Xiaomi Redmi Note 4: Among the best 4G smartphones in the market, Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 has also been able to create a niche for itself. Among the new 4G phones, Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 runs on Android 6.0 Marshmallow and will be soon upgraded to its next version Redmi Note 5. This smartphone comes with a 5.5 inch full IPS LCD display and is available in 32 and 64 GB storage options. Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 comes with 13 MP primary camera and has one of the best looking user interface available on the Android platform. The smartphone comes with a 4,100 mAh battery and is known to deliver excellent battery backup. This smartphone also has a fingerprint scanner which works very effectively. Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime: Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime is another of best 4 G smartphones in the market which runs on Android 6.0 Marshmallow. The 5.5 inch LCD display smartphone is powered by 1.6 GHz octa-core processor and comes in 3GB RAM variant. People who are great photography enthusiasts can expect some good clicks from Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime as these 4G smartphones come equipped with 13 MP of primary camera and 8 MP front-facing camera. The 16 GB of internal storage space can also be further expanded through a microSD card. Users can expect good battery life out of Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime as the smartphone comes with 3,300 mAh battery. Apple iPhone 7: This is obviously a great innovation among new 4G smartphones. This smartphone features a 4.7-inch display and is powered by an Apple A10 64-bit processor. Apple iPhone 7 comes with 2 GB of storage space and the smartphone sports a 12 MP rear camera while the front-facing camera is 7MP. The phone has a 32 GB of storage space and the internal memory is non-expandable. This smartphone comes with a non-removable Li-Po 1,960 mAh battery and runs on iOS 10 operating system. However, there are certain downsides of Apple iPhone 7 and the dual camera set up is absent. You will also not get a 3.5 mm audio jack in Apple iPhone 7. Samsung Galaxy S8: This smartphone runs on Android 7.0 Nougat. Samsung Galaxy has a 5.8 inch super AMOLED display and comes with a 12 MP rear camera while the front-facing camera is 8MP. A number of Samsung 4G smartphones have 64 GB of internal memory and this can be expanded further to 256 GB with use of external storage devices. Samsung Galaxy S8 is powered by non-removal Li-ion 3,000 mAh battery and offers a comprehensive battery back up to the users. Pick up any of the 4G smartphones listed above and you will never be disappointed with your choice.
  • How to select the best-suited tonneau cover for your vehicle
    Buying a new tonneau cover for our utility vehicle can be exciting and tedious at the same time. If you own a utility vehicle, you know how important the truck bed is for transporting almost anything that we may need to. There are some downsides when we load various materials on the truck bed. The material loaded on a truck bed can get dirty, damaged, wet or even fall out during transit. The tonneau cover can be the best solution for these problems as it keeps away all the material safer, away from UV rays and also keeps the material in place avoiding it from falling. In case if we are looking for a better-wet weather protection certain types of tonneau covers can be beneficial in this regard. Even if we live in the area that would be prone to heavy snow falls during winter, we need to consider this while selecting the tonneau cover as lighter covers may sag and fail due to the heavy weight of falling snow. Thus, it would be essential to buy the tonneau cover that is meant for this purpose and can withstand a good amount of load. In particular for protecting the material loaded on the truck bed from potential thieves, it would be better to select a retractable tonneau cover as it would provide better security due to robust construction. Additionally, this can be locked to avoid theft of material. Some important questions need to be answered while selecting the tonneau cover:
    • How often we use the full truck bed for loading material on it?
    • What are the usual weather conditions in the area we live?
    • Do we need to stack some articles on a truck bed that is taller than the bed rails?
    • Can we prioritize between a lockable cover for protection and superior weather protection?
    By answering these and some other questions, it would be easy for us to narrow down our search for the perfect tonneau cover that we might need.
