4 efficient smartphones for business users

Business phones are different from personal phones. So naturally, the criteria you use for shopping for these also differ. When you shop for a business phone, you need something that gives you a good battery backup, keeps your data secure, has a decent screen, assures good after-sales support, and is versatile in the apps you use. Here are some of the best mobile phones for businesses.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra
The Note series from Samsung is exquisitely designed for business users. It comes with top-of-the-line specifications, and the S Pen included with it packs in an array of tricks and features. Further, the phone has a 108 MP primary camera, a top chipset, a super high-resolution screen, and much more. Thus, it is a perfect phone, which will suit your requirements, regardless of your profession or job. However, it is on the pricier end of the spectrum. But, if your budget allows, this is undoubtedly one of the best mobile phones for business.

iPhone 12 Pro
The iPhone 12 Pro is the first of the iPhones to support 5G connectivity. Apple’s 12 series also sports a visual redesign by reminiscing the iPhone 4 and 5 series’ flat aluminum edges. The device also provides an array of new features. For instance, it is the first smartphone to employ a 5nm design in its A14 processor. Additionally, the phone has LIDAR-enabled cameras capable of capturing 27% higher light than its predecessor. Apple also claims that it can take 80% better pictures in low light. Creative professionals will love this business phone.

One Plus 9
Compared to the pro model, this version is undoubtedly a step-down. But in all honesty, you do not lose a lot. Instead, you save yourself a lot of money. Like the Pro model, even this one provides you spectacular performance, thanks to its Snapdragon 888 processor. It also supports super-fast 65W wired charging. And photographers will appreciate the ultrawide camera that captures pleasantly vibrant photos. Overall, the One Plus 9 offers a flagship feel and performance, making it an excellent mobile phone for business.

Google Pixel 5
The Google Pixel 5 is a switch from the top-end premium models to mid-range phones. It is an ideal pick for anyone who aspires to get their hands on a clean and easy-to-use Android phone without digging a hole in their pocket. The phone’s spectacular camera and solid metal body make it visually appealing and perfect to use. And although its processing power is not the best, it is 5G compatible—undoubtedly a good pick for business owners.


