• Tips to get the cheapest Amtrack train tickets
    Train travel is innately enjoyable as you can get a glorious glimpse of the spectacular scenery without enduring the hassles of airports. Benefit from Amtrak’s extensive train routes spanning 46 states and more than 21,000 miles. For the majority of Amtrak tickets, there is no need to pay the full price if you plan your trip in advance. Although the Amtrak train ticket prices may appear high, you can avail great discounts and save around 15-20% on each ticket by keeping an eye out for Amtrak's Weekly Specials and taking advantage of the considerably-discounted fares for train travel within the country. You can also get a discount on Amtrak fares if you are a member of AAA, the U.S. military, or the Veterans' Advantage, have an International Student Identity Card (ISIC), or if you are a senior citizen. The members of the National Association of Railroad Passengers do not have a membership requirement apart from the annual fee, which entitles you to a 10% discount. Here are some tips to avail the cheapest Amtrak train ticket prices on your next trip.
    • Opt for a rail pass The operator's rail pass program is a good option for a long-haul train journey. The multi-trip pass permits you to take a trip within a region unreservedly over a 15, 30, or 45-day period.
    • Lookout for Amtrak schedule and fares Amtrak regularly offers flash sales just like the airlines to boost the interest of their customers. Make the most of these weekly specials on one-way coach fares available at 30% off. Remember that these discounts are available only if you book your tickets between Tuesday and Friday.
    • Join as a member Be a part of the rewards program. The Amtrak Guest Rewards entitle you to receive two points for every dollar spent on Amtrak trips. The free travel opportunities can be used after you get 800 points. Additionally, 500 bonus points are given to new members on signing up if they take a trip within three months of joining.
    • Book well in advance Amtrak fares are not subjected to fluctuation periods, unlike flight fares. The rates escalate when there are fewer tickets left. Early birds can benefit from fantastic deals. Get a discount of 25% or more if the bookings are made 14 days in advance. This is applicable for train routes inside the Northeastern region and includes stopovers such as Philly, New York, and Boston.
    In short, just plan your trip ahead and benefit from the affordable Amtrak train ticket prices.
  • Top attractions and trivia in Los Angeles
    If you have plans to visit Los Angeles, the second most populous city in the country, then you are going to find this article helpful. The list of to-do things in the city is large, which clearly means that you have to spend a great deal of time there. However, if you are planning a visit with limited time in hand, then consider the following top fun things to do in Los Angeles. Disneyland A visit to Disneyland is certainly one of the top fun things to do in Los Angeles. It feels like the happiest place on Earth, which delights children and adults alike. The park spoils visitors for the choice of cool things to do, ranging from taking rides to spending quality family time in restaurants, bars, and clubs. 38 Degrees Ale House & Grill Located in downtown Alhambra, 38 Degrees Ale House & Grill is a great choice for those wanting to experience one of the best trivia nights in LA. Beginning at 9 pm every Tuesday night, the Action Trivia gives people opportunities to win prizes by answering an eclectic mix of questions. Even if you don’t get any prize, you are certainly going to remember the night and the place as one of the fun things to do in Los Angeles. Rodeo Drive Rodeo Drive is certainly more famous for shopping, especially if you have an eye for designer goods. You can enjoy a pleasant stroll in this lane while clicking fun photographs and dining at some great restaurants. The Broad Yet another option in our list of fun things to do in Los Angeles is The Broad, a contemporary art museum. This museum in LA is packed with great works of artists and cool modern art. Depending on your interests, you can easily spend an hour or more there. The museum offers great photo opportunities as well. Griffith Observatory Owned and operated by the City of Los Angeles, the Griffith Observatory is a public observatory. The observatory, having a planetarium, public telescopes, café, bookstore, and exhibits, offers the best views of the Los Angeles basin. Entry to Griffith Observatory is free and it provides ample parking space for visitors. Asanebo Los Angeles is a great place for sushi lovers. If you are fond of sushi, you can go to Asanebo, the finest Japanese restaurant in the city. Enjoy top-quality sushi and a range of other innovative dishes there.
  • Best places to get last minute cruise deals
    Planning a last minute cruise holiday? Don’t worry about the skyrocketing prices of last minute cruise deals. There are many cruises that offer last minute all-inclusive cruise deals at discounted prices. These cruises offer discounts on the last minute cruise, weekly deals, even during the season. Have a look at these cruises that offer you exciting deals and offers for you last minute cruise trip.
    • Royal Caribbean Royal Caribbean offers loads of weekly deals and extras in the form of free spending money for travelers. These weekly and last minute cruise deals can be availed on almost all of the cruise liners operated by the company, including the Symphony of the Seas, Independence of the Seas, Jewel of the Seas, Vision of the Seas, etc.
