Top 5 appliance stores in US

Buying new appliances isn’t easy since there are a lot of things we have to do. After all, these are expensive things that are expected to make daily life easier for a long time. Since we are spending a lot of money on these home appliances, we need to ensure that these products are durable. When buying new appliances most people first tend to choose their budget, then hunt for these products online, note down all the features, brands, and then compare all these models and the brands.

After comparing everything, most people decide to settle for the appliance that best suits their needs and buy them either online or from stores. However, it is always better to buy them from stores, since here you will get to see how they work and whether these are best suited for you.

Here is a list of appliance stores that sell the all the appliances and where you might find the perfect appliances for your home.

P.C. Richard & Son
P.C. Richard & Son was founded in the year 1909; it is a family-owned business. The main motto of P.C. Richard & Son is honesty, integrity, and reliability. You will find anything and everything here. It has all the brands from LG to Sony and from Samsung to LeEco. They have products in all the price ranges, which makes it easy for you to select from. P.C. Richard & Sons also have a service center for electronics and a call center for customer care.

Appliance Direct
Appliance Direct is the largest Whirlpool only appliance dealer in the world. They sell all the Whirlpool brands like KitchenAid, Maytag, Whirlpool Gold, Amana, and Whirlpool. It has all the products from Whirlpool and its other companies. From refrigerators to laundry, Appliance Direct has all you need. You can find Appliance Direct stores near you and shop all the appliances you have been looking for.

Goedeker’s was founded in the year 1951. They have the largest selection of furniture and appliances. It is also one of the largest independent dealers in the United States. Their main aim is to provide long lasting and quality products at affordable prices. Goedeker’s has a lot of exciting deals, offers, and discounts for its customers. You may check their website to find this appliance stores’ address.

Plessers Appliances
Plessers Appliances was founded in the year 1919. It is a family-owned business and one of the oldest electronics and appliance retailers. The motto of this retailer is “It’s always lesser at Plessers”. They have great customer service and nationwide shipping for most of their products. They have almost all the high-end and advance technological products from all the major manufacturers. If you are looking for good stores to buy an appliance from, then you should check out the nearest Plessers Appliances’ store near you.

Home Depot
The Home Depot Inc. is an American home supplies company. Founded in the year 1976 it sells home appliances, furniture, and other services. The company offers installations services for every item they sell. It is a major retailer and is famous for furniture and home appliances. The advantage of shopping at Home Depot is that it is cost-effective. The best thing about Home Depot is that they have a very competitive price range. They have friendly and knowledgeable salespersons who are always ready to assist.

These are some of the most famous and reliable appliance stores in the United States. They all provide customer service and they have affordable to high price range products. You will find all the popular brands at these stores. You can compare products, get a hands-on experience, and ask queries, which make it easy to select your product at these stores.