  • 4 reasons you should learn how to create an app
    Almost every single person has a smartphone today. Because of this, there are millions of apps out there today. If there's something you want, there's probably an app for it as well. Pretty much every business and hobby has an app today. It's not just games and productivity tools. Anyone can create and upload an app onto an app store. There's also a very high demand for individuals who know how to make an app. While creating an app in itself isn't that hard, learning the process can be time-consuming. Here are 4 reasons you should consider investing your time and money into learning how to make an app. Need of the hour There are over 7 billion people in the world today. Most people who have smartphones either use iOS or Android as their main platform. The audience is large and keeps increasing by the day. People prefer apps and hence there is a demand. App development has a lot of opportunities today. It is a skill that will always prove to be useful. If you need an app for your venture, you can even do it yourself and save yourself a lot of costs in hiring someone. Learning it is easy The Internet has made everything you need available instantly. Moreover, there are software and online classes that can equip you with all the information you will need to create an app. With time and practice, you can easily master it in no time. There is no lack of resources to learn how to create an app. Innovation You probably own a smartphone and know how to use it. You can judge other apps and use the pros and cons you have gathered from them into making your app. You can come up with ideas and implement them yourself by creating an app. Who knows? You can even be the developer of the next viral game. If your app succeeds, it will be a great source of revenue. Connecting to people Apps are a great way of implementing this simply because it is easily accessible to everyone. If you create a resourceful and creative app, you can reach millions of people all over the world with it. You can design and create an app for your own business. It can be a platform through which you can render services or sell products. You can always be creative and innovative with apps. With the limited screen size available you can showcase the best of your app and its features. Apps that are original and unique are often really popular. By learning how to create an app, you are open to a future where there are no bounds to what you can accomplish.
  • All you need to know about retro gaming consoles
    Video games have been an age-old affair and one cannot get over them. With something more and new around every day. The excitement is insatiable for gamers. However, some games turn out to be classic and don't ever seem to fade away. When new technology takes over and changes the systems we use for gaming these older cartridges become dysfunctional. That is when you need a retro gaming console to continue playing your classic favorite in spite of the new releases. If you are one of those who loves to play games and has a collection of it, you would definitely have a few cartridges that you loved back in the old days and can no more play with them due to non-supportive new devices. That's when a retro gaming console comes handy. Here are few Retro-Bit game consoles that you can consider to rekindle the old school gamer in you. Retro-Bit Generations This old-school gaming console is loaded with numerous games you would have played a couple of years back. It looks similar to Sega Saturn and has ports for both HDMI and AV. An SD card slot is provided so you can save all your live games. It has as many as 92 games loaded within and you can expect much more when you actually start using them. The Retro-Bit Gen-X has a pair of USB controllers and is ideal for retro gaming. It can play most of the old cartridge games and takes you back memory lane. The developers have assorted a collection of all-time favorites of classic gamers. Appearance The Retro-Bit Generations has a very simple look. With a glossy outer box with black base and red highlights, it looks very smart and minimal. Other things you would spot on the box are ports and slots for game inputs. Moreover, X-Game Retro is one of the classic entertainment systems. There is much similarity between the NES Classic and the Retro-Bit Generations. It has a large number of games than the former. You can play games like Alfred Chicken and Totally Rad with no legal issues on the Retro-Bit Generations. Retro-Bit Super Retro Trio Console This system lets you play old cartridge games that would make you totally nostalgic. The latest version in this series can play a range of options like NES, SNES, GBA, Game Boy and the Sega Genesis. This retro gaming console is convenient as compared to the older consoles. You don't need to worry about legwork, space to play or cash. Appearance The Super Retro Trio is made in black color with red highlights. It looks bulky and quite cumbersome to load the cartridges. The outer structure is lite and the inner moving parts don't shake. The entire device is effective and simple. Moreover, it does not require high power to run. Overall the device is very affordable and is value for money. The console is very reliable and you can play all your old games that you may have tucked away. It supports NES, SNES and Sega Genesis systems. So you don't necessarily need old systems.
  • 4 natural allergy relief remedies for kids
    Allergies often hit children unexpectedly. The child could have been suppressing it or has been recently exposed to allergens. Allergies result in constant coughing, wheezing, and breathing issues. Allergies aren't restricted to the immune system alone. There are also skin allergies in plenty out there. There are a few remedies that can help reduce the allergy. These won't completely cure them, but they will definitely provide a certain degree of relief. You can adopt certain measures that can help minimize or prevent it from happening again down the line. Check out some of the remedies that can help fight the allergens. Apple cider vinegar Take a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar, mix it with The Mother (a certain kind of bacteria), and water. Give this mixture to your child every day. This helps deal with heartburn and reduces mucous accumulation in the nasal passages. Apple cider vinegar even aids digestion and enhances the digestive system. It also has several other health benefits and even helps with weight loss. Himalayan salt saline rinse with the neti pot One of the most common side effects of an allergy is mucous formation. In that case, the neti pot and saline rinse therapy is a great way to free the nostrils from the allergens. Himalayan salt is filled with rich minerals. Take a boiled distilled water and mix with a teaspoon of Himalayan salt. Then put the mixture inside a neti pot. Empty the neti pot into one nostril and let the mixture drain out from the other nostril. This should help with most allergens and free up the nostrils. Local honey Scientific research has shown that consuming local raw, unrefined honey helps battle allergens. It also provides a layer of protection against various forms of environmental allergens. Honey acts as a natural cure for allergies. Give your kid a teaspoon of raw honey on a daily basis. It can help charge up their immune system. This is not only a cure for children. It works on adults too. Diet change The best medicine to fight against or prevent any disease is a strong diet. A well-balanced diet should be filled with fiber-rich foods, vegetables, dairy, and whole, organic foods. The diet can make a huge difference in lifestyle and health. Only through food, we get all the nutrients, vitamins and minerals we require. A healthy diet will include all the vital nutrients and help build a strong immune system. A good diet will prevent allergens and even help reverse conditions. These are few remedies that can be implemented at home to rid your child of the allergy. If there is no relief despite trying all these methods, it is best to consult a doctor and find the source of the allergy.
  • 7 New Smartphones You can Consider Splurging on
    It is common to change phones frequently. It is known that you can never be satisfied with one phone for a long time. Therefore, manufacturers are constantly coming upJust when they think they have the phone they had always wanted, another one is launched. This ongoing desire to get the latest smartphone in the market isn’t going to die down anytime soon. In fact, it might never die down. Most people spend their money on a smartphone without proper analysis. Then they end up regretting having spent their money. It doesn’t have to be your story. Investing in the right phone is what must be done. That is why this list has been compiled to help make your decision process easier. It is a list that will help you determine where you can invest without regret. Are you ready for it?