    • P&O Cruises If you want to secure some really special last minute cruise specials on a cruise holiday, check out the late deals section on the P&O Cruises website, which provides you access to some of the best and cheapest offers for last minute European as well as several international cruises. The cruise also offers short trip programs costing just $255 per person, and free onboard spending money option for select trips.
    • Fred Olsen You will be able to find plenty of last minute cruise deals on the Fred Olsen cruise line. The company also lists its cheapest late deal offers every week for European and international cruises. Also, the company operates a wider range of European destinations. You also get to choose between several exciting offers like single cruises, summer sale discounts, and three cruises for the price of two.
    • Princess Cruises Princess Cruises has been voted as the best cruise line for the year 2017 and continues to impress its travelers by offering a slew of weekly deals and last minute cruise deals every once in a while. With a wide array of destinations to choose from, the company ensures to update its latest and last minute deals on a dedicated cruise deals webpage that you can find on its website. Sign up for a newsletter to get updates on the latest offers and deals to your email.
    Check out these cruise lines, which offer great deals on several European and international routes. You can make use of their last minute deals to get the best deals on cruise holidays.
  • Best types of bus tours for senior citizens
    Traveling by road is an experience that doesn’t come close to other forms of transport. It is often more economical as well. If you are looking to go around a place on a bus, there are many options that are available. There are several senior bus tours that have become very popular over the last few years. The upside of these senior bus tours is that they are designed for the comfort of senior citizens. They come with all the facilities needed for senior citizens to sit back and relax while the bus takes them to various destinations. There are innumerable destinations that these buses are headed to. Here are a list of popular tours and destinations: One-day tour If it is a single day tour that you are looking for, you would want it to cover all the popular sightseeing locations in the vicinity. For instance, if it is New York you are visiting, you don’t want to miss the Radio City Music Hall. You won’t have to deal with the hassle of traffic as the bus tours make sure that they get you to most of the best locations. Hop-on Hop-off These are senior bus tours that go around the city all day. You can find them in prime locations like Florida and ST Augustine. You can take your time at any location you are at and catch the next bus that will take you to the next destination. This way, you can make your way through the city while visiting your preferred places. Overnight tours These are senior bus tours that generally travel to destinations, which are at a considerable distance. They cover locations like Canadian and America parks and you can explore the country without worrying about transportation. These buses come with all the necessary facilities you need to travel overnight. Senior bus tours can take you to destinations ranging from the northern, southern, Midwestern to the western side. There is a connected network that makes traveling from place to place very easy. There are a lot of companies that offer tour packages with discounts. Each of the bus tours come with a different package. Therefore, it is best to do a thorough research before you opt for one that is most convenient for you.
  • Best European cruise packages to opt for during summer
    Touring through Europe need not be limited to that solo backpacking trip that one does in college. You can do this while traveling on a cruise as well. European river cruises also help you explore the interiors of Europe and are not limited by the sea. There are numerous rivers that traverse the entire continent, leaving one with an abundance of choices to pick from. This task could get a little overwhelming. So, listed here are a few of the best European cruise packages one could pick from.
    • Grand European Tour: Rhine River Getaway Cruise One of the finest options, this European tour enables you to explore four countries over a period of 15 days and 12 guided tours. This is an opportunity one cannot miss for a wholesome experience of the continent. This European cruise package takes you all the way from The Netherlands to Hungary, moving through Germany and Austria, providing you with a culture-packed experience.
    • Oberammergau, The Passion Play: Danube River Cruise If you want a rich exploration of art and religious history, this would be a perfect Europe river cruise package. Traversing across three countries along cities so historically important, this could not be any more perfect to enrich one's summer experience in the continent.
    • Paris and the heart of Normandy: Seine River Cruise It is undeniable that Paris is one of the most powerful cultural and economic capitals of the world, but this tour allows you to explore other cities and towns along the Seine, flowing through Paris. This would contrast one’s experience in Paris itself. It takes you back to its history and culture-rich places where impressionist painters lived and where there are remnants of the wars.
    • Elegant Elbe: Elbe River Cruise Moving across Germany to the Czech Republic, this European river cruise spanning over 10 days gives you the opportunity to explore not only the modern cities of Europe, Berlin, and Prague, but also cities that have risen from ashes like Dresden with seven guided tours along the way.
    • Cities of Light: Moselle, Maine and Rhine River Cruise Tracing three of the most beautiful rivers in Europe, this European river cruise package offers a tour of four countries in Europe spanning across Paris and Prague. Over a span of 12 days with 10 guided tours, this would be a great opportunity to explore parts of a country one might miss on a general tour.