  • Here’s How to Identify Common Insect Bites
    Insect bites are a common phenomenon and cause mild to severe symptoms, depending on the type of insect. Typically, symptoms due to insect bites vanish in a few days with normal medication, but in a few cases, the condition may become serious. Thus, identifying insect bites and an immediate treatment is recommended. However, identifying insect bites can be tricky and may require the advice of an expert. However, here is how to identify some common insect bites.
    • Tick bites: Ticks are vectors for transmission of several diseases such as Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain spotted fever. A characteristic ‘bulls-eye rash’ generally develops at the place of bite, which may comprise single or multiple rings.
    • Mosquito bites: Mosquitoes are perhaps the most common insects around us. Moreover, they are also the carrier of several diseases such as Zika, chikungunya, malaria, and dengue. Initially, the bite is white with a red dot at the center, which turns red after some time. An urge to itch the mosquito bite is common.
    • Flea bites: Flea bites are painful and irritating. Another concern is that they can even transfer tapeworms. Identifying insect bites caused by fleas is easy as they lead to red bumps on the skin with an itching sensation.
    • Brown recluse spider bites: These bites form a blister and the affected individual feels itchy and experiences pain. In severe cases, it may lead to necrosis, where the tissue appears dark and the affected tissue must be removed. If you suspect a brown recluse spider bite, seek medical help urgently.
    • Bed bug bites: These bites are characterized by several continuous bites that generally appear like a line on the skin which is in direct contact with the bed, such as legs or arms. They may naturally go away after some time. However, in cases of intense itching, doctors generally prescribe hydrocortisone creams, which help in relieving inflammation and the associated pain.
    • Chiggers bite: These bites resemble pimples and have a red bump at the center. These red bumps are itchy and the bites are generally harmless.
    • Fire ant bites: Identifying insect bites caused by fire ant can be done by looking for red spots on the skin which develops pus. They appear like pus-filled pimples.
    Insect bites are commonly visible signs of skin irritation and underlying inflammation. You must take necessary precautions, such as use insect repellents, cover your legs and exposed skin completely, avoid going to susceptible areas during dusk or night time to avoid these bites.
  • Tips on buying a trampoline
    Are you planning to buy a trampoline? Great! A trampoline is not just fun but is also a great machine for health purposes. However, before you buy a trampoline to begin to enjoy all that jumping fun, you need to know about features and aspects and tips on how to go about buying a trampoline. Trampolines are an enjoyable and healthy method of exercise, but always, one needs to take care of safety first. Everything has a risk factor. So, most professional brands won't officially allow keeping trampolines at home. However, it is a personal choice that you have for and about them. These are listed below –
    • Make a safety run: Make sure not more than one person can jump at a time, be careful when you make a flip, and a great big 'NO' to unsupervised jumps and also jumps from the trampoline onto another surface.
    • Before you buy, consider about the space where you are going to keep the trampoline. The surface beneath of the trampoline should be as soft and flat as possible. Leaving a minimum of 3 feet of clear space around the edges is great, although clear space more is always welcome. The immediate area should not have any hard or rocky objects.
    • Trampolines come in five different shapes, springs, and sizes – round, rectangular, octagonal, oval and square, and range from 6–18 feet in diameter. Always prefer to buy according to the space you have available. Round is the shape most generally practiced on and found in retail markets. Round shapes are designed to hold the jumper safely in the center of the apparatus. Rectangular designs are typically used by the gym centers or athletes. The number of springs decides the trampoline's bounces. For example, on a 15-foot round trampoline can approximately have 70 to 96 springs. So, the more the number of springs, the more the number of jumps.
    • If your trampoline is placed outside the house, please check the weather before jumping. Gusty winds while doing jumps is a huge NO-NO, and it’s the same with dampness. Moisture will damage the trampoline quickly, in the face it might hurt you while you work on it. The trampoline springs have cushioned coverings. The fabric (Polyethylene or PVC can vary. However, PVC is more weather resistant, durable.
