4 advantages of a low-cost apartment hotel

Finding a decent apartment or house in your budget on occasions can get difficult as property owners have a variety of conditions. Moreover, individuals who have an eviction on their credit are more likely to get their application rejected. If you are struggling with the high property rates and renting standards, then you should give low-cost extended-stay hotels a try.

Popularly known as weekly or apartment hotels, extended-stay hotels are an ideal choice instead of crashing at your family or friend’s place or settling for bad apartment deal. Since weekly hotels are a relatively unconventional option it can be a bit trickier to find good ones. While picking an affordable extended-stay hotel, remember that you should not only take the room’s rent into account but also ensure that the place is comfortable and well-maintained.

Here’s why a low-cost apartment hotel can be a beneficial choice for you.

  • Moving into an apartment can get pricey
    Even after discovering a decent renting arrangement, you might have to incur costs like a high security deposit, advance payment of first-month room’s rent, non-refundable administrative and applications fees. Moreover, you might have to bear miscellaneous expenses relating to repairs or home moving services. Conversely, a weekly hotel is not just an inexpensive choice but also a convenient one until you gather enough expenses for a suitable apartment.
  • You don’t have to worry about getting approvals
    For any prospective tenant, eviction on their credit is more menacing than exorbitant room rents. This is because the eviction status can stay on the credit history for seven years, making it extremely tough for one to get housing approvals. So, most landlords will refuse such applications right away as they think it involves a higher financial risk. Extended-stay hotels, on the other hand, do not require any credit checks, and therefore, you can easily secure an accommodation.
  • Extended-stay hotels are unaffected by past criminal backgrounds
    Several property owners even check the criminal history of the potential resident. If there is a negative record, they will most likely disapprove the application. In such situations, apartment hotels can come to the rescue and provide you with safe and affordable lodging.
  • Weekly hotels can save you from making hasty decisions
    Often, while urgently hunting for housing options, you can be more vulnerable to bad deals. In this process, you might end up making a hasty decision, which can take a hit on your finances. Therefore, if you aren’t sure, it is better to check in an apartment hotel and pay a cheaper room’s rent for a week or two. This period will allow you to make the right choice for your future accommodation.

Cost of an apartment hotel
The rooms for rent in an extended-stay hotel will vary according to its location and the amenities offered. Mostly, low-cost weekly hotels will charge you around $100 to $120 per week. Likewise, if you want services like an internet connection or flexible room service, then the room’s rent will increase accordingly. Apartment hotels will full-fledged services usually charge anywhere between $300 and $450 a week, approximately.


  • Grab A Shaving Product With Gillette Razor Coupons

    Gillette razors are quite famous across the world for their quality and unmatched shave. Generally, they have a razor handle with two razor cartridges so that the user gets everything that they require to shave for weeks. Since they are expensive, it’s a good idea to find Gillette razor coupons. You can find a lot of them online.

    Features of Gillette razors

    The main feature of Gillette razor is its five-blade technology. This technology helps to curb pressure while shaving so you do not have to work hard, as you have to do with other local brands. It also prevents cuts that tend to occur when you try to press the blade. Gillette shaving products have an expendable design which ensures that the razor blades which are used by the user stay sharp and they are able to deliver the nearest shave.

    The working of Gillette razor blades is slightly different from others as they work collectively, and reduces skin irritation and keep nicks and cuts away from your skin. Another main feature is the lubricating strip, which gives additional moisture to your skin for an easy shave.

    Gillette razors provide neat and clean shave. There are several products which are sold by Gillette but the razors are one of the best selling product.

    What are you waiting for? Grab your razor with Gillette Razor Coupons and save your money with best deals provided by Gillette. With such offers, you can purchase Gillette razors which you use regularly at an inexpensive rate. These offers come with a validity so don’t be late. You can get your Gillette coupons online and enjoy the best deals.

    Let us look at these some of the best Gillette razor coupons in detail. You can avail these coupons on their website.

    Gillette Fusion ProGlide Power Razor Blade Refills

    The market price of this product is $37.99. With the use of Gillette razor coupons online, you can get 50% off on the Gillette Fusion ProGlide Power Razor Blade Refill. The blades of this razor are thin and have fine edges. On the back side of the razor, it has a precision trimmer. Also, it suits the sensitive skin and the precision trimmer is used for straight edging. The perfect lubrastrip of this razor gives smooth glide and one refill of razor blade can be used for a month. The special feature is the advance blade coating on Gillette's razor. MicroComb in this refill guides the hair for a perfect shape. This refill is preferred by many men across the world and now with special deals and offers you can get this refill at just half rate from the market price. The blades give you precise beard and also it prevents the cuts and marks when used. You can use it fearlessly.