    These are the best European cruise packages that you must check out. They have all the amenities that you need while traveling around these places during summers.
  • Top 5 airlines that offer cheap flights
    Traveling across countries can be an unforgettable and joyous ordeal. There are loads of things accomplished and memories created. Anyone who travels out of their own country would tell you that the experience is unforgettable. However, traveling internationally often does come with a heavy price tag. It is, in fact, one of the primary reasons why people don’t go for it. This is where the offers and discounts, which are often seen on cheap international flights, come in handy. There are several airlines that are priced at affordable rates. If you go for a two-way trip using the same airline, you are bound to save a lot more. Here are a few of the cheapest international flights from the USA.
    • United They have flights connecting several parts of the world from America. They have trips designed in such a way that you can spend several days at your destined location and get back, all at affordable prices.
    • Spirit Airlines They operate cheap international flights with an airline based in the US. It has connecting flights to several popular destinations. If you are looking to travel internationally for a relaxed vacation to the Bahamas or the Caribbean, it doesn’t get better than this airline.
    • Delta They are one of the leading airlines in the country for both domestic and international travel. They even allow you to book accommodations. All flights from this airline are very affordable in comparison to its competitors. They are also known to have the cheapest nonstop flights.
    • American Airlines This airline is very popular for their affordable vacation packages. This is especially true if you have made an impromptu plan. They often have cheap last-minute flights. They even offer bonuses on miles, which act as an added benefit for your future travels.
    • JetBlue If you want to travel comfortably and keep your pocket heavy, the JetBlue airline packages need to be on your list. They offer free entertainment in flight along with plenty of snacks and drinks. The seats offer plenty of legroom too. They have flights connecting you to 90+ destinations around the world.
    Do not let the high prices of airline tickets hamper your dreams to enjoy international vacations. You can always check the above-mentioned airlines for affordable flights to your dream destination. The broad connectivity with several international destinations also allows you to choose the airline you like.
  • Factors to keep in mind while planning a Cuba cruise
    For travel enthusiasts, a cruise to Cuba has become an exciting option in the recent years. There are different cruise lines that stop over at the port of Cuba these days. You can choose a direct Cuba cruise or select one from other cruises that go to Miami. Cuba, the largest of the Caribbean Island, ensures delightful experiences for travel buffs. If you are planning for a thrilling cruise to Cuba soon, we have a few tips, which might be helpful for you: Choose the right ship As said earlier, there are many options for cruises to Cuba when you plan a trip. Take some time to do your research on the different cruises so that you can choose the right one. You may find options like the Bahamas cruises or Croatia cruises cheaper than a direct cruise to Cuba sometimes. As each of the cruises differs in its features and itineraries, doing a bit of homework will help you to zero in on the perfect cruise. Do the paperwork You will be required to submit additional documents apart from your passport and tourist visa. This may differ according to your country of origin. Most of the cruises to Cuba offer special services at extra charges and help you acquire the required papers. It is best to get in touch with the right people and ensure that the documents are in place before you start your voyage. Be sure to check the expiry date of your passport. It is recommended to make sure that your passport does not expire within six months of your departure date. Be alert about travel warnings Ensure you check the travel warnings given by the local authorities before you board the ship. Check the website of the U.S. Department of State to know if there are any travel warnings for travelers to Cuba. This will help you to be prepared in advance for the situations that might arise while traveling. Exchange currency You will find cash exchange stations near your port. Make sure you exchange it and keep cash ready in the currency of Cuba. Most places do not accept credit cards or debit cards. Hence, it is always better to have cash in hand as you cruise Cuba. Also, make sure you exchange the remaining currency back to your country's currency before leaving the Cuban port.
  • Best websites to find vacation rentals by owners
    Are you planning for your stay for an upcoming vacation? Hotels are not the only choice for you to opt for at a travel spot. You can go for vacation rentals or VR to get a homely feel at economical rates at almost every travel destination these days. And when you think about vacation rentals by owners, there is no dearth of options. In fact, Airbnb is just one of the many options to find such rentals. Here is a compiled list of websites where you can find vacations rentals’ owners. HomeAway HomeAway has become one of the top vacation rental platforms for many years now. Travelers can find all the basic information about the places listed on this website. These include minimum stay requirements, images, descriptions of bedrooms and bathrooms, amenities, and availability for a particular period. Vacation Rental by Owner Vacation Rental by Owner (VRBO) works similar to Airbnb. It offers a listing of accommodation options listed down by the owners themselves. Users can get a complete picture of the property from the detailed descriptions. The cancelation and payment policies can differ depending on the property owner. Started in 1995, VRBO has become one of the top online platforms for vacation rentals by owner. Flipkey Flipkey calls itself a ‘vacation rental marketplace’. Every property listed in the platform comes with a detailed description, but the cancelation policy may vary with each property. Flipkey enables users to easily browse through the listed property using different filters such as low-cost, luxury, family-friendly, adventure-friendly etc. It lists properties from more than 150 countries. Tripping.com Next comes tripping.com, a search engine for vacation rentals by owners with a huge listing of eight million properties across the globe. It offers a variety of unique accommodation options for travelers, especially when they look for a prolonged stay. Users get access to a lengthy list of amenities and features of each of the rental space listed on this platform. Luxury Retreats If you are looking for a luxurious option at your travel destination, this is your best bet. Founded in 1999, Luxury Retreats focuses on the listing of villas and ensures you have some extravagant experiences at the travel spot. Personal concierge assistance and full-service guest support are available for travelers booking through this online platform. This is ideal for corporate bookings as well as for group travelers.
