How to get Alcatraz tour tickets

A chief part of contemporary pop-culture, Alcatraz has appeared in several books, films, television shows, and music videos. And maybe, this is one of the reasons why it is so popular amongst the tourists. Formerly known as one of the most merciless penitentiary, Alcatraz has come a long way by transforming into a space of intriguing history and evolution. If you happen to be in San Francisco, then you must pay a visit to the Alcatraz Island. Although you should know that this place is always teeming with tourists. So, make it a point to plan and book the tickets in advance.

The best way to get Alcatraz tours tickets is through This is because the National Park Service has a tie-up with the Alcatraz Cruises, which facilitates the ferry rides. The website allows a window of 90 days of advanced booking for the ferry tickets. The ferry service usually runs throughout the year, with a daily schedule that operates from 9 am to 4:30 pm. During the summers, it has an extended timing, i.e., till 6 pm. The National Park Service recommends visitors to make the reservations as soon as possible, because typically, the Alcatraz tours tickets completely sell out about a week in advance.

If you are wondering how to choose the best excursion option, start by designing a proper schedule. It could be an opportune extended weekend or the pleasant summer week of June. After you prioritize your visit dates, explore the various tour options. You can opt for a day tour, night tour, or a combination tour. The ferry service for the day tours will be high in frequency as compared to night and combination tours. The duration of your visit purely depends on how long you want to stay on the island. Ideally it shouldn’t be more 45 hours. The tickets costs around $38/adult and $23/child.

You can also go and buy tickets at the Pier 33, the mainland location from where all the tours leave for Alcatraz Island. Although you can face some hassle here because there are limited number of seats and one person can only buy one ticket. For instance, if your friends are late and coming over, you cannot buy 2 more tickets at the counter. To buy those 2 tickets your friends must be physically present with you. But you can still try your luck for the early morning tickets, especially during off season. Alcatraz Cruises starts selling these limited tickets from around 7:30 am at the pier, on a first come, first served basis.