    Gillette Fusion ProShield Razor with FlexBall Handle and 2 Razor Refill Cartridges

    This product is available in market at just around $15.99 and with Gillette coupons, you can get around $5.00 off on Gillette Fusion ProShield Razor With FlexBall Handle and 2 Razor Refill Cartridges. This razor consists of a preserving layer which helps you to get rid of the irritation that tends to happen because of a shave. It is one of the advanced razors and quite popular with men. The blades of ProShield razor gives accurate edging. It also has a precision trimmer on its back for improved results.

    Gillette Fusion 5 Razor

    You can get around $5.00 off on Gillette Fusion 5 Razor if you purchase with Gillette coupons online. The retailers provide this product at regular prices i.e. $11.49 but with coupons, you can save money. This set comprises 1 razor and 2 cartridges. It comes with 5 precision blades which are spaced together closely to provide comfort while shaving. The precision trimmer covers all the areas like below the nose as well as sideburns. This product is reliable as you can use 1 razor blade for one complete month.

  • Top 3 budget 50- to 55-inch HDTVs
    If you want a great HDTV, you don't have to rob a bank. It's true that they are expensive sets, but 51-inch HDTVs within $500 with superb picture quality, good connectivity, and other great features are available.
    • TCL Roku TV 50FS3800 People who need a feature-laden smart 51-inch TV within budget, this can be a fair choice with decent screen size. The 1080p display and 120 Hz refresh rates make it a good option with the Roku platform. The Roku Set-top box is pre-packaged, making a separate purchase of another set-top box irrelevant. A smartphone or laptop can also regulate the TV while using the Roku Mobile applications. The price is around $480, and the smaller versions are also there for those who need even cheaper models. Three HDMI ports, a USB port, and connectivity for devices from the home screen are available. Switching between connected devices, swapping channels, searching for series and movies or streaming media is possible with the help of only a few buttons. A simple panel with two-leg stand design and a slim 51-inch screen look nice and sober.
    • Vizio E50-C1 Smart TV LED HDTV This 51-inch model is available at around $528 online and at even about $400 with some added discounts. It comes with a 1080p display and 120 Hz rate, along with three HDMI ports and one USB port for external devices and storages. This TV is also well suited for wall mounting. One of the best features is the local dimming that makes the contrast ratio much better than that of other models in this range. Auto-adjustable brightness, streaming media applications, and built-in WiFi compatibility are some of this model's benefits. In this price, this particular model provides superior picture quality with great color accuracy and slim panels. The minimal-looking legs and tiny bezel make it a sleek design for small and simple space.
    • Vizio e500i-A1 Smart TV LED HDTV An older but still relevant version for bargain-friendly costs (about $399). The 51-inch, 120 Hz LED panel with 1080p resolution is sober and provides user-friendly streaming media applications like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon prime video, Pandora, and Spotify. The LED zones can be activated as per the requirements, which comes with the auto-adjustable screen to compete with room brightness. The app launcher is helpful to bring you back to the place where you need to be while switching on the television set. This model has four HDMI ports and a USB port for external storage and devices. Besides, this is not as readily available as the former models as it's an older version, and Vizio E50-C1 has arrived in the market as its replacement.
  • Summer outfit ideas for women in their sixties
    No one can deny that shopping and women have always been the best of friends. In fact, shopping is even therapeutic to a certain extent. Be it a teenage student or a professional woman in her golden years, shopping can make a person's day and is one of the most cherished activities for women.Shopping is fun, regardless of whether you are shopping for a pair of pajamas or you are shopping for an evening gown for a special occasion. But when it comes to shopping for casual dresses that women over 60 can wear, the choice platter tends to narrow down a bit. When one is aged beyond 60, the definition of fashion changes to a whole new magnitude. The concept of style then becomes finding the perfect balance between feeling your best more than looking your best. So, as summer will be approaching, the summer fashion and colors are officially in online and retail stores. You will find a variety of colors and styles for the season. And at 60, you can be stylish as well. Different fashion styles and ideas can have magical effects on your personality at this age. Here are some ideas on casual dresses for women over 60, especially to get along the season:
    • Pants and tights- The summers can be hot, so sporting a look that soothes your skin is essential. Casual dresses for women over 60 can be well equipped with pants that are flowy like palazzo pants that will enable the air to pass and also facilitate mobility. Tights can also be a good option if you can select ones that are made of a breathable material.
    • Loose fitted baggy jeans - You can try and find the right pair of jeans for your age and figure to step out in style. High-waist and baggy mom jeans are the ideal summer dresses women over 60 like. They can be the ultimate comfort clothes, and you can choose the fit according to your personal preference. With loose jeans and a white tunic, you can rock a summer weekend look.
    • Casual dresses - Summers can never be complete without casual dresses for women over 60. These dresses can be of light pastel shades of summer colors like green, yellow, pink, red and other such vibrant hues. These dresses not only look feminine, but also are a perfect blend of beauty and comfort.
    • Sundresses Women Over 60 prefer- Rock the sunny days with a classic sundress. Typically, sundresses are informal, casual dresses which are made of a fabric that is lightweight, most commonly cotton, and usually loose-fitting. Normally, summer dresses are sleeveless, with thin shoulder straps and wide neckline. A sundress is not worn over a blouse. It is worn without a layering top, and the look that the dress gives is just fantastic. But if you are not comfortable wearing a strapless dress, then you can layer it with a button down shirt and complete the look.
    • Tunic tops- Tunic tops work best for women of all age. They are the epitome of comfortable clothes.You can wear it with different leggings and stretch jeans. They go best to hide the belly that women frequently complain about at this age. Not necessarily baggy, but an A-line would be perfect. They are very comfy and are great for summer outfits.
    Summers are warm and perfect for frequent outdoor trips, and with the comfortable attire, you can make the most of the season. So, revamp your wardrobe and get set for the nearing summer with clear skies and sunny days ahead. Let age not be a constraint for you to enjoy your life to the fullest!
  • Three tips for DIY face covers