    Best smartphones you can spend on

    iPhone X
    This is one of the most-awaited iPhones ever. The 64GB variant costs $999 and the 256GB variant costs $1149 approximately. This iPhone model has bid goodbye to the home button. A whopping 5.8-inch screen makes everything just so much clearer. It has a 2716 mAh battery. With 3GB RAM, 12MP back camera and a 7MP camera, this is the best iPhone yet. Although dubbed luxurious, it is worth every penny you spend on it.
    iPhone 8 Plus
    This is bigger than the iPhone 8 but smaller than an iPhone X in terms of size. It has a 5.5-inch screen and comes with a 3GB RAM. It has dual back cameras, both 12MP each, which are incredible. Its front camera is 7MP. It comes in two variants of 64GB and 256GB. The 64GB version costs $799 and the 256GB version costs $949 approximately. If you want something a little more sophisticated than iPhone 8, then you should opt for this model.
    iPhone 8
    This iPhone model is for those who want a smaller screen size, but who still want to experience the new features of an iPhone. It comes with a 4.7-inch screen size and 2GB RAM. The 64GB variant costs around $699 while the 256GB variant costs around $849. It comes with an 1821 mAh battery which is enough to get you through the day. The camera quality is better than previous iPhone models. The front camera is 7MP while the back camera is at an impressive 12MP.
    Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus
    This model of Samsung has a large screen. It comes with a massive 6.2-inch screen. It comes in a single 64GB variant which costs $850 approximately. It has a powerful battery of 3500 mAh that does not discharge in a jiffy. It comes with a powerful 4GB RAM, making it less prone to lag. The camera is crisp and it is notably one of the best Samsung products to date. For those who love watching Netflix on the big screen, this is the best choice.
    Samsung Galaxy S8
    This Samsung smartphone is priced at $725 approximately and comes with a 5.8-inch screen. It houses a 3000 mAh battery so that you can use it for the entire day. The camera quality is good with a back camera of 12MP and a front camera of 8MP. The RAM is 4GB and this phone comes with the 64GB variant. For those who want the best of Samsung without shelling out another $100 for the Plus variant, this is the best choice for them.
    Samsung Galaxy Note 8
    This exceptional Samsung model comes with 64GB storage. It comes with Samsung’s largest screen yet of 6.3 inches. It has a powerful 6GB RAM for powerful processing. It has a dynamic 3300 mAh battery. There are two rear cameras of 12MP each and the front camera is of 8MP. It has a fantastic feature list and comes at $950 approximately, which is quite high for some. But if you want an exceptionally large screen, this is the right pick.
    Google Pixel 2XL
    This phone by Google comes with a 6-inch screen. It has 4GB RAM that works flawlessly. It comes in two storage options, 64GB and 128GB. It costs around $849 for the 64GB model and around $949 for the 128GB model. It comes with a 3520 mAh battery. With the excellent 12MP back and 8MP front camera, it is one of the best phones by Google. The design is impressive too. Since these smartphones have been tried and tested, you can rest assured about their capability. Choose the smartphone with the features that meet your requirements.
  • Say goodbye to diabetes with some healthy recipes
    You can keep your diabetes well under control by sticking to a well-balanced diet including carbohydrates, fibre and fats. The key here is to eat at regular intervals to enable your body to use the insulin it produces and maintain an active lifestyle. You can include special diabetic recipes in your cooking to develop healthy eating habits. However, this doesn't mean that you not need to prepare a separate diabetic recipe every time you sit down to eat. You just have to know what kinds of food are recommended for you and what you must avoid. Here is a quick checklist of all items you must include in your diabetic cookbook. Carbohydrates: Fiber-rich carbohydrates including fruits, vegetables, whole grains and legumes are good for a diabetic. You should focus on limiting your carb intake by controlling your portion size or controlling your carbohydrate intake in grams. Try diabetic recipes by mixing whole fruits like apple, banana, pear or oranges with low-fat