  • Cruises that offer the all-inclusive luxury cruising experience
    If you have always wanted to go on a cruise then you must make plans for a cruise that can offer you everything that is exciting and thrilling on water. All-inclusive luxury cruises booked through travel agents come with the best cruise packages as there are professional and knowledgeable cruise agents guiding you at every step. These are time-saving and are ideal for people looking to make things work within a considerable budget. A luxury cruise helps you relax completely and offers you a plethora of facilities to ensure you feel like a special guest. There are many all-inclusive luxury cruises available, which implies that you have a wide variety to select from. Expert agents will help you in making the right choice. Some of the best cruises that will leave you with a memorable experience have been discussed below: Regent Seven Seas Cruise Considered as one of the most highly rated cruise lines, the Regent Seven Seas liner is the apex of the luxury cruise market. It boasts of just three ships with the capacity of holding not more than 700 passengers. However, the experience that you will have on board will be lavish with gourmet food and personal service being the top priorities. An educational experience for the cruisers is one of the most important parts of these luxury travels. The cruisers not only get to enjoy extravagant excursions but also participate in demonstrations and lectures on less-traveled destinations. As such, these are huge trip enrichment opportunities for the cruisers. Crystal Cruises When it comes to choosing all-inclusive luxury cruises, there is one name that should not go out of your list - Crystal Cruises. Their Crystal Symphony and Crystal Serenity ships provide the best cruise packages to guests. These luxury cruises include several all-inclusive facilities and amenities like dining in the ship’s restaurant, round-trip airfare, non-alcoholic beverages, gratuities for dining, housekeeping staff and complimentary spirits and wines. There are various special perks included in the packages like golf lessons and fitness classes. Seabourn Cruise Line This is one of the finest cruise lines in the world, featuring small yet high-end ships catering to cultured and experienced travelers. The cruise line offers all-suite cabins and trips featuring airfare, drinks, onboard enrichment lectures, and gourmet meals, all included in the package. All-inclusive luxury cruises are the ones that offer elegantly appointed spa treatments, sites, and wonderful international cuisine.
  • How to apply for a passport
    A passport is an important document that authorizes travel and it is a proof of your identification and citizenship. Therefore, you must get it even if you don’t have any travel plans. This article intends to provide you with information on how to apply for a passport. Requirements You need the following for fulfilling your new passport requirements:
    • Proof of US citizenship
    • Passport application forms
    • Identity proof
    • Two current photographs
    • Social security number
    Step 1 The first step of the process is to seek relevant government forms either from a post office or the corresponding website. In case you download the form, you are supposed to keep a few instructions in mind:
    • The form should be in black print on white paper, 8.5 x 11 inches paper with no holes or perforations, and it should not have a glossy effect.
    Step 2 After getting the form, read the instructions carefully that are mentioned on the first and second page. Based on the instructions and your new passport requirements, fill the form appropriately. Step 3 You are required to gather proof of your citizenship, which you would be attaching them with the form. It should be the official version of your birth certificate issued by the city, state, or county you were born in. If you weren’t born in the country, then you will have to prove your identity with your citizenship certificate, a driver’s license, and some other new passport requirements. Step 4 You should take two passport-sized photos along when you are going to submit your passport application. Read the guidelines carefully about the photographs, as there are certain restrictions regarding fancy clothes, hats, and glasses. Additionally, remember your social security number as it is one of the most important and new passport requirements. Step 5 Find out the current passport application and execution fees online. The fee differs in amount if you apply to get your passport faster than the usual time. Step 6 Find the nearest passport office and hand over your application form along with all the documents. After a week of submitting the application, you can start checking your application status online. Plan your passport application after August, as passport offices experience the heaviest traffic of passport seekers in the month of January to August.