  • Choosing metal patio furniture for your garden
    The purpose of patio furniture is not only to make your outdoor space more beautiful  but also to make the most of that space.This article throws light on the idea of having metal patio furniture, its benefits as well as its functionality. Metal patio furniture industry has seen drastic improvements in the last few decades. Cast aluminum metal patio furniture has not only gained popularity in the last few years but has also become one of the most trending materials in the furniture industry. A little pricey when compared to synthetic rattan and other furniture, metal patio furniture is more durable and lasts for several seasons. The advantages of metal patio furniture:
    • The durability of cast aluminum makes metal patio furniture durable too. Metal patio furniture does not rust easily and demands little maintenance and upkeep. Also since it is steady yet not heavy, it can be easily moved around when required.
    • The making process of metal patio furniture allows it to be cast in different designs, thus satisfying needs of every culture.
    • Whether you are looking at a metal table or metal chairs, the natural life of the furniture will most likely outlive that of other patio furniture types such as stone or wood.
    • Metal garden furniture combines the durability and weather resistance of aluminum with the design flexibility of the hand casting process, making it a favorite choice for patio furniture lovers.
    • Metal patio furniture is easy-going and adjusts well to any type of decor, since it can be easily painted or stained. You can color it with any color depending on your surroundings and general mood that you would like to create for the outsiders or the guests.
    • The furniture is solid and more robust as compared to other furniture types.
    • Aluminum metal garden furniture will not oxidize like other metal types available in the market.
    • Metal patio furniture does not demand daily cleaning. Occasional cleaning with a yearly coat of wax is good enough to keep your metal patio furniture in good shape.
    • Since cast aluminum is difficult to bend or break, metal patio furniture is a safe bet when it comes to a family who has kids jumping in the backyard.
    • This type of furniture is available in different style and shapes. This gives the buyer to choose his or her preferred style, be it the traditional or the classic chairs, further the furniture can also be customized as per consumers' requirements.
    The recent advancements in design, production process and powder coating technology makes metal patio furniture the most preferred furniture in modern houses.Often metal patio furniture is looked down upon as people find it uncomfortable. But the truth is that it is up to you on how you decorate it.You can add upholstery and comfy cushions to make your furniture comfortable& cosy.
  • Enhance Your Living Room Space with the Perfect Furniture
    Finding the perfect living room furniture can be exhausting. There's no need to worry about the same if we stick to the essentials. There are various home decor options that stores can offer you. Make sure you make the right choices before buying the perfect living room furniture. One of the first things you want when looking for living room furniture is the table. We need tables carefully laid out around the house for an efficient, productive ambiance. A center coffee table can be very useful. They come in many shapes and sizes. The size of the room and its color are important things to keep in mind when going through the catalogs. For roughly $70-$100 you’ll be able to purchase premium products online, with modern, contemporary or vintage designs. Side tables can be just as important and helpful, both if the room's too big or too small. It'll help avoid the mess we all end up making from time to time, especially when entertaining friends and family. For nearly half the price of a decent coffee table, i.e. roughly $40-$60 you can buy side tables from a variety of websites. The idea of a desk tailored to your needs should also be on the table if you want a little space to work just for yourself. There are no wrong choices really. Your living room furniture must help you do what you want, which depends on your own personal and professional needs.
    Shelves and cases
    An essential part of the living room furniture is the shelves and cases, which make space for books, documents, photographs, and trinkets that make storage and access efficient. Cases and shelves come with an extensive range of prices. From a vintage dark brown metal framed 3-tier Bookshelf by eHomeProducts which are priced at around $67.95 $ or $108 for a Sonoma Oak, Altra Elmwood Bookcase by Altra Furniture to fully assembled products which are available for $400 and above. Budget is, of course, an important factor in all purchase decisions, but with adequate research, it is possible to have a sophisticated look at reasonable and even cheap prices.
    Sofa sets
    A sofa or a couch is perhaps the first thing that comes to find when we think of living room furniture. It is the go-to place in your home where you take a breath after a long day, essential for having friends and family come over. At the same time, it might just be where the magic happens. Important things to keep in mind are the fabric and size of the sofa. You want something that looks relaxing and makes you feel relaxed. Posture and texture are crucial for finding the perfect sofa. Sofas sport a diverse range of fabrics. Leather provides a premium look and easy maintenance. Cotton and raw fabrics are in vogue now, providing a rustic and natural environment, again in colors that reflect the mood you want to be in. Sofas and couches have a wide price range upwards of $100, for example, a sofa-set by Harper & Bright designs for $509 which will meet all requirements. A recent addition and widely popular among people with contemporary taste in living room furniture is the futon or similar sofa-cum-beds. They’re fashionable, come in a variety of shades and are very helpful for friends who turn up at the last minute. Futons save a lot of space and are generally very easy to clean and maintain. Having said that, they are also very productive as makeshift beds which provide a premium relaxing experience, perfect for a movie night with loved ones. Armchairs and ottomans are also good living room furniture options as they take up limited space and provide a fashionable seating arrangement, tailored to individual needs. A must-have for the newspaper in the morning or a drink or two before calling it a night.
  • Want an electric ranger here are your options

    There are a number of reasons why you can opt for a Polaris electric ranger vehicle:

    The Polaris ranger vehicles have a strong 30HP motor featuring a 48V AC motor which is clean and quiet but at the same time more efficient and extends the range. An all-wheel drive option that makes it a safe and stable ride with more traction control, good leading and towing payload capacity. The base models not only look good on the outside, but also feature an array of comforts on the inside with ideal seat height, extra wide feet clearance and spilt seating arrangement.