yoghurt. You can also find diabetic recipes for baked vegetable casseroles. Dairy products including milk provide essential nutrients to our body. They have a low glycemic index and should, ideally, be a part of your diet irrespective of age. But, you should avoid saturated high-fat milk. Stick to low-fat alternatives including skimmed milk, yoghurt and cottage cheese. Fibre: Try and include as much dietary fibre in your diet as you can. Certain plant fibres cannot be digested or absorbed by the human body. As they move through the body to be eliminated from our digestive system, they absorb toxic waste, cleaning up our system on the way. Vegetables, fruits, nuts, beans, peas and lentils, whole-wheat flour and wheat bran are all rich in fibre content. Try diabetic recipes using beans; they are not only filling, but they also cut down your cholesterol. Diabetic recipes for cakes using whole-wheat flour can take care of the occasional sweet tooth. Fish as an alternative to high-fat meats: Certain species of fish including salmon, sardines, tuna and herrings are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which reduce the level of triglycerides in the body. They should be included in your diet for a healthy hat. Red meat is not recommended for diabetes patients, you can try replacing it with low-fat fish like cod, tuna and mackerel. Fats: Monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats can help in lowering your cholesterol levels. However, you should include them in your diet in limited quantities. Nuts like almonds, pecans and walnuts make for a healthy snack. But, considering their high-calorie content, limit yourself to shot-size serving. Try diabetic recipes using canola, olive and peanut oils as substitutes for butter and other cooking mediums. Avocados lower the level of cholesterol in your body and can be included in a diabetic diet. But, they have high-calorie content; so it is best to limit your weekly intake.
  • Top 6 makeup foundations to buy
    Foundations are the backbone of a good makeup routine. When your foundation goes wrong, nothing else will work. Here is a list of some of the best makeup foundation 2021 that you should check out. L’Oreal Paris Infallible Pro-Glow Foundation If you are on a budget and still want to invest in a good foundation, the Infallible Pro-Glow foundation from L’Oreal is a good choice. It is available in most stores and is great for those with normal-to-dry skin looking for a smooth and clean foundation base that lasts long. This product offers medium to full coverage. MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation This is one of the best makeup foundations in 2021 that you should definitely invest in. It also has SPF 15. This non-cakey formula ensures the product lasts for the whole day without making your skin look blotchy. Very little of the product is enough to offer great coverage and this product lasts really long.  NARS Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer If you are looking for a very lightweight, light coverage foundation, have no second thoughts and pick up the NARS Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer tube. It has a lovely tint and is enriched with SPF 30. Two additional advantages are that it is non-comedogenic and dermatologist-approved. KVD Vegan Beauty True Portrait foundation If you are looking for a vegan product, there is nothing like the KVD vegan foundation. This product feels more like a serum than a cream and hence provides ultimate coverage without weighing down the skin. Very little of the product goes a long way too.  Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation This is one of the most luxurious makeup foundations in 2021 available in the market. This is so smooth that the product glides over the skin like butter. It gives an extremely clean finish and hydrates like a pro too. This is a product that most professionals use for their clients.  Hourglass Cosmetics Vanish Seamless Finish foundation stick A foundation that looks like lipstick? This is one of the easiest foundations to use. It comes in a stick form, and you can just rub your fingers over the stick and apply it to the skin. The product blends really well and is completely waterproof too. Make a note of all these six best makeup foundations in 2021 and pick the ones that come in your skin shade. All these products are safe on the skin and dermatologically tested.