  • Top two phone plans for the minimalist cell phone user
    Getting a cell phone plan can be easy if you do it right. Cell phone plans these days come with a host of options and features. Choosing the right one can be a dilemma if you don't know what you are looking for. To keep it simple, we're going to start by talking about two great plans geared towards minimalist cell phone users. What do we mean by minimalist users? Well, if you use your monthly data frugally and insist on saving up a boatload of cash through pre-paid plans, then chances are you dig minimalism. Sometimes too much data can end up going to waste when unused. Here are the top two cell phone plans for you if you consider yourself an average user and you don't need a lot of mobile data. Virgin Mobile: Virgin Mobile offers average users a plan known as the Virgin Mobile Data Love. It comes with 5 GB of monthly data, is pre-paid, and costs an affordable $35. You get unlimited texting features with no cap on the number of text messages you can send. You don't get charged for messaging to any friends, and you get unlimited minutes for voice calls as well. That's pretty neat but it doesn't stop just there. The carrier is owned by Sprint which also means you get unlimited video streaming for services like the Pandora app and iHeart radio. Verizon: The Verizon 5 GB plan, which is one of Verizon's most famous plans to date for the average cell phone user, comes at an affordable rate of $60. For payments made through online transactions, there's a $5 discount for automatic payments which brings down the bill to a mere $55 per month. Just like the Virgin Mobile Data Love plan, this plan offers users up to 5 GB of monthly data usage. You get unlimited calling minutes and you can send and receive as many text messages as you like for free. Additionally, Verizon is known to offer the cheapest rates in the market per gigabyte of data. If you're looking for an affordable postpaid plan, Verizon is the way to go. The plan allows the carryover of data, so if there's unused data, it will get added to the next month's data cap and expand upon it. This can be useful if you don't use much data and you want to save your data and use it when needed. You can drop data charges even further by activating the safety mode on your phone which will drop the speed down to 2G level. This can help you save more data and reduce your monthly costs. The $5 discount a month in their plan applies to automated, paper-based billing. It is applicable only if you pay via debit card or by using a checking account online.
  • Essentials that make disability bathrooms comfortable
    People with disabilities find it difficult to keep up with the pace at which the world functions. Basic functions such as bathing, eating meals, walking and more become a difficult task. To make it worst, bathrooms that are not designed to accommodate their needs can add to the discomfort. Not only disabled individuals but even aging seniors find it difficult to use a basically designed bathroom. If you one who lives with aging parents, you do know the agony that they have to go through. If you are looking to ease the trouble caused, disability bathrooms can help. It does not take much, and all you have to do is add items to your bathroom in order to make it disability-friendly. Here are different kinds of essentials that make the for the most comfortable bathrooms. Grab rails - Grab rails are essential elements that should be placed in disability bathrooms. These should be placed around on the walls and especially on either side of the toilet. This helps in easily getting off from the toilet seat to the wheelchair. Also, it lends support and is a must for safety when moving around the bathroom. Bath seats - Having a bath or shower can be one of the most difficult things to do for disabled and aged people. Bathing seats are designed to make this activity easier. These seats are mounted on to the wall and can be folded on back again when not in use. The seat will extend at the touch of a button and allows for easy transfer from the wheelchair to the seat. Towel and soap shelf - The towel and soap shelf is important and should be placed lower in the bath area. Unlike usual shelves, these shelves are designed so as to easily access the soap or towel without much struggle. Single-handed faucets - It is extremely necessary to install single-handed faucets in disability bathrooms as it is a basic element that makes bathroom-use easy. A disabled person will not be able to turn knobs easily and a single-handled faucet can bring comfort. There are several sensor-faucets that you can consider and although they expensive, they are totally worth it. Outward swing-door - Disability bathrooms should preferably have doors that swing outwards over inwards. This will allow for more space inside the bathroom and also avoid any injuries that can be caused due to coalition when opening the door. Installing these essentials in the bathroom will instantly convert it into a disability bathroom without being too harsh on the pocket.