    Face covers or face masks are useful for protection against several pollutants and pathogens that can be contagious and cause illness. Face covers have seen an exponential gain in demand due to increased risk of health hazards, mainly due to the pandemic. However, you can make one at home for you and your family. To help you, here are some handy tips to remember to make the safest face covers.

    • Fabric
      This is the most important factor in choosing a face cover as certain fabrics cannot prevent particles beyond a particular size. Hence, you need to choose a fabric that can block the entry of pollutants as well as microscopic aerial pathogens. The general rule of thumb suggests that denser the fabric, more the protection against such particles. If you are using layers of fabric, then make sure that the layer closest to your face is made from a tightly knit, breathable fabric such as nylon, polyester, or a blend of both. Some health experts suggest using a blend of spandex and cotton as this avoids the inner layer from getting moist.
    • Layering
      Multiple layers in the fabric ensure the smallest particles, including pathogens, as small as viruses are not able to penetrate the face cover. Some health experts also suggest adding an extra layer of coffee filter for extra protection. You might have also observed that many commercial face covers come with a pocket in the inner layer for inserting a filter. Similar face covers can be made at home by simply leaving one side of the inner layer unstitched. Insert the same filter in your DIY mask and change it periodically for safe use.
    • Fitting
      A face mask should cover both nose and mouth without leaving any air gaps. These face covers should extend at least an inch from the ends of the mouth and beyond the chin. Ensure that the fabric you use is stretchable enough so that it is anchored beneath the chin and does not slide from the nose. Stick a flexible strip made of metal or plastic on the fabric that covers the nasal bridge. This way, you can mold the fabric around the nose to close any remaining air gaps. It is important to consult a health expert before using any DIY face covers to assess its quality and ensure its safety.
  • 4 popular Tesla models to choose from
    Tesla is undoubtedly one of the reputed automobile manufacturers in the country. This automobile giant was established by a group of dynamic and talented engineers back in 2003 with a conviction to show the world that people do not have to compromise to drive electric vehicles. The company's vision is to promote the benefits offered by electric cars as they are quicker, better, and enjoyable to drive as compared to gasoline cars. At present, the company not only focuses on manufacturing electric vehicles but also contributes toward building scalable clean energy generation as well as storage products. Tesla models Tesla has a varied range of models offering a wonderful driving experience to the consumers. Some of the best models offered by the company has been listed below. Model S Model S offers a host of amazing facilities, thereby making it one of the most promising models of Tesla. The model has achieved the highest rating in terms of safety as compared to any other car and has an amazing record in context with the lowest chance for a passenger getting injured during a front, rear, side, or rollover accident. Model S also provides the quickest acceleration from zero to 60 MPH in a mere time of 2.5 seconds. The Tesla Model S is priced at around $69,200. Model 3 As compared to Model S, Tesla's Model 3 is a much simpler, smaller, and affordable electric car. Designed to be the safest car in its range, Model 3 provides acceleration from zero to 60 MPH in a maximum time of 5.6 seconds. The Tesla Model 3 is priced at an approximate $36,000. This model offers seatings for five passengers. Roadster Touted as the world's quickest car, Tesla Roadster offers a record-breaking acceleration that goes to 60 MPH from zero in under two seconds. It offers a high speed of over 250 MPH and has a seating capacity of four passengers. Designed for aero-performance and efficiency, this