    The ranger vehicle also features smooth suspension to handle the toughest terrains with 9inch suspension holds with good ground clearance and power steering with a turning radius of full 10 inches. All combined, this makes the Electric one sweet nimble ride!

    The popular and featured Polaris electric ranger brands include:

    Polaris has divided their exclusive range of electric vehicles according to categories like Polaris ACE, general, Ranger, RZR, scrambler, sportsman, youth amongst which the following are a few of the electric ones. The normal horse power range of these vehicles ranges from 19HP to over 100Hp depending on the type of use and it's on and off-road capabilities. The base models start at $5999 and go upwards of $12000.

    • Ranger 500 Sage green which is priced at a modest $8999. This particular electric ranger also comes in a solar red model.
    • Ranger 570 Sage green priced at $9999 with the single-color variant for this particular model.
    • Ranger 570 full size solar red, full size sage green in the two-color variants $10229. Normally the variants will be divided according to the segments, seating capacity, power and of course the price.
    • Ranger 570 Polaris pursuit camo, Ranger crew 570-4 sage green, Ranger EV avalanche gray, Ranger crew 570-4 Polaris pursuit camo are priced at $10599, $10799, $11299, $11399 accordingly.

    Other models can be looked up on the official ranger website of Polaris, where the models can be compared side by side.

    Polaris also offers the choice of building your own Ranger vehicle which can be customized according to your specifications. This is a unique feature which will ensure that you get what you want for the best price, without having to go through the grueling task of choosing from the number of products that are available at your disposal. Visit the official website to know more about the build your own electric ranger option.