  • Tips to safely use outdoor Christmas lights during this holiday season
    The holiday season not only brings happiness with Christmas but also brings lights and the festive fervor. It is a time for celebration and utmost happiness with friends and family. Christmas preparations include decorations and beautiful outdoor Christmas lights. These outdoor Christmas lights can be acquired at the nearby local store at the Christmas lighting sale or the Black Friday lighting sale at great prices. How to safely use outdoor Christmas lights during this holiday season Although outdoor Christmas lights are beautiful, they come with many safety issues. Here are some tips to handle these lights for a safe Christmas. Use specific purposed lights: All kinds of festive outdoor lights aren't the same. It may seem that you can use these lights for any purpose, but always remember to use the lights for outdoor lighting purposes for outside Christmas lights and the lights for indoor purposes inside the house. This will prevent unnecessary safety hazards. Hang lights: Never use a nail or staples to secure your Christmas lights. Lights such as the lighted garland for Christmas and similar kinds should be used with care and hung carefully. Stapling it or nailing over them might cause a short-circuit and may cause a fire. Read reviews: Remember to purchase only those lights which are rated by users. Read as many Christmas lights reviews as you can to find the best Christmas lights for your house and decorations. Inspect before you use: Inspect your lights before hanging them up for some damage or shortcomings. Also, inspect the bulb fixings before you use them. You should do this for old and new out-of-the-box lights. Unplug when you change: Whenever you need to make a repair or change a bulb or do something to the lights, make sure you unplug the entire string for safety purposes. Same wattage bulbs: Whenever you replace a bulb, remember to get a bulb of the same wattage. Using a higher wattage bulb will make your light string overheat and may cause a fire. Careful with extensions: It is obvious that you will be using extension cords for your Christmas lights. But before you start plugging your Christmas lights, check the wattage of the extension cord. Overloading the extension cord will only create unnecessary damage. Instructions: Always make it a point to read the instructions on the label or the box. Some lights come with certain specific instructions. Therefore, it is important to read them before installing the lights. Unplugging: For safety purposes, it is advised to unplug or switch off all your holiday lights when you leave your house or when you go to sleep. Be it outdoor Christmas lights or indoor Christmas lights, safety always comes first.
  • What is a high risk business loan
    A high-risk business loan is extended to a business with poor or bad credit, if you are unable to supply the required collateral, or if you have an unclear idea about how to repay. It's not impossible to avail a business loan in spite of poor credit; chances are traditional banks will not qualify your business for a loan. Your business loan could be termed as high risk also because your business is unusual, unconventional and the industry is labeled as high risk, high return'. Some of the high-risk industries are restaurants, construction companies, many seasonal and cyclical businesses. Most new and young companies are also considered high risk as they have not yet proven their sustainability. You are eligible to apply for a high-risk business loan if - despite bad credit and regardless of profit or loss, your company has shown consistent revenue. It is always good to know the following points as an entrepreneur: If your business loan is approved, chances are the interest rates will be on the higher side. The lender does this so that he can minimize his risk. Non-banks are the lenders who will give you a high-risk business loan, as conventional lenders prefer not to venture into non-traditional lending. Some of them base their approvals on a number of sales generated by your business as opposed to looking only into the FICO score. Look for lenders offering revenue based repayment process thereby allowing larger payments during high sales time and lower payments during slow sales time. Rebuilding your credit score is one of the best things that you can do to take your business to the next level. Online lenders are the current rage in high risk business loans segment. Their eligibility criteria is sparse. Look out for hidden clause and fees in the loan agreement. High risk businesses usually get slotted for a short term loan at a higher rate. A short term loan can help solidify your business's finances, regardless of your credit score. Some non traditional lenders offer merchant cash advances instead of business loans. As opposed to making monthly repayments for a business loan, a percentage of your sales is repaid each month towards the cash advance. There is no interest rates for merchant cash advance loans. A factor rate is used by many lenders instead. There is a large network of lenders who are willing to offer business loans to high risk businesses, just keep in mind the above points before choosing one.
  • Lacoste trainers for men and women
    Exercise is very essential to stay fit and healthy. Sedentary lifestyles have caused lifestyle diseases. This can be easily countered by following a workout regime. The choice is yours: cardio, weight training, or circuit training. Whichever type of workout you choose to engage in, you need to wear the appropriate clothing and footwear. When it comes to gym workouts and training sessions, trainers are the best choice. Lacoste offers a wide selection of trainers for men and women. You get a choice of colors as well as material that range from leather and suede to canvas. They have a rubber out-soles, padded ankle support, and tonal stitching all through the trainer. This gives your feet the needed cushioning and comfort when you're working out. The shoes you wear must provide the needed support and traction which will enable you to perform movements with ease. It's not only the professionals who need to invest in a pair of the best trainers but regular people as well. All those who workout regularly must carry trainers in their gym bag. It is common for athletes and active men and women to indulge in a variety of workouts. Different workouts keep you enthusiastic and also increases the efficiency of the workout. Therefore, it's best to buy a pair of cross training shoes. With cross trainers on, you can take part in any type of workout/activity. They provide the required cushioning, support and stability to the feet. You can find a wide selection of cross trainers from Lacoste for both men and women. Where To Buy You can buy training shoes at any retail store. Otherwise you can shop online. There are a number of websites that exclusively retail only footwear. Such websites offer a large collection of footwear for men, women, and kids. This choice is what draws shoppers to buy footwear online. Shopping online for shoes offers you quite a good number of benefits. In addition to the wide choice, shopping online is convenient and time saving as well. Online stores also offer attractive discounts. You can buy from online retailers who stock on a number of footwear brands. Or choose to shop from the store website, if you are keen on a particular brand of shoes. You can shop for Lacoste trainers at Macy's and Bloomingdale's as well. Gym wear and accessories can also be purchased. The other option is to shop online at websites like Shoebuy. Trainers offer your feet the support and comfort you require when you're engaged in strenuous workouts. While good branded trainers do last long, it all depends on the extent of usage. It's recommended that you buy a new pair of trainers as soon as you spot the first sign of wear and tear. Wearing worn-out trainers can strip the feet of the much needed support. This can lead to foot injuries and can play spoilsport with your training schedule. For those of you who have made a resolution to get off the couch and follow an active lifestyle, cross training shoes are your best bet. Choose a pair, ensure that it fits you well, slip your feet in and head off to the gym, all set to discover a healthier, happier future.