electric super car is available at a starting price of around $200,000. Semi Tesla has recently announced the launch of Semi, its electric truck, which is set to begin production in 2019. This truck offers a wonderful blend of comfort and safety. It provides acceleration from zero to 60 MPH (with 80,000 lbs) in a span of 20 seconds. This powerful truck is expected to start at an estimated base price of $180,000. Tesla, being a noted automobile player, offers models with various functionalities targeted to different target groups in terms of income and usability. The price for each Tesla model varies as per the features of the respective model.
  • Effective bed bug treatment options
    Most of us have experienced bed bug infestation in our home or office. No other pest is as infuriating as the bed bug. Bed bugs are extremely resilient and feed upon the blood of animals with warm blood, especially humans. They typically feed after midnight till sunrise. This feeding is necessary for them to not only survive but also for reproduction and laying of eggs. It takes about 14 days for these pests to be visible to the human eye. Finding the best bed bug spray is extremely difficult as these insects develop quick resilience. A spray that promised to kill bed bugs in minutes last season may not work in the next. As they evolve quickly, bed bug treatments need to evolve faster and always be a step ahead. Below is some information regarding the different bed bug extermination costs, inspection, and options. Bed bug treatment options and costs Keeping quality and longevity in mind, and based on the bed bug extermination cost, there are about two kinds of bed bug treatments you can choose from: A DIY bed bug treatment- A do-it-yourself treatment would require you to inspect the area of infestation, develop a plan, work toward ensuring the infestation does not spread. The treatment would require you to buy an effective and efficient bed bug killing formula which you would need to use on the infested spaces. Another choice in the DIY treatment is opting for non-chemical options, such as using heat treatment, steam cleaner, or cold treatment. These cost-friendly treatments are more effective in controlling the infestation rather than entirely ridding of it. A professional bed bug exterminator- Depending upon the level of bed bug infestation in your home or office, you can seek help from a professional exterminator. A professional exterminator first inspects your home or office to understand where the bed bugs are hiding and the extent of their infestation. Regular inspections cost approximately $50 to $ 200. While canine inspections, which make use of dogs specially trained for detecting pests, will cost around $400 to $500. Post inspection, most professional exterminators use the technique of Integrated Pest Management (IPM), which is a treatment approach combining various methods like use of pesticides, freezing, use of steam heat, cracks and crevices sealing, and more. The methods are selected based on different factors related to the infestation.  An important factor to consider about professional exterminators is that these professionals are extremely capable, well-trained, and also officially licensed to use chemical pesticides, thus ensuring no ill side-effects are experienced by the residents of the infested area. The bed bug extermination cost increases when you hire a professional exterminator. However, this option is more efficient in ensuring complete removal of infestation. Which one should you choose? This may seem like it’s a simple choice, you can opt for the DIY treatment if you’re looking to save cash or go for the professional treatment if you really want to kill bed bugs in minutes. But this goes beyond that. The extent of the bed bug problem in your home or office should aid your decision. At the end of the day, you have to understand that the best bed bug spray or treatment is one that works the quickest and lasts the longest. Conduct a proper research about both the options before choosing one. Once, you are rid of the bed bug problem, ensure you take proper precautions to avoid recurrence of the same.