  • Here’s what you need to know about the brand new Samsung Galaxy Note9
    Months before its release, the latest iteration of the Note Series was plagued by numerous leaks and rumors. However, the Galaxy Note9 was still one of the most awaited smartphones of 2018. It was finally unveiled in the early weeks of August and made available for sale on the 24th of the same month. Apart from the pre-sale drama, there’s a lot more to the brand new Note9. Read further to know more!
    • Design When it comes to design, Note9 is not any different from its predecessor. However, Samsung has introduced a few subtle changes including a slightly bigger screen. Likewise, the brand has now positioned the fingerprint sensor below the camera on the back of the phone. In the previous models, the fingerprint sensor was right next to the camera. Therefore, users don’t have to worry about smudging the lens anymore.
    • Stylus Although not very useful for everyday tasks, the new stylus comes with a twist. The S pen is now fortified with Bluetooth and is available in different colors such as purple and yellow. Moreover, it has a button and only requires a minute or so to charge the pen when inserted into the holder. Clicking the pen will also launch a handful of functions, including the camera.
    • Display Delivering a notch-less design, the Galaxy Note9 boasts of a 6.4-inch Super AMOLED Infinity display along with Quad HD+ resolution of 2960x1440 pixels and 516ppi. In other words, currently, this is one of the best screens in the smartphone segment. Its ultramodern edge-to-edge display is shielded by the Corning Gorilla Glass 5 that prevents scratches. Moreover, the Infinity Display offers fantastic visibility in the sunlight.
    • Camera Note9 incorporates the same hardware module that is utilized in the Galaxy S9+. This is great as the Galaxy S9+ has one of the best smartphone cameras in the business. The phone comes with a primary dual-lens camera, i.e., a 12MP telephoto sensor with f/2.4 aperture, and a 12MP wide-angle sensor with f/1.5 and f/2.4 dual aperture. Furthermore, both these lenses have optical image stabilization. The selfie camera, on the other hand, comes with an 8MP camera with f/1.7 aperture.
    • Battery Since the Note7 battery fiasco, Samsung has bought some significant changes to its current iteration. As compared to the Note8, Note9’s battery is bigger and better. The device is supported by a 4000mAh battery which can easily last for a day if used moderately. Note9 also supports wireless charging.
    • Storage The new Note device has almost twice as much storage as the Note8. 128GB and 512GB are two internal memory options one can find in the latest model of the Note series. Furthermore, an external memory card of up to 512GB can be introduced to expand the storage for more media.
    The Samsung Galaxy Note9 hasn’t changed much on the outside. However, the makers have brought some impressive features and improvements to its software and hardware. If you already own a Galaxy S9+, then the Note9 won’t be such an exciting upgrade. Although, it still makes a good purchase for those people who own a Note8 because of its faster performance, long-lasting battery, and the all-new S Pen with enhanced productivity. At the moment, you can purchase the Samsung Galaxy Note9 for around $999.
  • Chevy Silverado: Your energy conservator
    Driving trucks come with one hell lot of work. Along with the work, you do the other small deeds to be done for your truck can use a lot of your energy. With a good carrying capacity, an excellent towing limit and some other features are thrown into the mix; the outcome is not only your reduced fatigue but also the confidence you gain along with it. Chevrolet Silverado 2017 is nothing less than a companion who is with you all the time, helping you and making your life easier. With some advanced features and a very helping app, you’ll just wonder if such pickup trucks are for real. Well, this one is for real, for quite an affordable price and just everything you can imagine you might need in your pickup truck. It has one teen driver technology which makes your life easier. One of them is the muting of the audio till the front occupants are buckled. Another feature is something which can save your life: it is that the safety measures automatically turn on. Ain’t that just so satisfying? Then there is the best part: my Chevrolet mobile app. This app allows you to start/stop the engine, lock/unlock doors, all with a single tap of your fingers. You’ve got a navigation system in this app along with the power to send parking reminder from anywhere, all virtually done. All these features can make your life simple. You can save a lot of time, lot of energy plus the additional satisfaction that comes along with it. I don’t think that you’ll not want to buy a Chevrolet Silverado after getting a glimpse of all the features that come along: yes, this is just a glimpse, the actual version is sure to be much better as it will be all solid and real. Chevy Silverado sale has risen after it has been launched. So,  look for a Chevrolet Silverado dealership and get yours. The new Chevy Silverado 1500's price is lesser than the new Chevy Silverado 2500. Both are excellent and you certainly don’t want to miss all this comfort and confidence that comes along!
  • Here’s what goes into making that Columbia jacket
    Columbia is a preferred sportswear brands in the USA among people who have active lifestyles. The primary objective of the brand is to create outerwear for outdoor activities, for every kind of weather. The advancement of technologies which add functionality in Columbia garments includes breath-ability, water-resistance, and unparalleled durability. The company tests their clothing in harsh conditions so that is it apt for the wearer and the conditions he/she chooses the specific piece of clothing for. Some of the technology that Columbia uses in its jackets are: Omni-tech This type of jackets is waterproof, and the fabric is breathable meaning perspiration can easily wick away. Omni-heat Reflective This technology aims to regulate the wearer's temperature with special silver-colored dots that aid in retaining the body heat by reflecting it. As with moisture-wicking, it can keep the skin dry. Omni-Dry If you are looking for something that is breathable and lightweight while still being waterproof, then this Columbia jacket is right for you. Omni-wind Block This jacket is both water and windproof, but it is extremely breathable. Omni-shield It has the power to repel water and dirt from fabric, which saves it from becoming stained. Omni-freeze Even on hot days, the special yarn of this fabric will help in keeping the fabric dry even on hot and humid days. Omni-freeze Zero The construction of this type of fabric can release heat to a significant extent and maintain coolness, offering comfort. Omni-wick Evap This jacket has a fast-wicking technology which takes away moisture from the body and expels it out. This keeps you dry, and prevents sweat from making you wet and cold. Outdry This type of jackets is highly breathable and waterproof. Even if there are any possible water entry points, it is sealed through lamination. Insect blocker It has an invisible protection which will shield you from the insect attack even after repeated washes. Omni-shade This fabric is thoroughly tested and proven to block the harmful UV rays of the sun. Some of these technologies go into the making of the interior of the jackets, while others are used for the construction of the outer shell. The waterproof technologies are typical of the outer shell while the moisture wicking technology is meant for the layer found right next to the skin. Columbia jackets are available in different types and styles which vary according to the occasion and the weather. Choose the right type for your activities and climate, and ensure you remain dry, warm, and protected from the environment.