  • What is a mold allergy?
    Molds can grow at any place - from dried leaves to logs to your window ledges. Even moist places like kitchens and washrooms provide optimum condition for mold to thrive. Some people have serious allergies to these molds, which wreaks havoc on their health. There are about 1,000 species of mold found in the US and a substantial number of them are not visible under naked eyes. When these minute molds become air-borne, they can cause allergies among people. What are the symptoms of mold allergies? The signs and symptoms of mold allergies are somewhat similar to that of other respiratory allergies. That is why it becomes very difficult for the affected person to understand that he or she has mold allergy. Some of the most common symptoms of mold allergy include: • Nasal congestion and runny nose • Sneezing and frequent coughing • Itchiness in the throat • Wheezing • Irritation in the eyes Some people also find it difficult to breathe when affected with mold allergy. How can a mold allergy be managed? If you feel that you have mold allergy or affected with symptoms that are similar to mold allergy, you should consult an allergist without any delay. Your doctor may recommend some blood test and skin allergy test to determine whether you have any mold allergy. If it is found that you have a mold allergy, then it is imperative to search for their sources and remove them. You can determine the sources by tracking the symptoms for 14 days. Note that exposure to mold may take place anywhere under the sun, be it your home or outdoors or your workstation. Your doctor may prescribe you decongestants and antihistamines for relieving the symptoms. You should develop a habit of wearing a mask, which will prevent you from inhaling the air-borne mold. It is recommended to take allergy medicines preemptively, if you know that you will have exposure to mold. Once you have come back, you should remove any visible mold spores by rinsing them thoroughly under water. How should you guard your home against mold attack? Guarding the home against mold attacks is a vital step of eradicating the harmful effects of mold. You can take the following measures to eliminate mold growth: • Don't let spillage or leakage to remain as they provide a suitable site for mold growth. • Try to install an exhaust fan or a dehumidifier to eliminate the moisture content of the room. If it is not feasible to do the same, then you should keep the window open for the sunlight to be in. • Make a habit of cleaning the drip pans of the refrigerator, garbage and water in the flower vases. • Clean the drainage pipe on a regular basis and make sure that the flow site is located at a distance from your home. These steps will help you stay away from mold allergy to a considerable extent.
  • What are the common and rare causes of constant headaches
    Chronic or constant headaches which occur for more than fifteen days in a month, and last for more than three consecutive months. These can happen in continuous patterns or intermittently. Chronic headaches can become a cause of concern when they start to interrupt your routine life. Typically there are four primary causes of constant headaches
    • Migraine
    • Tension headaches
    • Hemicrania Continua
    • New daily persistent headache
    Common causes of constant headaches
    • Migraine A chronic form of migraine cause discomfort to an individual for more than eight days in a month, for at least three months. Migraines can affect one or both sides of your head, and the pain can range from the scale of moderate to severe. Usually, they are triggered by daily physical activity which can lead to an aching and pulsating feeling in the head. Migraines can make one hypersensitive to lights and usual sounds and also cause queasiness. At times the overuse of medications to gain relief from a migraine can backfire and cause a rebound leading to chronic pain.
    • Tension headaches Also known as a stress headache, tension headaches usually trigger discomfort in both sides of the brain. Unlike a chronic migraine, this type of a constant headache causes sensations of tightness around the head. Some of the common triggers for a tension headache are mental stress, sinus infection, tiredness, alcohol and smoking, straining the eyes for prolonged periods, lousy posture, seasonal cold or flu.
    Rare causes of constant headaches
    • New daily persistent headache This type of chronic pain is observed in people without any headache history. Since there are no prior incidences of headaches, most patients are able to remember the exact time of its onset. It has a combination of symptoms which are similar to tension headaches and migraine. However, it is not triggered by everyday physical activities.
    • Hemicrania continua A type of primary headache disorder, it only causes pain on one side of the brain. There are moderate or severe episodes of pain on a daily basis. Hemicrania continua can cause watery eyes, inflammation in the eye situated on the side of the affected area, congestion in the nose, restlessness, runny nose, droopy eyelids, etc.
    Some of the other uncommon causes of constant headaches are traumatic injuries, brain tumor, infections, issues with the blood vessels situated in the brain, excessive or little intracranial pressure, etc. If you identify with the causes of constant headaches above then immediately seek medical assistance, especially if you sense that you have to use OTC painkillers to alleviate the symptoms persistently. With an accurate diagnosis, you can take effective steps to manage the discomfort.
  • All about PANDORA bracelets and charms
    PANDORA is one of the most popular go-to places in the country for anything related to jewelry, especially bracelets and charms. PANDORA has bracelets for every occasion, theme, and relationship–there is literally no theme that PANDORA charms can't represent. From alphabets to Zodiac, from love to travel, from nature to pets, from quotations to contemporary, there is something for everyone and every occasion. These charms can be beaded, clipped, chained or dangled from bracelets. These days, bracelets and charms are trending more than any other jewelry. They come in all shapes, designs, and colors. PANDORA charms are made of gold and silver. PANDORA has also introduced their trademarked PANDORA Shine™ charms, which are 18k gold-plated silver charms and also PANDORA Rose™ charms made of 14k rose gold. These can be bought at an affordable price during the PANDORA charms and bracelet sale. Many PANDORA charms have remained right at top of the trend in the fashion circles. If one wants to buy PANDORA charms now, the following could be something to look at, as these have remained the top 10 charms from PANDORA for June 2018.
    • Starfish Clip Lock Charm made of Sterling Silver
    • Green Cactus Charm made of Sterling Silver
    • Starfish Clip and Lock Spacer
    • Tropical Starfish and Seashell hanging-charm
    • Flamingo Glass Charm
    • Boat Anchor Charm made of Sterling silver
    • Antique Flower Beads made of Sterling Silver
    • Goldfish swimming in a transparent pond
    • Gardening water can charm
    • Soulbeads charm
    PANDORA also offers some exclusive and limited edition charms too. Charms exclusive to a particular country to commemorate a particular event are also offered by PANDORA. For example, Royal Denmark Cathedral Charm was released as a limited edition only in Denmark to celebrate the wedding of Crown Prince Frederic and Mary Donaldson. Some of the other popular limited edition dangles were Work Cup 2014, Sparkling Mickey, and Sparkling Minney among others. PANDORA had launched the charm bracelet concept in the year 2000 from its facility in Thailand. Although the brand has stopped manufacturing charms that were designed back in those days - it is not surprising that there is significant demand for them even now.